Azalea, Iggy - Hustle Gang Lyrics

Yeah, hustle gang nigga
G.D.O.D get dough or die
You ain't got no money nigga, fuck you

Let go, hustle gang
Play no fucking games
T.I.P.K.I.N.G you know my fucking name, haha
Haters drop salt when they see the king
Chips they come to london they know how to treat a king
On highways whippin bentleys to the left side
On the eastern hemisphere hollarin west side
All we do is lay low and get high
Pray to the most high, live never let die

I swear I'm super cool, still will set fire
To a nigga then I up and go hop on a red eye
Till I'm dead I'm a live like it's all bad
They say it's all good
Platinum dog tag
Yellow gold rolley
Yellow hoe know me
In beverly hills gettin me and ballin like Kobe, Swish!
Do my dirt all by my lonely get no cody
Shot 'em dead, my bitch went and took the charge for me
In the phantom tell b-o-b hit the garage for me
G.D.O.D Get dough or die answer to God only

I said rose's just a pussy
Fuck her I'll go in
You can catch a hollow tip for thinking you're a king
Royalty, hustle gang keep the crown with us
The only queens around here are the girls fucking us
And the haters get skipped,
Double dutch, TIP got us strapped in gear
Press prešs double clutch
Play with the bread, meet a toaster
Need a ghost before I'm ghost
Word to the holy ghost
Yeah, I put my city on the map
Everybody's on the jack spot
On the flat room
Word to the union, everytime we're ruling 'em
Real talk, even pump the pill that keeps a tool with them
Heaven sent me go to hell money
Rolling in the deep still, I need that Adele money
Went to the grammies I need six to keep my rolley all yellow
Just the same as my bitch
North to the south I be in the mix
My location on Twitter should be writing your checks
It's bed time for your career
Pussy lay down
Car full circle of buzz
Cool I spray them rounds
Yeah from LDN to the A town
Time to make the whole world know my name now

[Iggy Azalea:]
Show all them rappers, rip the roof off this mother though
Real bitch so I'm a kill all these pussy hoes
Silly flow, I'm illy my charm hang
Watch it titty boy
I rocks these two chains
You got me so inšane
Double m arrange
Leather seats is cocaine
All them doors go bang
You hoes is down to suffer
Step up, get double trouble
Sent here to fuck the gang
Hold up bitch shovel rubbers
Down the tuddle
Princess cuddle
Rocks like burning rubber
They blind just stand
But listen milf I am a mother fucker
Hustle gang you got it bad and I don't mean no usher
My hustle gang they bring them clips ok excuse me pusha
Your malice, way past average, a bad bitch
Your man texts us like dallas
Be mad at him, I'm amazing
You were simply just an antonym
G.D.O.D bitch it is more than just an acronym

You know what it is my nigga
Gdod get dough or die my nigga
Hustle gang Partna
This the king representing one time Partna
T.I.P.K.I.N.G period Partna
I know, yeah
My bitch iggy in this motherfucker representin xxl

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Azalea, Iggy Hustle Gang Comments
  1. Jordan Marshall

    I used to play TI’s part on my laptop from school in the background of this one Lebron mix.

  2. Sperry Springer

    This song was so hard

  3. Farid Lucas

    Iggy Wow ✊🔥

  4. Matias Montgomery

    Iggy azalea ❤❤

  5. authenic jamie

    Can’t lie iggy murked this

  6. Rakesh Kumar


  7. Lcarter52

    why the hell was this video never published?

    Rocky Jeter Webb

    What do you mean?

  8. Liam Mcgrath

    All this hate forever chip is madness tho 😂😂 he went usa with a plan to get the uk underground scene on the map... done that, come back went quite then come back and bodied most of the grime scene with 🔥 don't chat shit bout he a sell out. The don is smart. He's versatile. Can't hate on that

  9. Sari Chanchez

    Iggy went in. They all did..

  10. s.diyanov08

    Iggy gone hard!

  11. Rebeca Angulo

    iggy 😍👑❤

  12. Vito Andollini

    heaven sent me go to hell money rolling in the deep still I need that adele money

  13. boxing finest

    this was the start of chip selling out now he's back begging grime fans

    Liam Ridley

    This was long after he started making pop...

    Renshū ©

    Selling out how? Explain b

  14. David Toro

    I would say iggy went in but t.i write her lyrics

    David Toro

    +Azzy public and a ghost writer are 2 different things

    boxing finest


    TheGloss Team

    David Toro hey dumb ass she wasn't signed with them left so she can push her ALBUM same album that got her Grammy nominations


    When This Song Came Out Years Ago Chip & Iggy Were Signed To The Label Iggy Left Late Spring Of 2013 (Which Is Explained In The Hustle Gang Debut Mixtape & Her Verse On Mediocre) But T.I. Has Never Signed Someone Who Couldn’t Write There Own Bars. Plus A Publishing Deal Has Nothing To Do With Writing Lyrics.. T.I. Just Gets A Percentage Off What She Sells.


    TheGloss Team You Do Know That TIP Was The Executive Producer Of That Album Right?

  15. Rocky Jeter Webb

    Hustle Gang KILLED IT on this record! Especially Iggy Azalea! She was goin' in!

    Sari Chanchez

    Rocky Jeter Webb o

  16. WOKE White-Walker

    Heh, I heard Iggy's real accent slip out when she said "way past average".  "Past" was like "pawst".  This is no diss.  I love me some Iggy and she went hard.

    Ha aha

    she sounded hella cool thoee

  17. king bobby

    Chipspunks heads fat like a walrus


    Fuck off man twice as more pussy and money than wasteman

    boxing finest

    +Harry Barber he's bankrupt cuz

  18. king bobby


  19. Orben Muluti


  20. sgr universe

    This is dope

  21. Terra Realm

    Queen Iggy Azalea!

  22. Margarita González

    Go iggy you bomb

  23. Marco Mark Productions

    damn this is flames

  24. Trowa Barton

    S-X, good god


    Damn tip

  26. rockson atta

    This is the bizzle

  27. nyeeezy

    haha they are not dating

  28. katarina bachar




  29. rudy rada

    now that she is dating nas she must take some flow technique lessons

  30. AK Milli

    They are the same as the rest of the gang. Except they sound bad, are bitches, and are ugly af. I even used to live next to Shitmunk before he blew.

  31. emma mason

    Now he is pissed

  32. greennefatia

    Iggy slays,idgaf what anybody say. She has the flow.

  33. AK Milli

    You're a dumbass.* Dumbshit.

  34. PhunnyTeeVee

    You a dumbass

  35. AK Milli

    Hustle Gang would be 1000x better if Iggy Azelea and Chipmunk were not there. They suck ass, bad.

  36. scorpiogt1

    Anybody notice that all of them got accents in this song?lol

  37. deantwan773


  38. deola olufayo

    wow iggy!

  39. Reckyz Rose


  40. Reckyz Rose


  41. Manuel Hughes

    Ilove all of them TOGETHER(:

  42. Giovanni Rolle

    Wow this shit go hard ti killed it.

  43. Zeroes123

    hey chipmunk...LOOWWWWKEEEEEYY

  44. young momba

    They all killed
    But Iggy did destroy it

  45. gymaddiction

    Iggy azalia owned this track

  46. Scotti w/ the body

    Right !!!

  47. Jordan Proctor


  48. Edward Blanchard

    OH MY Bad So Did Tip

  49. Edward Blanchard

    Iggy Azalea killoed dat shit

  50. 95SaabPilot

    chip kills it as usual

  51. roshod jones

    Grime=bull-shit that why chip had to migrate to the U.S. make a decent mixtape. Don't forget we Black Americans created Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues,R and B, Rap. We are very talented.

  52. MrPocketaces88

    Shut ya mouth yank!!! Ur music Is shit! Herd of grime? Na thought not clown

  53. ThaRealZoneOne e

    Tip keep smashing

  54. Jeremy Darwin

    I would not say that where as London is a very popular city the more people visit New York and Dubai a year than London. London is popping during Jubilee I hear.

  55. yungjxsh

    hes talking about rap not in general

  56. jaskaranbhimber

    I dont like the fact that chipmunk raps like he's gangster when he is clearly not.

  57. Andrew Strachan

    He means in terms of Hip Hop, which he did do. Just because he made Oopsy Daisy doesn't mean he can't rap, everyone knows B.o.B can spit and he made that Airplanes abomination, everyone has a blip.

  58. ThePADH

    S-X on the beat from ma hometown of wolves, England, salute!!

  59. D.C.

    Trap Muzik

  60. Zach Hall

    go listen to "wot ever the weather" then "hot out of the oven" then "" then come back and verify your comment.

  61. UME UK

    1:40 - BEST bar

  62. Kprim The Producer

    ya already kno, its grand hustle bitchhhhhh

  63. Darneh Jefferson



    No, Chipmunk was always shit.

  65. BeautybyKayla24

    its Iggy Azalea

  66. Labz

    Chipp studied at my secondary school.

  67. tyyra brown

    #Errrrrr my traccckkkk goes hardd

  68. WetToesAndSandscrapedKnees

    u must have a slow mind...

  69. nufcahmed

    Chip rolling with Hustle Gang and SX on the beat, big up UK dons

  70. Good.Lad.Strange.Stuff

    Iggy merked these dudes

  71. Messiah10

    chip doin it big in america and with t.i props

  72. Svpreme Kai

    Lol thats the same person

  73. Holding Aloft the Lineal Belt you can't see the irony in that.

  74. spadedot

    no. im AMERICAN

  75. Chubby love

    you're a dumb fuck if you cant understand him

  76. spadedot

    chip would prolly be better if i could understand him. im not hatin on london, but wtf....

  77. cookiemonsta6734

    I love Azealia and Iggy.....don't bash either they're both good at what the do...and different in good ways don't bash that Nicki Minaj on the other hand.....................

  78. stianj0

    is it that hard to stop spreading hate...? -.-

  79. guccigucci456

    wtf. Not true.

  80. Dan james

    but i actually do is that bad

  81. TheInfamousMiss

    WHY THE FUCK IS HIS ACCENT SOOOOOO SEXY????? Oh, you went in as always Iggy <3

  82. Keondre Gaddis

    Iggy suck

  83. Pedro Bertolo

    the king

  84. hector wesley

    17 people like one direction

  85. Anthony


  86. jonnathann

    Iggy3. she go hard

  87. billy prior

    Chip Goes In...!!!

  88. MrJanoski


  89. Layton Bradley

    well that's your opinion

  90. Lizzie C

    T.I and Chip are insaane!! BUT 2.20 - 3.08 just no...

  91. shifflethof

    Iggy is nice.

  92. avenger014

    Lol how was he shit? he made some shit pop singles but excluding that he went in.. his transition album was sick not to mention his previous albums/mixtapes

  93. Layton Bradley

    no he was shit before

  94. Britlandboy

    @charlietothaboy they all loved him on the I Am Chipmunk album but he got hate on transition and i dont know why transition was fifty times better

  95. avenger014

    Nah not everyone.. he has started to get a small underground fanbase back.. Lost it all wen he made oopsy daisy lol, excluding his pop tunes i think he's actually pretty sick though.. and i'm from the UK by the way.

  96. avenger014

    You obviously only just heard of him..

  97. Charlo Padilla

    haha everyone in UK hates on him