Azalea, Iggy - Heavy Crown Lyrics

Life been crazy, all advice has been to chill more
Ironic I've been living off what people down to kill for
And I find no comfort in numbers knowin' there's always a mil more
Fact was that cat dragged my pretty ass right at the top of that billboard
And all of my folks who done been here from jump you the ones I'ma cover the bill for
And as I get ill more
We gon' triple the order of champagne and spill more
Let's settle the real score
Been wondering what the public gotta feel for
So let's keep it real yeah you know I'm killing game as soon as I step on the field
Y'all at the top are all mad now, there's no turning back now
I won't ever back down
They feel me like they giving Iggy a pat down
I needed a moment, I found it
Lately I've been on my runnin' the town shit
Especially walkin' around with

This heavy crown
You can't always please the crowd
But I am still not bowing down
This heavy crown
It comes and goes around
And when it's time, I'll pass it proud
But bitch I got it now

So keep it cute, chick, and don't be hatin' on the new chick
Go back and check your stats and bet they let you know I do's this
Glasses full of empty depending on point of view chick
If you was mad before I bet you hate me for this new shit
Maybe you should watch what you've got coming out your two lips
Get cool with how I kick it or else you gon' get the boot, bitch
Iggy A-Z-A a.k.a. captain of the crew ship
Don't penny pinch I promise baby, I don't need your two cents
Get rid of the makeup let us see just who you is
But if you feel like that girl bless your heart, go get it how you live
When you hear my name you gotta know that she's something regal
I'm one of one ain't no sequels
I'm wearing

This heavy crown
You can't always please the crowd
But I am still not bowing down
This heavy crown
It comes and goes around
And when it's time, I'll pass it proud
But bitch I got it now

To everyone who said I'd never make it
Oh Lord, weren't you mistaken
I got a dinner date with greatness
Iggy Igg ain't never been nothin' to play wit, hold up
To everyone who said I'd never make it
I'm at the top laughin' in your faces
I've been practising my patience
But I switch back quick if you play with

This heavy crown
To everyone who said I'd never make it
This heavy crown
Oh Lord weren't you mistaken

This heavy crown
To everyone who said I'd never make it
This heavy crown
Oh Lord weren't you mistaken

This heavy crown
To everyone who said I'd never make it
This heavy crown
Oh Lord weren't you mistaken

This heavy crown
To everyone who said I'd never make it
This heavy crown
I'm at the top laughin' in your faces

Bitch I got it now

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Azalea, Iggy Heavy Crown Comments
  1. Nico Starling

    Ppl criticize her for that line "take off the makeup let's see how you is" and say shes a hypocrite cause shes fake and "wearing a mask" herself. She isnt. She openly admits she raps with a ghetto accent cause that's how the rap that influenced her sounded like. Also she never gave any bs stories about "living the thug life" on "da streetz" or anything. She just straight up tells about her normal life and childhood. People say shes crap cause she hasn't "lived the thug life" but that's not even the image she intended to portray and honestly I respect her more for telling the truth instead of making up a bullshit gangsta backstory like so many others do. Much love.

  2. Marcus Flynt

    the media loves to put her down. and when the media does their thing the sheep follow

  3. BaddieUniverse

    I remember when this was supposed to be shade towards Nicki when it dropped but what's funny is that Iggy ended up flopping and Nicki actually kept the crown on her pretty head 😂

  4. TARDI B

    Is this music or A Joke?

  5. Prince Nicholas Herrman

    Kingsmen... pretty sure this is going on. They want to know what goes through my mind? Why am I running in the desert carrying these big heavy rice bags up hill? I will get use to carrying this up hill in the heat over the years. Yeah Im familiar with this. Then you diagnosed me with PTSD.

  6. Crisant Arenas

    Favorite Part 2:30 !

  7. John Walker

    I love this song. I payed some fat ugly bitch in full to fix my 59 impala. IN FULL $$$ He ripped me off and karma ate his ass. That bad ass show car is in my driveway. Bitch. He lost everything. I'm free Mason bloodline. Illuminati god...........

  8. Iron Vendetta

    I want Iggy back, like now.

  9. ميم لورد قمد

    Am i the only who didn't come bcoz of kingsman??? XD

  10. 161 TK


  11. JisooKomBlackpinkKru

    *'to anyone who said i'd never make it'* anyone else think of eggsy and all the things he had to go through, to become a kingsman?

  12. lynn horton

    💙💯 gucci 🍻💚👽

  13. Gökay Üçbaylar

    looks like Eminem's songs

    Britney Jean IGGZ

    Gökay Üçbaylar who's eminem

  14. Andrea Perrino

    Who else want a videoclip?

  15. Lenny Face

    Iggy Azalea

  16. UGin

    Very nice

  17. BinniX

    2018 Anyone ??

  18. C_h_a_i_m_a_ee_

    Kingsman 😂😂

  19. Ziyed Hamrouni

    nicki majesty is similar to this


    Heavy crown is an older song though :)

  20. Luunuu Buunuukuu

    This is the only Iggy Aza's song that I actually like

  21. ElisaIsThere

    This epic beat sounds like "Here comes the queen"

  22. Julio Henrique


  23. Music Videos

  24. Rap God

    I want to dl this song

  25. Beemo •—


  26. sophiejulianne X

    Ok I’m the biggest ellie Goulding fan ever and I’ve never seen this in my life till now tf

  27. James Porquez

    kingsman brought me here

  28. ivan georgiev

    i have no idea what kingsman is im here because iggy is amazing <3

  29. Codie Morehead

    I love Iggy. :) :) :) :)

  30. Gabriel

    what a QUEEN

  31. Eric Williams

    Why not just edit out a word or Two. An experience musicians could have warn azzela. I believe. Eric Williams

  32. Eric Williams

    Hollywood is something I think they may undo each other in ways that is anti competition. I know she been undermine in ways I don't get it. Maybe it was a bad relationship or something I don't get. Maybe she didn't. Eric Williams

  33. Eric Williams

    Azzela can sing or rap cooly on any different cool production. Eric Williams

  34. Codie Morehead

    Love it. :) :)

  35. Missy Moser

    There not all 10s

  36. Missy Moser

    You get that memo

  37. G483F33LY

    Came here for Ellie Goulding, but that shitty rap kind of ruined it.

  38. Margaret Meki

    This shit is hardcore

  39. BlueFlameBird

    K I N G S M A N

  40. KeiraN

    i know its a good song, for sure, but i think 500k+ views become from ppl who watched Kingsman :v

  41. Poramin Namsai


  42. Ima Savage

    Love Iggy's part, hate Ellie's part. The way she sings it is bad to me.

  43. Cat Cyborg

    This Freaking Guitar Rocks!

  44. Cat Cyborg

    Only here because I heard this song right now and liked it! THATS FUCKING WHY! ;D

  45. Katttxxx

    Hate Iggy all you want, but you gotta admit... she went fucking hard on this song.

  46. Alexis Velez

    Don't give a shit about Ellie I'm here for I G G Y.

  47. Jon Pulcer

    my favorite iggy song. this should have been a single.

  48. Anthony Flores

    so cool

  49. Tracyplayz

    I love this song so much

  50. Troll bums

    me; Ellie goudling will never cuss Ellie goudling; BUT BITCH I GOT IT NOW



  51. Arthur Wolf

    WTF  ???

  52. Beatriz Munoz

    Iggy can drop bars...

  53. jany129 harman

    this song rules

  54. Babes Carr

    i havent watched the Kingsman but does this song play during a fighy scene bc that would be kick ass

  55. Ace IsTheShit

    can I find the instrumental anywhere ?Bitch is unbearable ...

  56. FunkyFreshGuru

    Ellie killed that feature :)

  57. Dylan W

    Actually listening to the album brought me here

    Julian C

    why would you put yourself through that

    Beatriz Munoz

    +Julian C bc that album is iconic

  58. Robert Switzer

    160 people are gon' get the boot, bitch

  59. CapturedonCloud9

    I feel like the chorus doesn't go with this song

    Tia Wessells

    yes it do

  60. Seth Dressen

    tbh.... Iggy can drop barsssssssssss

  61. xentoip

    I'm *NOT* here because of Kingsman. I haven't even seen it. I'm here because tv tropes said this is the only documented instance of sweet, sweet Ellie Goulding saying the word 'bitch.'


    No because you judge a movie without even watching it


    Alright then, *the trailer* gives a a silly vibe. Now back to da music!


    Yeah okey, let's enjoy Ellie's voice. And the bass ahah.
    (Still, it's a good movie :p)

    Eem Ofc

    What a joke

  62. chujackam

    Every song from Iggy Azalea is a complete horse-shit, but yeah, Kingsman...

  63. Jan Franco

    This is pretty underrated

    Tia Wessells

    +Raven Hall she should of made a music video for this song and she should of perform on talk shows, late night shows and awards shows too it would of been a huge hit

    Raven H

    +Tia Wessells OMG your so right !! this song needs so much more recognition

    Tia Wessells

    @Raven Hall yes if she would of did that she would of had a amazing 2015 too she needs to release more songs from her album and reclassified

    Vikash singh

    That is why I m here in 2019


    @Vikash singh same

  64. david rothermel

    Manner maketh the man

  65. david rothermel

    Great Movie Kingsman

  66. stefinzolanski13 King

    & this is the shit that made Nicki Win Again. #PinkPrint Slaying.

  67. Thiago Damasceno

    Speedy it 1.25 and have fun!

  68. CookiesEnCreme

    Imagine if Eminem made a remix of this track. He would kill that beat.

  69. • Приказни и Списанија •

    Kingsman brought me here :D

    BreAnn RedFox

    +• Приказни и Списанија • Bahahaha me too

    Blake Romanov

    but the song in the trailer better than this


    I watched it yesterday and I had to come here.

  70. Melody Brown


    Tia Wessells

    yes this should of been a single and we in this bitch too

    Melody Brown

    @Tia Wessells​ I remember on Twitter fans was asking Iggy to make Heavy Crown a single but she couldn't, it was something about "Radio Format" and she didn't choose We In This Bitch cause it's too inappropriate so she decided to go with Trouble cause it was safe.

    Tia Wessells

    @Melody Brown​ oh OK and it probably was her label too I love them 2 songs it would of been more hits for her I can't wait for her new album and new single team thank u

  71. eriktheboss1278 Ortiz

    iggy sings good in this XD and all her song and eille will always not try to sing better I still like some of UR song eillie don't worry ok I'm not haring ok ok

  72. Irate Beau

    got here because of Kingsman.
    returned for that kickbeat.

    Soundless Scream

    I was working in a movie theater when Kingsman came out. The sound system in the theater made this song sound amazing, but my headphones make it just mediocre. :/

    Taina Collazo

    same here lol

  73. Mr S

    Kingsman brought me here

  74. Vlad


  75. Danny Pierrot

    wow Ellie absolutely kills it

  76. Electronickel


  77. Mohamed TTG

    iggy sucks in most of her rap songs
    But damn you gotta admit she killed the intro this time.

    Captain America

    Listen to "we in this bitch"

    Tia Wessells

    +Peoples Champ yes we in this and this song should the 3rd and 4 single from reclassified


    Mohamed Og _|_

    Mirena Tabares


  78. Morgan Aitchison

    Came here because of Kingsman. Frickin love that movie anyone else?

  79. julie wizard

    <3 bad bitches ,, i love you ,, <3 thats so good ,, xxxxx

  80. courtney Allott

    love this song xx

  81. Joshakazam

    All this song makes me want to do is sweep and pick up popcorn tubs while dancing... Ex theater employee life..

  82. James Smith

    Iggy 😍

  83. Claireee

    this is my fave song 😎😎😜

  84. GOKU Super Sayian the third

    Kingsman Credits - Eggsy... show some love.

  85. SarcyseTiranin

    Someone should remix this with Yellow Flicker Beat

  86. iesha winslow

    It doesn't matter who you are you're gonna finally come to your senses and admit Iggy killed her verses especially the first one

  87. Zeqiox

    eggsy send me here

  88. Wes Williams

    Eminem and Nicki would slay this beat

  89. Dylon Albert

    why in every Iggy azalea video people comment things about Nicki minaj and in every Nicki minaj someone brings up Iggy azalea they both are good

  90. Karissa Phillips

    You don't give a shit about Iggy? I assure you she doesn't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuck about you.

  91. Deborah Norris

    Iggy Azalea - Heavy Crown [Explicit] (Official Audio) Ft. Ellie Goulding ★

  92. Pavel Platonov

    WTF?!!!!!! in Kingsman trailer another sound then chorus...more intense
    dat version suck

  93. Deborah Norris

    Iggy Azalea - Heavy Crown [Explicit] (Official Audio) Ft. Ellie Goulding ★