Azalea, Iggy - Get Big Lyrics

Sick of all the word of mouth, cut the bullshit pull it down
I'm a cold motherfucker, 42 below the ground
You ain't gotta question this, baby take them measurement
Like a Ye dick flick, holy shit my ego big

Hard body bitch, one ton heavy, foreign like ya' whip
Both guns ready, last I checked you ain't' never left the city
So you nothin' like me, I'm from cross the pacific

Shameless from my shit, like a naked mud wrestler
Drive a black and white chevvy, and I call it heavy metal
Got a view like you but I tell you that you special
Dollar bills in my tummy, gettin money on the menu

Oh he put some money in your wallet, change in your pocket
You a simple ass bitch, girl you know you needa stop it

Look trick [x4]

You ain't (you ain't) got, nothin, on me [x2]

Look trick [x4]

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