Azalea, Iggy - Down South Lyrics

Looking up North, while you're touching down South (muah)
I say it where I want it so you taking it out [x2]

I'm going, going, going, going, going Down South
I'm going, going, going, going, going kiss that mouth [x2]

Kiss that muah muah muah [x4]

Went down the kiss...
This pink pussy got no lipstick...
More like lip gloss when it's sticky
Ain't no bitch bossin' like Iggy
I'm gettin' head with my shades on
He head over heels, he wake on
Got his face lookin' all painted on
When he done gettin' his taste on
But aint no returnin' this favor
When you get done put your name on this waver
Makin a statement bout how you ate this
Fittin'a put it and finna?
I'm givin' it to you no chaser
But this (meow) be wet on the rocks
Iggy do fades, and braids it really don't matter
This pussy gon' drip on them locks
That Hello Kitty; no pencil pouch
This pussy neat like it's stenciled out
I got his tongue shinin', call him Mr. Clean
It's like Listerine when he rinse it out
I got his girls callin' on missions now
When they say they mad 'cause they missin' out
But I'm very fine and his face is clogged
And he say he love it when he kissin' now


Jumpin' out the dam like a motherfuckin' laker hoe
Do me one favor, don't do me no favors
And I get 380 every time he 360s
Got my old dude calling, go my new dude with me
Startin' in the A then he lead me the Bay
Pit stop in Texas?
Ask him "baby, how it taste, I bet it taste good'
Pullin' out in slauson; I better taste hood
Got me like "yeah, I'm Gucci, Ferragamo, and Louis"
No department stores I'm in boutiques
If it ain't high class it don't suit me
Got that bubblicious; that chewy
Make your man act like a groupie
You like fruit then imagine I'm smoothie
Pussy Monster; give me that tunechi
Said he want a blow fish, I'm hoodie
Follow my legs to my booty
Self sufficient I do me
Broke hoes think I'm boujee
Moody... who me?
Why man? I'm rudie
So I drop the top on my two seat
While he roll his tongue on my tootsie


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Azalea, Iggy Down South Comments
  1. mfsmidge420

    Yaas gurrl!!, I gotta get some head wearing shades !!

  2. Young Blacko

    "Muah" before Dua

  3. Wesley Searcy


  4. Amos Klutman

    IGGY:yeah I'm goochie

    ME:foreal me too

  5. Amos Klutman

    I started listening to the song and my dog was next me I said god max and then noticed it was the song

  6. Eric Williams

    I think I stopped listening because she is affectious. Eric Williams

  7. Martin Butler

    queef beat 🙏

  8. Jay Darwin

    Dude. The song is called Three Day Weekend

  9. Josh James

    *LOL!* I really can't unhear the fart and laugh every time, now... Thanks, comment section.
    Edit: I also can't help notice that her buns are kinda wonky / uneven. #HahaThatFartSoundTho
    "I bet it _smell_ goood."

  10. Banana Lips


  11. Luka Jones

    Kind of wish she was making more music right now and more of it sounded like this and like she made it not some radio #1 shit

  12. sweet emy

    Why I can't found this song on my Spotify? 😭😭😭

    Team KaMillion

    sweet emy because it’s only from me

    sweet emy

    What? How? 🤤🤤

    Team KaMillion

    sweet emy because it wasn’t released but i posted it to see if people like it ;))

  13. ShaePhantom

    It doesn't sound like a fart to me. It sounds like they sampled the Jetpac game from DK64.

  14. Amine Malik

    she looks like the " cash me ousside " girl in this pic hhahhaha

  15. Jan Rodriguez

    does it sound like fart beat for anyone else or am i wrong ? :D

  16. Estera Kowalczyk


    Estera Kowalczyk


  17. Edwin Hoffman

    More like down under

  18. Draghici Ana-Maria

    donuts or cd-s

  19. Ashley George

    The beat sounds like fart. I can't 😆😆😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  20. BofillFan16

    When you speed this song up to 1.25, it's lit tho.

    Brandon Bowden

    BofillFan16 how do you do that??

    Moon Beam

    Brandon Bowden you just click the 3 dots and click play back speed

    love 1144

    Good idea ! <3

  21. Brandon Bowden

    damn this lit

  22. Jessica Johnson

    I love iggy new shit.... U go girl

  23. Jose Alfredo Sánchez parra

    chido por la guerita deliciosa mmmm

    Julia Paprocka

    Jose Alfredo Sánchez

  24. Nakto Zyarop

    yes she is beautiful artest😁💜

  25. bernard locko

    yeah lyrikcizt

  26. 594kk

    This girl can rap, and looks so damn sexy doing it!!.

  27. Flying in Space

    The picture in this video is so damn amusing to me when I'm tripping hard on acid. Her head and those buns float around. Good times.

    ɯǝŞŞʎ ɹɐʇ

    That's nice

    Xean Arion

    Wish I felt like that NOW lol. TOO FUNNY. Yo, but, be safe man.

  28. Nas

    Sounds like a song Dev would sing.

  29. Biiah Viana

    looovee iggy

  30. Douglas D

    I made it 38sec in, this shit sucks donky balls Iggy!

    Robert Mosley

    no it didn't shut up

    Ben Lazzaro

    K, then go listen to music you do like and leave us alone, please. :-)


    so you literally just listened to the opening chorus? way to make a fair judgement.

    Douglas D

    I like Iggy, this song sucks donkyballs

    Robert Mosley

    +Im Serious i love Bob burgers💙💟💟💚💚💚😂😂


    iggy baby you can go down south on me.

  32. polifatts

    Haha what the fuck is this shit.

  33. lui !!!

    Best song ever😍

    rowan mcc

    Yes! Azaleans unite

    andrew carson


  34. Amanda Cole


  35. Jonathan Jhow

    Gostei .... Vai Brasil !!!

  36. Rosa Haywood

    i love iggy kiss down south

  37. Rosa Haywood

    i love iggy 💕💦💦 kiss down south

  38. Rosa Haywood

    i love iggy 💕💦💦 kiss down south

  39. JagodaMajewska

    my eyes XD

  40. Byrdee Entertainment

    very nice

  41. Rvhs Sharks

    listen guys i used to love iggy but now im kinda over here but then i heard beg for it in the store so then i went on youtube and i listend to it so many times so then i checked out so other songs i used to love and then im starting to listen to iggy now

  42. Tshombe Howard

    touch down south


    you were listening to this song on christmas day lmao

    Tshombe Howard


    Tshombe Howard

    Do you have a cigarette I really need one

  43. Aytac Vekilova

    LOOL)))))) farting sound)))

    Nelson Rizo

    Aytac Vekilova nelson Rlzo

  44. ItsPatty Here

    "100" Cover RIGHT HERE. CHECK IT OUT

  45. HardHead Montana

    Yung HardHead is the best up and coming rap artist staying focused and keeping it consistent.

  46. Daniel Lopez


    Dani Trevelor

    +SabrinaBarbz T'arrêtes de la critiquer sur chaque vidéo ! Si t'aimes pas tu fermes ta gueule et tu vas voir plastic barbie minaj

    andrew carson


    Luka Jones

    Everyone has their bad moments you have to remember that. I love iggy lol

  47. Michael McClendon

    This song is so old. This was on a mixtape before the new classic if you like this girl you would give her credit. This is before grand hustle. She has talent and she not trying to it do anyone. She just wanted her credit to show she does have it.

  48. lottie .b.

    go iggy

  49. The New Classic

    She is farting while singing or what?

  50. braill3 Freespam

    You can never get enough head.

  51. Shannon._


  52. Brocéliande

    Once you heard the fart... Dammit.

    lyandra riedel

    @La Havane hahahahaha yes

    Mohammad Rezavandi

    Dame Corvus o


    I feel like that was supposed to be a queef since the song is about eating her out...idk that's just what I always thought

  53. Franchesca Montoya

    Wanna go down south on dis chick! Muah!!

  54. Amiya Moore

    Hoeing and going ing

    wzw recorder

    You're 8 and shouldn't be listening to this. I'm telling your mother.

    Kimberly R

    +woozworld ayeo LMAO "hoeing and going ing" im decesased!!

  55. ToastMistWin

    THis sounds just like 'Beez in the trap' By Nicki Minaj and 2chains. This is a vast improvement, congrats Iggy!


    @ToastMistWin You mean Beez in the Trap sounds like it. It was out before.


    This is song came long before that

  56. MRNES

    I really loved your video #DALIASPEREZ

  57. ItsMissManiac

    Those aren't fart sounds, they're clearly queef sounds


    @ItsMissManiac It's clearly a saxophone, thanks have a great day :)


    oh. Damn, this whole time I thought they hired someone to come in and record some queefs.

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  59. Tasha Bourbonnais

    ily iggy

  60. Centi box

    dire quelle est super connue maintenant!

    Centi box

    Sa c'est claire xD

    Jiji Manson

    @Centi Centibox Vous êtes aussi fan d'Iggy? *u*

    Jiji Manson

    Trop bien ^^


    C est clair sa fait quelques mois qu elle chante et dire que maintenant elle est connue surtout dans son pays natal l'australie et l amerique

  61. JSA-192

    Ahhhh I can't get enough of this song!!! I LOVE Iggy she SLAYS! ;)

    Leilei angelica

    Yesssss Iggy

  62. JSA-192

    I F*CKING LOVE THIS SONG!!! ❤️👍❤️🎶

  63. Ley

    who else is in this song it sounds like keke Palmer



    brittany davenport

    @Riley The Gamer please go read a book this sound nothing like keke palmer

    brittany davenport

    @Riley The Gamer please go read a book this sound nothing like keke palmer


    trap gold ✨

  65. mellifera2423

    this beat sounds like farts

  66. Galya

    If you don't want no problems,stop talking shit about Iggy !!!
    Iggy Azalea Bulgaria loves you :)

    Nhi Lê

    Iggy goodjob

  67. Mai Tai

    That's not even her on the hook.

    imani .

    Are you deaf?

  68. Mason Smith


  69. Harry St.

    I love her so much 😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍

  70. G Easy bae

    omg nicky minaj is copppy IGGY

  71. العـنقود ٰٓ

    yas biiish ! iggy is the shit ♥ My Australian Queen .♥

  72. oceangel

    Ew iggy

  73. Yeah

    I'm giving my woman head tonight, this song is truly inspirational!

  74. GodofredoLive

    me cago, laputamadre el baño esta lejos!

  75. The Unnoticed Profile

    GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Team KaMillion watch this one too,, Beg For It

  77. Isabelle Musso

    i love the song but kids should not lisen to it tho

  78. Shelby Payne

    You know how u dudes got yall song my new official must play

  79. Dion Fitzgerald

    Am I the only one that's looking for the waiver

  80. Boris Akpama

    Hey cool video my friend . I really loved your video
    Come listen " Life " If you like to dance , you will like it !
    Love from Paris
    Dr Dream

  81. Benida Sandoval

    Love it

  82. senioritta1000

    who is farting?Iggy?

    Roblox matti110505

    @werqeful lol

  83. Jacob Pena


  84. 50ShadesofZ

    She is so sexy wuuuhhhhh

  85. Samantha Nicolette

    Love it

  86. Rebekah Munoz


  87. family funky cat hipsters

      Iggy Azalea my love

  88. danielle pentland

    Love it

  89. Gabby Newton

    Omg this song lml love!!!!!!!

  90. Steven Raphael

    Iggy is the best

  91. Lonyai McCullough

    Idc if she writes her own music or not,the bitch is hot.I just found out about her a week ago and I love her music already

  92. Ricky Perez

    but ain't no returning the favor, when u get done put your name on this waiver, makin a statement bout how you ate this.... smh, that was a hard bar I must say smfh! #BadBitch

    Dion Fitzgerald

    Yes it really was

  93. Remy Mafia

    Why can't she make more music like this?.... Idk wtf has been going on with her, but the songs she's been singing lately SURE as hell weren't made by the same person who made her "old" stuff, like this. She's been acting and rapping like a lame, bubblegum pop bitch. Idk if people told her she had to be that way because she's white, or what, but if she keeps this "Fancy" and "Problem" shit up, I can't bat for her anymore.

  94. Aye Tim

    lol the background music sounds like farts

  95. Larissa


  96. Nicolas Geist

    mua mua mua