Azalea, Iggy - Dirt In Your P***y Ass B!tch (Intro) Lyrics

(Dirt in her pussy ass bitches)
Alright, how's everybody doing? (Fuck you)
How y'all doing? I'm Starfish, thank you
( bitch! hey baby, don't listen to him hey)
Thank you, yea, OK I got something
I got a lil' poem to share with y'all
It's called "Dirt in Your Pussy Ass Bitch" (uh?)
Y'all ready? (uhh, yea)

"Hotel room in every city
Panties fall to the floor
Bend you over, arch your back, pull your hair
Yeah, you like that
Dirt in your pussy ass bitch
This is your fifth flight in a month
No cash, just dick in yo' palms
Louis Fakes under your arms
Ignored calls from your moms
Dirt in your pussy ass bitch"
- Chloe Mitchell

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Azalea, Iggy Dirt In Your P***y Ass B!tch (Intro) Comments
  1. JMA x

    fuk off



  3. ItsRafs

    hold awn omg

  4. Kashish Hashim

    Ok who TF hijacked her account

  5. ernie isaiah

    lmao i remember hearing this and thinking “wtf??”

  6. GamerZ Log

    This should be called Iggy's Sex Tape

  7. alan dalton

    I remember this album

  8. Rynne Rawrsome

    Iggy ..... This is your problem

  9. Canberra War Museum

    I could listen to this heaps of times........not ... :(

  10. Gwín luv

    i remeber this shit...oh my gosshhhhh

    Tia Wessells

    kayla Heart I love iggy azalea I love her music

  11. justine goodspeed

    IGGY AZALEA! !!!!!

  12. Rashad Dahzar