Az Yet - Last Night Lyrics

Last night you were so into it
You told me secrets that
You've never told a soul
You were so nervous and
Yet oh so comfortable
As we explored your image of love

I drank your wine
As you taste mine
I kissed your lips
You felt my body slip
Into your soul
I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful

Last night
I was inside of you
Last night
While making love to you
I saw the sun, the moon
The mountains and the rivers
I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you

Last night, there was no planning it
It was so special and
So very innocent
We talked of memories
Our favorite fantasies
As we explored our visions of love

Deep in the night
Right by the fireside
You felt my candlelight
In your soul
You felt incredible
I started to explode
I almost cried 'cause it was so beautiful

Last night
I was inside of you
Last night
While making love to you
I saw the sun, the moon
The mountains and the rivers
I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you

Sunlight, red roses
The scent of you, it calms the heart
The sight of you, I fall apart
Moonlight, the things we notice
When we're in love, that's when it comes
And I'm so, I'm so in love

Last night
I was inside of you
Last night
While making love to you
I saw the sun, the moon
The mountains and the rivers
I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you

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Az Yet Last Night Comments
  1. Danita Robinson

    Old but great

  2. Dona Coul

    Black men are beautiful 🥰😌

  3. TRA & family TRA

    Still listening in 2020. I really miss this era of R&B...

  4. mj dub

    Ohhh the mid 90s....soo many 1 hit wonders in R&B

  5. Maximilian Alvarez

    Ladies drop a like if ur panties dropped to this song lost my virginity to this classic no shame!.. was love making on repeat memorable as fuck

  6. Jade Green

    Me & my cousins use to sing this when we were little but when u grow up & realise what this song about Lord 😂😂😂😂

  7. meryl boco

    Dam listening to this and gladly i still know the lyrics in my head

  8. Tyree Ray

    they should've had the clips from the nutty professor clips version for the soundtrack to this az yet video

  9. Amanda Davis

    Come back

  10. Amanda Davis

    ❤❤babyface brother killed it

    Isiah Farias

    His brother wasn't on this track.

    Amanda Davis

    I thought one was his brother.

  11. Manoucheca Lucette

    Love this song so much💓💓💓💓

  12. REDBONE 73

    Ok, !!!!! We all grown folks here!!! This is one of the most elegant song with display of emotions, love, sexual attraction for someone that you long to please pleasure!!!with the hopes of receiving Expressions of feelings returned.!!!
    BUT, Damn i was thinking that coochie must have a golden suction cup in it !!!!
    Or that's a pretty big coochie !!!!!
    Jus sayn
    I know my box is fire but damn i would love to have a whole box of those bad boys and throw them on a brother.
    Then say when i wanna!!!!🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Clarence Gilbert

    I remember I got in trouble for singing this song mom was like “you was inside of WHAT!!!” 👋 👋 👋 lmao...the good old days

    Nayda Ocasio


  14. Kristal Price

    As kid would sing these alot. Deep song!!!!!💜💙

  15. YC animedia

    best song about fucking everrrr.

  16. Farieda Deviliers

    A stunning song. Delivered by beatifull voices

  17. Melanie Daria

    Terry the guy in all black can still get it.....with that vocal range he can have it all!!!!🤣🤣🤣❤️🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. Untouchable Officiel

    True Songs Never Die🤦‍♂️ Legneds Who Listen In 2020

  19. Ma Ling

    That end of the night jams while drinking 🤫☺️

  20. Raymond Mitchell

    These dudes had vocals

  21. Current Sound

    Watch the guys from AZ Yet perform this live for an unexpecting crowd on the trade room floor at Namm 2020:

  22. Twinbwoii Ent

    January 2020

  23. Eral Cummings

    Love this song this is my favorite song

  24. Anthony Rupert

    In retrospect, this video doesn’t look like it cost much money to make.

  25. Miss Muppet

    If thats bae and your not sharing them drop they name

  26. Miss Muppet

    When your in love and the person your in love with loves you just as much as you love them there’s no better feeling it seems like nothing eles in the world matters @KCherisma. I almost cried cuz it was so beautiful

  27. Straightoutofchiraq

    When men were men! Hit like if you remember

  28. Jasmine Beenraw

    Damn 😩😍

  29. Reed Beans 365


  30. Todd Robinson

    Still the jam


    I'm still getting that pu$$y to this song to the day

  32. lovelle haynes

    2020 and this song still hits the soul

  33. Vincent Beville

    That dumbass arrogant Marc Nelson was one of the original members of Boyz II men, but left the group before they blew up. He's a jerk.

  34. Frans Mupurua

    The good old memories.. Az Yet.

  35. Yasmeen Bell


  36. Ashanti Hunter

    I almost cried cause it was so beautiful

  37. jamin4556

    Delicious light skinned brother damn...they all fine but damn....

  38. Tyrique Dixon

    Still my favorite song 🥴😣

  39. Elonda Warren

    Who's here with me in 2020

  40. CRP Wifey


  41. Nidia Luccioni

    We the fans and me love your song Last Night AZ Yet your songs your voice your music from the fans from around the world and me Besitos
    AZ Yet _ Last Night
    (Official Video)
    # AZ Yet
    # Last Night
    # Vevo

  42. Pele vaigafa

    I go crazy about this music , it turns my goosebumps n me on.

  43. Tanya Lindsay

    Thats some kind of pussy for you to see part of the solar system 😂

  44. Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Who's having fun seeing the theft's rich people posting pissed off videos lol dumb thefts

  45. Checkerzzz gaming Hi

    Shhhh lol

  46. Tondria Grimm

    33 seconds to 48 seconds OMG 💃💃💃 You felt my body slip inside Your Soul😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤. Whoever had this experience, like my comment ?😏😏😏😏

  47. Justin Herass

    Just thought of this song and had to look it back up, everybody got along back then, democrats had to ruin it

  48. Ms. Musicjunkie2u

    🎧🎶🎤❤ classic

  49. Cisco Hernandez

    Still rocking this in 2020

  50. PesoCookedYu

    if yu still listenin in January 2020 drop me my like

    J. Rich

    Still here❤

    Mommy On a budget

    PesoCookedYu me !!!

    Bobby James

    This is my jam in 2020

    Danita Robinson

    I just discovered this song 2019

  51. Wendy Neff

    That damn lip gloss he is wearing is killing me!

  52. Kevin Oduor

    back when pussy was so good, it made u start seeing things.

  53. Ssemutwa Keith

    Wow 2020

  54. Zekaryah Child of TMH GOD

    Bruh...this my first time seeing this video. Look like it was threw together at the last minute for a school project by some middle school kid...😂😂😂...still a classic tho.

  55. ruben perez

    2020 im a latino w soul ...peace to y'all..much respect

  56. Nia Star

    January 2020! Still listening bout to educate kids who don't know what a gooooood love song sounds like

  57. Pow Pow

    Who's still listening in 2020? 🤔 January 2 2020

    Yasir Al Hasoon

    January 5th 2020

  58. Marsha Lois Camille Philpotts

    I love this song it is so good, so dirty, so erotic and poetic at the same time and it is song by five gorgeous men, they and the song are the best.

  59. pingi kelvin

    2020 still sounds like yesterday.

  60. Kevin Wozniak

    This is baby making music. Today's stuff doesn't come close.

  61. Matt Swaybe

    Who brought in 2020 with this?🤔🤔

  62. dlions20071

    It’s a New Year!!! But not as good as “The Years” of this music...Thumbs up 2020

  63. Tameka Frye

    Happy new year 🎆 I’m still listening to this!!! 2020 it will never go old I love ❤️ this sonooooogggggg!!

  64. Louie Paul

    2020 here

  65. P G

    last night was 2019. i saw heaven making love to you in 2020

  66. anthony reed

    who’s listening January 2020 happy new year everybody

  67. Kurt Adams

    Classic Soul

  68. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Babyface

  69. Orralanda Thomas


  70. Verba Volant

    I always thought this song sounded scary

  71. Caramel Speaks

    When you just realizing what they were talking about as an adult but was singing it as kid and had no idea 😱Lol..

    Mary Kadi

    Hahahahah oh yeah i was so embarrased i knew all the words but had no idea what i was singing

  72. King Murphy


  73. too vaele

    Peoples gets old but music never gets old. Agree or disagree?? I agree.

  74. tims

    Dam I miss these days of music
    It's all shit now
    Long live 90's r&b

  75. Luke Proud

    😂yea the 90s rnb

  76. Michael Norwood

    AWESOME/BEAUTIFUL song; Great video.... But WHY y’all gotta go mess up the essence @3::06!,! We are the only group/community in this nation that sells out, to include others?

  77. kimone Francis

    Man, this video is so disturbing. Bomb song though 👍

  78. Claudia Moore

    Unsung please!!!😊

  79. Lange

    I just replayed this song like 7 x. What a master piece!

  80. Paula blackwell

    My last song with my sister before she u michelle

  81. Angela Underwood

    This is still so sexy

  82. the goonies

    Sang this song when I was kid, and had no idea what the lyric is about. Now I know, its blow my mind. It would wake up my grandmom from her grave 😂

  83. Princesserzulie Dantor

    still listening to this in 2019 .

  84. Snowcat Christy

    When men cherished women.. those days are dying

    Thoba Siziba

    they ARE dead

    Bob Rick

    SHITT!!! Look ladies??? What you talking about... A GENTLEMAN is ALWAYS THEIR!!! You just met the wrong 1.. Because, There's a lot boy's out there .. Don't know?? What a MAN is about.. SHITTTT!!!! A BOY CAN MAKE A BABY??? BUT!!! IT TAKES A ( MAN ) TO RAISE IT!!!

  85. Jullie Wooten

    A classic wedding song, yes it's beautiful

  86. Cammy Sims

    This song is horrible. It was back then and still is. Singing about crying over busting a nut.

    Teresa Staton

    What??? That's not what the song is about

    Cammy Sims

    @Teresa Staton listen to the words. I cried last night I was in you. Blah blah. This song is crap. Who sings about busting a nut being beautiful? And yes I was old enough to understand this mess in high school when it came out and being older now it's worse.

  87. flame phoenix

    still my favorite song

  88. Nacho Brredstax

    December 2020 anyone? Smash ya wife to dis and drank her wine 💯😂

  89. Mathew Mwalimu

    One of my favorites...Made me win my 1st girlfriends back in the days ;)

  90. Thandiwe Miti

    memories.. remember getting beaten by mum for singing this song at the top of my voice in 5th grade.

  91. BigWill 9421

    MARC NELSON was a Member of BOYZ II MEN In Their Early Days, and He Did The Duet w/ Beyonce called "All Is Said And Done" on The Film Soundtrack for "THE BEST MAN!"

  92. Wykeria Fann

    The make version of escape

  93. Marie-Jo Nahounou

    ...i saw heaven when i make sweet love to you... And i'm so in love with youuuuuuu

  94. Arcade mcFLY - BeatsNcomedY

    This was my song back then...impressive to see they got 12 million views from then till now...

  95. Nicholas Karatu

    I saw the........Heart,..........The Lungs,.............The kidneys and The liver when inside of you ......................when i was 10 yrs old that's all i was hearing.........