Az Yet - I Don't Want to Be Lonely Lyrics

My bags are packed and I'm about to go
You said you need time to be alone
But just in case you have a change of mind
Here's my number where I'll be tonight

You know it's hard for me to understand
But I'm gonna try to be an understanding man
I'm hoping you will have a change of heart
'Cos without you I'm gonna fall apart

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want to see a day without you
I don't want nobody else in your arms
Don't want nobody holding you

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want nobody laughing with you
I don't want nobody else in your heart
I don't want nobody loving you

I left an address on the kitchen door
With a set of keys both mine and yours
I'm hoping I won't need these keys for long
'Cos I'm praying you'll ask me back home

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want to see a day without you
I don't want nobody else in your arms
Don't want nobody holding you

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want nobody laughing with you
I don't want nobody else in your heart
I don't want nobody loving you

Oh baby, baby don't walk from me
I know that you will need some time to yourself
I'll give you what you hope you need from me
I will give you the space girl, whatever it takes
I don't want to be here alone, so alone

My bags are packed and I'm about to go
I'm giving you the time to be alone
But just in case you have a change of mind girl
Here's my number where I'll be
Baby, baby

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want to see a day without you
I don't want nobody else in your arms
Don't want nobody holding you

I don't want to be lonely
I don't want nobody laughing with you
I don't want nobody else in your heart
I don't want nobody loving you

My bags are packed and I'm about to go
My bags are packed and I'm

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Az Yet I Don't Want to Be Lonely Comments
  1. Wyze Vuta

    Throwback, used to always listen to these guys! This is one of the favs!

  2. Justiceforall Recreated

    2020 almost and im stilll feeling this song for baby

  3. Slang Nastiee

    I love 😍 The 90's & 80's Early 2000's Male groups

  4. Francisco Coronado

    Az yet por siempre

  5. _ecst_acy_

    Still here 2019....Best of hits

  6. Joshua Dunnam

    Damn when I was 21 I met the love of my life she gave me 2 beautiful kids she gave me every and I didnt appreciated it and she left me I and ever since i haven't had a perfect relationship and everytime i listen to this song i think of her i really wish i wasn't so dumb and fuck it up but i still love her and she moved on so everytime look at my kids I see her in them

  7. Kahlil Harris

    This CD helped me through ALOT of shit

  8. ThaGodKingDorell

    Truly a timeless classic that speaks to your heart & soul...

    Patch Jones

    sure you right

  9. ratiffshabang

    2019 still love AZ Yet

  10. Say What?

    Forever love this song!!!

  11. Teresa Bohack

    Powerful song! Here in 2019.💯🔥🔥

    Tahl Cole

    Teresa Bohack forever and ever.

  12. Roslyn maunatlala

    2019 Az Yet♥️

  13. ced kincaid

    This was one my favorite R&B groups. Gone way too soon. The Lead singer Marc Nelson started off with Boyz II Men. So glad ( for both groups , he de died to make a change👍🏻

  14. eileenio


  15. Essence Clay

    2019 anyone?


    Fuckkkk yeh!!!

    이철원 이점남Chulwon Jed Lee

    hellz yeah

  16. Malebo

    90s R&B

  17. Akira Dream Life


  18. Akira Dream Life

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭omg if me n levar over IMA b single fa a longtime

  19. Kayla Jordan

    2018, who 's still listening????


    Kayla Jordan takes me right back to when this album came out. The good days as a teenager kickin’ it with my teenage love. 20 years later she became my wife.

    Michelle Chaisson

    This is muuuuuusssic

    Michelle Chaisson

    Listening now !


    Michelle Chaisson Here’s my number where I’ll be tonight. 312-721-63__☄️💫🌟✨⭐️

  20. Eddie Edwards

    This song still makes me cry, even today, such powerful emotions, whatever happened to Az Yet?.......😢😢😢😢🎼🎵🎶🎶

    kamren daniel

    Marc broke up the group by going solo

  21. u p

    I love this song but fuck wtf. It's just so sad but it's such a good song. 💨💨😪🤧

  22. Bheki Mdlalose

    This. CD I wanted to buy 1995 at central London at record shop what occur I didn't have cash on me I have visa card record shop didn't use visa it was only cash

  23. Eva Stallings

    this song put me in my feelings every time but I love it, this is real music

  24. Eva Stallings

    I dont and didnt want to cry but I couldn't help it man this song put me in my feelings.... ❤❤

  25. FirstSon's Motif

    One of the best break up songs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. z Dubb

    I miss Desiree so much 😭😞

  27. Tshiamo Seripe

    Just been damped

  28. Keldric Joyner

    2018 still love this song

  29. Slam funk

    한국 사람 쏘리 질러 뽜아아아~

  30. Aaron C

    Too every women that broke up with me lol

  31. Herold Stanley Binda

    Masterpiece... Nothing more to say.

    FirstSon's Motif

    very underrated Babyface song..

  32. Team TTV

    Roun im

  33. Chicken Cutlet

    2018 and still think this is the best song off the album!

  34. david harris

    As Yet believe

  35. Laelie Leli can u have that kind of voice

  36. Fierce Lioness

    this was my album when I was 12. still is today at 33

    Eva Stallings

    Fierce Lioness yesss I love it and I 33 soon to be 34 ❤❤

  37. AC Valentine

    I was 20 and met my first love when this came out... To this day, I still think about her when I hear this song... So many memories... wish I hadn't been so young and dumb at the time


    Damn you're old lol I think I was 7 when I got this tape.

  38. Tammy Watson

    I'm hoping I wont need these keys for long, cuz I'm praying you'll ask me back home ......

    Catarino Cummings

    Tammy Watson Yess

  39. leepsl11

    This song got me through the worst heart broken moments of my life, so many memories

  40. 이민규

    외로움을 마음껏 느낄수있는 곡

  41. eddweet


  42. Chelsea Eve

    i just wanted to commend u on ur page... ur video choices are amazing... it's a perfect old school RnB mix 💖 🐾🐺🐾 💖

  43. Abdallah Mhagama

    credits to Kenny Edmonds (Babyface) as usual

    Catarino Cummings

    Abdallah Mhagama Yess I love Babyface Soo Much Everything he Touches Be Full Of Gold

  44. Shaun D.

    From 3:00 to 3:24 I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye.

    Shawn Wakefield

    Shaun D. me too. lmmfao

    Niama Cathey

    Shaun D. I cried to when I first heard it

    Eva Stallings

    Shaun D. I cired my eyes out, couldnt help it

  45. San Punta Galing

    may 2016

  46. Makila Beavers

    still love this song 😢

  47. Ronnie Dickerson

    when all else fails give her this

  48. oscar quant

    beautiful song!!😍😍😍😍

  49. Roshni Stripp


    Don Savage

    Roshni Stripp 2017 here!!

    FirstSon's Motif

    2018 still listening lol


    Yes, this is what the told me.  This is how he loved me.  The realest feeling I ever felt!  And this CD was the soundtrack of our love.  RIP Ras.  Now I'm lonely and I have to spend my days without you.

    fanny rusaro

    Sorry for your loss !!!

  51. karamellextascy

    Still jams!

  52. Shane Luckett

    Marc Nelson wanted to go solo and produce. I was in a group that was supposed to audition for him that disbanded right b4 we were meant to audition.

    Sarason Salas

    Shane Luckett what do you mean he wanted? he did go solo...15 minutes.

  53. Lashonda Charles

    this is nice

  54. beby27sab

    Souvenirs souvenirs du lycée 90's the best ❤

  55. martinetdidier rouget

    what are u doing.. now boys.....I was very much fond of you many years ago...and still now..keep livin,....

  56. Belindah Atieno

    Love this song. Cant wait to meet my soulmate. I will give him me the whole of me.

  57. tjwl111

    every time I listen to this song, it always remind me of her...

  58. Ece Utkan

    It's 2013 and still listening

  59. Cece2Qute

    I love this song! I miss the 90's dammit..

  60. Ryan Stewart

    Wriiten by Babyface

  61. Roderick Rat

    This is is great, there's nothing wrong with it. I love it. :)

  62. gwloganpoet

    I don't know who wrote this song, the lyrics are right on and Az Yet did a beautiful job singing
    them. Like the other comments about todays music. Where did all the singing groups go?

  63. sabrina cummings

    i really love this song.i alway's wanted 2 b a singer when i was litttle. they just R O C K THIS SONG REALLY HAS A BEAUTIFUL MEANING.MZ..TRINA

  64. Vikesh Tailor

    @crosplayer Dont be missing out on 112 homie :)! lol

  65. gwloganpoet

    this is kind of song you listen to with the you lover, something slow and sweet.

  66. Pinoy Dreamer

    i miss them too crosplayer..

  67. genny lopez

    this is one of my most favorite songs...has a meaning for me that will never be replaced....i love you mike..will matter what...

  68. joohsay

    Marc Nelson...

  69. Albert Cardona II

    I know what you mean where did real music go simple beats and a musical vocal chords

  70. TonyFresh001

    great song

  71. Irving Andrés Betancourt


  72. hasher22

    i wish i can sing like these guys.......!!!!

  73. Dana T

    my shit

  74. jondough7777777

    man they slept on this song and az yet!!!

    FirstSon's Motif

    Yes, very underratted


    azyet rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  76. WildtigerNyte

    Happen to have "Arrow Through My Heart"? Anyone? =\

  77. Danny Rw

    do I hear babyface?

  78. YoungJanetJ

    This CD is part of the beautiful music out of the LaFace camp that I miss so much!

  79. MochaSkies

    I stll have this beautiful cd. I love it!!!!

  80. leoned1993

    i luv dis song so much!!! az yet, boyz ll men and etc. were da best. the 80s and 90s was the best music era eva.

  81. dwayne1202

    i agree with that 150 %
    theres no real meaning to music anymore - its cool to dance to and stuff but itll never be like these songs

  82. N A

    they said that they are workin on some new stuff... read it off of the OFFICIAL myspace page.

  83. Agent006510

    So true... they just don't.

  84. Crystal Alston

    Man! I miss these type of songs.

  85. Judy Dao

    now this is music...they just don't make 'em like this no more...

  86. charles foley

    true jam!

  87. irishspice69

    *CRYING* omg omg omg!!! this freakin song tears me up!

  88. meydamanique

    i really luv dis song even i have a very badsad memories bout it. best song ever!!!!

  89. newave123456

    love love love this song

  90. Frankie Thefly

    definetly one of my Favs

  91. JcanDuke

    Their album is one of my fave..

  92. bgillen3

    Man this song was the hottest song on their first album!!!! #9 if I remember correctly!

  93. megan goode

    my favorite song on the album!

  94. alritesport

    memories from the past, from the good or the bad, i miss them