AZ - The Calm Lyrics

It's always calm just before the storm, you know...

I mean, it is what it is
The more drama, the less you see, SUV's
Homicide, death in threes
Momma cries 'cause her joy and pride left, she grieves
Bullet holes, cold blood, they just let you bleed
No love, a million hugs can't protect your seed
Even wifey soon fuck, she got sexual needs
It what it be, trapped, H-O-O-D
Or facing a 20 flat if you don't fall on threes
Please believe, life, it'll buckle your knees
Either, niggas get sniped or they cuffing your sleeves
Quoting degrees amongs men with emotional needs
My city is filled with murderers and multiples breeds
I'm trying to breathe, bitterness and signs of fatigues
But these niggas so illiterate their kind's a disease
Where the G's that puts the principles that founding Degrees
At the Municipal going through the typical squeeze, was never free
Life move at mystical speeds, so at night
It's only right when you twist you some trees so you can see it
Cold-blood hater, couldn't be it
Or favor for a favor passing paper if you need it
Speeded, doc did dirty but not defeated
The last of the level head thoroughbreds breeded
Cheated, for love I gave and never got
I agree with, those that pray and make salat
They serving on a higher plane
Am I the same? From the era of the level niggas dying for a chain
Why I explain, these teenage boys, they wanna bang
Til they caught get arraigned then them Courts where they hang
Will it change? Us willies and ballers are we to blame?
Kitted Coupes with us spoilers adding water to the game
Make it rain, when the only concern is to maintain
Cause either you label lame or lives label's the same
Our nigga drained is like an inferno full of pain
My journal to the game is eternal in my veins
How I came is how I'm leavin I still believe in
Show and prove, I choose CÎROC over Seagrams
Freedom in so many forms, right from wrong
Life's a bitch, niggas die on the norm...

[Outro: scratches]
AZ, still right in your face, that hustling is so in me
That hustling is so in me
That hust, that hust, that hustling is so in me
That hustling, that hustling
That, that, that hustling is so in me

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AZ The Calm Comments
  1. 36 Savage

    AZ Drink Champs????

  2. Bil Bransun

    My Nigga since Life's a s bitch... Brooklyn Legend.

  3. Tzapanyaha Productions


  4. Darius Reynolds

    Just nasty

  5. Tzapanyaha Productions

    Chinese Del Pay What You OWE!

    Tzapanyaha Productions

    I am He Pay Now!

  6. JFlow2786

    AZ since the 90s be the best in the East Ny baby Brooklyn stand up overrated best MC ever top 5 flow is sickness contagious is Az

  7. Jhvon Fergunson

    doe or die



  9. realdeal139

    az legendary. high level lyricism

  10. Bryan G

    Shame how underrated AZ is. His flow never changes. Always dope always will be

  11. Bounty125th

    Damn nigga...where the fuk u bin....

  12. Kayne Young

    This guy is special

  13. BlabsMcGillicutty

    AZ need some quality beats



  15. Supreme Hardest

    my city is filled wit murderers from multiple breeds!

  16. sean brick

    a nigga drained its like a inferno feel the pain

  17. sean brick

    cold blood hater could neva be it favor for a favor pass you paper if you need it

  18. sean brick

    a million hugs cant protect yo seeds

  19. sean brick

    nothing else to say

  20. Mario Geiger

    AZ's lyrics are on point

  21. Shiek Guevara

    "It's always calm just before the storm you know." . . It is what it is. . .AZ #BrickCityToNYCBK

  22. Cameron Noremac

    Quiet Money

  23. Larry Taylor

    AZ murders every track he do

  24. Eric 1Luv

    He will forever be my favorite. No discussion needed.

  25. Calvin McDowell

    y nas... y not do the album with this brother. .

  26. Calvin McDowell

    killed it

  27. Daryl Sams

    blacked out on this here....the god

  28. NY Shxt

    AZ = GOAT

    James Winchester

    NY Shxt you right, these mainstream clowns could not hold this mans jock strap

  29. _Dennis2Society

    Cheated! For love i gave and never got! I agree wit those that pray and make salaat! AZ killed it👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💯


    What's salaat?


    +J.R. Prayer


    +Dennison “D-Nice” Fennell In Arabic??

  30. sulahmon judah

    Where did he get the sample from


     there ya go B a real good site if ya wanna find out samples and this video clip is 1080p on the site.

  31. Brook Lyn

    STATIK S. on the boards

  32. verinb9


  33. gotownd123


  34. 81deaths

    Thats the AZ im use 2...Kan't wait 4 the Doe or Die 2 album

    Webster Jackson

    Even wifey soon fuck she got sexual needs! Damn AZ!