AZ - Thank You Lyrics

From the scales, jails, sales and the drops niggas lasted
When LL Rock The Bells came out, still a classic
Was young still, scoobed on the skill, the silver plastic
I'm chill, but the females feel I'm still a bastard
It's galactic, studied degrees, about to graft it
Mastered, it bugs me to see all the theatrics
Crafted, set career goals recent surpassed it
Streets reps, left in the stress sleeping in caskets
It's backwards, had to untwist it, uplift it, it helps to grip it
Any harm self-inflicted, specifics, spoken direct the dialect
Been designed for the minds with my respect, why object?
So established 80's status, Aziatic
Footwear fanatic, put fear in the average
Mr. Magic, money come, money go
Cigars and Merlot, these front niggas funny though

Hustle mental, to get money, fam, come first
Stay focused, maintain, appreciate patience
Follow the code, stack dough, lay low

Loyalty lay her deep in the roots
It's the truth, still morally, I'm more into Coupe's
Move accordingly, crew all in cahoots
That royalty get orally loose
Prove big boy spitter, don't get no slicker
Bobby Fisher in the mix since I sip more liquor
I differ for doly, hip hop hipster
Rough Denim rocker, fly Reebok switcher
Policer, best emceeer, OD'er
Top five, catch a nigga alive in no Kia
Blow cheeba, lounge, pitty the clowns
One with the word Willy, I've really been down

Y'all know what it is, get down, lay down
On the floor face down
It's only a robbery, don't make it a homocide

Back to polly, from cracks to molly
It's the same me that stacked them hundred racks in Raleigh
Shot to Charlotte, wrapped my narcotics in garlic
Whenever hot, had my loot stash box in hiding
Born in the Brook', you either get put on or hooked
Hate the synthetic coke, it took too long to cook
Where the crooks? I'm here, put the kush in the air
Aura rare, skin water clear, they look and they steer
None compare, [?] slipped outta the chokehold
Dipped out on the popo, lick shots for the logo
Dough stacker, jewel dropper, low laughter
Cool posture remind you of no rapper

I ain't done, I ain't done yet
Let me get 'em

Louis mops, too hot to pop shit
Before the props the gossip was on my dick
Did the drops, the tropics and the chopsticks
Water rocks the mink spots in the ostrich
Saw a lot, now I link with akh in the Masjid
Call the cops, that Glock might me on my vib
This how I live my life, what I did
Lover the hybrid, eye low on my eyelids
[?] these freaks are [?] they fuck with voodoo
My niggas do you as deep, leave a meatcleaver through you
Police'll pursue you, you sleep the system'll beat you brutal
Meet the guru, I've been through it, I speak the truthful
My feets are useful, I'm lying hard and my cons the target
But understand that certain niggas they shine regardless
Fine a marker, my nip milk it then keep it moving
Keep recruiting this evolution, peace to students

Keep your eyes open, I'm coming

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AZ Thank You Comments
  1. Honey Bee

    Thank you.

  2. Erick Arciniega

    Pura cultura en este video musical, se extraña estos tiempos

  3. Greg Dorsey

    AZ could spit!

  4. rah gonz

    yes blessed brother, we need a collab,asap...

  5. Steve B

    The legendary AZ

  6. Tisha Steen

    shamar Willie Max bigavelli silver surfer long way pooda brab BG elchapo Welch Jason x Richie Porter Dave East Goldie crack tookie Larry the grape owww

  7. Jamie Deriek supbitch Chappell-Kasper

    Sweezy and loved it

  8. Jamiela Chappelle

    Tanks for all duh hay duhs

    Jamiela Chappelle

    Dues day

    Jamiela Chappelle

    On duh Rez

    Jamiela Chappelle

    Ann uh saw zee

    Jamiela Chappelle

    Yee yer I am me know Miami pontuotiok

    Jamiela Chappelle

    No Ami or Amy God damn you and us swami's n.a.m.i. Your to blame for blocking the shame and my shamy. We Mami... Skroont Izzy!


    Gotta pause it when they singing clap your hands. It a quick pictures of 4 kids posted up AZ is the kid on your left with the five fingers up. Dope shit I seen that same picture on instagram..


    always thought those was jordans on his feet. Them Reeboks is mad I'll that color dope



  12. DJ SHOKI

    Az always had bars - I wish hip hop sounded like this still #nomumblerap

  13. Pablo Esco

    AZ that dude


    2018 still pumping

  15. Tisha Steen

    Raymond shamar beamon msflyboys 21 Hopkins free Dela

  16. TR808

    2018 still Fresh

  17. GhettoAhki

    Saw a lot now I link with Ahk in the Masjid


  18. brenden hill

    This is lit

  19. Jamesinna Redbird-Chappell

    rook asp er

  20. Thulsa Doom

    as usual..dope lyrics but you come to his channel it's like 5 videos....never been the one with a work ethic smh..that's why he never succeeded

    Louis C

    He did his thing and succeeded in my book. I don't think he has to prove anything to everybody else.

    Frank White

    He stayed INDEPENDENT. And I'm not blaming NAS but the joint album should have happened when the money machine was behind it. But he never stopped. He WORKS.

    Eric Douthwright

    Are you serious with this shit?? Bruh you obviously don't do your homework or are just ignorant. How does a dude who's put out 7 albums , done numerous features for many of the games best rappers, and has put out multiple mixtapes not have the work ethic? It's about politics and staying true to ones self. Basically having self respect and not selling out buddy get a fuckin clue.

  21. Backindaday 87 baby

    I keep listening to AZ this dude a legend he the truth

  22. Michael Williams

    AZ is the truth.

    Backindaday 87 baby

    I agree

  23. Brendaw Nashawati

    No disrespect to Chiec Keef but AZ is the original SOSA! Nobody can ever tell me AZ isn't as nice as Nas, Jiggas, Rae, Ghost or Big. If AZ is in your top 5 dead or alive I'm not mad at you.


    +Brendaw Nashawati --- ? Does Az have a whack song? I can't find one! I'm not a fan of the one with Ray J, but still can't knock this dude. My favorite emcee.

    Eric Douthwright

    He definitely in my top 5 and it's funny I just asked the same thing under his unreleased mixtape. I asked if anyone can provide me with proof that he's ever came wack on any track.. still no takers.. wonder why

  24. Digital

    Whoever uploaded this video with only the left channel partially working. Should be fired, then set on fire. That is all.

    Wish it wasn't like this. :(

    anabolic dopeboy

    Experienced the same stupidity

    James Bond

    whats with the SOUND!! only left earphone works

  25. FacetiousUniqueness

    Link with Ak in the masjid....sipping merlot in the 1st scene...he still my favorite MC.

  26. InkpoisonMTA

    One of the sickest with wordplay but I swear my boy gets no love when it comes to videos. They stay short handing my boy.

  27. NY Shxt

    Who's better?

  28. theherbpuffer

    AZ has got it goin on!!

  29. Damian

    "It's only a robbery don't make it a homicide" (not glorifying, that's some real sh, long time ago, but for the Grace of God, I was someone else, not knowing what i was gonna do, literally didn't trust myself!!!, cried and prayed, soon after everything changed, I'm still grateful).

  30. Rotterdammer 89

    is this a diss to Vinnie Paz about that vodoo?

  31. ShaadRoq

    One of the best to ever do it. Fire! As always

  32. The BK Beats Channel

    Sick Hood Vids!!

  33. Trent Norman


  34. Poetry Jones


  35. thirdeyeindoctrine

    that jumpsuit is crazy fly 2:08

  36. Trevy Is Famous

    If you vibe with AZ, Nas, Cormega, Nature or Half-a-Mill then you might want to check for TEN/27 [Trevy Is Famous] on here. That "98 Rap On Em" & "Dream of Happiness" is certified kid!

  37. Trevy Is Famous

    You must be crazy to not vibe with AZ!

  38. Wholesaling Tony

    Yo man, where can I cop this at?

  39. Charles Lott

    Dope a great career. Respect due.

  40. Truck

    The G.O.A.T.

  41. NicoGee1

    LOL i likes dat one.! agreed

  42. jax

    Az rememer me

  43. oneshotonekill1169

    youlikehits .c o m

  44. SpliTSideZ

    fake views, I was forced to like this video against my will, youlikehits

  45. 850iStyle


  46. bolbo222


  47. S.Perry

    GET IT!

  48. Mercii Rush


  49. Kid Kapam

    9 views and riahnana on the left smh good stuff tho