AZ - Superstar Lyrics

You know we came so far
Young superstar
(money in the bank)
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more

It's no stoppin' him, he's in the books like Pac and em
From early, homey had hip-hop in him
The era of the unlaced kicks, he was rockin' em
Way before the sheepskin flicks, chicks been jockin' him
Right down the block from Wop and em
Niggas either dead or the feds is knockin em, he's still here
Comparisons in these years is real rare
It's embarrassing, the bars he spit, he still care
Never let a bitch in his ear, it ain't worth it
When alone, you gotta look in the mirror, what's the purpose?
From the gutter, bad motherfucker
From under that hustler's umbrella, none other
Than he who speaks would need it
Once said, then his dead homey won't repeat it, well bred
Black with the solar facts, so exact
I was told they want the old god back, I'm here

You know we came so far
Young superstar
(money in the bank)
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more

A-Zah Malik Allah
Repertoire like W.E.B. Du Bois, who ya'll?
Fraus like I came from afar
See bullet wounds, blood leak through the tar, baby pa
I'm the homey Obi Wan Kanobe, no Soke
Supposedly I'm potent with poetry, the almighty
Most likely in the midst of the sheisty
I know the D.A. got dreams to indict me, do the math
I came, I saw, I smashed
Seen niggas get millions, get murdered and bagged
All I ask is those that respect the code
Respect my mode, I'm a HBO episode
Filmed in the streets of New York, it's real talk
My whole life is sealed in the cork, it's rap's fault
Coupes, cribs, chauffers and yachts, gimme props
'Til I'm dead and my physical rots, I'm still hot

You know we came so far
Young superstar
(money in the bank)
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more
We want more, you know we want more

Look, the rain is gone, the game
Just like Ming and Sean, Dave and Kareem
We the American dream, with 215 Vacheron Constantin
The $300, 000 Dan Nice and Alain Silberstein
The Princess catalog from Vinny Carl's regime
That's the most prestigious catalog in the world, man
That's $800, 000, 000 in diamonds, man, all precious cut
The $40, 000, 000 Gulf Stream
The Enzo Ferrari, the F-1 McLaren
The Pagani Zanda made my Hiroshime
The mansion in Rome and island
Any complainin's all in the dream
I'm like Bo Bill with a twirl of king
I'm like the count of Beijing with a mix of Ming
I'm like, Lebron James holdin' down his team
I'm like, Elijah Muhammad on top of his Din
A wonder and a light you ain't never seen
Y'all in trouble niggas, it's a new regime
We on the screen, every magazine
Call me at home in Athens, Rome, nigga's officially on
Nigga I'm in that zone, we in full rotation and syndication
Malik man, you still got a crush on Ananda?
Me and AZ in the Pagani Zanda
We in Germany on the auto-don
And I'm the Don and he the Don
The girls wrapped in our arms, seen accentuous charm
Hate if you want but don't front!
It's the billion dollar boys with the billion dollar toys
With the billion dollar bitches
With the maintenance on livin' about the minute a month

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AZ Superstar Comments
  1. Sy Jeanlouis


  2. DaBears FoeLifeBishh

    Real Hip Hop at its finest!

  3. DTV

    Aiiight Boyy Let's Get Ready For Somm Football...Well Be Talkin

  4. DaBears FoeLifeBishh

    This shit still hit in 2019! Til I'm dead and my physical stop I'm still hot! Real Hip Hop at it's finest!

  5. DaBears FoeLifeBishh

    Still listening to it!! Str8 heat!

  6. Trev J

    some of the dopest shit ever put out. AZ forever reign supreme

  7. Johnny Bing

    Bumping in 2018 👑

  8. Rickey Haynes

    this should motivate you to get off your ass if you sittin on it and start making moves

  9. Rizzo Aristotle

    Definitely one my favorite tracks on this album very chill smooth Az spitting greatness

  10. Junior Thanos

    9 years later and this shit is still hot. AZ needs to get that respect as one of the greatest.

    Jamar Jackson

    So true ...

  11. bell yp

    he the don and I'm the don facts

  12. Silkk2413

    ...AZ...Rap Game James Bond

  13. Sistadelphia

    This so has way to little views. 95% of the world's taste in hip hop is...TRASH.

  14. Carvaughn Guthrie


  15. Bennie Ryles

    grown folk rap

    Bennie Ryles

    +BonziBuddy you misunderstood my point this is grown ups listen to not that new rap music styles music with meaning or the art of storytelling when you can put a picture with the word's an artist says that is why Pac is a legend biggie also is a legend that's grown folk music you don't hear that to often now a days

  16. Mike's Night

    He's hereby

  17. Nolove Jones

    s.o.s.a real respect our streets az

  18. Nolove Jones

    still bumping this 2016

    seneca teel

    Nolove Jones

  19. Joel Marks

    you want more, you know you want more

  20. Inferno Setfire

    It's no stoppin' him, he's in the books like Pac and em

    Xan E. Bohn

    +Tommy name one



    Inferno Setfire

    Every body has the right to feel how they want about it!! Az is my favorite Mc .. Hands Down !! But I love Pac also they talking about different things though !! Az a God Body!! 5%R

    Inferno Setfire

    2pac the shit !!

    DaBears FoeLifeBishh

    No lie!

  21. NeoNitty

    Another banger from the legend. This was in heavy rotation when it came out!

  22. sean jenkins

    My theme song

    DaBears FoeLifeBishh

    Mines too!

  23. laura pruitt

    NGA YOu the Shiot! On your New York Shiot!

  24. Nicklaus Ono

    the pagani zonda!!! i always loved this track the most on the album… actually saw a pagani zonda on the 90 fwy last weekend in venice!!! never knew what it was until i saw  it.  insane.  only 2.8 mill!  i love AZ but he definitely aint pushing that.

  25. Jason Powers

    Found it

  26. mdubb226

    Real Hip Hop!!!! Aint nothing else like it

  27. Perverted Alchemist

    I'm still trying to figure how Mr. Lee ended up on a Dwele album myself, LOL!

  28. soundbwoy718

    my nigga ralo even went in wit the spoken word.. AZ u r to my era what rakim is to his.. respect

  29. Salistar Smythe

    How in the world did AZ and Mr. Lee from H-Town hook up???? Can't believe i missed this all these years

  30. thirdeyeindoctrine

    loving the vibe

  31. michael godines


  32. adrian green

    if this dont motivate you to wanna make a mill i dont know what to tell you,

    ill Law

    Billion bruv. Billion.2.

  33. Representt

    this song is so chill

  34. mjweed420

    @0neshift yo cuz can i copy and paste this comment im tired of seein all these sick songs talkin bout wack rappers and shit

  35. Jason Myrthil

    this song is hard, they sleepin on az

  36. Carvaughn Cullins

    This lyricist's poetry is too "Aziatic" with that "Rather Unique" word play. AZ's most definitely "Legendary".

  37. walter payton


  38. Talking Tapes

    Dawg! This is beautiful Yo!

  39. yummybassmhm

    hes better than lupe but lupe aint wack, hes still young, give him time! ....i agree with soulja boy , he has to stop!

  40. The Implication

    az has been nice since illmatic - tell your friends. the guy at the end is great, too. says some random but insightful shit.

  41. agnew3242

    anyone got the lyrics?

  42. shipmatez Anderson

    word up....!

  43. polo bubble vest

    dis is that 08' golden age shit, az is eternal