AZ - So Sincere Lyrics

I'm about to get on some Norman Bates shit, and go psycho
Shit, gather around your speakers
Let me start fronting on 'em early
I'ma front on 'em early, that's what I do

You know my persona, let me kinda remind ya
The Gucci, Gabbana, the New-E, the Low, Evisus, designers
How I post up, parley amongst piranhas
I'm the urban version of that turban-wearing Osama
Last of a genre, it's nothing to mash y'all minors
Y'all trash, I'll leave half of y'all niggas in trauma, ha ha
So I laugh, cause I'd rather clam in vagina
Splash a few grands on some high sand in the sauna
Usually ponder when I puff my little ganjas
Somber, feeling like Don Cheadle in Hotel Rwanda
You know karma, increase when you cease your drama
It's deep, but you sleep when you feel there's peace upon you
Keep that armor, I formerly greet as a charmer
But beneath is more than mystique, I'm a monster
Came to conquer, no games I came to regain my honor
No lames, it's insane what the brain can conjure
Why launder, when I can outsell the bomber
Miskel, tell Mel, he'll be out of jail by Kwanza
From Tompkins to Gowanus, to the hills in Brownsville, I sponsors
Nothing to cock back the Black P-80 Launcher
Any hate can haunt you, I'm straight from the L.I. gates of Yonkers
Down to the Southern states to Great Lakes in Tonker
Young, majestic, the beams from the Sun reflect it
Numb before Bush Senior's son was elected
Eclectic, world respected, like Brother Ube from Dure
But hey, what you expected, perfected, connected
So exit, or have it all in here
We can war, when where, nigga I'm so sincere

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AZ So Sincere Comments
  1. kurtkaleido

    for some reason the don cheadle rhyme pops into my head every once and awhile since I first heard this whenever it dropped

  2. kurtkaleido

    insane he uses the same ending rhyme words for like the whole song basically this is pure lyrical talent and straight up hip hop

  3. Tiorin Setka

    he killed it hard

  4. carbonshwartzmetalic

    salute to AZ but this beat is what put Ransom on the map. 


    @carbonshwartzmetalic failed papoose killed this beat


    @Brooklyn Finest paps was nice. but you ask any rapper from round here they know rans whole verse… rans shit you can feel. only real could relate to that. pap had bars no doubt but rans is a true classic. a real classic

    killa cam

    thats a fact ransom put his heart on this beat


    Name of the ransom jawn?

    Jalen X Blair

    Heatmakerz 🔥

  5. el jefe

    I killed dis beat but my first time gettin hip to az.. He spit fire


    Hell yea. U think this is fire? Go listen to his first album "doe or die" that whole album is a lyrical masterpiece.

    Jarvase dundy

    +John Jackson Preach

  6. jngrap

    Some of the most well put together lyrics ever

  7. Derrick Nice

    Been looking for this joint for years! Preciate that bruh



  9. Se’Viar TRUE

    Only 6,220 views? What is the world coming to.

  10. Michael Howard

    Automatic banger , this shit is crazy. The beat is so sick. AZ got off on this track. The God AZ never one too waste a dope beat. You already know , this is one of them tracks that stay on repeat for like 5 -10 times. Peace to the God AZ and the Heat Makers production team.