AZ - Serious Lyrics

Yea, back off vacation
Time to send y'all pros on a permanent vacation though

Check my track record, respect is my black Lexus
Expect me to act reckless, I'm rich and I'm ass naked
A mink with half leopard, my drinks and my glass separate
I roll and I'm half breathless, just stroll through my last message
Like...niggaz can't be serious
Never that leery shit, shit I'm mysterious
Move mystique on 'em, the doses increase on 'em
You ghost if you sleep on 'em
No joke when my peeps stormin
The cars they come in heavy
The God of the Serengeti
I charge with a large machete
And carve through ya starvin belly shoulda known I was serious
Still the prettiest, point blank period

Feedin while alligators on swamps, got miles and acres
No comp, whether it's freestyle, or written down on papers
So far, I've been down from maybe, a decade, I'm still the raw-rest
Plus, suede, and ferragamo's, cause the made jury's on us
Garments fly apartments, they buggin say Nastradamus
Just wasn't one of my hardest, sold over a mil regardless
Chill with them hard looks, I spark clips
If you blood, or Muslim, 5 percent God, or crip

Yea, ok

Guns in the glove compartment
I'm dapper but love the nonsense
The rappin up of my conscience
I'm strapped when I come to conscious
Attack with a hundred monsters
They black and they runnin bonkers
We back and we come to conquer

To master the fucking genre
Like, niggaz can't be serious
Still the grittiest, point blank period
Flow tight as a midget's closet
As tight as a prison block is
No sight of po-lice, when we riot
Fightin the system, fired
Be quiet, when I'm approaching
Get tired, jump out the roses
Sip Meyer's Rum out in open
I'm smokin that hydro, choking
I'm scopin, my eyes are on you
Don't reach cause I tried to warn you
No street corner Nas won't come to
To bomb you, 4 5's will harm you
Eccentric, I'm live but calm too
Cordial, but crazy cautious
Roll through with some crazy gorgeous
Hoes, bodies like lady horses
Like, my whole stampede serious
Ya'll niggaz is funny like Eddie Murphy's "Delirious"

Sped up or real slow, never neo-soul
Hip-Hop only rockin with homey, we Co-D's
Nas not no Hives, or Coldplay
If there was an old days, we pioneered it
Anthony Cruz, Nasir Jones shit, very serious

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AZ Serious Comments
  1. Elliott Reese

    Eminem stealing this flow on his new album

  2. Quinton Spicer

    This is hip hop lyricism at its finisest!!! The off springs of Kool G Rap

  3. bep 2

    another from the dynamic duo

  4. Ronald Baker

    They're the Batman & Robin of the sh*t!

  5. Cesar Delgadillo

    Doesn’t get any better then Nas and AZ!!🔥🔥🔥

  6. Kenneth Mitcham

    Felt like Nas held that second verse in his pocket or somethin....damn!

  7. Kedar.


  8. heem laden

    Took over a lot of towns to this song... lol

  9. Cortland Hall

    Two giants on the track

  10. IAmMister RedHook37

    March 16.2019 at 12:54am

  11. cartierjoe

    I gotta listen to this shit at 4 times!

  12. LifeIsGood

    AZ does outshine nas at times, but here Nas showed why hes better when he wants to be..

  13. turtlehead2

    Flow’s tighter than a midget’s closet

  14. Hype Rockrite

    These Two monstas belong in the booth together!

  15. Shane Frasier

    AZ has always out shined nas on there tracks together if you go back to the illmatic life's a b track az verse was alot better his deliveries always surpassed Nas az asked nas to do a album with him and nas declined why ? Because nas new az would take the shine off if him the same with cormega ....nature and ect like Jay Z said in that take over diss ohh I get it if son dint shine the son dint shine

    Nasir Summers

    Shane Frasier where did you get that info from? I need to see that


    Shane Frasier you stupid...Nas outshined AZ on Lifes a B and clearly outrapped AZ on this track alone...He also murked AZ on "Mo homicide" AZ got Nas on The Flyest and thats it lmao

    Mike B

    AZ problem is his albums are inconsistent. He has great flow but he lacks depth and subject matter on his albums. Nas may be one of the most versatile rappers ever, AZ does some things better than Nas and they make good music together but Nas is all around better.

  16. Shawn Kemp

    This song was suppose to be on God Son. AZ and Nas need a Joint album, until then Hip hop won't be complete without it. Sosa&Escobar


    AZ performance made Nas spit that last verse the way he did

  18. L Casanova

    nas 2nd verse tho....👀breath control at its best!


    Navy seal ass nigga

  19. Domo Jones

    I love it when AZ was like OK after Nas came off on his 1st verse!!!!

    Black Butterfly

    Yes! 🔥🔥🔥

  20. Domo Jones

    Why they never did a album 2gether is beyond me

  21. daREALtruestory

    Feeding wild alligators and flow tight as a midgets closet >>>

  22. Darryl Christmas

    listen to these niggas I've been on these two niggas since 95 they remind me of me and brother rapper note

  23. Donell Hines

    Rakim's pupils. Salute....

  24. Roderick Julius

    They both went crazy on this track 🔥

  25. Geatano John

    Seriously?? Man new rap is in trouble.

  26. M. Bingham

    2017 and still no nas & az album :(


    MrPyrex609 nas and az shoulda did an album in place of the firm album

    Marlon Brice

    Nas is my dude but he's so damn annoying sometimes. Why this and the Preemo album never happened is just beyond me. Both have said they're ready to go if Nas ever wanted to make it happen. Then he turned around and did the Distant Relatives album (all respect due). We like him because he does his own thing but it's so damn frustrating sometimes

    L Casanova

    +Marlon Brice I feel u bro I agree nas b buggin

  27. Mr & Mrs Plummer

    Nas spazzed on dis one..

  28. Madeline Monahan

    I wonder what size timberlands this song wears, way too NY


    And a Lo Goose!

  29. alaric perez

    I always thought AZ bodied Nas on this shit but that last verse... what the fuck is that flow?


    alaric perez I came here to leave this exact comment lmao for 14 years I thought AZ bodied this but tonight at this moment Nas' last verse is crazy to me ...god damn he murdered that lol

  30. keepsteddy

    audio sucks, go to a different uploader

  31. The Real Passenger 51 DJP533ONThaBeaT

    Az was snapping

  32. jcash78

    AZ top 10 Nas top 5

  33. Casper78694

    It's like these niggas was dancing and ballin after they collected there royalties to this beat, just flowin and feelin free not givin a fuck.

    Mike B

    Casper78694 that was the problem. They couldn't get sample clearance on this classic.

  34. Casper78694

    I can smell NY in this beat.

  35. Mike B

    Nas killed this but AZ just has that flow. Man I wish AZ had better albums but he kills on all Nas callabos.

    Almighty DJ

    AZ has great albums Doe or Die and Pieces of a Man are dope


    So is AWOL

    Spencer ward

    Aziatic, 9 lives..9 lives the only one that isn't on par with the others

    SVX vieux

    Nah..I got love for AZ but Nas bodied this

    Shawn Kemp

    Spencer ward After 9Lives his production was TRASH. AZ is the best far Bars and Flows

  36. Stacie Jones

    I love Nas but Az is better


    Stacie Jones both compliment each other well...its like what az lacks nas has...and what nas lacks, az has


    LifeIsGood Az always seems like he outshines because of his flow. It comes off so butter smooth, especially when it's alongside Nas. But actually listen to what's being said.

    L Casanova

    +LifeIsGood agree

  37. matt2993

    Danny Brown's Really Doe beat reminds me of this, anyone agree?


    matt2993 i can definitely see it


    az kill nas on every track they got on together

    Sunset Vest

    OLNEY 215 HOODLUM Not on this 1

    Almighty DJ

    I agree but nas destroyed this track


    not this one...Nas killed AZ

    Javier Santiago

    Az was nice my nigga but Nas took that all day and I'm a vicious AZ bo from New York that moved to Somerville bottom side in 89

    Ricardo Gonçalves

    I do think AZ has the upper hand on pretty much every collab they've ever done, except for this one. Nas got him on this.

  39. SDS Overfiend

    I needed to reboot my system.. Had to come to this video right here.. At a Party yesterday and Niggas kept playing some weak shit...

    BirdmanBirdman Sweet__T

    SDS Overfiend they was playing little yatchy or the fuck ever his name is huh?

    SDS Overfiend

    @BirdmanBirdman Sweet__T Nah he wasn't even popping at that time.. Future, Drake... weak niggas like that

    D man

    that's so cool how you comment was frozen in time

    SDS Overfiend

    @jamaal brown Never date your events online..

  40. IceveinsProductions

    I'm strapped when I come to concerts
    Attack with 100 monsters
    They black and they running bonkers

    That whole 2nd verse might be the most gangsta shit AZ ever spit.

  41. Haze Jones

    They need to make that album TOGETHER like ayap!!!

  42. Guhsteh

    Damn Nas! That last verse... They need to make a collab album.


    Guhsteh They had a group lol. The Firm

    Dramahawk Promotions

    yessssssssssss they need to that album finally.

  43. rogelio maldonado

    This is the straight butta in true 90s fashion.

  44. Al Lugo

    Yo man you brothers was like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin blessing blessing the Mic. I wish you could do a album.

  45. LifeIsGood

    NAS' 2nd verse >

  46. MACknowledge

    Flow tight as a midget's closet

  47. Mookaron

    Nas/Az ,Jadakiss/Styles P,Jay-Z/Kanye. Who collabo better?

    caspian kanai

    Ghost and Rae, Meth and Red are nasty wit it as well

    William Perez

    +Kisuke Hanout agreed


    I agree with all you guys.

    wurlian kevin

    mad az


    A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q for new school

  48. Michael Rivera

    Used to blast this in the whip down in orlando fl in 07....they didnt get it....LOL


    Me too man... In Tampa lol they don't get understand it down here

    A -nthology The anthology

    Michael Rivera I could imagine especially now trash music poppin

  49. kevnev342

    AZ FLOW, enough said

  50. The Beats Are Ill

    This is one of the illest hip hop tracks of all time and it's hard to find if you don't remember the name of the track. Those samples from "Last Bongo In Belgium" are a producers dream. The flows from both AZ and Nas are incredible. I feel like Nas knew it, he used this rhyme style for "Ether". Personally I would like to hear Nas and Eminem on a track going back and forth on the same style like AZ and Nas did here.... but I'm not holding my breath. I doubt Nas'll ever do a track with Em. I agree Nas and AZ should've done an album. I read Az's interview about it, he was ready, Nas wasn't.

    Haze Jones

    A Nas and Eminem track would be fucking bonkers!


    +Haze Jones They did have a track together

    BirdmanBirdman Sweet__T

    AZ was probably "ready" to do that album but wanted 1/2 the loot or something and Nas prob said c'mom be real

    Javid Bencosme

    666sikkinikki the cross is only produced by Eminem but he didn't rhyme on it

  51. ColdBloodedMC

    elite shit


    only way to sum this shit up

  52. hakim zarif

    One of the best examples of stylized rhyming over a dope beat ever

  53. kirbyBangz

    You're right and AZ is underrated.

  54. exxodas

    if you put all their hits into an album, it would be the greatest album in hip hop history

  55. RatherUnique

    if there was an old days we pie neared it

  56. Magnum45Carryin

    You obviously did not listen to Nas' second verse.. killed AZ

  57. Bridget Martin

    Collab album?

  58. Kelsey Deveau

    AZ is better

  59. turtlehead2

    "No comp whether it's freestyle or written down on paper"

  60. itstimetodie

    this is what these divas coming up nowadays need to be taking notez on!

  61. PhflyDan1

    9 SUCKAZ aint SERIOUS Bless...

  62. crazykenbei

    It was supposed to be on nas's street disciple album but it leaked so he left it out.

    Mike Illmatic

    That's the biggest hinder to Nas' career is leaking

    The main reason why the I Am/Nastramus flop happened, wasn't even suppose to be a Nastradamus album, just a double disc for I Am

    Which is where most of the Lost Tapes comes from

  63. EazetheSleaze

    This one track alone kills most current mainstream rappers careers lyrically. Except for T.D.E.

  64. JokerBubbaKush420

    Az is so underrated the du be killing mcees

  65. allen ive

    Good assessment i think em would flame it too tho but kool g would massacre it...

  66. Janelle Taylor

    9 people aint serious!

  67. KDash3rdLetter

    Flow tight as a midgets closet

  68. TheToofpick

    The very best flow I've heard riding the beat.

  69. 2pacinseattle

    Damn, this goes hard. I think Nas got AZ on this one.

  70. stefansnake

    Dopeass beat

  71. catastrophic3

    Oh ok, Im on it! Thx!

  72. blah you

    It was on AZ-Decade album

  73. bklynsfynest2k3

    the 9 dislikes are people who wouldnt know real hip hop if it smacked them....matter fact you 9 need to be smacked...LOL
    niggas can't be serious.....

  74. bklynsfynest2k3

    7 people need to stop breathing....this song is classic. I'll stack nas' 2 verses on this song against your favorite rappers best verses.

  75. nickxclassic


  76. catastrophic3

    Oh ok. Thanks for the help!

  77. RealCoolGuy

    It was officially released on The Prophecy mixtape by Nas. It's def not on AWOL or any other AZ tapes that I'm aware...

  78. EliGPromotion


    Eli G - Your World Don't Stop

  79. onblock7

    Gay beat? I disagree that this is raw as fuck. To each his own, this they killed it.

  80. catastrophic3

    What AZ CD is this from? I cant find it. Or is it from a mixtape??

  81. The Messiah KOI

    only 176k views?? No wonder hip hop is dead and wack

  82. chicity37

    This duo can murder any swagster rapper on top of tha charts anyday. If they would've dropped a collab album in their prime it would've been a huge huge classic.

  83. Manny

    I haven't seen it written better, you culminated it and broke it down in such a empathetic and concise way, the only reason I didn't bother writing what's good - the deal, is because you've already done it...! bless you sir Peace you on point. Word up.

  84. Manny

    I can dig that... ;)

  85. VersatyleTV1

    can somebody plz send me this track, i cant find it

  86. Cerotone

    Second that.

  87. bklynsfynest2k3

    this is song is fire...from beginning to end....anyone who thinks Nas or Az has slipped wih time or age all I can say is you can't be serious....
    still the grittiest point blank period!

  88. richard elliot

    6 people cant be serious

  89. rna61192x

    Big pun woulda killed this. R.i.p

    Jay Spitz

    rna61192x definitely

  90. TheProfeta619

    sick flows gay beat

  91. mike hed

    tight as a midgets closet god dammit

  92. CJ Chewjore

    Nas is the GOAT. How many other "top rappers" would get destroyed trying to employ this rhyme scheme/ flow pattern? I love Jay but he could only do this for a verse, Weezy would drown even trying this, Kanye aint there yet, Em would do OK, but not as well as Nas and AZ on this, Big Pun would have been crazy on this, Lupe would be nice but Kool G Rap would be ill because he's the Godfather of this style.

  93. Uriel Riley

    No ONE else but them 2 Can Flow like this!

  94. Ramon Nelson

    This must be the blueprint for that jay z and kayne shit. damn got his imprint on hip hop everywhere

  95. LHR90101


  96. Wilhelm Hagemann

    Listening to this sick flow while getin' ready to spray paint my ideas in dublin.