AZ - Royal Salute Lyrics

[Intro: AZ]
Yes sir! Another year, ha, ha, ha!
Toast ya glass please, this is champagne
You know what it is..
I love when the music sound so vibrant
So refreshin', alright let's get down to business

[Verse 1: AZ]
It's a - thin line between love & hate
And due time, a stable mind separates what's fake
It's Two kind of paper takers, make no mistake
You got those that touch a little
Then there's those that rape
I've been embraced, got a face that the game can't shake
I'm known well like a Coke scale, my name hold weight
Impeccable taste, medallions in symmetrical shape
Since '88 been wildin' wit a Electrical tape
Was a Ape to that street rap presented itself
Who could beat that, so like Lennox I surrendered my belts
I was felt wit five funnies, my cars was dealt
Wit my money and subconscious, I was God himself
The weed helped, but overall I was so Hip-Hop
Certified as a cool guy to be so hott!
Verbalized like 2Pac, wit a East-Coast bop
Then the shit just changed, had to switch up lanes
Past predicted the future, though the present exist
Poetic wiser, I'm Commonsutter, it's a heavenly bliss
Schooled as a little dude, only dealt as diss
But you know 'em people is sick and they medicine mix
So 50 it's only a run, enjoy this here
Matter of fact you ain't done, enjoy this year
And uh it's only fair I make this clear
You could neva fuck wit me, so don't neva fuck wit me
If money makes the man then on Iraq land
Saddam statue will still stand on top of the sand
You a fan so overall respect my hand
Cuz I can see what's goin' on, I respect your scam
And we can toast to the life that showed us both
That trials and tribulation only bring forth growth
And when we bhost, you could bet who be felt the most
So live your life 'til the reaper approach..

[Outro: RZA & Slick Rick Scratched Samples]

[Slick Rick:] The Ruler's Back
[RZA:] The Ruler's back
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler's back
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler has returned
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler's Back
[RZA:] The Ruler's back
[RZA:] The Ruler's back
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler's Back
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler, The Ruler, The Ruler's Back
[Slick Rick:] The Ruler has returned

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AZ Royal Salute Comments
  1. Tyler's Tech

    50 is good but AZ is Ona different level completely

  2. Xavier Williams

    Drake used this beat on scorpion

  3. Booby Hill

    Greatest artist after N.A.S.

    Gary Dalais

    Booby Hill u must be crazy AZ will muuuuurder Nas.....every verse on every song they both feature on AZ silibles, Punchlines and wordplay is way beyond Nas verses....Nas owned ‘The Firm’ So he obviously marketed himself above the rest....
    AZ is the best Flower Alive....Heavely Under rated...

  4. nomar manuel-munoz

    Lol still kept it az style.....let him know how it is without having to stoop down to 50s level..... he called fif a fan😂😂

  5. William Bynum

    Hell yeah get em AZ 50 is a bitch and you damn right about that last line that nigga cannot fuck with u

  6. Hubo Le Afrika

    50 is a baby compared to AZ

  7. Deuces Wild

    I never knew he came at 50 till I watch this interview. Those lines was slick as hell.

    Chris Larusso

    Deuces Wild which interview was that?

    Christopher Johnson

    @Chris Larusso Was the Combat Jack Show some years back. Was one of the best interviews I heard period. Should be on SoundCloud if you can't find it on youtube!👍🏾

    Chris Larusso

    @Christopher Johnson Appreciate it I'll look for it.

    Christopher Johnson



    Az would body 50

    nomar manuel-munoz

    50 aint on zs level at all...

  9. itsbenp

    that slick rick sample though

  10. Grenadier Dupont

    Straight from the Queen's.


    Grenadier Dupont az isn't from Queens he's from Brooklyn smh .

    Gary Dalais

    AZ from Da Brook! Nas from Queens..SMH

  11. Rawstylesify