AZ - Professional Style Lyrics

[Intro: AZ]
Y'all know what it is...
Brooklyn's finest!
Wild money zone!
AZ... Alchemist!
Doin' what I do best... what y'all can't do!
I'm 'bout to hop on the biggest muhfuckin' boat ever!
The Queen Mary...
'Bout to cross the muhfuckin' Mediterranean.
Y'all motherfuckers at war!

Cruise ships sail out, - inmates bail out!
D's flipped my day one, dog; we finally fell out!
Identifyin' bodies at morgues, I need rest!
I pro'ly with the faces enforced with weed breath.
Patron out my pores keep you feelin' the vibe, I'm 'noyed!
No hog! I'm concealin' my cries, avoid.
Manic-depress' shit, - Hannibal Lect-ic;
Let off a few shots dip, - ran through the exit!
[Breathing hard] I'm too old for this!
All these diamonds in these wrists-es and my necklaces-es
Supposed to be 9 digits up, - effortless;
But it's like I been posessed by "The Exorcist".
Forgive me! - No Emmy's or roleplay here,
Just a Bentley 2-door with the cold-faced stare;
So, YEAH! (YEAH!) - Cool, whatever.
Blunts, bottles or broads nigga do whatever!
Blood, bullets or war'll be the move forever,
Single solo or crew send them dudes to dead ya!
Yes, sir! Haha! - Professional style,
Truly, I ain't apply my pressure game in a while.
Ruly I'm really moody; - aggress only foul,
Disconnected now, so press redial! - I'm gone!

[Outro: AZ]
It's all good... straight from the heart!
I speak it, I live it, I love it!
New album comin' soon!
AZ... Alchemist...
"Chemistry Files"!
Add it up, dunn! [beat stops]

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AZ Professional Style Comments
  1. Marco Boweezy

    Ma nigga AZ so underrated !!!

  2. Bossification M

    Nas reference maybe?


    Bossification M no

  3. AllBrushed Models

    "beef with my day 1 dog, finally fell out"

  4. _Mega_

    this beat is the best thing ive heard in a while! amazing

  5. MrMcpressure

    sample in this beat is sick

  6. Kalemosk

    AZ > jAy-Z

  7. AllBrushed Models

    Doe or Die

  8. gliphics

    @ADMpyro these youngn's don't know about lyricism, they like that bullshit that is out now. bullshit music. Az's has always been in my top 5, dead or alive!

  9. eagles2727

    AZ the real deal


    Cause people dont know what real hiphop sound like anjymore

  11. MrLexxdiamonds


  12. sharpnickelz

    I'm thinking the reason AZ is so underrated is that he wasn't marketed enough, production lacks in many cases, haven't seen him put out a lot of material when compared to MCs considered "top" today and may I dare even say that while his wordplay is smooth and top notch, his lyrics lack the punch of other more notable rhymers. I don't mean punchlines however. AZ's wordplay is close to being as sharp as Big L's, but his flow is kinda monotone and kinda slides towards mediocre to me.

  13. faji187

    this track is a sample from the smith connection also the name of the album "who am i" comes from the band called the o jayz bcos they had a song called who am i and cormega sampled the track in a previous album and he called this album who am i, cormega, nas,az,nature,tragedy khadafi are ledgends

  14. BigSmurf

    Mega and Nature were put on after the joint was made. This was the original in either 05 or 06, i dont remember which, exactly...

  15. StutterinG123

    "Manic depressed shit, Hannibal Lected" ShiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiT!!!! HOT

  16. Strider Seiryu

    yeah just send me your email in a message

  17. ivan enriquez

    hey u think u could passs it my way 2??

  18. Strider Seiryu

    send me your email in a private message

  19. bullzeyet

    hes underated bcoz every1 is soo stupid nd they lsn 2 shit rap like lil wayne nd soulja boi thts y ppl dnt no thts there r way better rappers LIKE AZ

  20. 고로케

    album title?


  21. Elude -e-

    how the fuck is AZ so damn underated, what the fuck.

  22. D. Jermin

    He even make this so-so beat sound monstrous

  23. Roberth J Tasayco

    nice beat and nice flow

  24. szebsone

    od.... i love diz fuckin beat... and da freakin lyrics... az.. i could never get tired of hearin hiz trax.. cant wait 2 get a whip and start blastin az =D

  25. KaSeR

    az has a dope flow

    makes ya feel good !

  26. Jermar Harris

    Anyone have this instrumental?
    I need this.

  27. Reel Wards

    It's AZ Cormega & Nature I know this osng it was on J-Love's Is NY over mixtape!