AZ - Oil Money Freestyle Lyrics

Umm huh, it's Doe or Die
This here, this here bigger than just
Just holdin' stacks and the clothes
Bricks of money in shoe boxes, things of that nature
That's so 90's, grow up niggas
Get the plastic swiper, get legit, get liquid
What's your net worth? Quiet Money, uhh

You know the fiasco, cut cost like Costcos
Formaldehyde is like homicide to your nostrils
Rap apostle, interact with the hostile
Unstoppable, these niggas trapped in they costumes
Coke on iTunes, y'all awoke to a monsoon
Massive releases, peep my thesis of a tycoon
Corporate, too fly to ever forfeit
Fear, gear gorgeous, thoughts travel to orbits, I'm here
Horns and halos, fish, corn and potatoes
Performed love in the dawn, gettin' licked on in the Caicos
Pop for the pesos, put the drop on the payroll
Alfa Romeo, hard top, hoppin' to J-Lo
So play though, it only frustrate 'cause niggas fake
Got a billion dollar face on a trillion dollar chase
So many frontin' muh'fuckas got me feelin' out of place

Haha, niggas like "Yo, you wanna win, you gotta go mainstream"
I guess I'll never win
I flow too much like the ocean

I'm from the truck jewel era, so fuck whoever
Chess play for the cheddar, only trust two letters
Checkerboard on the sweater, rest assure I'm a repper
Feelin' like Mr. Malcolm, the messenger out of Mecca
Nigga I'm a Giusepper, Louie Vuitton stepper
Nike Jordan collector, vintage, foreign, etcetera
Reflector, a hustler's homage for those in bondage
The urgency of a convict that got his currency garnished
Astonished to see the mechanics in niggas antics
Falsifyin' their transcripts, hopin' pardons get granted
Manic depressive, fries and salmon for breakfast
Fuckin' them pretty broads that claim they man is possessive
Stand as the freshest
Deliver with the lyrics for the flow critics
No gimmick, shit real as a parole visit...

"Fuck you mayne."
"Who put this thing together? Me, that's who."
"Who do I trust? Me."

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AZ Oil Money Freestyle Comments
  1. Will Midgette

    Fire heat lit.

  2. Reuben Phillips

    Holy shit...
    Heavy bars

  3. Franklyn Castle

    $ick... he flow to much like da ocean...Az in my top 10 but it's no freestyle lol


    keep it up ! #

  5. Kayason Johnson

    Az has all been that ill spitin ass cat!!!