AZ - I'm Known Lyrics

[Verse One]
Laid up with this skinny chick, Balley's with the Henny mix
My man Bond sent me flicks, claimed he ain't seen me since
96, since he blew trial for them 3 attempts
Street events, Feds on the sweet, but you see me tense
Chill a lot, niggaz wanna know if I'm real or not, kill or not
If I'm holdin't what kind of steel I got
False alarms, tatoos all across my arms
Bail bonds, a while back almost lost my moms
Check that, taking this paper you can bet that
No set backs, shittin' on niggaz wit out the Exlax
Ice showin', Polo sweats all whit glowin'
Blunted, Suzuki 600, twelfth Riech's blowin'
Headline niggas, Fed time niggas, crime niggas
Street worth 9 figures
It's a war now, hard to the core for sure now
Raw style, four fours to your door now
Doe chasin', in the race niggas slow pacin'
Temptation, send a bitch to blow your face in
Plans rollin', handsome nigga's hands golden
Stand chosen, pockets on my pants swollen
Pleed the Fifth, real niggas don't need to riff
Automatic shit, for fakin' that's what you faggots get

[Verse Two]
Out of 30 men, know 20 that's worthy men
10 is friends, the other 10'd probably turn me in
Phone tapped, born in Brooklyn, hold my own gat
Unknown traps keep jail niggas goin' back
Time tickin', young shorty mind flippin'
Blind addiction turn a killer from a fine Christian
Streets ruined from sneaky shit niggas keep doin'
Snakes, that's why I hand shake & keep movin'
World supremest, cook Coke like a chemist
But it's finished, a little jail time helped me replenish
Thank God, almost bagged a rape charge in '86
That's what I get fuckin' a crazy bitch
Rough life, stab wounds, cuts, & bites
Is dice, I guess I was blessed to touch mics
?Borciase? my words spreads across tribes
Who live? Made for the system up in your ride

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AZ I'm Known Comments
  1. Frederick Chacon

    Grow up on real music

  2. John Crispin

    love the beat flow from the heart.

  3. kmartaylor taylorkmar

    AZ got the best flow of all time!!!

  4. rakiem Greene

    one of the best

  5. Matthew Scott

    Your favorite rappers favorite rapper. Point blank

  6. Ole School

    Up there with Nas

  7. Tony Lacy

    I'm Jay z so it was a goal.,
    Langston Hughes

  8. n on

    Aaaaaazzzzz underrated goat

    Jarrel Ely


  9. apimpnameslickback

    AZ my second favorite MC, up there with 2Pac and Nas. LEGEND

    Trap Bandicoot

    He's number three in my top 5.
    •Big L
    •Benny The Butcher
    •Lord Infamous

    Jarrel Ely


  10. Proto Type / Shrine

    they wanna know If I'm real or not....kill or not...
    If I'm holding PAUSE what kind of steel I got...

    Proto Type / Shrine

    Yeeah...I'm still being stalked.....wannabies and fake ass clowns...biting my styles..

    Proto Type / Shrine

    I'm just out here maintaining......

  11. Lavonta Darby II

    The God spittin dat real 🔥🔥🔥🔥#Aziatictalk

  12. Roosevelt Darbey

    One of the a Greatest MCs Ever

    Julius Rutherford

    No doubt fam mfs sleepin on the lyrical God AZ

  13. Cheryl Palmer

    Nice I remember u I love your music yesssssssss ❤🖤💚❤🖤💚 dope !!!!

  14. laquan shipman

    Promblems my song also the song pieces of a black man

    ol' school Tony Carter

    Damb straight

  15. laquan shipman

    My guy factz told def underrated

  16. william jackson



    william jackson he and Pac

  17. Winston Wolf

    Extremely Underrated Lyrical Genius🔥🔥🔥🔥#Aziatic

    Leroy Williams

    yes yes sir