AZ - Give Me Yours 2010 Lyrics

This is what they want, huh?

Yo, it's hard to show resistance when money-gettin' niggas
Need my assistance to stack figures, beyond non-existence
Fuck keepin' my distance, 'cause bein' poor produced persistence
Plus pleas, a hundred G's will have me blockin' out of jail sentence
I'm recognized by the illest of individuals, killers and criminals
Even willies that's really into jewels
But still skeptic on who I cling to
'Cause every single nigga that swing through ain't my man just 'cause we mingle
Too much snake shit, even females be feedin' off that fake shit
Filled with envy and hatred but my high helps me escape it
Temporarily, though it don't worry me
The wise verbally nourish me
Properly with that inner-city urban G, see
I fuck with those beyond my age bracket
'Cause they analyze and map it, get the papers and stack it
Leavin' no trace to track it, kingpin thinkin' tactics is accurate
That mack shit, livin' the lifestyle, we feel relaxed with

Give me (for the NYC)
Give me (uh huh), give me what you can't give back (we keep it real y'all)
Give me (uh huh)
Why don't you give me the world (yeah, okay)
Give me what you can't give back, back, back, back

So in God I trust, I lust for a Bugatti deluxe
And until I touch a million-plus, ain't much to discuss
Diamonds and double-digits, Louis Vuitton down with lizards
It's realism, so I visualize it to live it
Movin' cleverly, with intentions of longevity
Strong pedigree got me touchin' papers others would never see, G
So through the crest in my glow of fluorescence
Symbolizes the essence, you're sailin' in a schweppervescence
Drug investments, a street thug's plug, the insurance
But informers'll have you wanted for warrants 'fore you get enormous
Life's a performance, so players play with endurance
'Cause for more cents, any villain's willin' to get more intense
They tried to break us but all it did was just make us
Travel across acres for papers, bonafide money takers
'Cause though we know somehow we all gotta go
As long as we're leavin' thievin'
We'll be leavin' with some kind of dough

Give me (smokin' trees, stackin' G's)
Give me, give me what you can't give back (money getters, the high bidders)
Give me (yeah)
Why don't you give me the world (get ya money up)
Give me what you can't give back, back, back, back (uh huh, uh)

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AZ Give Me Yours 2010 Comments
  1. Loke Man


  2. SageofSorrow

    AZ is def within the top 10 of illiest flows in the entire history of hip hop. Its mainly what lead him to outclass Nas in a lot of their songs together. Lyrically they were even, but AZ’s smooth flow and rhyme schemes would edge Nas slightly.

  3. Chinelo Nwoye

    Omg this man is fynne 😍😍😍❤

  4. Chinelo Nwoye

    So this was the original version

  5. Jarmaine Driver

    one of my top 5 for real.....the jesus on the franco thats my style

  6. Emerge Matic

    Stop doing low budget videos ya a Don!

  7. Gary Dalais

    One of my best songs..specially this the best flower to step to da mic

  8. izzo

    Dat 60fps tho

  9. Hazeboy ?

    How an old school Cat like Az know which camera to use than most hype YouTubers do yet still sleeping on you


    Hazeboy ? What camera is that, so i can get my shit right?

  10. Geno Gambino

    Going on 10 years since Doe Or Die 2 was suppose to drop damn

    Ragga Muffin

    That's crazy

  11. cerebro7

    still in rotation for 2019

  12. frankwhite1ne

    Like the original better

  13. Sinn walker

    They say I am washed up lmao I am fresh and smelling rather good

  14. Hand Sewn with An Introvert

    One of the D most unrated Lyricist who ever torched the mic.

  15. NYC PoLo


  16. rushawn mcneil


  17. Green Point

    Smoke to this !

  18. Joshua Lee

    AZ top 5 DOA!!

  19. NY Shxt

    AZ is top 5

  20. Robert Trotter

    Who ever gave this a thumbs down is tweaking this joint is fiya

  21. Tisha Steen

    shamar baby az bigavelli beamon murdaton watt's baby loc March 26 1985 Sox

  22. Inferno Setfire

    "Drug investments, a street thug's plug, the insurance, but informers
    they had you wanted for warrants 'fore you get enormous" #AZ

  23. Manuel Paris Rigoni

    Old ones we're much better. Nas Voice and also the female vocal version cant fucc w/ this..sry AZ its still love cos u the most underrated MC ever ever

  24. Allah Magnetic

    Listen to The Ill-Made Knight: Epologue by Mullah Don #np on #SoundCloud

  25. Anthony Bradford

    If i was AZ I would sighn wit Roc nation watcha think?

  26. Michael Lewis

    AZ is flawless.

  27. Tonton

    I need Do Or Die 2

  28. CmHVACR

    Life’s a performance so players play with endurance

    Loke Man


  29. Just K


  30. Golden Surfer

    Money is definitely not da answer but the lyrics and vibe is 🔥 coming from poverty it seems that way until you realize who controls the money. I see these rich losers out here and all they do is live in sin. Cocaine and hookers lol wackest motherfuckers. EVER. I GOT THE ANSWER 😉...

  31. Lawless Wolves Entertainment

    Who can remake the instrumental

  32. DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

    One of the greatest

  33. John Pettis

    He spit that shit wit no effort

  34. J Squad

    Salute to the legend AZ

  35. Tisha Steen

    Baby AZ AKA lynx g Watts baby loc msflyboys free Dela and baby flags and tray linch and marloc dblocc inmates murdaton locs 2 generation Oakland raiders

  36. guilherme lucas


  37. Nicholas Woodson

    Yo this dude brought me back..

  38. Aaron Averheart

    So is it me or did Rick Ross steal this man's whole style

  39. Loudpiffchiefer chief

    2018 still banging

  40. DatWilsonGuy

    Will always be one of the best in the Biz.

  41. DatWilsonGuy

    Will always be one of the best in the Biz.

  42. Phillippe Curry

    Salute to my guy AZ true vet

  43. Bob Jenkins

    My bro need a deal

  44. Bob Jenkins

    2018 nigga

  45. Lxrd Breezy

    These bars sound like they just came out. Thats how timeless they are

  46. Miami florida

    Az is da man

  47. Nunu Loedrr

    Dis my shit

  48. Corneil Madison

    Az is a straight up dawn killing them bars

  49. Desmond Coble

    Can anyone tell me where to find that bomber vest jacket with the fur hood! I need one for the winter.

  50. Mr Sir

    AZ>>>>Shit Nas

  51. Dingolay Star


  52. CLASS

    Quiet 💰 is the best type of 💰 to have

  53. Milki A

    Hip hop

  54. Chad Folk

    Az&Nas is my day 1 niggas dey found da fountain of youth dey don't age word.😊

  55. ShamZilla

    Best rapper of all time!

  56. fun knowledge

    az the realist

  57. Mike Esko

    This made me put on a suit & ride around the city like I had a million bucks

    Chad Folk

    truth my g

  58. Julius Reed

    happy born day to the most slept on God MC

  59. C Betts

    AZ one of Brooknam's underrated mc's.....


    this is what real brooklyn rap is about. damn i wish the music would swing back to this lyrical concept again. the rap now a days...dont have that NY SOUND ANYMORE. all THIS SOUTH SHIT! on the radios.

  61. Mickey Mouse

    I see that orange clown towers in the background... This joint is cold as fuck though, this is how hip-hop is suppose to sound like today.

  62. Kendrick Jones

    UNDERRATED like a muthafuckya!!!

    Anthony Bradford

    You right !!! They snoozing until they go to Nyc!

  63. Kendrick Jones


  64. Lawrence Roland

    Imma big fan

  65. sean brick

    they tryed to break us but all that did was make us

    Chad Folk

    you already know my g.

  66. Daze Manning

    why dont you give me the world

  67. Andre Walker

    But still skeptic on who I cling to
    Cos every single nigga that swing through ain't my man just cos we mingle...'A" Is the truth!

    Chad Folk

    you already know my g

  68. Trippy Mula

    Anybody know the song at the beginning of the video?


  69. Big Teddy

    AZ so cold.

  70. Viszualz

    this beat is wack compared to the original

    Mallory Cain Jr.

    Viszualz you wildin

  71. Wallace Hambrick

    so in god I trust I lust for a buggati deluxe


    MOST UNDERRATED!. One of the best to do it!.

    Nunu Loedrr

    WUTANGNYC definitely one of n I'm not a NY nigga

    Nunu Loedrr

    Him n Nas was like one of the first ones w that style of word play


    I still bump this..Day1 fan

    Nolove Jones

    KRISSY LUV 2019 still bumping

  74. nile peterson

    Real hip hop

  75. nile peterson

    Call me (917)821-9411 AZ I am trying to network with you bro

    Johnny Cruz

    you are beyond stupid..your probably some 10 year old trying to figure out how the internet works...first of all this isn't AZ's youtube channel...he probably doesn't even use a youtube channel ...and secondly only a stupid ass person would put there number out there for anyone to obviously don't know how the real world works or have any idea of what your doing...

  76. So Lo

    DeCade n sum Change later....still here....Said I "was washed up"...

  77. easytiger

    the zenith

  78. philtyrich1

    Fuckin Crazy Joint

  79. Michael

    AZ is the smoothest lyricist, love it. Real Music.

  80. ehuarache

    I missed this one don't know how tho...bobbing my head tho

  81. BlackFaithProduction

    His beat selection is awful. Plus all his words are clustered together. Rap on beat man. Been using this flow for over 20 years now.


    He is on beat?!? Lmao. But it's your opinion so yea

  82. Jay

    Ohhh Yeah!

  83. Forever young

    Az Tha Shit

  84. jason amarante

    Nas and AZ were golden on many tracks outside of ilmatic so eat your hat kid

  85. Justin ROC

    First song??

  86. Mr Nabiey

    whoever dont recognize this dont know shit about hiphop classic

  87. DirtyWhiteBoy612

    IMO, AZ is the most underrated rapper ever


    +[SUM] • V0WL
    GO AWAY ......!!!!!!!!!-

    Francesco Ferrari

    +[SUM] • V0WL jay sucks? ?? listen to his first album

    MARQUEE (Rap-Disciple)

    Not Underrated!! Slept On!!!

  88. Ron Peace

    Dude love this...

  89. Mocalacore

    I will always have the biggest crush on this dude.


    Mocalacore .....OMG, me too. He's one of the sexiet men I've ever seen.....

  90. Carlita

    Can we get a Nas and AZ tour??!!! I just wanna beee therrrrre...

    Milki Money

    Lo Lita your dope for that😘


    for real

    Jeremiah Moore

    Lo Lita when now

    Rawuban Ivey

    Been saying it for years


    kinda saw just that on 8/23/19 in Seattle -Lupe Fiasco, AZ and Nas

  91. Rob S.

    20 years anniversary!

  92. M White

    This is some KING pin shit!

  93. Slide Five up

    Best lyrics way better than those other weirdos smh

  94. Kevin Klampe

    This fucking flow is as sick as you'll ever hear. He takes this beat and flips it on its backside!!!! He nice!!!!!!

  95. Damian Kobierski


  96. ArchitechMusic

    AZ & Statik Selektah collabo album needs to happen!

  97. ste2158

    looks like an amateur-made video. but song-wise, this shit go so hard. one of my fav songs all time (this and the original)