AZ - Firm Biz- Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1: AZ]
The six ease out cd laced digital readout
No doubt cop glocks from the dred fuck the weedhouse
Yo elegance hate females with no intelligence
Embezzelment got big boys behind the metal fence
Merrill lynch it's your life crist alright
Vince on ice sex chicks all types
General status smootheness mixed with malice
Trips to dallas built a pool in my palace
Who want what from more moneys I want a cut
Extortin start from the corner step on us up
Sixty inch screen laserdisc with the beam
It's my life I'm holding the dice don't intervene
I send a team to smash out your whole plans
No cold hands liquid or hunger to hold grands
From state bids to large cats who lace cribs
It's firm biz, y'all know what time it is

[Chorus: Dawn Robinson]
I'm talking firm biz to you baby (firm firm biz)
Talking bout the firm, that is (firm firm biz)
I'm talking firm biz to you baby (firm firm biz)
Talking bout the firm, that is that is
That is that is firm biz!

[Verse 2: Nas Escobar]
Peep the stee, creepin with az
B-12's crazy I ball with the firm's first lady
I brawl with those who hate me
Make me spray I all; hoping for the day I fall
Never that though black 4 4's for fedz
Like donnie brascoe so peep the cappos
Who mack most splash it up with lactose
Pretty thug style, I blow you out slug style
Bent in the caddy coupe me and daddy duke
He schooled me on how to stand on my own two
He said son it's all kinda shit you gon' go through
Either you gon' make it or you gon' fall too
Now we headline tours remember me I told you that the world was yours
Married to the firm laws
Esco bless flows y'all know me
Laced in the sony firm be the hottest click to blow g


[Verse 3: Foxy Brown]
My pops uesd to warn me never fall victim to the horny
Keep the pussy tight stay that bitch
If I'm gon' fuck lay that dick
Tony get him for his chips and pray he push a six
Now I got game to make the thuggish niggas scream my name
Hope the panties drop only if I cop
The baby blue drop gotta keep my wrist iced
The baddest bitch yeah the sex is alright
Lace 'em all night going to the crib
Jumping out the range in the iceberg tights
Yeah I know about the five and it's one shut eye
360 wave spinning cat thinkin he nas
From now 'til the day we shinin keep my diamond
Esco with me in the e reclining top dogs
The illest duo since the boss name was hugo
Az firm trio stay on the lee low

[Chorus: with modifications]

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AZ Firm Biz- Remix Comments
  1. Latisha Simmons

    R.I.P. Half A Mil

  2. Dub Hollingsworth

    The beat is sick,I remember here the Malcolm McClaren beat on the Awsome 2 show WNWK Newark NJ 2am how remembers ?

  3. bep 2

    half a mill went crazy

  4. Genesis Barnes

    Nature threw a jab at Mega with that credits line

  5. PharoahDoll

    #FoxyBrown is the 🤬 #ILLEST

  6. oochie wally

    RIP to my dawgs i just lost wow we took missions out here in NYC in 97 that'll ill never.forget!!!!!!!

  7. Shaun Perionne

    One of nature's best verses

  8. Michael Lewis

    Slickest Rap Group.

  9. Shawn Steed

    RIP "Half A Mill"🙏

  10. I Am Workz

    If y’all know the song sampled the beat from world’s famous by Malcolm mclarens

  11. LaKeisha Robinson

    A True Classic!

  12. camron michaels

    I love this song Queens 💕💕

  13. Dee Ray

    Fire..2018 until


    I remember this was on a DJ Clue mixtape.

  15. John Bourne

    What's the name of the song this was sampled from?

    LifeIsGood "Worlds famous"

  16. Jay Brown

    Classic 90s hip hop

  17. GOOFiE GaNG

    This is myyyyy shiiiit🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Get money fly nigga shit
    💴💃🏾and clothes 💯💪🏾💯

  18. Lashawn Holman

    In 2018 going on 2019 I still bump this shit 🔥🔥🔥

  19. bep 2

    rip half a mil, rmxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. Verdell Council

    My joint

  21. Rachel Davis

    Where's the video for this song? I could've sworn there was a video... I feel like it was at night with bright lights and a water fountain. No?

  22. BiZmOeT

    Nature is that dude

  23. Saladino

    I cant believe it...8 years from my last comment, or what is the same thing, 8 years without listening to this song.

  24. Desert Eagle

    So classic!!!

  25. nomibe2911

    Is there a dirty version?

    Yung Passport

  26. music4fun1980

    Funk 90s man could never disappoint...never will be even close to that era Eva again


    One of my favorite Nas verses. It explains a part of his rap career. 
    And one of my favorite songs of all-time. It never gets old and i always take my time when I listen to it.

  28. 90s RAP

    This beat 🔥🔥

  29. Definitive1

    Hey this Is K-Eazy-E and you're listening toooo.... Radio!!

  30. Lino Martinez

    " if you rich, then expect all drama to come " - Nas
    Real shit.

  31. C McG

    RIP Half A Mil. This is my fav hip hop song of all time.. no lie

  32. Z Block

    dam I used to play this song over and over til my boys got fed and then wld go home and play it over and over again...

  33. LeaderV8

    live performance better than 1000x

  34. 1's Bundy

    Can't believe my mind wrote this .... RIP Half-A-Mil

  35. MrCrow42

    its 2017 and this still goes hard!!!

  36. guccikat6

    We use to knock this all the way in Detroit ..... Mary was such a big deal then ... foxy went crazy it was just a good time

    Mr3D SMP

    guccikat6 THAT WAS MARY WTF....Why has it taken me 20 yrs to realize this? lol....And FOXY was talking about eating ass a decade b4 ANYONE

    Rome Cruz

    Now its all about molly

  37. Kaneda Shotaro

    track is dope bring back high school mémoires

    Mr3D SMP

    King Daddy Kaine I was a JR in college ugh....BEST parties

  38. Ash

    mil sounds like Jay-Z on here

    Kirk Van Houten

    Ash Dewhirst except he's better than jay z


    Emanuel Dinkha no he's not

  39. BS Hennessy


  40. Polo Rican

    shot cal and his brother to this song in the bronx in front of Edenwald projects

  41. D'Incredible Sdash

    Omg...first time hearing this...didn't know there needed to be a remix for the original hot joint....and for that..I apologize!

    Yung Passport

    As you should!

  42. Sdot23BK

    Still bangs after all these years... classic joint forever

  43. Jay Paradise

    copped a Lincoln Ave and you still push a civic-smdh real shit lol😉

  44. Jay Paradise

    damn,I grew up with shit right here

  45. vissysoundkiller

    this was my shit, right here

    Ronald Hawkins

    Why do people talk about how old a song is and say that it's still good after a certain amount of years? it ain't like the song is a burner that's old and it still works it's a song if it sounded good in 97' 98 why wouldn't it sound good now especially corny gay ass 2016?

  46. sex machine

    one the best joints ever.

  47. A Google User

    Dammmm, I sure wish I could this song but without the edits. Reminds me of back then but I can't find with the curses, anybody know where?

    Yung Passport The gods are just

  48. guccikat6

    To be 17 again !

  49. Isaiah Bonny


  50. Matthew Johnston

    reminds me of Jr high...
    first blunt.
    first blow job.
    posted up in my avirex with a blow out brook fade.
    a lot of memories.
    my 98 mixtape.
    half a mill killed it.

    PoRtAnOVa 47

    Matthew Johnston me too fam salute

  51. Thomas May

    still a classic

  52. Diven Roach

    classic, hands down!

  53. lenor Sha


  54. Joe Johnson

    Mary J on the hook. So 90's.


    Joe Johnson the original with dawn Robinson on it was a shocker to most en vogue fans!! Man so much was going on at this time in hip hop wack wasnt an option

  55. Dee Terry

    The dopest most underrated song period.

    Sex Machine

    No doubt

    Jose Heredia

    Dee Terry oh yeah

    Edward H

    Affirmative Action remix goes hard too

  56. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    97 cutting school in Asbury Park N.J.

    Jossie Zambrano

    +Justice Allah Jerz stand up!! Jersey City to Asbury Park, It's all love!!!

    Just JuanGoodCitizen

    Jersey City word up used to be out in Duncan Projects

    Jamar Dixon

    heard this Brooklyn dope new world order


    Englewood NJ here


    Da Town ! Trenton in here 💯💯

  57. 808MixMaster

    they shoulda kept the beat in the very beginning

    Michael Suchan

    I guess they wanted to be nostalgic if you listen to the world famous supreme team show you'll hear they spit over that too



  58. LaKeisha Robinson


  59. Naji

    Every1 $h!tted, but AZ was the ABSOLUTE ILLEST ON THIS JOINT!!

  60. Boone382

    This brings me back to fall/winter 98 high school...damn. Classic, my brother had this on a winter DJ clue cassette. The days when that was the only way to get exclusives like this.

  61. Dan Osanu

    All i can say is half a milli went the fuck in ! R.I.P

  62. Rudy Viola

    Nothin can touch the 90s Ny shit!!!


    dude said "cant believe my mind wrote this" lol thats real swag not that 2013 nonesense

  64. ibs0flyyy

    2013 still my shiiiiii.....

  65. S Middleton

    Rip half-a-mill.. Verse was crazy .. Damn I miss these days..

  66. beanie mac

    I have NEVER heard this song unedited since it first came out 15 years ago.

    Yung Passport

  67. beanie mac

    so much better than the original!

  68. Luke Shellshear

    Such a Shame they broke up

  69. William Munoz

    O Fi CCIAL !!!!!!

  70. Just JuanGoodCitizen

    this was my theme song runnin from truant officers my senior year in high school 97.

  71. Rico Crockett

    I take crown of the so called king and lock it down!

  72. tont760

    Can't be touched. Hip-hop was on fire when this ish dropped.

  73. krazyfan2000


  74. Deep Seated Enterprises, LLC.


  75. Dee Terry

    one of the dopest collabs ever

  76. Dada Dada

    anybody know what the breakbeat that they are rapping over when its just drums is called? (not the melodic part.. thats Malcolm McLaren


    Dada Dada that's the break ON THE BREAK OF THE SAME SOME feat World Famous Supreme Team

  77. Rupert Evans

    Favorite AZ track, sick remix. R.I.Paradise Half a Mill

  78. meagamontana

    RIP Half A Mill!!!!

  79. Jamil 1hd


  80. Neji Willy

    Malcolm McLaren
    World's Famous

  81. Neji Willy

    stole ya wisdom then
    went against ya whole solar system.........WTF CAN U EVEN SAY SOME SHIT LIKE THAT???????????

  82. beanie mac

    I always liked this version since I heard it on a clue tape back in the 90's. original song is ass tho.

  83. Maurence Gibson


  84. R Spann

    HALF A MIL....RIP!!!!!!!

  85. Imhotep ZepTepi

    The Visualizer!

  86. TheMostHatedPlayer17

    need the beat to remix something

  87. Hebrew Honey

    YESSSSS!!! oh yes!!

  88. ShadowXFX

    Some One please explain to me why this version wasn't on the Album????

  89. indigows2000

    i agree, az is way underrated.

  90. elliotcheely

    @thesquirr3l nature

  91. R Spann


  92. Dan

    World Famous Remix

  93. Jay Ortiz

    Little Willies roll choco in phillies and pop mo...Mil GAte$./.

  94. TheThunder323


  95. blkschizo

    @TheNeverSayNever83 yup. I had that clue tape and I WAS PISSED when my tape popped. I suffered withdrawals from this track till the Decade album came out. I thought it was gone forever.

  96. raekwonyaeyo

    RIP Half-A-Mill