Ayria - DOS Lyrics

I'm fighting time
They fight for life
I'm standing still
I'm watching them fall down

Impurity that eats at me
Awakening the need for sacrifice
My weakness is
My tolerance
And ignorance of other's lives

As people burn I'm watching my T.V.
Their faces pained
They don't affect me
I'd love to help
My hands are tied right now
While I'm still learning how to help myself

A way

How to help myself

In my defense
I powerless to circumstance
A slave to my freedom
Immunity from all I see
Thank god for me
For what I have become

All we have to fear is fear of ourselves

I'd move but I can't forgive myself
A part of me still wallows in self doubt
Don't mess with me
There's too much in my head
It's not my fault
It's just how I've been led

Impurity that eats at me
Awakening hate and sacrifice
My weakness is

My tolerance and ignorance of others lives

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Ayria DOS Comments
  1. Bixby Tate

    ishtar karnak cross and down lol epsilon minus profile name! I love this music so much it makes me excited and happy. Wild and calm

  2. Celty F

    Stefani and Ayria are both brilliant, but both very different.  I love their music, and them.  That's the truth, it cannot be changed.

  3. Viktória Dévényi

    Me too! I think they are both very unique and the queen of "danceable" music :P

  4. Michael Linde

    Excuse me! I am an Ayria fan and a Lady Gaga fan!

  5. Luminoire

    awesome :D ...i love this song...

    summer...lying on green grass...<3... with an icecold drink :D -and this song <3