Ayres, Mac - Soon Lyrics

[Female voice:]
Hi, you're already sleeping
Hum, I landed, and want to let you know
I miss you much

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Ayres, Mac Soon Comments
  1. Porsche Neale

    Should've just added this to the end of the song.

  2. Killemwithkicks

    I’d pay for an extended version.

  3. Omar Taveras

    Why does no one care about this good ass interlude????!?! Those strings sound like heaven

  4. k a t h a r s i s

    Get to you again

  5. The Knowing

    I want this to be a part of the actual song !!!

    Grace L

    in the music video it is!

  6. Larona Leburu

    The instrumental just breaks my heart

  7. Dez

    I love this Interlude....♡