Ayres, Mac - Slow Down Lyrics

I'm on my second guess
Or maybe my second best
What do I have to do
To know that I'm getting through?
I don't have much to say
Just hoping you'd come my way
What do I have to do
To come and get close to you?
(Come get close to you)

Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say when
Tell me why I be coming round again
I'm ready to go again
Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say no
Just one look and I think it's time to show
I think that I already know

Colorin' in the greys
I see your every shade
I'm running back around
To tell you I hold you down
I could say everything
Pulling me by the string
What do I have to do?
Tell me what you want to do
(Tell me what you want to do)

Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say when
Tell me why I be coming round again
I'm ready to go again (ready to go)
Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say no
Just one look and I think it's time to show
I think that I already know

Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say when
Tell me why I be coming round again
I'm ready to go again (ready to go)
Baby, I won't slow down
And I won't say no
Just one look and I think it's time to show
I think that I already know

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Ayres, Mac Slow Down Comments
  1. jw s

    I miss you.

  2. STIwalker walker

    1:30am & woww

  3. Jacob Baker


  4. jasmine kokoa

    This shits lit <3

  5. Lari

    quem mais veio porque realmente gosta da música ?

  6. Sanna Lopes

    tt me trouxe aqui ❤️

  7. Negrita

    Blz, me apaixonei por essa música.

  8. Ziad_ Killer690

    thanks valkyrae

  9. Laysa Souza

    vim pelo vídeo bonitinho de pedido de namoro do tt kkkkkk

  10. Lorena Martins

    vim pelo vídeo do casal no tt

  11. Jacqueline Hurtado

    This is a really good roller rink song

  12. Illumi GA

    I'm clappin cheeks to this all cuffin season 🔥🔥

  13. Charleane Monteiro


  14. Alexsander Junio



    opaaa kkkkk

    b borges

    eu tb kkkkkkkkkkk

    Eduarda Araújo

    KKKKKKKKKK eu tb



  15. Zarir Ghibran

    I want to download the song but i can’t :( :( :(

  16. MrJavierTheOne88

    i don´t understand why this type of songs don´t become super hits, this is so romantic

  17. Natalie Ng

    So loving this 💜

  18. Giorgi Jakeli


  19. Niru Chin

    this is so nice

  20. kristian?

    oml I love this song sm

  21. Irhamok17

    Wow Aku suka Lagu Ini

  22. Tanisha Medha

    this released on my mom's and friend's birthday two years ago

  23. Joseph Muhl

    Is this song not tuned to 440 or am I going crazy :/

  24. Legit Rockstar

    Cool song!

  25. Textacy.

    Heejin ❤️

  26. name less

    isn't it birthday suit by the weeknd??

  27. Lloisa Gabato

    What genre is this?

    cynthia green

    Neo soul or R&B.

  28. Leneth Villareal

    Relaxing music... Soooo loveeeeee it!!!

  29. erin

    Mac Ayres is so underrated, thank you Heejin from LOONA for introducing this artist.

  30. Kenzo AK

    I think that I already knooooooooooooooow

  31. Bobby Brillantes


  32. Kara Fillinger

    This is my first time listing to him and I can’t stop 🤩🥰 he has an actual angle voice

    Darck Sier

    Really how many degrees?

    Kara Fillinger

    Darck Sier what does that mean ahah sorry 😂

    Adam Soh

    @Darck Sier Not sure, but his voice is definitely acute one

    Jac Tag

    Adam Soh stop 😂😂😂

    Rabb Jeremy Velasco

    She didn’t understand her mistake otherwise she would have done a complete 180.

  33. Hannah L

    This is so aesthetically pleasing omg

  34. Double Derp

    And I thought good music isn't a thing anymore nowadays... It seems like it's only a matter of searching for it...


    I have this playlist Childish Gambino and Joji songs on my Spotify, & usually play it a night just to go to sleep. And at about 4am I just had woke up to this song. But didn't save it. BUT guess what, YouTube had it as suggested video. Thank you YouTube.

  36. Scarred Sin

    *Playback Speed x1.15*
    best experience

  37. Morgan Cornish

    Well my ibf on Snapchat reccomended this song, it's so gooddd

  38. 귤귤


  39. Angel Ruiz

    Jacob ogawa vibes

  40. Go Won's Healthy Scalp

    Thanks to Heejin

  41. Nguyễn Ý Nhi

    youtube reccomended me this. omg this is sooooo good

  42. Mae B

    wait hold up-- i feel like a fake orbit but THE JEON HEEJIN introduced this song recently omg
    ive been jamming to this for the past few weeks. I any other orbit can read this please let me know any other songs she (and the other girls) recommended ^-^

  43. Leticia Ribeiro

    Heejin fez um cover dessa música, amei na voz dela e me apaixonei pela voz do Mac

    David Lima

    Quem e heejin? Nome de kpoper :v

  44. Aaron Horvath

    Who here has been with his music for 2 years

  45. Amber Wong

    can someone reccommend me more songs like this please?

    Katerine Kihn

    Amber Wong look up RINI

    Heron Bilion

    Cuco - My lover is a day

  46. Amber Wong

    WHERE R U ORBITS??????

  47. Danae haa

    Everyone is here after Heejin's cover but her taste didn't disappoint 👏🏼


    Where can I find it? Where did she post it?

    Danae haa

    @Renee She didn't post it !!She sang in a recent show they had and I saw it from a fan page on Instagram:( But maybe they have posted it on YouTube too!!^^

  48. Lonzo Ball


    I LOVE YOU!!!

  49. Pau Ona

    came here because of loona heejin what a beautiful song


    Where can I find her cover? Where did she post it?

  50. ahnyeongiee

    loona’s heejin brought me here... and damn i wish i found this sooner bc i’m totally in LOVE with this song now.

    Tanisha Medha

    ooooo kpop... tell me your fav songs?

  51. Cam Saldaña

    coming here cuz Heejin of LOONA and i freaking love this guy

    robert chavez

    Cam Saldaña yesssss

  52. heejinist

    jeon heejin covering this song 😳😳

  53. triplet line enthusiast

    Heejin... you have taste

  54. Ricardo Duarte


  55. Oct. Reno

    heejin has TASTE

  56. BIG-Rhino Design

    Thailand ไทยแลนด์ ปู้นๆ

  57. Hamarinara

    hahahah wish that i found mac ayres earlier! this is sooooooo good omg omg omg, we decided to stan 💯💯

    celine loves loona 이달소

    are u here because of heejin?


    @celine loves loona 이달소 hahahah yes!! i saw it on twt and went here right away 😁😁

  58. Terry mbulo


  59. PreciousForeverPets

    nice song

  60. Jude

    I'm a fan of the classics like slow down.
    if you guys like this then jeez
    You'll FAINT when you hear juicebox

  61. Charles Amiel Dionisio

    you sound like leroy. good song <3


    so good..wuau no word to explain

  63. Katarzyna Malenda

    I'm in love with this music <3 #inlovewithmacayres

  64. Merline Michaud

    I am in love with this music

  65. Siviwe Smith

    I covered this song and made an alternative version on my channel. Please check it out peeps. I'm very open to criticism and advice 👌

  66. Dariyati Dariyati

    Slow Down maceasy Love

  67. 미소

    Oh lord 😍

  68. Diego Rodas García

    this is like Colde but in english haha

  69. Jace Dorado

    i love being lost on youtube.

  70. Zii Nizay


  71. Kimberlee Grainger

    omg i thought this was frank ocean

    Happy Place

    Kimberlee Grainger And I thought it was Robin Thicke. Their falsettos sound similar.

  72. mau vales

    Russell Reyes brought me here ., I'm so inlove with this song..🎧💚💚💚💚💘

  73. Aidan Hockel

    thats my car

  74. Yujie Zheng

    OMG youtube bring me here!!

  75. alp y

    its not 440! couldn’t play with piano* but the song is so chill/relaxing/sexy. keep up!

    João Vitor Kumbayá

    Its 432, i am playing on my keyboard :D

  76. m ydb1219

    this is fuckin dope
    there's a person who loves you in korea

  77. Random Guy

    Why does this song doesn't have a million views almost 2 years already past 😢

  78. 88 _

    You gone away...

  79. Yanna need a djck

    why i love all of his songs :)

  80. Jroc906

    Khalil Rountree brought me here

  81. Taeddy Bear

    His music remind me of daniel ceasar 😮

    ella x

    Taeddy Bear and omar apollo aswell they’re amazing all 3

  82. Loannes Marc

    In a year or 2 this will have millions of views.

  83. Cats

    this was made almost 2 YEARS ago, how come i didnt find it earlier?

    Mohd Azzam

    last night jaonaay sing this

    hallyu 88

    @Mohd Azzam yesss heard from Jaonaay singing this song

  84. Jasmin Paz

    Found him on Spotify and I am in love with his music

  85. Tony Tigah

    Play at 1.25x

  86. Naomi Avitia

    Indeed in love with this song 😍😍😍

  87. Gank Smite Feed

    I love Your Music Dude.

  88. Ileecia M

    Recommended by Rhett and Link 😍 no regrets !

  89. Justin William

    What genre would this song fall into?


    indie or rnb

    Gabriel Morton

    I'd call it neo-soul or R&B

    Amben Gamo

    Its soul rnb

  90. Michele

    Is it no copyrigjt?

  91. a n g e l s o f t


  92. Ann Thai

    Love this music, it makes me fall asleep in a minute

  93. Yazzy yazz

    This song gets me in my feeling so hard

    jay fly

    Yazzy yazz yo my screen is cracked and I deadass thought it said this song gets me feeling so hard 😂😂😂😭 n I was like and I oop-

  94. Harry Ngo

    Thank Youtube for recommending this guy! So chill this kind of music!