Ayres, Mac - Get To You Again Lyrics

I guess we meet again, my friend
It's not so often that you come around
Until our track has seen its end
I'mma be running, babe

I spent the whole night driving home
Just wishing you would call and tell me
To turn around like I ain't done
With what I started, babe

Finally think of starting with you
Can I start with you, oh?

How do I get to you again?
How do I get to you again?
How do I get to you again, babe?
How do I get to you again (again)?

I heard she never said she'd fall
She just had taken something stupid
She probably won't expect my call
So I ain't making it

Knowing that I'm calling to you, oh
Can I call to you, yeah?

How do I get to you again, babe?
How do I get to you again?
How do I get to you again, babe?
How do I get to you again (again)?

They wanna know how I've been living (good)
They're listening to the shit that I have written
They say I knew it had to be, babe, babe
Last man to touch the mic, he went missing
The only thing I know is what it isn't
Didn't think I had it in me baby, yeah
They wanna know how I've been living (how do I get to you again?)
They're listening to the shit that I have written
They say I knew it had to be (how do I get to you again?), babe
Last man to touch the mic, he went missing (how do I get to you again?)
The only thing I know is what it isn't
Didn't think I had it in me baby, yeah

How do I get to you again, yeah?

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Ayres, Mac Get To You Again Comments
  1. Tom Buchanan

    I wish the mainstream new good music like it used too

  2. Jacqueline Hurtado

    Fuckkkkk idk why but his voice always makes me feel so sensual and sexy

  3. Harold

    I swear I thought Keith Sweat was about to play at the beginning

  4. simoneninah


  5. Jo Gabuay

    kyle dion
    mac ayres
    daniel caesar
    anderson. paak
    pink sweats
    leven kali
    lucky daye
    bruno major


    thanks god, i found this. 😑

  7. Got7 Jackson


  8. Nathaniel Hutson

    In love with this entire song

  9. D Rising

    1:33 Prince with locs ? :)

  10. syafiq kamarulzaman

    this song is so beautiful but reminds me to my ex.. she just came back to my life, and just dumped me again.. i just wanna die rn 😞

  11. Alessandra Da Silva Oliveira

    tmc mano, que trampo foda

  12. Liana Sabauri

    Сразу видно, что парень вырос на Робине Тике

  13. Liana Sabauri

    Everything in this video is just perfect.I wish we had more music like this these days

  14. Axton Thurman

    Sounds like a mixture of Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean

  15. F&R SQUAD

    Bro Mac is my cousin he was at my family reunion

  16. Chloe VC

    ideas for maybe what his new album name would be?

  17. Manuel Suarez

    Why did I think he was white ?

    whatever it takes.

    Manuel Suarez mac is white

  18. lindalately

    a whole mood... how do I get to you again?

  19. alina alina

    Unblock me

  20. Royale De'noir

    My 1st time... so incredible... 💛 from South Africa 🇿🇦

  21. Sergio Casillas

    Love you WJ!

    Sergio Casillas

    @Whitney Jones I haven't since I retired. If you think it'll help you, then perhaps you should. However, I feel like any counselor will tell you that you probably need to fix your relationship and not communicate with me. I talked to my sister. She listened and she said I support you. She also told me she could tell there was a disconnect for me when she came for my retirement. She's been through a a breakup herself with her kid involved. She told me, I could tell you were checked out. She also said, no matter what, it's not going to be easy, but life goes on and you rebound. She said there's no reason why you wouldn't be able to co-parent and be the best parents you can be. She didn't say anything negative. I told her I have to at minimum get through my probationary period at work and then financially prepare. She agreed. I told her the last year and looking ahead, I've just been trying to be the best father I can be. She also said, life is too short to live miserable. Sorry that my thoughts are all over the place.

    Btw, are you not eating or over eating? I'm not eating much myself. It's most likely stress for each other. But let's a take deep breath, try to relax, and let's play this smartly. Look, I'm not going anywhere, you've got me. Ok?

    Once I do make a move down the road, I think I should get set up with a place for a few months that way we aren't living in my bus down by the river. 😆 Obviously other things would have to be planned to. We can discuss that later though. I hope you're having a great night. Wish I was with you! I love you!

    Sergio Casillas

    @Whitney Jones time to move this thread party 😁

    Whitney Jones

    I would assure any councillor that it's beyond repair. When you know you know.... I have not been eating. I watched my kids tonight and know they would be fine. They would hurt for a while, but I can't deal with this hurt for much longer. In a house with someone, but totally alone. And it has been that way for a while. 😭 I want you to be the best parent you can't be, that's all I strive for. I'm so emotional tonight, it's ridiculous. I love you and I'm not going anywhere either. I'm here for you. 😘

    Sergio Casillas

    @Whitney Jones I'm sorry baby! I'm sorry I can't be there for you or to put up Christmas decorations with you tomorrow. I'm sorry you're hurting. I want to help make it better for you. Just know I love you! I'm sorry you're not eating. Please eat something for me. I'll say this, I put on a good play. I think I'm a good actor. But yeah, when you know you know. You're right about that. Again, let's be safe. Don't call any attention on yourself to where we lose all communication again, I can't go without communication with you again, I'll go crazy. I keep getting the "you're being weird" bit. So maybe I'm not acting good. Oh well. I love you baby! Keep your head up! It's hard, but we will get through this. We WILL be with each other!

    Sergio Casillas

    @Whitney Jones I suppose you went to bed last night or were not alone.😑 I really get concerned when I hear from you and then you suddenly go quiet. I get in my head, thinking I'll never hear from you ever again. But I suppose you have no choice than to not be able to reply. Of which I don't want you to draw any attention to yourself to where I truly will lose all communication with you. Btw, I remember you saying you saw me on here in the last year leaving comments into the ether of the internet. How long ago did you see a message from me saying something to you in the last year thinking I was leaving the message to no one? I liked a new song and left you a message btw.

  22. Gabriel.

    I'm just fucking sick and tired of what the radio plays over and over and over again. They have a whole world of beautiful music to play from and they think what pays them more is what sounds the best when they need to put new artists with great music out more. I hate the radio 😢

  23. Mister Sligh

    This is a life song, music like this is indescribable just beautiful ❤️✌🏾

  24. Mister Sligh

    Such a vibe ❤️

  25. love jazz

    야... 도대체 뭘 먹고 자라면
    이런 노래가 나오는거냐 ..

  26. Mac Ayres

    this video is whack i’m not even in it


    i was only paying attention to your vocals but ok 😂

    btw you're the best 🖤👍

  27. OREO

    This song is great. I’m pretty sure I like all of this artists songs. Also these actors are gorgeous.

  28. bgirlcyrinity

    Omg, I had no idea the guy in the video isn't the guy who sings the song haha. It's a white guy, wow, neato lol....

  29. Juan Pablo Chamorro

    On instagram please.

  30. bob bob

    I never knew he was black. I think this is my favorite song of his. It’s so smooth.

    Blvd Road

    lmao just like Jordan Rakei

    whatever it takes.

    bob bob mac is white.

    bob bob

    whatever it takes so the dude in the music video is just an actor for the video

  31. alfiya rifa

    ur songs r soooo beautiful💛

  32. Skyla Degrasse

    Does anyone know who the dude in the video is? He’s cute 😍😍

  33. Theodore Cruz

    ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ MAC AYRES play it back 🎧 RnB cool sound 🔊 ♠

  34. simply melody !

    Does anyone know who the people are in the music video?

  35. Kwang Heon Roh

    How to make fire in fireplace

  36. don't smile at me

    i want that hoodie 😬

  37. 0k.Sediii

    Sounds like Daniel Caesar!!😭,i hope they collab!!!

  38. alia borhan

    i cant stop listening again and again omggggg it soo damnnnn goooooodd feels like im in my own world with my weed but i dont smoke atm fucckkkkk

  39. Florentino _xx

    So sad I bumped into this so late but glad I found him😢

  40. alia belgacemi

    this song- 🤰🤰🤰🤰

  41. Wesley Yuri

    R&B e suas perolas

  42. JEWELS

    I think I just fell in love...

  43. Peggy ADJABI

    This is love at the first listening 😍

  44. Latilia Warren

    You can't sound soulful if you're older. He's young so he can get away with sounding mature.

    whatever it takes.

    Latilia Warren huh?

    Latilia Warren

    @whatever it takes. It's the same as white people who sing R&B are more appreciated than blacks singing R&B. Let me reiterate: it's more impressive when a young person sings soulful than an older person singing soulful because older people are expected to sound more experienced with life.🤷🏾

  45. Lord Maxwell

    Mac Ayers, Arin Ray, Daniel Ceasar, Marco Mckennis, Sebastian Mikael colab would be the greatest thing since Micheal Jackson.

  46. guil tolosa974

    Très bon morceau!! Bonne performance musicale et vocale :)

  47. powpowmotherfucker

    A great song to smoke to

  48. peaceminusone


  49. Haddy J.

    A real mood.

  50. Nicole silva

    Essa musica é muito foda mds

  51. Honey327

    The youngins are finally chasing on. This is the way music used to be before certain %[email protected]$! messed it up. If it ain't broke...

  52. Roqui

    Sounds so much like Omarion! 💜💜💜

  53. Shannen Storey

    Here comes the tears

  54. Lehlani Sanders

    she better back the fuck up off him

  55. Aline Porto


  56. rubie laing

    lowkey she look like kayla kosuga

  57. singalaka namba

    Visuals 😍😍😍😍

  58. Big Jay

    Man I wish I knew what the visual displays in the video meant? Something tells me he is speaking subliminally about something personal but it just hasn't been explained!

  59. Porsche Neale


  60. sweetaeboy

    Am I the only one who listens in the guitar chords, the melody of "be my baby" of ariana grande? 😱💕

  61. Nabil Rosly

    My recommendation is finally doing their jobs🔥🔥

  62. 언행불일치

    개척나온 한국인 있누?

  63. chloe pup


  64. Agusto

    Im smoking weed and this is really beauty

  65. jingga nasution

    Goblok kristen

  66. Hanna Asima Tambunan

    i love it how he put all of his song tittle on this mv

  67. NPC 15046917

    Current year, sad state of affairs that a great musician as him has to use a black man as prop, so he can get the eyes of the media. This is awful, but again it is the only way. If he was black he would be blowin' up in his first album. I'm not even white lol

  68. ajran assafy

    im into this

  69. Chris Andriambola

    Soooo, I've always thought this guy was Mac Ayres and I wanna be sure now, who is it, just an actor for the video clip?


    Chris Andriambola just an actor

  70. Meko Taveras

    He reminds me of prince his future with 🎶 is speechless yessssssssss

  71. Monica Villanueva

    What are the names of the people in the video??? Please reply

  72. marie

    I swear I'm literally obsessed with his voice

  73. Dennise Zavaleta

    Somebody help me find the guy in this fucking music video I’m in love...... 😂 😭

  74. Luisa Yoko

    C'est ça mon song que du pur tense deep... j'aime trop... Continue man..

  75. Dope IndieArtist


  76. Crystal


  77. Toy Jones

    One of my favorite Mac Traxx ❤️ #SoulMusic

  78. we2mod

    Joe Budden brought me here

  79. Manaaa Jp

    This is a a whole vibe👏💛

  80. Caterina Madini

    What a song... the slow jam, the harmonies, his voice, that tropical warm sunset vibe... everything is just so perfect it hurts

  81. BlackMegamind

    I'm literally 3 seconds in and I already stand and love

  82. Amy Xx

    Wow I love all your songs

  83. david rodriguez peña

    Que relajo esta música. 😎🕯️Alguien que hablé español???

  84. Kevin Inyongo


  85. lit

    i discovered this accidentally on autoplay and this is probably the first time i will say, thank you autoplay

  86. Made With Ontario

    Omg he is white his voice sounds black lol 😂

  87. Launa Figurski

    He is so fine omg 🥴🥴

  88. E.V.Y music

    So smooooooth

  89. Paballo Mokoena

    who are the models in the music video?? :D :D

  90. IceIsBackk :D

    New favorite song

    Wait, why am I so late to this song?? Anybody?

  91. Akosi karlos_30

    Underrated musician

  92. Mduduzi Brian

    My new favourite vocalist. starting 10:41/ 2019/08/13 in SA till death.

  93. Coatí Del Norte


  94. ArydWjys 333

    I love u Mac😇🤩😍🤗