Ayreon - The Source Will Flow Lyrics

[The Chemist:]
Let go
The source will flow
Awaken our senses
And assume control

The source provides
Nourish our spirit
Dominate our minds

[The Historian:]
But deep inside our hearts
Hides a secret yearning
To a former life in a distant world in another time
Now a lost desire

And deep inside our minds
Lives a hidden longing
To a former life in a distant world in another time
But a hopeless dream
A desperate wish
A lost desire

[The Counselor:]
Upon the waves of eternity
We drift away from the past
Into an ocean of time
To the source of life

Upon the tides of infinity
We break away from the shame
Into a sea of relief
To a life complete

Upon the waves of eternity
We drift away from the past
Into an ocean of time
To the source of life

Upon the tides of infinity
We break away from the shame
Into a sea of relief
To a life complete

[The Chemist:]
No frame
The source sustains
Feed our existence
Alleviate our pain

Let go
The source will flow
Soothe our senses
Assume control

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Ayreon The Source Will Flow Comments
  1. TotallyInfo Zone

    Arjen itsbme Camilo..big hug my good friend!!!


    Beautiful video for a masterpiece

  3. Ivan Aylov

    It's magical. Nice work!

  4. Kaylin VW

    Im not crying, youre crying.

  5. Łukasz Tworek

    Gdyby ktoś się zastanawiał czy żyję, czy nie... odpowidam! ŻYJĘ!

    Janusz Manóż

    The source indeed will flow

  6. leonardo gutierrez

    Atlantida yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Nat Julian Belza

    The moment James LaBrie's part comes in, it instantly gives a hurting feeling. It makes me sad, that my eye get teary. It's like I lost someone forever. :'( James' expressive rendering multiplies the feeling. Amazing work Arjen.

  8. EightLegz

    I don't know why but i really like thr deep distorted bass at the beginning. Guess it should sound like hearing it underwater. Even if you shouldn't pick single Ayreon tracks this one is perfect to relax and think about ones own source...

  9. Mimix2048

    Is it possible to have goosebumps for the whole time of 4 minutes and 31 seconds? Apparently yes.

  10. Awaken Ascension

    who is the first singer . i like his voice

    Nikki Nielsen

    Tommy Rogers

    Siham Noor

    love his voice

  11. Loïc Savidan

    20 000 subscribers soon Arjen....😂

  12. Anders Hjarlvig

    I think this song has such a sadness to it. The sadness that comes with wanting something you know for a fact, that you can never have. Like waking from a dream that you want go back to, even though you cant remember what the dream was about.

    Also im dying to get the full album. I want to hear the full story :D

  13. yk1ng

    Did anyone recognize the work by Mike Winkelmann aka beeple? Compare 3:17 with beeple's film 'zero-day' (https://vimeo.com/140163198).

  14. Nicholas Ellis

    I actually feel upon reflection that THIS is in fact the best of the videos. The imagery and lyrics are done perfectly and fit the theme of Ayreon the best.

  15. Nick Green


    A new Ayreon album coming out?

    HOW did I miss that?!

  16. Elena of Troy


  17. Golden eternity

    The lighthouse was a amazing detail

  18. Erik Houthuijzen

    This video is my favorite, 1 vote from me :)

    Also this song is so relaxing and yet so powerfull, it is like it is building up towards some grande finale, probably the next song on the album. I have this feeling some major guitar solo or something other great is kicking in any second :) Also Simone is amazing here, so recognizable yet so new. I said it before and will probably keep doing so, but this album is gonna be epic, the wait is torture though ;)

    This song reminds me a little of M83 aswell, besides the obvious 01011001 influences.

  19. Bla Bla

    The Source Must Flow

  20. omme Knakrich

    my goosbump level is now over 9000 ( Nice
    Universal Migrator Dream Sequencer Vibe)very good slow song , i can´t wait for the album to arrive

    Mr. Lucassen Please Don´t stop making such great music!

  21. P.A.W.N.

    Hey Arjen, you cannot image how you inspire me with your music. Been a fan since 1998 and everything you publish just keeps getting better and better. Dont you dare to ever stop making music :-). The concert at the Markthalle in Hamburg during the Star One tour was one of the best gigs ever!!

    I like this video very much and I would love to work with this artist for our own music! I really hope that he wins, but all the other videos are amazing as well. Uhhh maybe I do not want him to win, in that case he would not be affordable for me anymore :-). However I am having problems to find him on the internet, Arjen Anthony Lucassen can you somehow help me to get in contact with him?

    Mmmh - in case that you really read this... I have a production question since you published Lost in the new real (the title song is one of my favorite songs of yours!!) - in "The new real" the drums at the beginning... how do you do the panning, thats such an amazing effect!! And where did you get the electronic drums, what library is this (is it a library or did you record them??)... You have so many cool electronic drums programmed in your music, I always wondered what library you use... So many nerdy questions :-)))

    Thanks again Arjen...

  22. Rob R

    Thanks Rafael Ortega for a lyric video! I'm Brazilian and it saves me! haha

  23. Kyarth Nohktiss

    Firstly, great song

    Secondly, this will easily win the bet video contest. It shows far better comprehension an connection with Ayreon's universe than the others could hope to muster, despite only being a lyric video, and that in itself should say all that it needs. Truly a great video

  24. Kentaro Derry

    Arjen, this is awesome! I'm really happy to hear Simone Simons in it too, I hope she'll have a big part in this album because her voice is just amazing.

  25. Z R


  26. God Machine

    Just my opinion, but of the four videos this is the ONLY one that actually captures the feeling of the song.


    Felt the same way but people voted for the one i feel that gets even more away from that feeling you are saying

    Sam Seriös

    I generally prefer abstract videos like the video of "beneath the waves" from 01011001. It just leaves more room to focus on the music.


    Same, the 1rst place song makes me feel uncomfortable

    J S

    Agreed, and in my opinion, this is much better than many lyric videos, that are made by professionals.

    Awkward Fae

    I totally agree. I really did like all of them on their own merits as videos...but this one really clicks with the material

  27. Jonathan Melton

    This is the best one Arjen. One vote for me.

  28. Juan Damasceno

    so beautiful and relaxing... thank you Arjen!

  29. Vicente Gutierrez

    Great video, the best one in my opinion

  30. Simon Callender

    This is just so fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!! 💗🤘😁 I almost felt like crying when I heard James LaBrie's part!!!

  31. Mauricio Osuna

    Watched Nicola Renzi, Carler Hortela, Beltran Luque and this.
    THIS is the most Ayreon-esque of them all.
    Where do I vote? ♥

    Pablo Roberto

    That's exactly what I thought. Althought the other ones tend to be more creative with dancing and acting (that's fine to me), but this tries to be 100% Ayreon, which doesn't break the immersion of the lyrics and its plot.

  32. 6006133

    Best video: just black, so you are not distracted from the music :)

  33. SPower s

    i seriously need a10 hour version of the first 30 seconds here!!

  34. Techpriest Krzychu

    Great music and video :)

  35. nakedaussie

    *wakes up, looks at phone, see's Arjens face in his notification bar, immediately jumps out of bed and runs through the house naked looking for headphones* ... staying true to the nickname :P

  36. Malfeasance

    The Source must flow.

  37. Scream for Starscream

    This is so dreamy and epic.

  38. MihoMarishka

    This song is amazing♥

  39. Kevboard Arts

    damn this song makes u dream,.. your songs are basically the dream sequencer in audio form ^_^

    also this song gave me some Star One vibes...

  40. lucas barbosa

    This album promises a lot.

  41. Jesús es mi guía

    this is so 01011001

    Sam Seriös

    The first part of the song reminds me of "beneath the waves"- please more :D

  42. metallizedmind

    The sound is astonishing!

  43. Jacques800

    i cannot stop listening to this song, Tomas Giles and Simone Simons did such a amazing job ! And the music is as always awesome. This is the third teasing, and late april still won't come quickly to me. After the first song " The day the world breaks down" was released on Youtube, i was hoping that the remaining songs of the album was as great as this one (or better of course, but the level is already very high). And, things to see, it's clear to me that it will be a huge hit to me. Thanks Arjen for your projects and specially Ayreon. I'm greatfull to know your music creations ;)

    Best, Jacques ;)

  44. mariangoldenville

    No Quarter

  45. Primetime Pranks

    So good.

  46. Alex Vražel

    I think this one should win. This has to be one of the best lyric videos I have ever seen.
    It's not so overpowering as the other videos, so there's a great chance of attracting new Ayreonauts :)

  47. silenthillsweet

    Arjen, please, there's only so much cool the world can handle.

  48. Klaus Flammuth

    We may no longer have Genesis, ELP, Yes and or Pink Floyd to feed our ears, but rejoice, Arjen will keep our ears fed and happy with meaningful and extraordinarily beautiful music. Thank you Arjen.

    Klaus Flammuth

    A compliment is easy to give when it's true. :-) Thanks for the reply, you made my day Arjen.

    SPower s

    Arjen is awesome, he actually answers hes fans :)

    Yul Brin

    Fully support.


    I agree with Klaus!! you're keeping the Prog we grew up with alive and well and I'm 55 been into Prog since 1972 \m/

    Fernando Pato

    I read in your comment the word rejoice, and I can only think of "we have been chosen to enter the great hall, of Isis and Osiris", just can't help it. Indeed Arjen's works always sounds so majestic and brilliant in my ears, a complete artist.

  49. Iris de Boer

    I absolutely love this track. Again Ayreon proves that soft tracks here and there enhance the effect of the heavier ones. I'm looking forward to hearing the complete album. Also love the under water models floating around, I kinda missed them at the end but overall it's really amazing. Again...

  50. MrScientist90

    OMG! vocal Eargasm

  51. Eddium

    Maybe the most beautiful track of an Ayreon álbum, amazing work Arjen!

  52. tyrendian89

    pure beauty...

  53. Leo Venti

    arjen your music is simply wonderful. when i listen to it i just feel i am in a distant world, questioning my purpose in life, trying to understand the meaning of life itself, looking up to the sky, waiting answers. that is what i feel when i listen to those lyrics and melodies. you just shake my soul. congrats arjen you did it again

  54. Shishir sapkota

    I made it 309 view✋

  55. Tyler

    On track to be Ayreon's best album!

  56. Watten Slaafje

    The song totally has that 'Comatose' vibe to it. Love it, love it, love it! Rafael did a great job complimenting the track with the atmospheric visuals and colours.

    Is prachtig hoor Arjen! Tot bij de liveshow 😉 Gefeliciteerd alvast met je geweldig nieuwe album!

  57. Jen C

    I need this album now !