Ayreon - The Dream Sequencer Lyrics

"It is the 22nd century. I am the last of the Mars Colonists. The air
supply has almost run out on this desolate Mars colony, and the food
supplies from Earth have stopped arriving since the final war of 2084. I
am walking through the tunnel towards our recreation machine called the
Dream Sequencer. I hope it will sweeten my final days..."

(Dream sequencer system online)
Good morning colonist. You have selected the Universal Migrator program.
Please lie down in the energy tank and place the electrodes on your temples.
Think of your designation number and drink the fluid from the vessel at the left

(Program loaded, commencing U.M. preincarnation protocol)
Now focus on the music as I take you back to your chilhood......and beyond.....

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Ayreon The Dream Sequencer Comments
  1. Alexander Ringler

    I am here to tell you guys, that this album is constructed like a healingsession against depression. To cure depression you need to go to the past until you reach the core of your existence.

    My House on Mars: You don't know yet how it happened, but you realise that you are isolated. Your family can not or will not reach you. You realise that you are also isolated from the possibility of love. That is when you decide to leave your house (or your shell)

    2084: As you are leaving and you are also moving into the past, you realise how dead you feel. As if you're lying dead on the kitchen floor. You are confronting yourself with the things, that have happened.

    One small step: But regardsless you realise, that you will not go back into isolation (man on the moon or man on mars) You are doing small steps into the right direction.

    The shooting Company of...: Now it is time to build up discipline. You find your methods to build you up and to become stong.

    Dragon on the sea: Here is, when you learn, that the difference between depression and a depressionfree life is purpose. Here you fight for country while on mars there was noone you would fight for. But your purpose could be something different, like your partner or your children.

    Temple of the cat: As you go on, you expirience that we are all connected through nature. The Isolation was an illusion to begin with, because every animal, plant, tree and bee is in constant communication to you.

    Carried by the wind: This song remind us of the bard ayreon. Here you must realise that you are misunderstood by your society. You realise that your beliefs are not wrong and you will communicate it. Even if it is hard to make a point where everyone is distracted.

    The druids turn to stone: Basically you manifest your spell (maybe like a promise to yourself) that will turn around your life.

    The first man on earth: And now you see life as what it is. Well you feel the pressure from the outside, that drags you back into a depressing reality, but as you have witnessed the real world and what life means, you have changed for ever.


    The secound CD is a bit more complicated but... Anyone who knows how a dying ego feels like will recognise that this will happen in the second CD

    I'm not sure if Arjen did this on purpose, but the theme of healing depression is not limited to this CD. It is just on this CD I just recognise it best.

  2. RM-Stuffs日本

    The guitarplayer must be like David Gilmour ;)

  3. Crawlin Burt

    Thank you for uploading this, Arjen!

  4. Io Io

    Lyrics in italiano:

    "Siamo nel 22° Secolo. Sono l'ultimo dei coloni marziani.
    Le riserve d'aria sono quasi esaurite su questa desolata colonia di Marte,
    e i rifornimenti di cibo provenienti dalla Terra si sono interrotti
    fin dalla Guerra Finale del 2084.
    Mi dirigo nel tunnel che conduce alla nostra unica fonte di svago
    chiamata Dream Sequencer
    Spero possa rendere più dolci i miei ultimi giorni..."

    (sistema Dream sequencer online)
    Buongiorno colono. Hai selezionato il Programma Universal Migrator.
    Per favore, sdraiati nel serbatoio di energia
    e appoggia gli elettrodi sulle tue tempie.
    Pensa al tuo numero di destinazione
    e bevi il fluido dal recipiente vicino al terminale di sinistra.

    (Programma caricato, inizio U.M. protocollo di preincarnazione)
    Ora concentrati sulla musica mentre ti ricondurrò alla tua infanzia
    e oltre

  5. Henk Wilbrink

    De beste test voor een cassettedeck ooit. Als dat na 1.15 min. strak klinkt is ie top!

  6. Nordic Synths

    This is the thing I've been copying for the last 20 years.

  7. Music Underground Bielefeld - OUTCASTS EVENTS

    Whoever disliked this must be deaf.

  8. Simon Adams

    Arjen, any chance of making a live Universal Migrator after The Electric Castle tour? See you September in Tilburg, Hippie!!!!!!

  9. l phones

    great musicians and well orchestrated music

  10. Sergio Lihue


  11. watchit

    Bless 'them' who made this...

  12. Light DRGN20

    So the Human Equation happened somewhere around this in the timeline?


    Think so mostly during the 1st part of the record. ;)

  13. Simon Adams

    Quite simply, one of the best albums of all time. This was released the day before my 41st birthday, best birthday present ever,(self bought admittedly), please play live again Arjen and thank you for your amazing music over the last 20+ years.

  14. Leiana Emília

    Portuguese Lyrics ;-)

    O Sequenciador de Sonhos

    "Esse é o século 22. Eu sou o último dos colonos de Marte. O suprimento de ar quase se esgotou nesta desolada colônia de Marte, e os suprimentos de comida da Terra pararam de chegar desde a última guerra de 2084. Eu estou andando pelo túnel em direção a nossa máquina de recreação chamada Sequenciador de Sonhos. Espero que isso adoce meus últimos dias ... "

    [Lana Lane (voz)]

    (Sistema sequenciador de sonhos online)
    Bom dia colono. Você selecionou o programa Universal Migrator.
    Por favor, deite-se no tanque de energia e coloque os eletrodos em suas têmporas.
    Pense no seu número de designação e beba o fluido do recipiente do terminal à esquerda.
    (Programa carregado, começando protocolo de pré-encarnação da U.M.)
    Agora concentre-se na música enquanto eu te levo de volta à sua infância ...e além...

    kleyton santos lima

    Leiana Emília obrigado

  15. Dylan sky

    I discovered this album during the same period I was doing acid and mushrooms and dmt a lot and the story would always trip me out.


    I hope you stop using drugs bro

  16. Acecool444

    Back in the day when Ayreon was at it's artistic PEAK!

  17. Tomasz Czarkowski

    APP (Ayreon Polonisation Project): ,,Kosmiczny Migrator - Część I: Sekwencer Snów''

    1. ,,Sekwencer Snów''

    _Wiek XXII. Jestem ostatnim Marsjańskim Kolonistą._
    _Zapasy powietrza są na wyczerpaniu, a dostawy jedzenia z Ziemi przestały przybywać razem z rozpoczęciem ostatecznej wojny w roku 2084._
    _Maszeruję tunelem, w kierunku maszyny rekreacyjnej, zwanej Sekwencerem Snów._
    _Mam nadzieję, że osłodzi moje ostatnie dni..._

    *Sekwencer Snów podłączony*

    Witaj kolonisto. Wybrałeś program Kosmiczny Migrator.
    Połóż się proszę w zbiorniku energetycznym i umieść elektrody na swoich skroniach.
    Pomyśl o swoim numerze identyfikacyjnym i wypij płyn z naczynia w lewym terminalu.

    *Program załadowany. Rozpoczynanie protokołu preinkarnacji Kosmicznego Migratora.*

    A teraz skup się na muzyce, w czasie gdy przeniosę cię do twego dzieciństwa... I znacznie dalej...

    Tomasz Czarkowski

    Google blokuje wszystkie moje komentarze do następnego utworu, dlatego tu umieszczę link do strony zewnętrznej, na której znajduje się tłumaczenie ,,My House on Mars''.
    Za urudnienia przepraszam.

  18. Marios Gkionis

    Everything about this song is great. the solo, the atmosphere. I've listened to this song to the point I can recall every single part and it doesn't get boring.

  19. Anna M


    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Tretboot

    I like to hear this in my Bathtub :3

  21. kermheat

    I use to listen this album a lot !! Great travel !! thanks a lot for your awesome music !! Mââ^!!

  22. Francois Roulet

    Merci Arjen! 🚀👟🌙👍

  23. nno2012

    Thank you :)

  24. Teddy Tiger

    Is it Christmas ? Dank u wel Arjen :)

  25. Brandon G