Ayreon - The Dream Dissolves Lyrics

[The Counselor:]
I drift above the clouds, upon the veil of a dream
I reach out to touch the planets, something beautiful evolves
Then the dream dissolves

[The Biologist:]
I float beneath the tides, upon the crest of a dream
In a world of hope and wonder, something magical evolves
Then the dream dissolves

[The Diplomat:]
A world of blue, dreams to pursue
The dawning of an era, a new life evolves
But then the dream dissolves

[The Prophet:]
A world sublime, a paradise
Blessed by our maker, our soul evolves
But the dream dissolves

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Ayreon The Dream Dissolves Comments
  1. Schall und Laut

    Partly Awesome!

  2. Io Io

    Lyrics in italiano:

    [Il Consigliere:]
    Alla deriva sopra le nuvole,
    sopra il velo di un sogno
    Mi allungo per toccare i pianeti,
    qualcosa di bello cresce
    Poi il sogno scompare

    [Il Biologo:]
    Fluttuo sotto le maree
    sulla cresta di un sogno
    In un mondo di speranza e stupore
    qualcosa di magico cresce
    Poi il sogno scompare

    [Il Diplomatico:]
    Un mondo tutto blu, sogni da inseguire
    L’alba di un’epoca, una nuova vita cresce
    Ma poi il sogno scompare

    [Il Profeta:]
    Un mondo sublime, un paradiso
    Benedetto dal nostro Creatore,
    la nostra anima si evolve
    ma il sogno scompare

  3. Sascha Haber

    I am also here for Mark Kelly....

  4. Discomfort

    It's like Comfortable Numb. mixed with Any Colour You Like (with the keyboard solo), but better both in both feels and composition. That's a huge compliment by the way, and I love this album. Best album of 2018 so far, and I eat a lot of different acts of music. I can often hear where your influences comes from Arjen, if not only from the feels. It's beyond articulated thought. Cheers from sweden!


    I'm in love with that synth sound coming in at 4:25. I want to replicate it, and mutate it so it's my own. How is it done? Is it a clean tone simply layered, or is it some magic of some hard synth I'll never afford? It brings so many chills down my spine you have no idea.

  5. #kiki cat #mimi cat

    Marcel Coenen deze solo wow.. Geweldig!

  6. Andreas Oberhoff

    Arjen, hast Du wieder ein Meisterwerk erschaffen... Unglaublich, diese Musiker, Dein Songwriting, Sensationell

    Andreas Oberhoff

    Like a Dream

  7. MUSIC


  8. Matheus Monteiro

    This keyboard solo just screams "The Dream Sequencer"! It's amazing! Well done, Arjen!

  9. Gal Roth

    Has anyone got a tab for the solo or just managed to play it? I can't understand what's going on in some of the faster licks even when I slow it way down!

  10. Carla Fama

    Love Floor's voice. Makes me chills.

  11. osama awad

    Oh man .. that magical keyboard solo is from another relm

  12. Rodrigo Veloso

    Muy buen tema. Pero desde 03:47 hasta el final es sublime

  13. ibd1977

    I teared up when I heard this song on my headphones travelling on the Aerial Tram in Teton Village heading up to Rendezvous Bowl with snow capped mountain tops.

  14. David Ware

    I can't get enough of this solo. Best on the album imo. I bought Sun Caged's album sololy due to this solo :)

  15. Anders Midnatt

    This masterpiece will sound until the end of time... and even beyond, in the next Universe!

  16. Bob Raymond Kars

    Reminds me of 'And the Druids turned to Stone'. Beautiful

  17. RKW 22

    This song is pure magic. Thank you Arjen for creating such timeless pieces of music.

  18. Paul Leger

    Best music I've heard in a long time. Vocals are nothing short of angelic. Totally intense!! It is as someone said...a masterpiece!

  19. Axel V

    The end reminds me of Becker's solos - end of the beginning for example. Great ♫

  20. Kenny Lisk

    The flute here reminds me of "The Final Solution" by Sabaton at some parts. Very nice song all around though

  21. SilverWing

    Great track, Simone voice 😍

    Anders Midnatt

    Also here's Floor, and Marcel Coenen with his guitar... Combined, their powers easily exceed a fucking hypernova.

    Zestful Zeitgeist

    Anders Midnatt: I love Floor, but people like you are so annoying AF...

  22. Antaka Nguyen

    Arjen : so I got Gilbert and Govan to play guitar for this album, what cha got?
    Coenen : hold my beer.


    Sander vd Donk Er zijn zoveel geweldige Nederlandse (metal) artiesten. Nederland heeft grote muziek artiesten zeker, in de metal wereld.

    Tijn Ansems

    +Imaginaerum helemaal gelijk

  23. TheJML1975

    Whole album is fantastic and majestic! But this song and especially the synth and guitar solos are fantastic :D

  24. Valerio Cesarini

    Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Kelly

    jan timmner

    yes you're right

  25. San tos

    04:43 - 06:11 :D Amazing

  26. Jim Hill

    Dream Theater has killer chops and good vocals too but they do not hold my interest like Ayreon does. Such a wide range of music and good vocalist.

    Thanos Nikolopoulos

    Agreed. And also, sadly, DT seem to loose the spirit in the last albums, whereas Ayreon doesn't stop to amaze us after all these years!

    Stathis Orfanidis

    Thanos Nikolopoulos I don't agree, DT' s last album was a masterpiece

    Edward Lhesta

    I don't know, people don't like Mangini and then they look for others problems. Although I think Aquiles Priester would be the best choice. The Astonishing is amazing, but has a lot of boring and repetitive songs :/ A Dramatic Turn of Events is a great true prog metal record, and Dream Theater (2013) is full of feeling and reflexions. But I also feel they are another band now :/

  27. umskiptar

    Arjen, you absolute madman, you did it again. Amazing.

  28. Jonathan Melton

    I have a feeling that each dream refers to different part of the ayreon universe. Anyone else get this vibe?

  29. Loïc Savidan

    Hi Ayreonauts !When I saw on Facebook : A new Ayreon Album, I cried !When I saw the singers and the musicians guest (specially Mark Kelly : Marillion !) on this album, I said : This album will be greater than "Into the electric castle" !When I watch the video "The Day That The World Breaks Down", I cried for the 2nd time and for "Everybody Dies" and "Star Of Sirrah" too !!!When I receive the cd signed with the poster and the t-shirt one week before the release of the album, I cried !After listening 13-14 times, I learnt to play the whole album on drums ! (it's hard !)And yesterday, when I wanted to hear some great music on this channel, I saw the WHOLE album uploaded !But Arjen, what are you doing ? How can you get benefit of your album if you put it on youtube for free !If someone doesn't understand why he uploaded his album like me, please answer !Thanks, Loïc, a 14 years old fan.

    Dave Mason

    Now I'm just guessing here, but frequently when only a single is released it will either resonate with the fans or not. If not they may just move on. By putting it all out here he's almost guaranteeing that you'll find something that sparks your interest and you're more likely to buy the album. Just my theory.

    Loïc Savidan

    Yes I sent him an email and he said he will put several albums on YouTube because his new label want to delete all the illegal ayreon videos. But Arjen. Trust his fans. He trust we will buy the album if we like it (loved for me 😂) and not download it
    And i think he can trust us

    Dave Mason

    I've already ordered mine and I'm really looking forward to the release of the DVD he's making from the live shows coming up. The Theater Equation was fantastic and I'm expecting this one to be even more epic.

    Loïc Savidan

    Yes I think it will be better because they will play more than 2 songs for each album
    There are 16 singers
    And of course, mr Lucassen, the Master with a big M will play only on some songs
    For sure, I will preorder it !

  30. Keltani

    For me this is the most beautiful song on the album. It sounds so... well, dreamy :D Especially the keyboard solo. And the choice of singers is perfect <3
    (Also, the folky parts somehow remind me of Dalriada - which you absolutely must check out if you are into folk metal).

  31. philmiller99

    Arjen, This is a wonderful masterpiece. I notice the Celtic sounds. Easily, Progressive Album of the Year, no doubt. (PM)

  32. Arrnea Stormbringer

    Marcel Coenen with the solo of the album!


    Guthrie Goven's solo is amazing but doesn't really fit in the song I feel...

    David Ware

    Yea, I thought the same with Gilbert's solo. It's really technical, but felt too much for the song.

    Sorgun Kaya

    solo of the year as well? :)

    Jernej Demšar

    @TheJML1975 Guthrie's solo fits the song perfectly as the whole feel of the song changes there, it's not just the solo, solo is recorded over a mellowed out progression. The effect is the same as Steve Vai's solo in Devin Townsend's Triumph from Synchestra.

  33. LR HD

    [The Counselor:]

    I drift above the clouds, upon the veil of a dream

    I reach out to touch the planets, something beautiful evolves

    Then the dream dissolves

    [The Biologist:]

    I float beneath the tides, upon the crest of a dream

    In a world of hope and wonder, something magical evolves

    Then the dream dissolves

    [The Diplomat:]

    A world of blue, dreams to pursue

    The dawning of an era, a new life evolves

    But then the dream dissolves

    [The Prophet:]

    A world sublime, a paradise

    Blessed by our maker, our soul evolves

    But the dream dissolves

  34. Zestful Zeitgeist

    Simone <3

    Anders Midnatt

    And Floor Jansen...

    Simon Wilkins

    Read this in the dumbest voice you can: Back off she has a boyfriend!

    Zestful Zeitgeist

    Simon Wilkins Simone and Floor have the their own husband and child, you dumbass.

  35. John Nicholson

    listening and listening and listening and repeat. oh, and Michael Mills is a genius.

  36. Krowsnest


  37. Олександр Банах

    One of my favorite songs on the album. Great solo!

  38. Giorgio Cassanello

    Have my copy since one week (So great that you shipped out preorder before release date!!!) and cannot listen to anything else since then. Such an amazing album, it really plays dices with 01 to claim who's best.
    Thank you for giving us the honour to listen to your music.
    The solo by Coenen is one of my favourite ever in 25 years of music listening.

  39. Jose Alexander Morales

    THAT SOLO!!! OMH!!

  40. Edward Lhesta

    Made me cry. Nothing but amazing..

  41. SevenStarCraft

    Dear Arjen, you nailed it once again! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, like the rest of your art. and the line up of artists, just incredible! but, and that's a big BUT, the album is too short and feels incomplete, like it's missing another 25 minutes Chronicle... i'm thinking to myself "Man, he had all these artists in his studio,what stopped him from recording just a bit more with them and give us a 2 hours masterpiece?!?!?" Addicted since 2005, Cheers mate! Thank you for contributing so many happy moments to my life.

    Shawn Faucher

    SevenStarCraft but then I think most peeps would've cried like allot of DT fans did with The Astonishing which was a great album.

    Paulo Sérgio

    SevenStarCraft They recorded the voices at their each own studios, at their places. They wasn't never been together...

    Matt Davidson

    Simone Simons, Floor Jansen and Michael Eriksen went to Arjens studio. Rest did it from home.

    Shawn Faucher

    I know that James Labre is out touring with Dream Theater for the images and words anniv.

    Simon Wilkins

    Paulo Sérgio They wasn’t never put together? Are you trying to give us an aneurism?

  42. Khaled Adel

    What an amazing synth solo from Kelly and an excellent guitar solo from Coenen!

  43. Cameron Thompson

    The keyboard solo and guitar solo are both great. I feel most people only pay attention to guitar solos and completely ignore great keyboard solos.

    Vicente Gutierrez

    +necroplastful No.


    I love all of everything. Flute and Violin are heart wrenching at the beginning

    Antaka Nguyen

    I would say while The Theory of Everything has all the amazing keyboard solos Ayreon has ever had, this album is for the guitar. What probably surprised people the most is Coeren could pull out such a terrific solo despite being an underdog compared to Govan and Gilbert. Thats why people praise this solo so much.

    Tanja Ratajczak

    @Antaka Nguyen: Sweet compliment. 😍


    IMO the keyboard solo in Loser is still the best

  44. Raul Rafael

    hey arjen... you really did it again, didn't you? what a great album. ive notice with the time that more people have listen about you and your project, your music. im happy to be the one who introduces other people to your music ;) thanks for the great work!

  45. MrScientist90

    This is one my fav tracks on this album! Love it so much!

  46. Thomas Apel


  47. Uri Ephrat

    To much feels.
    Tears were shed.

  48. Ayreonaut

    The solo........

  49. TrancePort21

    This guitar solo is such a pleasure to listen to!

  50. SaGGi beatZ


  51. Sjeraar

    I wonder, is that Marcel Coenen playing that solo... would like to know

    Sergio Pusep

    Yes it is :) (and what an amazing solo!!!)

    Zaina Arekat

    Sjeraar Netsarbus amazing solo! Beautiful song.

  52. MetalForTheMasses

    4:43 for epic, uplifting guitar solo after four minutes of calm darkness!

    Tanja Ratajczak

    @MetalForTheMasses EXACTLY the same thoughts here. I just heard it over and over again.

  53. Sharfad

    this song is just perfect . One of my favorites from this album :)

  54. m3allem71

    Brilliant! Featuring the channel in "Progressive Rock Fanatics"