Ayreon - Star Of Sirrah Lyrics

[Chronicle 2: The Aligning of the Ten]

[The Historian:]
This fateful day, we are gathered here inside this hall
To find a way to escape our pending fate
We lack the power to immobilize the 'Frame
We need to save our race and leave this world behind
But can we leave the rest... to die

[The President:]
You have all been chosen for your skills and expertise
I beg you to have faith in me and I vow to set you free
I see only one solution, we have to leave this dying world
But I need us to collaborate and together we will find a way

[The Astronomer:]
I found our destination near the Star of Sirrah
A sphere drowned in water in the Alpha Pegasi

[The Captain:]
I'll set the navigation for the Star of Sirrah
Fire up the Starblade , are you ready for the quest to our new world

[The Preacher:]
In the holy book of scripture, the Revelation of the Seals
It was prophesized this day would come, Armageddon was revealed
A Gathering of Sages, the Aligning of the Ten
They'll deliver us from evil and guide us to our sanctuary amid the stars

[The Chemist:]
You realize, if we're to live on an ocean world
To survive, we need to change and adapt
Liquid Eternity allows us to evolve
It's the Source of our rebirth, the essence of life!

[The Diplomat:]
The pieces fit, we've got all we need
Now the puzzle is complete
I hope the 'Frame will allow us to escape
We must bid Alpha goodbye and leave our friends to die!

[The Biologist:]
We found our destination, near the Star of Sirrah
A sphere drowned in water in the Alpha Pegasi
We'll set the navigation for the Star of Sirrah
Fire up the Starblade, we are ready for the quest to our new world!

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Ayreon Star Of Sirrah Comments
  1. RA reacts

    The vocal highlights on this song is so many, but Russel Allen and Nils K.Rue are in a upper class of their own.

  2. Lena X

    Space opera has a whole new meaning now.

  3. Butterduck

    Time to play Mass Effect 2 again...

  4. Io Io

    Lyrics in italiano:

    [Lo Storico:]
    In questa fatidica giornata
    siamo riuniti in questa sala
    per trovare un modo di sfuggire al destino nefasto
    Non abbiamo i mezzi per fermare il 'Frame
    Dobbiamo salvare la nostra razza
    e abbadonare questo mondo
    Ma possiamo lasciare il resto… a morire!

    [Il Presidente:]
    Siete stati selezionati
    per le vostre abilità e competenze
    Vi prego di avere fiducia in me
    e prometto che vi farò liberi
    Vedo solo una soluzione
    dobbiamo lasciare questo mondo moribondo
    Ma dobbiamo collaborare
    e insieme troveremo un modo

    Ho trovato la nostra destinazione
    vicino alla Stella di Sirrah
    Una sfera fatta d’acqua
    nella costellazione di Pegaso

    [Il capitano:]
    Imposterò la rotta per la Stella di Sirrah
    Accendete la Starblade, siete pronti
    per la ricerca del nostro nuovo mondo?

    [Il Predicatore:]
    Nel Libro Sacro della Scrittura,
    la Rivelazione dei Sigilli
    È stato profetizzato
    che questo giorno sarebbe venuto,
    L’Armageddon è stato rivelato
    Un raduno di saggi, l’Allineamento dei Dieci
    Ci libereranno dal male e ci guideranno
    al nostro santuario tra le stelle

    [Il Chimico:]
    Voi capite che se vogliamo vivere
    in un mondo di oceani
    per sopravvivere dovremo cambiare e adattarci
    L’eternità Liquida ci permette di evolvere
    È la Sorgente della nostra rinascita,
    l’essenza della vita!

    [Il Diplomatico:]
    I pezzi si incastrano,
    abbiamo tutto quello che ci serve
    Ora il puzzle è completo
    Spero che il 'Frame ci permetta di fuggire
    Dobbiamo dare l’addio al pianeta Alpha
    e lasciare che i nostri amici muoiano!

    [Il Biologo:]
    Ho trovato la nostra destinazione
    vicino alla Stella di Sirrah
    Una sfera fatta d’acqua
    nella costellazione di Pegaso

    [Il capitano:]
    Imposterò la rotta per la Stella di Sirrah
    Accendete la Starblade, siete pronti
    per la ricerca del nostro nuovo mondo?

  5. Mosh

    4:56 that transition is not getting the love it deserves

  6. mattia tarantino


  7. Timothy Issler

    How is the Ayreon mythos not a TV series or a movie yet?

  8. Chuck Steak

    "You have all been chosen for your skills and expertise."
    "I need us to collaborate."
    The President is Arjen confirmed, I guess.

  9. Filip berakQWERTY Berak

    guy metal

  10. Shane Wells

    I wish ayreon had a bigger presence in the U.S.

  11. Anna Rosa Bergström

    With the machines welding at 1:28 all I can think of is that someone finally figured out how reflection probes work xD

    Amazing song and album though :)

  12. Howling Iron Metal Blog

    1:09 gosh, I love that main heavy riff so much <3

  13. Enrico D'Ortenzio

    The first few seconds remind me echoes by Pink Floyd😜

  14. pilgrimlost

    Master Arjen - who did the art?

  15. SevenSevenSports Bagjump

    67 people disliked this track , 67 humans who have no clue !

  16. Johnny Kochanko

    I can see a major motion picture based on this song alone. Fantastic job Arjen!

  17. Wintersky

    Last year: Replay this again and again and again
    This year: and again and again and again...

  18. doch nee

    Am I the only one who clearly hears the Riff of Rammstein's "Mein Teil" as the main riff of Star of Sirrah? The guitar riff and the keyboard harmonies.
    Just to clarify: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBvwcH4XX6U starting at 19s

  19. Nicodemus Edwards

    Arjen, I've only recently gotten into your music but I have to say you have completely mystified me every-time by how fucking beautiful your work is. I have listened to Human Equation, The Theory of Everything, Into the Electric Caslte, 01011001, and The Source on youtube. I have enjoyed each and every single one of them so much I wish to eventually buy each and everyone of your albums I have heard so far - as a person who was never interested in Metal, you have changed my genre of interest so thoroughly I have to give you a bow and sit in aw of you. Thank you so much, Arjen "Ayreon" Anthony Lcassen.

    Siham Noor

    Absolutely true. I was not interested in metal either but I'm glad I found arjen's music when looking for something new to listen to. What's your favourite song from the source?

  20. Jen Sablefur

    My favourite Ayreon song!

  21. FobianCr

    Стыковка at 3:14. Easter egg?

  22. Fr0zen

    I dig the font in the video.

  23. Marcillio Fagner

    Jättebra låt

  24. Elizabeth Segundo

    The single greatest live performance of all time in its entirety, that Ayreon: Universe. ARJEN! You shouldn't have stage fright, your fans love you <3 you're the greatest!

  25. Kirk Horner

    I get goosebumps every time that riff hits.

    This music is glorious

  26. Tim Higgs

    I like the Star One first album vibe in this track

  27. Brian Asciak

    one of the most heaviest in this album, can't wait for DVD. wished i was there. Thank you Arjen for making my days cosmic

  28. Efe Duran

    Paul kills it damn

  29. Marcillio Fagner

    Man, ayreon is the best metal project I ve ever heard.

  30. verah Verah

    The best of the album!!!

  31. Watten Slaafje

    Hah! It took me months to notice the top of the page in the Holy Book of Scripture (2:35) says ‘bijvoegselen’!

  32. Sebastian X

    Paul fucking Gilbert?!

  33. milte


  34. ehmeddie


  35. George Saddington

    This is how super-groups should sound. The best artists in the genre, collaborating in perfectly orchestrated and constructed songs, giving it their all their best efforts to produce masterpieces like this entire album. Can't be ashamed to admit I'm now obsessed with Ayreon.

  36. Dymundback

    Maggy did a flawless job at covering both main verses.

  37. David Kitson

    Amazing to see this live!

  38. Siham Noor

    Well that's a jerky move, leave everyone else and take your faves

  39. Susan Waddle

    Mahtavia bändi Ayreon!! Laulua "Star of Sirrah" Rokkia!! 🎸❤️🤘🏻❤️😎Nauti metallimusiikkia!! 😃😈

  40. desaster unfolded

    the chorus is not amazing

  41. Matías Tomic

    Mega-master Lucassen, one of the powerest reason who i decided start to learn keyboard. Thank´s for your greats
    works ! ! ! !

  42. Enceos

    Floor Jansen led me here.

  43. Frank Vernes

    Ayreon you make the nice, even better, love you, greetz from Oudenbosch.

  44. Lucien Immink

    whole album = the bomb!

  45. wisnu andhika

    love Ayreon as always, here from Indonesia.

  46. Renato Zuppone

    Favorite track and video <3

  47. Vassilis Iceman Agopian

    Congratulations Mr. Lucassen. Another masterpiece... You are unstopable...!

  48. Nouvilas

    Ins't anybody bothered by the fact that they use "Star of Sirrah" and "Alpha Pegasi" interchangeably, when they are two different stars? Maybe it is because Sirrah is sometimes called "Delta Pegasi", but nevertheless it would still be an error to call it "Alpha Pegasi".

    Willem Nagtglas

    Also Alpha Andromedae (Star of Sirrah) is actually a binary system of two stars. That is why in the Age of Shadows everything had two shadows.


    Then why "Pegasi"? Why not something completely new? I think if you're gonna use a human term for something, you should use it accurately, or at least in a way that doesn't lead to confusion. Otherwise invent the name it altogether.


    BTW, I'm just being a bit nitpicky here, I actually love the song (and the whole album) '^_^

    Willem Nagtglas

    Well, I guess while translating the text from the original Alphan language the translator took some liberties to give us a general idea where to place the planet Y in the night sky.


    Yeah well you can say whatever you like in-universe, the thing that bothered me is that Arjen (or whoever wrote the lyrics) didn't double check the name of the star. "Delta Pegasi" in this song would have fitted just as well as "Alpha Pegasi".

  49. CoffeeRaider

    Jizzzzzzzzz in my pants

  50. Tom McSorley Jr.

    Epic!! As always :3 The guitars are *so* heavy here, I love it!!

  51. Angélica Andrade

    Omg dat Paul Gilbert solo...

  52. Paulo GP

    Paul Gilbert <3

  53. Bruce Art

    #PaulGilbert is a GOD, and the drums behind is simply divine !

  54. Spikey Wikey

    Btw, i find it actually hilarious how in this plot the president cowardly flies with most important ppl to save their race, while being the less useful, i'd even say, he is completely useless. Instead of sacrificing himself and dying side by side with his ppl and freezing spot for another scientist.

    Mariusz Bosy

    Like a true politician, lol. I guess it's only the captains who go down with their ships...


    At least his voice is worth saving!

  55. Theodor Nikiforou

    That solo.....

  56. Look behind you

    Ayreon is the man...man.

  57. Ancient Ruins Official

    I truly cannot stop listening to this album. thank you for getting such an amazing group of singers.... hopefully one day you'll be able to get Matt Barlow on vocals.

  58. GuitarJammer

    Floor is the closer for all the epic songs on this album. Probably because she kills it every time!

  59. Matt DePuy

    Damn good Flight of the Migrator feel there.

  60. superduperbjarne

    "I am of the stars. I am called "forever". Eternity courses through my veins."
    I always thought he meant figuratively, but he literally has liquid eternity flowing in his veins

  61. Timzdametal

    I'm calling it. My mind is made up. This is my favorite Ayreon album ever.

  62. Tiago Fonseca

    Just AWESOME!

  63. Kristóf Szentkatolnay

    Nils and Russel are awesome in the verses

  64. Super Star

    brilliant once again

  65. Vladimir Stefanovic

    i almost... BUT ALMOST BROKE MY WALL

    jesus christ.

  66. Afonso Gonçalves

    I get goosebumps when I hear Hansi Kürsch sing the the line "in the Star of Sirrah"

  67. Brianstorm

    I love this fucking song!!

  68. Pseudomusical

    That bass pattern is so great!

  69. Edward Seifert

    I am here because Floor Jansen, "The Biologist" sent me here.

  70. Anette Uvaas Gulbrandsen

    It's nice to hear that there are also vocalists that don't scream their lungs out as well :) So much more dynamic! One does not need to scream to be a good singer :)

  71. Victor Ferreira

    Fantastic as ever..

  72. Alowieke van Beusekom

    Diepgaand en mooi, reminds me of Led Zeppelin. Great.

  73. Midna Urthqua

    I was reading the morning paper...saw a second article about a certain Arjen Lucassen, who lives quite closeby....and thought I'd check it out...went to youtube...ordered the album..wauw! Compliments to all...what a joy!!

  74. kleyton santos lima

    the best!!!! sound like STAR ONE! IM FROM BRASIL

  75. Eric Bradley

    Holy crap... James LaBrie singing.. This was never advertised anywhere! This is fucking amazing

  76. AlexisGitarre

    LYRIC VIDEO???? Most bands don't even come close with their normal videos. This is absolutely amazing! I'll definitely grab the record! Love your work Arjen! Thank you for your dedication.

  77. gpersefone

    Woohoo!!! Hansi the astronomer, just like me :)

  78. Sebastian Polanco Leiva

    40 tontos diciendo que no les gusta esta obra maestra...

  79. Mageus

    I know Sirrah is the closest star of Alpha Pegasi (and reciprocally), but they are way more far from each other than we are from Proxima Centauri, so I'm not really sure it's "near" the Star of Sirrah :/

  80. vandroiiiy

    Just amazing =)

  81. Pablo Ramos

    Do you believe the name of the starship has something to do with "StarBlade Alpha" the videogame?

  82. Beta4Life

    I can't stop listening to this album. Hard to say for sure after only two weeks of owning it, but there is a very real chance it is my favorite album of all time. My previous favorite was The Human Equation, haven't gone more than 6 weeks without listening too it all the way through since it was released. The Source seems like it is going to demand my attention even more often. Incredible work as usual for Arjen.

  83. Bruno Zuppone


  84. Oceanbleed

    The production quality of the videos from "The Source" are phenomenal. I don't buy in so much to band image - so I like how the videos accentuate the song/story rather than on how mean some dude scowls when he grinds out a solo.

    wayne joyner

    Thank you! Lots of love went into making these :D

  85. Esteban ParraOs

    I'M ECSTATIC, I think I've never seen so much talent in so few minutes. Star of Sirrah!!!

  86. Thunder Tinkering

    Random info: Even if this story is set in the Andromeda galaxy, the Start of Sirrah, formally know as Alpha Andromedae, centuries ago also known as Delta Pegasi, is 97 light years from earth

  87. Jacob Millen

    Is that LaBrie??

  88. DemonicParadise

    Arjen I love your music soo much i listen to entire albums on repeat. i love most of all that you tell a story in your music and i hope one day i may have the honor of singing on an album.

  89. Kash Canilo Toys and Fun

    Super epic!

  90. Robson PC

    fuck singers and Gilbert solo...amazing!

  91. Tamás Merkl

    Kibaszott metááááááááállllll!

  92. Drinkwithclass

    This is my favorite of CD1

  93. Darth Cuddlefluff

    Alpha Pegasi. . . that is an Earth name for that star. It's called "Alpha Pegasi" because it's part of the Pegasus constellation. A constellation visible only from a very limited amount of perspectives in the universe. Does that mean Alpha is, or was within our own solar system, or at least one closeby (in terms of the macro scale, naturally)?

  94. MrSilbarita

    If am listening correctly the segment after 4:05 is played in alternating bars of 7/8 and 9/8. That's awesome!

  95. m3na9

    The lyrics mirror Atlantis, as well as when Humans had to leave MARS because of an environmental cataclysm we caused. Humans are visiting the themes that we grappled unsuccessfully with in Atlantis; and like your lyrics say, we have saved our race more than once before by letting many more of us die (be left behind). I still struggle with piecing this together, only because No One alive can or will Ever 'die' (unless sent to the Central Sun for soul recycling, ...but this is an extreme step rarely taken, is the impression I have gotten). I guess the answer to my struggle is the fact that many former Atlanteans are walking the Earth today -- and they .. many of them... are shattered by revisiting a pending cataclysm that is altogether beneath our waking consciousness(es), if you will. There is more to say. I may come back and edit this to add more. Blessings to All.

  96. Cecil

    TFW you heard the short version over and over and over and realize the album version is longer.

  97. Dorthe Karin Larsen-Hopkins

    I´m absolutely utterly totally completely IN LOVE with this song!! <3 <3

  98. Rick Oswald

    I ordered the 2cd/dvd

     I will wait for it to arrive and at that time give it a proper listen. Can't wait! nobody makes music like Arjen. a musical genius imho.

  99. John Brane

    Super song! Only it differs from the album version