Ayreon - Phase III: Entanglement Lyrics

[01. Fluctuations]


[Bamboo flute: Jeroen Goossens]

[02. Transformation]

"The Teacher has become the Prodigy's closest friend - and the only person the Prodigy trust. He is glad to see the Prodigy's progress, but can't help wondering if something unhealthy might be behind it. Regardless, he is determined to help the Prodigy, who is having trouble finding his bearings in the strange new world that the drug is revealing to him."

[Violin: Ben Mathot]

I don't mean to interfere, but I see quite a change in you
The distant gaze has disappeared
The brilliant light behind your eyes is shining through

You're right, it's strange
It all seems different now
The mist has cleared, I'm finally awake
But it's hard to change
I want to live but I don't know how
I need someone to help me find my way

You can count on me
I'm glad to have such a mind to teach
Life doesn't have to be a mystery
You can live my dream
And scale the heights I could never reach
We can play a part changing history
Our time is here!

I have to say, it's unusual
Such a transformation, overnight!
I wouldn't have thought it was possible
I don't want to scare you, but it can't be right!

Well I don't mind, cause I feel so much stronger now
For the first time the world is making sense

I'll be your guide
It's time to live and I'll show you how
A world of endless wonder lies ahead!

[03. Collision]

"As the Prodigy's confidence soars, he is finally able to stand up to the Rival."

I can't believe I never saw
How insignificant you are

Ha! You're outshined in every way

Well if you are such a genius
It didn't get you very far!

I'll prove you wrong
My mind's growing
Stronger each day!

[Prodigy and Rival:]
No, you won't deceive me
You're nothing but a fake
You're a sad pretender
Trying to take my place

All the years you bullied me,
Taking pleasure in my pain

It serves you right
Accept your defeat!

But now I realize you only wish
You had my brain!

One day, you'll see
You will be needing me!

[Prodigy and Rival:]
No, you won't deceive me
You're nothing but a fake
You're a sad pretender
A total waste of space

There can only be one

I'm pretty sure that it's not you!

Mark these words
Cause one day you'll see
You will be needing me!

[04. Side Effects]

"3 years earlier

The Psychiatrist comes to the Father with disturbing news..."

[Violin: Ben Mathot]

I'm afraid we've got a problem
The side effects have been confirmed
Severe psychosis and delusions
We have to stop the trial today
It's too dangerous
The boy deserves to know what's going on
What have we done?!

Son, there's something I must tell you
I've been giving you a drug
I was convinced that I would hep you
Can you forgive me what I've done?

No! How could you live with that?
Deceiving your own son to serve yourself
You can go to hell…

[05. Frequency Modulation]


[06. Magnetism]

"As the devastated Prodigy rushes to school to find the Teacher, he runs into the Girl and the Rival. He explains that he's left home because his Father has been secretly dosing him with a drug.

[Cello: Maaike Peterse
Uilleann Pipes: Troy Donockley]

Now I've told you everything
Now there's nothing more to hide
I've got nowhere else to go
Can I stay with you tonight?

After all that you've been through
How could I turn you away
We were always meant to be
I don't care what people say

Don't you believe it
Don't be a fool
Manipulate you
Is all he wants to do

He will deceive you
You're being used
Don't let him play you
All he wants to do
He wants to be with you

The meds create a perfect world
Patterns, purpose, clarity
How will I ever live without?
What should I do… what's happening to me?

Don't you worry, it's all right
I will keep you safe from harm
Together we can beat this thing
Before the damage goes too far

[07. Quid Pro Quo]

"2 years ago

The Prodigy has been living with the Girl for some time now, but her loving attention is not enough. Without the drug, the overwhelming chaos in his mind returns, shutting him down and causing him to return to his introverted self. The the Rival comes up with a compelling but devious suggestion."

[Low Whistle: Troy Donockley]


Let's make a deal
I'll get you what you need
You know I am a brilliant chemist
I can duplicate your drug, but my offer has a price
If you want a new supply
You have to help me

Count me in, I'll do anything you want
But isn't it ironic?
The fates must be laughing
Your greatest enemy
Is the one who holds the key
What do you need from me?

I've found a way to infiltrate the banks
If you can break their algorithms
And bypass their systems
There's millions to be made, and all without a trace
We can't lose here

This can't be true
Now who's being used?
Don't let it end this way
It hurts me to tell you, you're gonna have to choose
What you really wanna do
Don't let me down!

[08. String Theory]


[Flute: Jeroen Goossens]
[Cello: Maaike Peterse]
[Violin: Ben Mathot]
[Piccolo: Jeroen Goossens]
[Orchestration: Siddharta Barnhoorn]

[09. Fortune?]

"The Prodigy faces his own dilemma: Should he do something he knows is wrong - and even risk losing the Girl - to get the drug? The very drug that made his life possible? Hoping that the Girl will understand, he agrees to help the Rival."

Our plan has succeeded
We are rich beyond belief
We got more than we ever needed
We're free to live out our dream

I won't be part of this nightmare
I cannot live with what you've done
Get out of my life

What have I done?
Now she's gone…
What have I done?
Now she's gone…

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Ayreon Phase III: Entanglement Comments
  1. Noelia Fernandez Cantante

    Esta fase es épica, no entiendo como alguien puede darle un dislike a esta joya en fin , millones de gracias por toda esta dedicación con este grandioso álbum de ayreon

  2. Iván Llan

    amo la fase 3 !!

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    Best part.