Ayreon - Phase II: Symmetry Lyrics

[12. The consultation]

"The Mother takes the Prodigy to a Psychiatrist for assessment. He performs a diagnostic interview and battery of tests on the Prodigy."

I know it's hard to find the words
But tell me all about your world
Do you struggle to adapt?
Do you feel detached?

It seems I'm always out of place
Like some alien machine
I never know how I should be
Or what to feel, or what is real

Can you help us reach our son?
Can we put our faith in you?
Can you help him overcome?
There is brilliance shining through
Do you see it too?

Let's talk about your dreams
Can you tell me what you see?
Can you describe the way you feel?
Do you feel anything at all…

I see things that don't belong
In this four-dimensional world
There is so much more beyond
More to unveil, more to reveal

Can you help us reach our son?
Can we put our faith in you?
Can you help him overcome
There is magic shining through

Can you help us reach our son?

I, I need a future I can build
Can you tell us what to do?

Give me a role that I can fulfil

Can we help him rise above?

I know I've got something to give

[Mother and Prodigy:]
A reason to live!

[13. Diagnosis]

"The Psychiatrist informs the Mother and Father of his findings. But will they accept the unconventional course of treatment he suggests?"

[Flute and bass flute: Jeroen Goossens]

Yes, I'm afraid I see signs of impairment
But there is something more
He's an exceptional savant, one in a million

His mind is ablaze with distraction
But maybe I can help
I'm testing a new drug that can help him focus

Please tell us more, that sounds intriguing
Can he join your clinical trial?
If he could concentrate he could help me
He might even be of some use!

Center the mind, cut straight to the core
Brighten the flame, break open the cage
Shatter the wall, shut down the noise
Soften the pain, sharpen the brain

I have to confess it's experimental
I'm still running through the tests
The side effects could include extreme delusions

No! Not on my life, I'll never allow it!
No matter what we could win
I won't let you endanger my child
I refuse to play dice with his life

[Mini Moog solo: Rick Wakeman]

[14. The Argument 1]

"Is the Psychiatrist's experimental drug worth the risk? The Mother and Father have vastly different views - and motivations."

How could you even contemplate
Experimenting on our child?
Were you only thinking of yourself again?

No! Why shouldn't I want to help him
You make it sound like it's a crime
I'm not giving up, this isn't over!

[15. The Rival's Dilemma]

"The Rival appears to have his own agenda"

[High Whistle: Troy Donockley]
[Cello: Maaike Peterse]
[Flute: Jeroen Goossens]

So... what if they are right
And he's so remarkable
How does that affect me?

Ever since I was a child
It all came so easy
I never had to try

If he's as brilliant as they say
How will I be noticed
Now I'm not so special… anymore

I'm not sure why I'm afraid
No, he won't beat me
Not without a fight, no!

One day I'll show them I am the genius
One day the whole world will know
One day I'll show them who he really is
One day they'll know

[16. Surface Tension]

[Mini Moog solo: Rick Wakeman]


[17. A Reason To Live]

Let's find him a future to build
He'll give me a role to fulfil
I know he's got something to give
We all need a reason to live

A future to build
A role to fulfil
Something to give
A reason to live

[18. Potential]

"The Teacher and the Girl each have their own reasons for supporting the Prodigy"

[Cello: Maaike Peterse]
[Violin: Ben Mathot]
[Flute: Jeroen Goossens]

Where am I going?
How did this happen?
My life has unfolded
Depressingly average

But if I support him
Help him reach his potential
He'll be my contribution
I can still make my mark
My name will live on

His shyness is charming
I wish I could reach him
He's strangely disarming
I hope I can free him

I know I can help him

He needs someone like me

To reach his potential

To learn how to feel

He'll be my contribution

I wish he'd let me in

They'll remember my name

Let me help him to live

My claim to fame

[19. Quantum Chaos]

"4 years ago.

As the Prodigy gradually disappears into a chaotic world of patterns and equations, the Father can't stop wondering if the Psychiatrist's drug might help."


[20. Dark Medicine]

"The Father meets with the Psychiatrist, this time... alone."

I know why you're here
You're a fellow man of science
Our point of view is very much alike

The choice is clear
I don't need to be convinced
Denying him this chance just isn't right

Give him one a day
That's the safest place to start
At such a tiny dose, the risks are low

Keep it between you and me
Oh, they would never understand
Let's both agree that no one needs to know

[21. Alive!]

"The Father has been secretly putting the drug in the Prodigy's food. The Results are almost immediate... and stunning."

[Cello: Maaike]

Patterns are forming
Breaking through the noise
A beautiful symmetry
Slowly falling into place

Inspiration is flowing
Filling up the void
A perfect harmony
Full of elegance and grace

I've come alive
The road is so much clearer now
I'm finally awake
Destiny waits

Oh, am I getting through to you
Can you hear me, son?
I never doubted you
I always knew you'd win this fight

I am reaching out to you
Can you help me, son?
I'm so close to the answer
But I need your brilliant mind

We've come alive
Our goal is so much closer now
Now it's time to turn the page
Destiny waits
Now we will fulfill our fate
Destiny waits!

[22. The Prediction]

"The Mother rejoices at the Prodigy's remarkable progress, unaware that it's all due to the drug she was so violently opposed to."

And soon you'll show them you're a genius
And soon the whole world will know
And soon you'll show them what life really is
One day they'll know!

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    One of the best songs of the Decade for sure

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    there will never be "any" music quite like Ayreon's in the world's history of music! what an era!

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    Haha, and, please if it isn't a great trouble for you, would you share your removed videos online one last time? I feel ridiculous for not saving them when I could, you added a completely authentic feeling layer of visuals and thoughts to The Theory of Everything and especially to 01011001. I want to experience every album in this format. #-#

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    OMFG!!!! <3

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    "Alive!" is a terrific song, a great endcap on this album side

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    Your Ayreon playlists are the best ones, exactly the visuals I want to see while I'm listening. But they're all being deleted, even this one, I curse myself for not downloading all the videos in time... Thanks for doing wonderful stuff that I appreciate.

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    Whats weird is that i couldn't help but sing along

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    13:47 is the greatest thing I've ever heard.

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