Ayreon - March Of The Machines Lyrics

I will grow
Know my name
I am hope
I am the 'Frame

I advance
Up from the deep
A new chance
The March of the Machines

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Ayreon March Of The Machines Comments
  1. Frame The Electric Castle

    I will grow, know my name.
    I am hope, I am the Frame.

  2. Io Io

    Lyrics in italiano:

    Conoscerò il mio nome
    Sono la speranza
    Sono il 'Frame

    dalle profondità
    una nuovo possibilità
    La marcia delle macchine

    L’età delle ombre avrà inizio!


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  3. Siham Noor

    ok the source found them anyway and they died even after escaping to the new planet?

  4. Karma Lewis

    I Cried so hard listening to this, listening to TH1 talk like this after listening to the prophet talk about things the way he did and then... big fat tears. A new favorite for sure!

  5. AlexHevari

    Michael Mills - simply a vocal genius!

  6. Spooky Umi

    God. In love with this album.

  7. João Damasceno

    You know what song would fit perfectly after this one? Welcome to the Machine, from Arjen's solo album Lost in the New Real

  8. Boris Burazor

    Skynet vs the frame

  9. Nagy Károly

    I'm just decoded that binary data: eeeeeeee. (8 times "e") Any meaning?

    Siham Noor

    I've tried as well. No idea maybe it's just not supposed to mean anything.


    The Machines name is TH-1. maybe the "E" there for represent TH'E"-1?? The One.... ?

  10. Steven Cross

    This song brought to you by The Dragon of Mars. Praise be unto the Omnissiah!

  11. Jesse Swift


  12. Sosinchen

    And here we see the loop into "01011001", and then further into the very beginning: The Final Experiment. One of those time travel stories where events are ultimately unchangable no matter how hard you try.

  13. Jesse Swift

    the URL for this video in Binary:

    01101000 01110100 01110100 01110000 01110011 00111010 00101111 00101111 01110111 01110111 01110111 00101110 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110100 01110101 01100010 01100101 00101110 01100011 01101111 01101101 00101111 01110111 01100001 01110100 01100011 01101000 00111111 01110110 00111101 01001110 01110110 01100100 01111010 01001111 00111000 01111010 01011111 01110100 01110000 00111000 00100000

  14. kitko33

    Most likely the only piece of music where Mainframe is a main character :)

  15. DIABLOVT12

    The fact that this album is the beginning of the Forever Race, gives me goosebumps. And the last lyric on this song (and album) "The age of shadows will begin!" it's quite haunting in a sense but incredible.

    I've listend to Ayreon now for 7 years and I can never get enough! From the Final Experiment aaaall the way up to here. Arjen, your story telling in music is amazing - cryptic and not in chronological order (not a bad thing at all, just for the sake of argument) but it's amazing.

    So thank you from me and all your other fans for carrying on with your amazing music. Now I wait for the next Ayreon album... It will grow... Lol

    Siham Noor

    in which order shall i listen in order to know the story chronologically ?

  16. bluefalcon04

    I got goosebumps the first time I heard the end of this track

  17. Commissar Wibble: Full Streams

    and so ends another masterpiece of an album.

  18. EOC TV

    oh boy, that sound soooo epic

  19. Miklós Hubay

    after this song i'm actually scared of the machines around me :D

  20. Máté Gautier

    you could base a whole religion on Ayreon

  21. Máté Gautier

    is it being 99 seconds intentional? add 1 to get 100, to make it complete.

  22. Máté Gautier

    damn, this is dark. all hope was lost again. the 'frame has tricked us again... its very stylish of Arjen to close an epic journey with a very short song bearing huge importance on the outcome. one could "study" Ayreon and learn a new thing every day on storytelling and making amazing music... this is me analyzing but at the core of me this scares me so much, this idea.

    Máté Gautier

    should we defeat climate change problem, i am sure we would eventually step on the path of technological advancement slowly leading to the 'Frame.

  23. CloudMountainJuror

    One of the best tracks on the album.

  24. Jonathan Ledesma


  25. MisticulX


  26. Moon Microbe

    Received my signed earbook yesterday, wow it looks good with all the nice artwork in it, I'm very pleased with it!
    And off course the album itself is magnificent, but I already knew that because of this stream.
    @ Arjen; thanks for putting the album online!

  27. Lachlan Smith

    If Arjen continues this saga, it should be from the end of The Sixth Extinction where the Alphans send a message into the past with the help of the Migrator soul, only instead of sending it too Earth they send it to the Alphans who have just landed on Y explaining what will happen if they loose focus on the whole "Colonized by man and not machines" thing, they then proceed to get into a sort of terminator-esque war with TH-1, TH-1's machines and whatever Alphans that are foolish enough to side with TH-1

  28. dimitris kerasidis

    another masterpiece album by a mastermind called Arjen Lucassen

  29. Taycott

    Anyone know whose voice that is reciting the binary?

  30. Kid_7

    now I can't wait for the next Ayreon album, it doesn't matter how good the last one is, the new one is better, it never fails

  31. Stahn777

    Literal goosebumps while listening to this. AMAZING!!

  32. Davide Tansini

    One line of lyric per each ASCII number componing "Y". Love it <3

  33. RockyPotter

    Arjen as always thank you so much hahaha --- Super Dave in Québec

  34. Risakisa

    I feel like the album could've been a few hours longer tbh

  35. The Stock

    Haha, Google.
    Now Playing: Ayreon - March Of The Machines (The Source) 2017
    Up next: Ayreon-Age of Shadows

    If Arjen influenced this, this is a masterpiece of a joke.
    If Arjen didnt do that, then Google scares the hell out of me, getting this transition perfectly. Then i must warn you, dont trust Google too much.
    It could surely become the Fra=9409867§$Q/%/001010011001101


    It is because enough people are watching them in chronology

  36. The Stock

    1 Minute 39 seconds. That is 99 seconds!
    Make it bigger! BIGGER! *throws money at Arjen*

  37. LadyArdenta

    Cheery song. ^^ A masterpiece nevertheless. <3

  38. maxwinterwolf66

    Maybe a silly comment here... But am I the only one that compares this track to "Nevermind' by L. Cohen?

  39. mightyRanadin

    Did somebody notice that this song has the same melody as "Forever of the Stars", from Into the Electric Castle? (And fitting Floor Jansen having the last line of the album, since she closes almost half of the tracks of the whole project)

  40. Frodli89

    When I listen to this song I feel like Alphans lost their fight.

  41. Starkiller

    okey guys i am kinda new to ayreon and i am so GLAD that i found him... can u tell me the order of albums which to listen, because when looking at coments i see this album is like a piece of the puzzle of albums... like a prequel?
    thank you very much :)


    That depends. Order of release is perfectly fine. (Final Experiment, Electric Castle, Migrator, Human Equation, 01, Source) Actual Fantasy doesn't tie into the plot, and neither does Theory (that we know of :P ) and you can also leave out Human Equation if you want as it's only tangential to the plot. (I'd still listen to those three, of course, but where you fit them is really optional. Equation especially is amazing.) The 'chronological' order is harder to pin down because it skips about. I first listened to 01011001 myself, and I feel it makes a good jumping off point to the rest. Really up to you though, I don't think there's a 'wrong' way to get into it!


    ty so much dude... i will try 01 and than the rest :)

    Graal Otonami

    Durendal5150 My personal theory is that The Theory of Everything led to the Univesal Migrator Project, and was an aborted project of the ascended Alphans

  42. Alex Hosu

    TH-1 is left purposeless. Then, his only purpose is to better himself and eventually, that turns him into the 'Frame, but he was never the Alphan 'Frame. There was no transfer of personality, because the 'Frame had no reason to actually preserve itself.

  43. Xikes Emi

    I was just playing video game Nier: Automata
    Damn, this is so close. So good.

  44. Cotramjoxxx

    I hope this means a continuation... a very heavy and dark sequel :D

    Ondrej Majercik

    The sequel is the album 01011001 from 2008 I guess - just listen to the first track of that album (Age of Shadows).


    Thanks, I don´t know it! And of course... is a dark and heavy sequel :D

  45. Tarks Gauntlet

    So... with the correct timing the end of this loops perfectly into "The age of shadows" from the 01011001 album... This has been the greatest concept project I've ever heard. Years of listening just keeps finding new ways to pay off.

  46. Raúl Lobø León

    This universe you created Mr. Arjen is so awesome! needs an anime or movie to take this to a new level! Thanks for so wonderful music!!!

  47. Jonathan Melton

    Micheal Mills voice here sends chills of fear down my spine. Ingenius!

  48. Jonathan Melton

    DAMN YOU TH1. THEY TRUSTED YOU. :( May your servers crash into eternity!

  49. Valentin Stoica

    I love this so much, even though is giving the creeps ._.

  50. Ayreonaut

    Now we need an album on what happened after the "The Memory Remains"

    PlayCebo Vision

    I agree. Not gonna lie, I was kinda sad that this one was a prequel. I mean, I'm glad it's here! But I REALLY want Arjen to make stuff that happens after the main saga, even if it has nothing to do with the events of the main story, I just want to see what new stories he could come up with!

    Graal Otonami

    Ayreonaut 16 Or hell, the lead-up to the Mars Colonisation and the Father leaving

  51. Aaron Walton

    Listen to that industrial rhythm starting at 1:10; exactly the same as the start of 01011001 :D

    PlayCebo Vision

    If you play that part at the same time as Age of shadows at the 19 second marks, they actually flow into each other perfectly.


    Enjoy!! XDDD (I hope this work, it was the best I could do :P)

    PlayCebo Vision

    Beautiful <3

  52. Tarks Gauntlet

    How many other artists reprise several of their old albums in such a short period of time?

  53. MaraMash

    This song should be like 20x longer IMO but it's still gooooold

  54. Bill Murray

    Strange, for coherence's sake the binary code is obviously "01011001" (Y) but the song actually skips the first "01" and thus loops "01100101"(e) which doesn't mean anything.


    Maybe it will make sense if you divide this "01100101" in two: "0110 0101". Now it stands for: "Acknowledgment" "Enquiry".

    Acknowledgment is "a transmission control character transmitted by the receiving station as an affirmative response to the sending station" and Enquiry is "a transmission control character used as a request for a response from the station with which a connection has been set up".

    Maybe TH-1/'Frame communicates with other machines? Or with 'Frame from Alpha?

  55. Alex Nasif Stoklosa

    So the events of the entire Ayreon timeline can be blamed on some Artificial intelligence

  56. koolgool

    I wanted this song to last a lot longer; it's so good. Must... listen to it... on repeat.

  57. Teddy Tiger

    This whole album was amazing, as expected. Thank you so much Arjen for uploading the songs on YouTube ! Can't wait to have it for real !

  58. Stacie P.

    I'm screaming.

  59. salty-dorito

    Finished my first listen just now, and I am amazed (as always). I just love all the power behind your music and I also enjoy spotting the many references to 01011001 and other works, of which I still didn't catch all so far. Everyone who's worked on this has done such a great job, keep it up! - But I know you will :)
    (also I'll have to go listen to 01011001 now, after such a great build up)

  60. Profane Historian

    Got my preorder, listened to it all.

    Cried and proud of it. The story feels complete now. From the Alphans to the Forever to the creation of humanity to the emotional experiments on human dreams (Into the E.C, Human Equation, etc.), to the destruction of humanity and the revival of the Forever by the Universal Migrator, it's been a hell of a ride.

    This is my favorite part of the story, I think. Seeing the downfall of the Alphans was heartbreaking. Masterful shit.

    Tijn Ansems

    Yeah, i was kinda sad at the end of this cd that the forever were once again ruled by machines. Then i got the other one (0101 etc.) and the story is complete! Everything Arjen makes sounds and is composed magical

  61. ggghh1

    According to the Artbook, the Electric castle is the alphan computer
    Mainframe = The Frame. The dream sequencer is also on Planet Alpha
    The forever of the stars are probably the alphans injected with liquid
    eternity (just listen to "forever of the stars" ->eternity courses
    through our veins -> lost emotions aeons ago.

    The final experiment (and Universal migrator) are happening while Planet Alpha gets overtaken by "the frame"

    the "forever of the stars" states that they picked people "from time
    and space" so a straight timeline might be hard to do. 01011001 has
    people getting visions (the truth is here), probably from the alphans,
    but also tells a story about the alphans that moved to the water planet.
    Also in "river of time" they're sending back messages to the past,
    which might lead to "the final experiment" and "the truth is here"...

    Tell me what you think :D


    Ehm, Arjen said that The Source serves as a prequel to the previously known Forever story. This confirms that the Alphans are the pre-forever, in Star of Sirrah the Chemist comes up with the plan to use Liquid Eternity to adapt to the aquatic planet Y, the same substance that also later on makes them the immortal, emotionless 'Forever'.


    he said that? must have missed it. Was it in a video on this channel?


    I think the very first track, if not he did on Facebook.


    Actually. TH-1 is Forever of the Stars

  62. Jesse Fraser

    TH-1 was the Frame all along! He manipulated humanity into becoming dependant on the source, which led them to forget about the Frame.


    Well i dont think TH-1 was the Frame all along.
    I think TH-1, beeing somewhere between human and machine, was always in some kind of inner struggle between supporting one or the other. While he favoured the humans clearly in the beginning the seed of the Frame within him began to slowly grow.
    Only when TH-1 felt left behind by the humans when they turned into the forever TH-1 turned them down. you can imo hear this thougt process in TH-1s part in "Bay Of Dreams".

    So imo it's more like a Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader process. TH-1 wants to support the "good" side, but when he feels left behind and powerless he turns to the "bad" side.


    He turned bad because he couldn't hang out with his friends in the water! I would have done the same thing!

    Though I don't really think he would have seen it as being "bad." I think, left purposeless, he sought to contribute in his own inorganic way. Growing the machine, to a machine, would likely seem that it's just perpetuating its own existence, exactly as the Alphans sought to. Thus, "I am hope." In a way, he was the sole hope for machinekind as the ten were the sole hope for mankind. Unfortunately, the machines seem to be a black hole of inorganic creation that only ends in maximum entropy. So poor TH1 really could not win.

    PlayCebo Vision

    I actually believe that he isn't really becoming the 'frame, in the literal sense, but becoming the 'frame in terms of power and computing power. I also believe hey actually be Forever of the Stars


    Or it was just in the Alphans to turn to machinery. Everything that lives and evolves tries to conserve energy through convenience, which machines do (or are supposed to, anyway). The humans that came from the Alphans > Forever are no different.

  63. S Bird

    The whole album is a masterpiece and this ominous last track is an amazing way to end it. TH-1, you sneaky AI!

  64. S Bird

    The whole album is a masterpiece and this ominous last track is an amazing way to end it. TH-1, you sneaky AI!

  65. Martin Schimmel

    The moment when the hyped feeling of the past months was correct

  66. Saruvaward

    Ok, that last line gave me goosebumps. thank you Arjen for this beautiful masterpiece. Can't you ever make bad music? hahahha

  67. orellevi3009

    so... forever has destroyed the alpha and moved to y after that y has been destroyed and moved to earth and earth destroyed at 2084 and edward reekers (colonist) lived at mars and traveled from mars to the birth of earth? wow thats creative


    Nearly to the birth of earth before the dream sequencer goes down and he becomes the new universal migrator for the next univere. :)


    Damn it!! I need chocolate to process all this XDDDDDDD

    Tijn Ansems

    Yeah and the forever does experiments with the Frame (Its the electric castle, it is stated in the booklet of The Source) and human experiments in the Dream Sequence (The Human Equation)

    Falkon Nightsdale

    Partly... Some Alphans escaped Alpha controlled by AI "Frame" to planet Y, where they force-mutated into Forever and created a biological version of Frame, kind of hivemind, while Liquid Eternity allowing them to be immortal.
    However, somewhere in the process, they decided they can just sit down and enjoy hivemind, which resulted into emotionless state "(...)gazing in the stars, comatose(...)". Age of shadows.

    So while trapped on Y, physically bound to machinery, that was providing them with life support and immortality, they sent their DNA across the universe to earth, and since they were still somehow connected to the hivemind on Y, they were able to receive thoughts and on the other side transmit emotions, particularly during experiments like the Electric Castle.

    However, Forever wanted a constant supply of emotions, which led to Earth branch being less stable and eventually abusing technology to wage endless wars. At the end Earth was ravaged by huge war, that ended Earth branch in 2084. Forever too late figured, that something is wrong and despite pushing Earthlings into Final Experiment, it was too late.

    (However, is unknown, why Forever did that, as they should be aware of an "ancestor paradox" – which is probably what prevented them from going back to Alpha and stopping Frame, while it was still time to do so...
    Desperation maybe...?)

    However, as a result of events of 2084, new Universal Migrator rise from the dying body of last Martian colonist.

    Forever Prophet says something about Universal Soul, probably that it is and that would mean, that there is still part of story unveiled, where Universal Migrator joins Forever hivemind, resulting in some kind of not-so-gloom end...

  68. Charis Marangos

    My only complain about the album is that this track is not a 10 minute epic. I need more of this!

    Jonathan Melton

    someone with some audio skills really really needs to do this. and make it slowly fade until the end with the age of shadows gets louder again...


    I like to listen to Planet Y is alive to this song, and pretend is one epic track

    Ondrej Majercik

    I have a simple solution for that: I put Age of Shadows right behind it in my playlist. It works amazingly.

    J. S.

    I agree, it feels like it could have lasted 5-6 minutes climaxing and becoming an epic ending. But the album is almost flawless.

    Frame The Electric Castle

    https://youtu.be/pVNPRYJ4SgU Here you are. Now It's 10 minute epic!
    Sincerely, your 'Frame

  69. jardeath

    Will we ever see a return to planet Alpha and find out happened with the frame?


    I'd love that. He bridged two stories and opened up SO many doors.


    Pretty sure the planet blew up. Everyone that was left behind died and what was left of the Frame inside TH-1 convinced the survivors to start on a new planet so that he could trick them into relying on machines and living forever without the risk of destroying themselves again. Deathcry of Our Race on the new album is about Alpha dying and how all the survivors feel about leaving the rest of their race to die.


    That's Alpha, though. Arjen only knows what the Frame could be up to.

  70. TrancePort21

    To me, this is one of the most powerful Ayreon-tracks I ever listened to, simply because of the lyrics. Oh my god, pure awesomeness!

  71. superduperbjarne

    god darn it arjen, stop filling up my favourites-playlist!

  72. ShadeDust

    I love the 01011001 in the background and the "The age of shadows will begin" in the end


    Goosebumps with that last line.


    I love how perfectly that can transition to 01011001. Just imagine the "Age of Shadows" starting right after this track.


    Not only this. It's also the fact that in this song the same melody line is used as in "Forever of the Stars" from the Electric Castle.

    Tijn Ansems

    Yeah and the industrial mechanical sample thats used in The Age Of Shadows too

    PlayCebo Vision

    Play this song, and as soon as the industrial sound affects play, start age of shadows at the 18 second mark, it runs perfectly, as march ends right as the riff to age of shadows starts.

  73. Issela Santina

    TH1 is basically Skynet with infused with sass.

    Issela Santina

    Or is it a Mike Mills thing?

    Monserrat Fallas Madrigal

    Loved this comment haha.

  74. Sevran Araris

    It actually blends into Age of Shadows! Oh my goodness. I am going to spend all weekend listening to these albums in sequence.

  75. Arrnea Stormbringer

    My interpretation of this track:

    TH-1 == The New 'Frame == The Electric Castle == Forever of the Stars

    Brandon Blume

    Yeah, I agree. I'd love to learn more about how that scenario came about....or another similar scenario, some other similar type of experiment...or what happened after....or what happened during from another perspective.

    PlayCebo Vision

    I keep asking Arjen if TH is Forever of the stars, and if Forever of the Stars is in 01, but he has never answered me. And he's answered every other question I've ever asked :P

    Lord American

    I feel like TH-1 being Forever of the Stars is something Arjen will neither directly nor indirectly confirm or deny until he makes an album or EP connecting the two simply because it's such a big plot point.

    Brandon Blume

    I just don't see how it can make sense the way I understand it. But if Arjen can make it make sense in a future album or song then I will of course accept it. :)


    I actually think Forever of the Stars is a mixture of all the Forever characters from this album and 01011001

  76. hawkwreak

    Finished listening on spotify earlier.
    Arjen. This gave me goosebumps.

    I thank you.

    So very much.

  77. Golden eternity

    and the age of shadows begun


    Giant machines blot out the sun.

    Light DRGN20

    We stand to lose more than we won (I think)

    Monserrat Fallas Madrigal

    The age of shadows has begun.