Ayreon - Forevermore Lyrics

In a dusty room on a stormy night
Away from all the crowds
I rise above the clouds

Into a world once so bright
Where no shadows fall
And a thousand voices call

Dream on forevermore
Our future's in your hands
Close your eyes close your eyes
And fantasize

Only one boy whose heart is pure
Can save them from the curse
That's upon the universe

He's on a quest for the secret cure
Across the burning sand
To the edge of the fairy-land

This world was built upon human dreams
On hopes instead of fears
Now it slowly disappears

Scream as loud as you can scream
For the empress needs a name
Or nothing will remain

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Ayreon Forevermore Comments
  1. Minami Mori

    Hi! So here it was... I thought it was from The First Man On Earth, but this is great too! Dream on, forevermore... Such gentle.

  2. Casper

    what happened to original version of this song? Can't find it anywhere on youtube :(

  3. ZacharyRaman

    After hearing it for the first time several years ago I had the impression that the song was based on 'The NeverEnding Story'; it just clicked me like that. Today, listening to it once again, I am quite certain it is inspired by that film. Which makes it even more awesome, because imo it has the same bittersweet feeling as the film had. ^_^

  4. ohno900

    Good stuff. Ayreon's songs brings frisson when I hear 'em.

  5. Dom J

    My goodnight song, ...also 40th like! xD

  6. Dwarf Salad

    Ayreon Has done it again

  7. Elizeu Santos

    This song is beautiful.

  8. Hellen B.M

    So beautiful!