Ayo - What's This All About? Lyrics

We've been born to obey,
not to loose, and not to fade.
Born with one aim - not to go astray.
We were born with eyes so we think we can see.
Not knowing we're blind, we beleive everythin'.
We think we're afraid,
but in fact we'll never be.
Our body's a trip,
our minds are possesed.
Our soul is in danger, caused by people's anger.
And we all woudn't have seen
our love is suffering.

What's this all about?
What's this all about?
Guess I get it now.
Guess I get it now.
[repeat 2 times]

We've been taught how to play
that we never win the game.
'Cause them are setting the rules
so we go follow like fools.
And we're once out of reach,
they gon' put it on a leash.
So that they can control
and that you'll never know.
Everywhere is war, but what are they fightin' for,
If not for Lord?
See, everywhere is war, but are we fightin' for,
if not for us?
I know they scared of us
we could be dangerous
if we all become
united as one!

What's this all about?
What's this all about?
Guess I get it now.
Guess I get it now.
[repeat 4 times]

They want us to fight with another
kill each other
break, hate, betray a brother. They
take from a mother
get the name of her father
it's the way they want to believe
our lead is a thing.
We're the daughter, we're the son
we're the people, we are one
we're the source, we're the force
we're the Earth, we're the stars
we're the fire, we're the hand,
the queen and we're the kings.
We're the thunder, we're the rain
we gotta break these chains!

What's this all about?
What's this all about?
Guess I get it now.
Guess I get it now.
What's this all about?
What's this all about?
I guess I get it now.
[repeat 2 times]

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Ayo What's This All About? Comments
  1. playnite

    so good

  2. Mmabale Dineo

    Wow truly genuine. Ayo I really love your song. Its saddening to see that Africans are still not emancipated. Talk about the Westerns weapons of black-on-black destruction.

  3. Laydee Haydee World

    Hi Ayo Am hAydéé from montpellier/ile Maurice WE Gonna met by the grace of GOD one love sista

  4. Jolly forJesus

    Ayo, we are going to the wall, then we are going to knock it down. I see your concern it was mine also, but have some faith, truth is truth, freedom is freedom, justice is justice, and peace is peace.

  5. lungan cosmin

    wow I want those pictures!!!

  6. Sofie Stephanova

    i need lyrics, please

  7. Sofie Stephanova

    i need some lyrics

  8. Dai200

    @Spirit2All O u r so welcome just keep doing what you do we need more positivity these days :)

  9. Dai200

    your video sends a powerful message I just wish more people could see like you what a shame.

  10. Kullmack Mackull


  11. terasinas

    Great Song, Talented Artist.

  12. CarpeNoctem410

    first heard this song in a slow version in school a few days ago, performed by a good singer of our school. I couldn't get it out of my head, so I youtubed it and found it! Thanks for sharing!