Ayo & Teo - Fallen Angels Lyrics

If I'm gonna die or ever be a sacrifice
I want to make sure that my life
Made at least five million kids happy
Or they found some sort of answers or resolved in my life

Said you wouldn't walk away
I know i make it hard to stay
The devil make it hard to pray
Hit the climax okay
Burning holes, fallen souls
Ice on my wrist so I stay cold
Chosen for the fame
I'll make sure you know my name
Burning holes, fallen souls
Ice on my wrist so I stay cold
Chosen for the fame
I'll make sure you know my name

I'm not chosen for the flames
Fallen angels in my way
I'm not chosen for the flames
Fallen angels in my way
Quit revealing your spell
Know this feeling too well
Quit revealing your spell
Know this feeling too well

I feel it I feel it I feel the devil watching me
I hear it I hear it I hear the voices calling me
I see it I see it I see that person stalking me
These demons these demons they starting to get onto me
A lot of darkness need some light to it yeah yeah
I tried to hide I tried fight all of these souls
This fire inside trying to ignite baby, yeah yeah
I’m scared I don’t know where to go
Fallen angels, fallen souls, fallen hopes, fallen goals
I keep it real since day 1 I ain’t never gone fold
Use to sleep on the floor, no heat in the cold
Extra blankets kept us warm so I ain’t never letting go
Stay deep and silent like a pack raccoons
Like dirt on a carpet, I need a vacuum
Chosen for the fame nobody asked you
Chosen for the fame nobody asked you

I'm not chosen for the flames
Fallen angels in my way
I'm not chosen for the flames
Fallen angels in my way
Quit revealing your spell
Know this feeling too well
Quit revealing your spell
Know this feeling too well

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Ayo & Teo Fallen Angels Comments
  1. FaZe FoXx boi I love mems


  2. Keven Allan

    Eu sou muito fã deles mno quem gosta deles deixa um like

  3. Matt Daffron

    Lyf love you forever love you forever xxxtentacion 🙏💫💛😣😪😟😢🤯😩😨😧😦😭😓😞😖🙁☹😔🌍🌎🌏🚑🚒🚓 I am sad

  4. Isabella Tuttle


  5. Kmzinoo

    Whos still listening in 2020

  6. Sergio Diaz

    RiP to x

  7. Cryptic Subs

    I’m Late
    I Never Forgot
    This Song
    And Never Forgot Jah
    Happy Bday X

  8. Briette Camilien


  9. Ashraf games Ojo


  10. DJ Ordon

    Yo, ima huge fan

  11. Mia Moore

    Who's back in 2020😢?

  12. Jef Hallo

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip x🖤💔🖤

  13. x3alous kidd

    No one:
    Ayo: Dabs

  14. Austin McMahon

    You made me happy and still do to this day 💔

  15. Prod. By Pxisxn

    ART. I wish they had more music tho

  16. lovinkels


  17. blickeybouse

    me: (trying to figure out how they dance like that but there shoes dont get creased)
    illumanati: Dont you dare move

  18. TheGatoGamer YT

    RIP jah

  19. Triniti The Drummer

    X would be proud 😢😢😭

  20. Lucid dan

    Dam you niggas emo in here be positive

  21. TVVJR__BUGG_2009 TVVJR__BUGG_2009

    I like it its good


    bro you're music rocks I wish I could know you're secret

  23. ChadJavenCoen

    Remember this? 2020?

    Zeeyig 1

    I rember when it got first released...literally

  24. Willy

    X was a great person who thought about his fans (us) everyday

  25. Giny Garcia

    Whoooo det is cool wurds

  26. Clark Chrissikopoulos

    Rip xxx

  27. Laque G

    I'm SO sorry 😭🙏

  28. lyrical veteran

    2020 anybody?

  29. Arthur Bowles 16

    Burning hole s

  30. Teyona Flint

    I didn't mean that I mean do every body. Believe me?😱😱😱😱😟🙀🙀🙀🙀🙊🙊🙊🙊🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. Teyona Flint

    For real real do

  32. Teyona Flint

    Every body there alive😃😃😃😃😃😃💓💓💗😁😄😃😀😍😇😇😇

  33. Teyona Flint


  34. Mark Polaski

    Who miss x
    I do

  35. Ja'Mari Stokes

    Rip XXX and I can dance like two bro watch me

  36. Josie T

    We will never forget you you will be in my heart

  37. Freedom Gor


  38. c l u t c h .

    i like how these people give respect for x but not for ayo n mateo lmao

    edit: nigga the song sounds like im on drugs

  39. Quez


  40. Jairo Martinez 9

    RIP juice wrld😭😭 and X

  41. devin deckard

    Who still misses x in 2019

  42. Emilio7u7

    each like is one more chance to kill the one who killed xxtentacion

  43. The Grim reaper

    Now you gotta do a juice wrld video

  44. Isriel Harris

    Xxx r.I.p

  45. Jason Palma

    I love it

  46. Nash Baguio

    god is the powerful of universe

  47. Nash Baguio

    so nice <3

  48. Yanyanc Tepet


  49. Rabecca Nyirenda

    I love it

  50. Jaax Beta

    And now juice WRLD 💔

  51. Isaac Cooper

    This song just reminds me of Juice wrld’s death. Yeah he died on December 6 2019 RIP my guy

    Einfach Ich

    its for X tho ... if u can read

    Isaac Cooper

    Of course I can read dumb dumb I just luv juice wrld

    Einfach Ich

    @Isaac Cooper dude u have no right to call other people dumb with a god damn minecraft picture

    Isaac Cooper

    Einfach Ich at least I’m not dumb enough to have your damn profile picture

    Isaac Cooper


  52. June Nakasone

    RIP Juice WRLD

  53. Dewanye Davis


  54. aaaxbas

    Rip juice wrld

  55. Jacobus Brouwed

    If I die I will see him but I will crie in heaven

  56. Life of Thomas

    Like for xxx

  57. Deshawn Lawson

    Long live x miss you rest in peace jahseh

  58. Blue Ninja

    I thought it was ayo and teo at the first part no xxx 🥺🥺🥺😩

  59. Ruby Mendoza

    Xxxtentacion is not dead

  60. Abdikadir Ak

    I wonder how X requested to make 5 million kids happy and this song now has 5 million views .hope they all kids like mi so we fullfilled that.

  61. Marco Santos

    R.I.P xxxtentacion live long jahseh Dwayne Ricardo onfroy LLJ LLX 1998xx2018 #xxxtentacion #ripx #llj #llx

  62. Camilla Scott

    Why did x have to die I miss him so much 😢😭🥺

  63. Dagan Gasca

    xxx tentacion

  64. Karanja Ngugi



    Eterno X😭 miss you

  66. Joti Gill

    Rip XXXTENTACION he was a good guy but after that everyone’s Heart dropped (Rip XXXTENTACION)

  67. Vickie Jackson

    😍 I'm in love with you


    Teo you are stupid God made us pray not Satan

  69. Blue Ninja

    Wow this is heart braking

  70. Lukinhas Lino

    vocês dassa muito bem

  71. Collin Cross


  72. PhantomSkillzs 4life

    Who thought that it was a lie when X was shot

  73. Luis Agustin Gabriel


  74. Luis Agustin Gabriel

    But I love xxx songs 😔😔😔😔😔😔 I miss him

  75. Marcus Armstrong

    like thus if you llove xxx

  76. Luis Agustin Gabriel

    But I am chosen for the flames srry but I’m a devil

  77. Mriana Azdo Assyrian

    Rest In Peace XXXTENTACION 💔😢😇😭🕊🙏✝️ 2019/11/17

  78. Azaria Moncada

    this is the best song

  79. x evil x

    Waaaawww 😭😭xxx ayo teo pls no rip

  80. rockstar sackboy

    Kill them robberS

    😡🔪. Or. Put them to jail

  81. נחמן דין רחימה

    You made 5 milion kids happy

  82. El High Officiel

    Still this the best dance i even seen in m'y life

  83. Kat P

    im sorry x IM SORRY I couldn’t even get out of the pain whats WRONG WITH ME X ... why the hell am i sharing this

  84. Delores White

    I miss xxxtentation😭😭😭

  85. Kat P

    ITS TRUE WE ONLY LOVE PEOPLE MORE WHEN THEY DIE ... he is right .rip xxx

  86. Kat P

    .. this my moms phone when i heard xxx i thought of ...

  87. Jayda™


  88. Israel Rodriguez

    rip x we love you 😭😭😭I'm going to miss you 😭😭😭😭😭 I feel sooo sad x 😭😭😭

  89. Fortnite Bros

    Is this like a remix of xxxtentacion song changes

  90. PRO ZOE GAMING Beasley

    Now did it hit hard when u heard xs voice man I miss lil Bros voice😥 I hope hes resting where he was meant to go to

  91. Trina Alyea

    X was a outstanding inspiration for every one its sad that he's gone we all miss you jaseh

  92. Lex Blue