Ayo - It's Too Late Lyrics

You said I was crazy
As I broke down to floor
I carried your baby
When I wasn't even worth a call
Well I've been hurt before
And I have been rejected
But never ever have I been so disrespected

It's too late [repeat]
To appreciate
It's too late [repeat]
See I don't wanna shovel
It's too late [repeat]
I don't wanna feel that way
It's too late [repeat]

Sure I was crazy
When I broke down to the floor

I carried your baby
When I hurt myself said I didn't want it anymore
But I feel frustrated
Cause I have been ignored
I never felt so hated
When I was so in need of love


You will never know how I feel
This wounds will never heal
But one day you will think of me
When you will be the one to bleed


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