Ayo - I Want You Back Lyrics

Uh-huh huh huh huh
Let me tell ya now

[VERSE 1:]
When I had you to myself
I didn't want you around
Those pretty faces always made you stand out in a crowd
But someone picked you from the bunch
one glance was all it took
Now it's much too late for me to take a second look

Oh baby give me one more chance
(show you that I love you)
Won't you please let me
(back in your heart)
Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go
(let you go baby)
But now since I see you in his arms
(I want you back)
Yes I do now
(I want you back)
Ooh ooh baby
(I want you back)
Ya ya ya ya
(I want you back)
Na na na na

[VERSE 2:]
Tryin' to live without your love
Is one long sleepless night
Let me show you girl
That I know wrong from right
Every street you walk on
I leave tearstains on the ground
Following the girl
I didn't even want around
Let me tell you now

Oh baby all I need is one more chance
(show you that I love you)
Won't you please let me
(back to your heart)
Oh darlin' I was blind to let you go
(let you go baby)
But now since I see you in his arms

A buh buh buh buh [2 times]
All I want
A buh buh buh buh
All I need
A buh buh buh buh
All I want
A buh buh buh buh
All I need

Oh just one more chance
to show you that I love you
baby! [6 times]

(I want you back)
Forget what happened then
(I want you back)
Let me live again

Oh baby I was blind to let you go
But now since I see you in his arms
(I want you back)
Spare me of this cause
Gimme back what I lost

Oh baby I need one more chance ha
I tell ya that I love you

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Ayo I Want You Back Comments
  1. Atari Begin

    2019 ❤ Do you love M.J ? I love M.J For ever ❤

  2. Melvin

    Vafuck e ayo

  3. luimaime

    pas franchement une réussite...morceau difficile je sais mais ça pique d'entrée de jeu à 1.09' quand même :(

  4. Yaf-it Aharon

    LOve it

  5. Norbert Suema

    yeah great!

  6. RcAn

    beautiful voice i love this song +1

  7. Orev Kw

    she's gorgeous and so talented

  8. Judith Dameron

    Le jour des vacances,nous avons la flashmob du lycée sur cette chanson,c'est un merveilleux souvenir !!! Chaque fois que j'écoute cette chanson,je repense à ce moment d'énergie et de joie endiablée... Et je danse encore sur la chorégraphie !!
    (d'autant plus que moins d'une heure après,j'ai appris que j'avais obtenu mon premier voeu sur APB !!)

  9. Alexia


  10. Emotional Journey

    This looks like my students and I arguing about music :)

  11. Adrien Rain

    Dayum! I'd forgotten how much I loved seeing Ago moonwalk.

  12. Caroline jackson


  13. Xfiles98

    Och vart fan är ayo?


    han är trans nu

    Bill Cosby

    Alex skämtaru?


    anonym ja han skämta lol, detta e väll bara nåt samarbete elr så har vevo tagit fel på person... ayo är fortfarande snubbe dock så slutade han med musik för många år sedan på grund av bland annat att han mådde bättre utan det

  14. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    i love mj to

  15. Tonya

    Michael Jackson ❤❤❤

  16. L'enfant de Lama Faché

    i guess with my friends dancing to the music we were children and the host of school dance like Ayo for the end of school year

  17. Toinou

    jolie ptit cul

    TYRON 444

    t'es pas un vrai pervers

    TYRON 444


  18. Paulina Santos


  19. الكسندر

    vad fuck är de här que st cest? merde ca ayo est pour AYO le rappeur suedois nik ca merde

  20. staunch2207

    quality vocals,really has the jackson feel also,

  21. AniPassion

    super et je suis une de c'est plus grande fan a M.J !!

  22. sebbish91

    vafan är de här? vart är riktiga AYO rapparen?? två olika AYOS på samma kanal?

  23. Charlotte Brussels

    so incredible!!!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! sooooo incredible , can't make the difference between her and Michael Jackson!!!
    thepeople who think the same way as me, comment my comment!

  24. freda Blaq

    hey baby! ,,,dont baby me , i could be ur mama :D love u AYo
    more love from Germany

  25. Aureo Mendes De Oliveira

    OMG that´s all I could say <3 

  26. MsAbolo


  27. Yomi Busari

    Loved this !

  28. Ayo Azeez

    ayo me


    quel est le titre de la musique quand elle remonte dans la voiture ? 4:03 merci d'avance


    exellente ayooooooo

  31. westpaddy76

    Cant believe MJ is still alive. At least his voice.

  32. Tomikk86

    amazing version!!!

  33. Panda

    I love this song

  34. Panda

    Hei mamita

  35. Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye

    This is the best tribute to MJ that I yet seen. I love it. It made my day. Thanks Ayo!!!

  36. Burak Törün


  37. Sophia ZENATI

    Excellent !!!!

  38. mercedesw201

    Kto z Radia Maryja łapka w góre ;P

  39. Amiga Loba

    If U like this, U may love AMEEGA : just type "ameega lite up ze faire" in the search box !
    Enjoy !

  40. Jakie F.

    She's so skinny!

  41. Anthony Breton

    Mary me Ayo. Please.

  42. HB Wassima

    Just Owsmm!!

  43. OdedMusic


  44. gigirrigitty BIG-D

    bra fråga haha

  45. stempi20

    no patrzcie a ja tu od Ayo...

  46. nostressannie

    Ayo toujours aussi sympa j'aime beaucoup son style ... merci

  47. chostia51

    kto przybył dla Ayo łapka w górę -_- ...

  48. lona nyvoz

    La fille avec le chapeau danse trop bien ! LOVE YOU ! Je trouve le clip cool !

  49. Mr Anonyme

    sooo gooooood

  50. antonioallegro

    see my version (on a live performance) of this music in my channel, please! I need a chance :)

  51. Fatou Dembele

    djeneva ♥

  52. Heymateymate

    What the hell does this have to do with Ayo from Sweden. Dafuq? Correct this shit naow!

  53. RAD

    She actually sounds like the young Michael at some points :/

  54. Tina Ramadani

    ♥♥MAGNIFICENT , Especially seeing the beautiful amazing Ayo Michaeling with the kids♥♥

  55. PwL163

    wtf? är det här för skit vart e ayo ä?

  56. Blessing

    REspect Ayo qUEL talent!!! tu es époustouflante Oualalallala <3

  57. BotoseL

    My spider senses are tingling, does she love kids like MJ?

  58. youstadvanture

    Easyyyyy ! C'est comme ça que ça marche mes enfants ...

  59. geribal

    Girl, you're amazing! You are so talented,!

  60. PolFux PL

    Ma dziewczyna talent. R(u)channa i Lady Zgagga mogą się schować.

  61. Archangel Smith


  62. Bisous000

    Hey Mamita :D I love the shoes of Ayo ;)

  63. Hildnon Santos

    i love Mj , i love ayo.

  64. kaji toru


    Ayo - I Can't

  65. Tina J.

    What's the name of the song at 4:03?

  66. Humberto García

    Me encanta!

  67. Lor'I'Ly (Loraïly)

    ayo est juste un peu anorexique, mais la chanson est bien ^^

  68. TheYoko97

    C'est mon cousin avec le bandeau rouuuuuge ! :D

  69. Loubna Debay

    Si t'aime autant que moi pouce le Vert <3

  70. BTS& Johnny'strash

    Don't see me baby . I can be your mother x)

  71. lm44943

    Kto z Trójki łapka w górę !

  72. Jonathan Noel

    Sa voix est magnifique

  73. Lilas

    hey peeps check me out, am an up coming french soul singer, it'll b nice to read your comments on my videos thx

  74. Martyna

    kto z sierpniowki tvnu łapka w góre ;D

  75. Mikołaj Z

    This need more views!

  76. PassiFlora96

    only 3283 vievs ?

  77. Judy Muriithi


  78. Gwenhwyvar

    So cool :3

  79. MAGRAD7

    super wykonanie bravo ayo