Ayo - Help Is Coming Lyrics

Situation could be much better
much better than today
you know that you could do much better
much better than you do today
but how come you never try to change situation
how come you always escape
out of a serious conversation
dont't you know it can't never be too late
for us to succeed
out of every misery
you can be released
as long as you beleive

Help is coming
As long as you beleive
Help is coming
For us to be released
For us to be released

Your lifestyle could be so different
From how it is right now
Know that you could change so many things
If only you want that
You should know it can't never be too late
Just get up and try
And if you fall and wonder why
Just try an other time
But don't give up to fight

Help is coming
As long as you beleive
Help is coming
For us to be released
For us to be released

You're always looking for a scapegoat
Like everything is their fault
And never ever you gonna say maybe I did mistake
I black and white sky
Never you gonna say why
like you know everything in what thay say just can't be right
How come you never change
How come you always failed in everything you did before back then until today

Help is coming
As long as you beleive
Help is coming
For us to be released
For us to be released

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Ayo Help Is Coming Comments
  1. M Ka

    Amen, help is coming! Jesus is coming!

  2. ukwedia A.


  3. Jacky Randretsavola

    yes that's right, help is coming as long as you believe! Thanks Ayo !

  4. Allegra fifa

    Love you ayo relaxing song


    2018 👍👐

  6. LevAgency

    @Ayo - you have an AMAZING voice, perfect lyrics that nearly bring me to tears - every-time, I consider you the Nina Simone of this generation. On the par with Patricia Kaas, Meiko Kaji. Thank you for your struggle to bring out every word of every song, I have played this song for soldiers and their eyes were filled with tears when they heard "Help is coming, as long as you believe".

  7. StAr LienRiA

    Ayo, forever one of my favorite singers. Thank you for sharing your voice with the world.

  8. Mad Trips

    10 years later


    still waiting for help

  9. Mad Trips

    Still in 2017? hit like ;)

    Victor Dali

    2018 here....

  10. Gabriela Francuz

    One of the most underestimated female artists! This song gives me power.

    dina ladnaya

    There are so many!You like her and its anough:))

  11. MrGnomo12

    Me gustoooo!!

  12. Soufiane Khoudir

    Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiii, une bonne grosse BOUCHERIE comme on les aimes bordel !!!!

  13. MsAbolo

    <3 <3 <3

  14. Raynel Paredes

    very well

  15. Robinsonle Robinson

    Good luck in your "Career"- that wasn't the best word either. Use your pedestal. Say what needs to be said, make people listen. Go girl!

  16. Robinsonle Robinson

    Ayo is a fabulous singer with so much to say. I say to her, your message is getting across, stay strong, the tides will turn x all the best and jah watches over you x

    Robinsonle Robinson

    ...and I hope I haven't offended your religion.. your God watches over you x good luck in your career, you'll reach above the sky! 

  17. RoleModelTV

    This song is so relaxing that the time passes slower...Pure chillout :)))
    Thanks, Ayo!

  18. Ion Gradisteanu

    no chance!the others keep the control!thank you for the music!

  19. Mindo Lucas

    opre roma

  20. Patricia Cogo

    I only knew  Ayo now, when I stayed 2 monthes in France. For me the french music is so poor now a days. But with some information about  European Union and I knew this girl. Wonderful voice, marvellous songs  and I stay sad why the brazilians (I'am) dont know his work, because we are musician by nature and like to know all about good people.

  21. Michael Waddell

    Beautiful song!

  22. Carol Knox

    I love the music of the beautiful Ayo.

  23. cherwith


  24. Denise Brutus

    i agree! it means people must still open their hearts ?...

  25. Denise Brutus

    She can move moutains with her song! *-*

  26. Mohammed Malkawi

    ayo love you

  27. Karim

    ur high?

  28. Hassan Ramadan

    It's not weird in 2013 that gangnam style to get 1.6 billion watches and this get barely a million.....

  29. arnold leking

    just magnificent

  30. phoebe N'DA

    lov this

  31. My5Sense

    I likes. I likes a lot.

  32. arlette ngenzi

    love this song

  33. Judy

    Be strong

  34. Tracey Mckendrick

    just love this too!!

  35. Said Benel

    the beste

  36. Pierre-Hugues Archambault



  37. TEAM 360

    soooooooo ggooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd

  38. natlieP

    I just love her voice!

  39. kenny small

    I really liked this video, because it shows brothers and sisters there in Africa, in the struggle still having a good time, as the Blacks here in America do. Also, how we relate to one another from far...

  40. jephsimplemint

    Ayo...a tua voz é linda!...Que timbre lindo!!!

  41. poo jones

    she's my new favourite

  42. BussOutJamaica ReggaeMusicSchool


  43. Mikky Moose

    These excellent sweet notes

  44. ringerringerroses

    @Monaalona Yeah they sound East African. What is worth doing is worth doing well.

  45. Angel Bell


  46. Keyber Delgado


  47. Monaalona

    the people in this video are not nigerian and dont sound anything like nigerians

  48. PATO maravilha


  49. Pierre Lély

    Quelle classe....

  50. Jolly forJesus

    Beautiful voice.

  51. Nadine Peace

    Liebe Ayo, in einer glücklichen Beziehung wird eine Frau sicher nicht drogenabhängig - im Gegenteil eine glückliche Beziehung und die Freude am eigenen Kind können unheimlich heilen. Vielleicht möchtest du deine Beziehung zu deiner Mutter überdenken. Vielleicht ist sie nicht nur die Schlechte und vielleicht ist der Vater nicht nur der Gute. Ich verlor meine Mutter vor zwei Jahren-heute zum Muttertag will ich dich nochmal erinnern, daß jede Mutter 'gut' oder 'schlecht' ihr Kind liebt.

  52. Carlos Messala Borges de Oliveira

    "it can't never be too late
    for us to succeed
    out of every misery
    you can be released
    as long as you beleive"

  53. Winsome Duncan

    Tunneee this spoke to my heart!

  54. Katherine Poulin

    I love this song!!!!!

  55. Chimmy89

    @wedbest I am Nigerian myself and I understand you. But you can't overlook the fact that our own people are suffering because of the corruption of the higher officials. When money can be plugged into the communities and provide better supplies of water and security, the money is instead in the pockets of the higher ups. They use the money to build their large houses and feed themselves while the proletariat suffer and suffer. I love Nigeria, but there seriously needs to be a change.

  56. SklhroiXeimwnes

    peace and love from Greece..great song!keep dreaming

  57. Guro


  58. kay poly

    @jumonsizzle yeah but Sade is in another level,nevertheless they are all great.

  59. tui

    oh god!she is so beautiful
    i love her strong attitude

    i always envious as i am an asian.
    we all has different culture ,different appeal
    everybody are wonderful in the different way but i just think african woman are so powerful and lively in the most.
    thank you for your post.

  60. maidoodesu

    yes...nice ! です.

  61. ChinatownNoodles

    @KARASUNSTAR ... very true!

  62. 27mkanu

    her voice makes me think of amel larrieux... beautiful

  63. goddessalert

    @isisvenomz so true!

  64. Luis Carlos Silva

    i'm in a "Ayo mood" today

  65. ybturner

    IT IS HERE...

  66. Andrei Zhigachev

    She is really the best woman in Africa =) her voice makes me fill better =) Love you Ayo =)

  67. shaurora26

    she's beautiful:!!

  68. Judit Pinyol

    Este es el video-musical "resumen" de la vida de una luchadora....empieza durillo pero como un cuendo de hadas, acaba con el reconocimiento y el éxito merecido.... Me encanta !!

  69. Judit Pinyol

    Este es video-musical "resumen" de la vida de una luchadora....que como un cuendo de hadas acaba con el reconocimiento y el éxito merecido.... Me encanta !!

  70. moscowpassion

    cool song..like her style!!

  71. nisuperman

    Beautiful, like Nneka :)

  72. ShesLiz

    If she was talking about Nigeria at the begining she could at least have used NIgerians. Those accents are not Nigerian.

  73. Kimolle Aida

    This is awsome

  74. Sonia Suárez

    i love this beautiful voice.. :)

  75. Sansmesonge


  76. ThreeDogShow

    Wonderful eclectic genre of music with a relevant point in this weeks news of the World.... Haiti, Hold on and God Bless. Help is coming...Ayo...You are very talented... You have a Big Fan in ITALY!!! -----Enrico----

  77. Constructive Daydreaming

    @AFRIKTODAY why?

  78. Lori Dahl

    Beautiful girl, beautiful voice...you have a fan in Canada!!


    I think you will regret these comments.

  80. malinke

    I love your music and I love u Ayo (L)
    greetings from Chile.

  81. sebasennes

    She`s to good and her music sounds perfectly...
    Another fan from Portugal!

  82. leobrasa10

    Shes an African descendant, but she was born in Germany.

    Shes rhythm is incredible! Now she has one fan in Brazil. :)

    roberrtt roberrt

    leobrasa10 and don't forget about her mother witch her mom is from Romanian...

  83. vicente junior Ramos


  84. An B

    Inspiring Song, Ayo is magical

  85. goldenismonica

    about half the comments on ayo and nneka videos seem to be about their skin, ethnicity, and what race their parents are.
    who cares? lets just move on and hear some really nice music and enjoy.
    and stop bickering with each other over race and racial mixing because its really not important, its what they are doing for naija. brining naija up with their beautiful soul and voices.
    one love!

  86. goldenismonica

    im really not trying to sound like a hater but why do these artist get so much glorified love? nneka and ayo are getting so much praise and every other comment seems to talk about their ethnicity and/or skin color.
    please stop posting comments on the same bullshit.
    watch, enjoy the MUSIC and leave all that other rubbish behind.
    even if this girl was black as charchoal i wonder the kind of response she would get. the music is good and who cares about what racial mix they are!
    one love!

  87. casapia88

    jes her mother is romanian and father from nigeria

  88. GbeduPrincess

    its not but that does not mean that she is not Nigerian.....

  89. pharoah T

    love this song,shes so beautiful

  90. haadriann

    are you sure?great voice and gorgeous woman.i mean Ayo.

  91. pamelicious2001

    Wow, I just heard of her today, the first part of the video is actually a scene from her life... her mother was an heroin addict and she and her siblings went to live with her father..... she wanted to go to Nigeria, but he told her they had a better chance at life in France

  92. Please Subscribe


  93. Ken Hawk

    There We Go @ 3.19!....Can Some Of You Folks Just Enjoy The Song For Christ's Sake And Quit The Where She's From Quiz. Even If She's From Darfur Who Cares Afterall She Sounds Angelic.