Axwell Λ Ingrosso - This Time Lyrics

I see the dawn of a new beginning
This time, this time we can't go home
I see the dawn of a new beginning
This time, this time we can't go home

This time we can't go home [x12]

[Verse: Pusha T]
This time, this time we can't go home
I could hang my hat anywhere
I could start, I could finish here
It's the spark of a millionaire
Remind yourself, it's like magic
It's not average, it's more tragic
More tribal, more savage
In a world where you're surrounded by the plastic
Free your mind and just lose it
No test drive, just do it
This murder is so accidental
Us building is so monumental
Got me in my zone
Had to do my own
That put me in my throne
But this time, this time we can't go home


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Axwell Λ Ingrosso This Time Comments

    Need for speed???

  2. juan vargas

    Is WWE2K17

  3. 렙타일쇼

    Nees for speed: EDGE

  4. ali adil 777

    Wwe 2k17 anyone? And btw holy shit its been three years

  5. Gibus

    I came here because I generally like this artist and wanted to find more music by them.

  6. Arctic PG13

    They should play this at hs graduation

  7. Lorench Copeland

    Wwe 2k17

  8. Lê Diễm My

    2019 ✋🏻

  9. Isaac1_60

    Essa musica e do WWE 2k17
    That music is from WWE 2k17

  10. Miss Nina

    *Damn love this song!* Heard it on the radio during a cartrip and immediately searched for it! 😍

  11. xopher314

    Another Life is a garbage show but I'm glad I suffered through it to find this song.

  12. Dante XE

    1:14 man it's like One all over again. Your music videos really nails beats.

  13. lio philipo

    Another life Series anyone?

    Ancient Evil

    Yes, Another Life



  14. Jackson Nix

    Wwe 2k17 anyone ?

  15. ثامر باليز لا 2 / thamer baliz la 2

    WWE he’s like your song on lobby i play wwe i say what is song is amazing

  16. Medina Campbell

    Gilbert Tyler Davis, His Own Younger Brother Marvin Eric Davis & His Own Relationship

    Medina Campbell

    From, Gilbert Tyler Davis Franchise & Gilbert And Cody Franchise

    Medina Campbell

    In, Garrett. In, A Battle Of The Arena 4

    Medina Campbell

    As, The Real Very Special Guest Characters

  17. Silas 0507

    WWE 2k17

  18. Medina Campbell

    Garrett. In, A Battle Of The Arena 4’s Theme Music

    Medina Campbell

    Intro Cutscene



  20. Dolphin Muffin

    Wwe2k17? Nope. Just me.


  21. Morty

    Lets just praise WWE 2K17 for a moment. The thing which brought us to this helluva song!!!

  22. Alvin Yakitori

    ive gone through almost 3 pages of comments and only 4 have not had anything to do with wwe 2k17

  23. Adil Merzlov

    Came here because of Swedish House Mafia ffs

  24. Anthony Nichols

    WWE 2K17 brought me here! 😉

  25. Weirdbot

    Sounds like a bunch of fallen angels stating they can't go back to Heaven.

  26. Kamil Abdullayev

    Song is great but I feel like drop melody doesn’t fit well

  27. PV Dreamss

    I have wwe2k19

  28. InsomniaB

    When i first heard it in wwe 2k17, i thought it says "Extreme, extreme we cant go home" lmao

  29. Coraline Fan

    WWE 2K17 brought me here. I don't play it but my brother does. I hear the soundtrack all the time and most of them are really good

  30. Chainsaw X

    I thought he said Mr Mr vsiydyiyo

  31. Frecklybox 123

    Wwe 2k17

  32. Dan Colster

    This is sooooooo good

  33. Progressive House

    This is one of my favorite tracks by them, just because its so brilliant and UNDERRATED. Appreciate this

  34. Progressive House

    please stop commenting wwe 2k17. This makes the track so small

  35. Gustavo Salvador

    This time we can't go home

  36. Stefan Diaconu

    WWE 2K17 :)

  37. mansukh modi

    WWE 2K17!!!!!

  38. Existencial Misery

    Sorry guys but this is the most cringiest song of wwe 2k17

  39. Mr. WS

    What it looks like while being high in a helicopter.

  40. Savlieo Setefano

    A really short 3 minute

  41. Macky Blog

    Omg 😮 I love this song 🎧

  42. 참참참

    니드포스피드 엣지 ;)

  43. Blue Fire

    Badass music ever!!

  44. Antonius William

    one of the longest build up in edm history

  45. Maysaa 666

    In the first time i read you band name i think that i it's name is axwell and maxwell😏😏

  46. TheGaSkull

    the drugs xd

  47. RAP SONGS 999

    I hear this song in my dreams

  48. greygob1

    Maxwell ingress so smoke

  49. Angelita Alves

    Wowwwwww. Parabéns a vcs,desejo toda sorte do mundo a vocês 😘❣

  50. RocketBunny Gaming

    Thousandth comment

  51. oldschooldogy316

    Sitting here wondering if they can go home this time.

    Sami S

    oldschooldogy316 they made the song when they had to go home and were pissed #Swedishhousemafia

  52. Reseptic Gamer

    Look's like, Megatron was in that song

  53. Fernando Chavez

    King push

  54. Güney SALMAN

    WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

  55. StephenWestSyd

    In the middle it sounds like they got an autobot to do the lyrics.

  56. Fortnite Videos

    W2k17 fans where you at

  57. Christina. tb

    I came here from the Florida Panthers (Hockey) using this song while they practice

  58. Amber Sweet Pea! :3

    Man, the NC Edit is like a million times better.......

  59. 로블록스충&이상한상자

    난 this time이 아니라 힙스턴줄

  60. 채희지


  61. Berat sarihan

    wwe 2k17 ??

  62. skunk badass

    0.75 speed is nice or 0.85 sounds cool too

  63. 마선호


  64. Seruzora Beatbox


  65. Diego Andrade

    Annoying song

  66. Danielcool 14245

    Whos in 2018

  67. Nela Xd

    2018 guyzzz

  68. Kevin Sledge

    Yes wwe 2k17 is 👎 ☝

  69. Vagos Sunderground blablabloublias

    Every time I'm searching for a wwe song I just check the comments lol

  70. Bartosz Olszewski

    Reminds me of Need for Speed for some reason. Would fit in Rivals or Most Wanted

  71. Δέκα cents

    I came here from wwe2k17

  72. 강민규

    NFS EDGE FeelsGoodMan

  73. ephraim alves

    This song is too underrated,by them too


    definitely. that build up to the second drop and the drop itsself are unbelieveable. extended version's build up though, not this radio one.

  74. 주형

    Need For Speed Edge Soundtrack!!

  75. Mona Mustein

    WWE 2k17

  76. Alfiazi Widy

    this song is added too in WWE 2K17

  77. Ghhk 55 حيدر

    Wwe 2k17 👍

  78. ThomasThe Train


  79. gaguvids

    Gördü music wwe 2k 17

  80. Hristian Georgiev


  81. Aesthetic Boy

    Wait what time is it is 7:14 this time we need to go home

  82. OneO8

    Sounds like Mr. Mistic Home

  83. ULTRA OOF-Stinct

    Wwe 2k17 anyone?

  84. Drone Zone

    Wwe 2017 like if you love wwe

  85. yourdad ice

    /\ madman is on the loo-this time we cant go home

  86. RacerBest

    NFS Edge soundtrack

  87. lacrime

    Troppo figa 🤘💕😱


    Cri_ infatti