Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Something New Lyrics

I see the dawn of a new beginning
This time, this time we can't go home
I hear the streets of tomorrow calling
I go I go where you go
Cause we belong to something
We belong to something new

In the mist of the midnight hour
You said to me
We are, we are a different kind
O like we've been kissed by higher power
Saying don't wait don't wait until it's gone
Cause we belong to something
We belong to something
We belong to something new

We belong to something new

We are the ones that will be remembered
This time, this time we can't go home
Ooh like we've been kissed by higher power
Saying don't wait, don't wait until it's gone
I tell you if you need to know
Here is where my heart belongs
Silver threads among the gold
Kisses over babylon
This is more than a heart can bare
Mercy on me
We belong to something
We belong to something
We belong to something new

We belong to something new

We belong to something new

We belong to something new

We belong to something new

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Axwell Λ Ingrosso Something New Comments
  1. Apu889

    is it weird if i cry to this?

  2. Maksud Sk

    Remix sound one of the best background...... Love this song n background sound

  3. ιѕǫeтн

    _Love this song'_

  4. Anonymous Hacker

    Beautiful song 😎🤘🎉🎊

  5. herson reyes


  6. mia berry


    sending love from Ireland ! 💚🧡💚🧡

  7. KB IIN

    We need this kind of melody again please❤🌏

  8. cynthia keoni

    Just found this song 💓

  9. Daniel Davalos


  10. Vasco Vasco

    I belong to god, thats not new. Am sorry😂

  11. O Karlsson

    Go biker we live forewer and newer die. :)

  12. 男子高校生M


  13. Paul Willems

    I call this Bruce Springdiem

  14. Jesus Elox

    ¿Alguien sabe que modelo son las motocicletas?

  15. Beltran Mallma Muñoz

    - esta buenaso live smlli

  16. Harish Choudhary

    Which bikes are these ?


    It needs more visuals.

  18. Mario George

    This video is so retarded

  19. Dyllin Ryman

    This song was played as a tribute to a teacher at my school who hung herself inside the class room god bless the kids souls who saw that It was a sad depressing day

  20. Ronald Nestor Astocaza Huamani

    Hermosa canción , 2019

  21. - vixy


  22. демон прошлого

    Incrível como num país o Estados unidos e tão alegre desse jeito pena eu não tem nascido americano mais desejo algum dia visitar um país lindo desse jeito

  23. Sunny Dtwo

    Just found the video

  24. martin gentile

    Me encanta este video excelente y motivador!!!!

  25. Thomas Hansson

    Music for Area 51 naruto run ;-)

  26. lili

    this song is the frickin bestttt!!

  27. sad music

    Alguém em 2019

  28. Subscribe to PewDiePie Alexa

    Just a quick reminder....

    *June 2019 anyone?!*

  29. しぃお


  30. Edward Lalhminghlua

    One of the most original music video I've ever seen

  31. Pedro Andrade

    This song is really underrated, makes me remember an amazing year i had

  32. algon 1

    6 788 458 просмотров!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Надя Прохоров

    1.9 тыс нубов

  34. Nick Wilde

    This song is really something new and fresh for me, if you stay positive everyday and follow your dream, everyday is new for you. I still remember the day that I was listening this song, my girl friend broke up with me, it's time to start a new journey, do something new, learn something new, never stay past.

    World peace.

  35. Hida Yat

    👍The beast👍

  36. Entertainment

    It's Great , I don't know how to say , when I just heard this song I just wanna go far away !!!

  37. Mats Nirsou

    peace to cafe racers!!

  38. Kamal Lochan Sarangi

    Something new like....... Superb awesome song i loving it

  39. PK7

    *this song make me happy*

  40. Fläsh

    i'll just say "wow" !
    the actual quality of a music

  41. Sayanth C

    Bikes are better than cars lol

  42. Thomas Hansson


  43. Marco Antonio

    nice dude in backseat at 3:01 :D

  44. Lidia 87

    Cercavo da anni questa bellissima canzone

  45. Axel Palax

    2019 and still this is more than a heart can bare

  46. Yiğit Turgut

    Simultaneously everyone here....

  47. landofw56

    A sad song.

  48. Валерій Онуфрейчук

    Volleyball 🤙

  49. aadrii

    Still great in 2019! 😎

  50. ンラー


  51. Afterglow


  52. Yojan

    Esto sí es electrónica, no esas mamadas de ahora :v

  53. Musik Mix


  54. Kasperek Official

    I love this song 😍🤩

  55. Frore

    Plz i just want a hardstyle version.



  57. yader vargas


  58. Carlos Paniagua


  59. Hyfa J

    2019 and still just as magical. 😍

  60. Mateo Guerreiro

    I liked video. For sure the song it's awesome! (January 2.019)

  61. Yoka Mahardika

    2019, anyone?

  62. Javi ruiz

  63. Idzaudin Razak

    this song is 4 minutes right? why the video only 3min?? >,<

  64. Shalom Tissera

    This song is just something else! This song takes me to some other place all on its own. And the Robin Schulz remix of this song is equally just amazing and takes you to the tropics in yoir mind. Just love this song so much.

  65. Alexis Abs


  66. alexander campos

    Love this song and Vídeo ♥


    Me too. :D

  67. _CROSH_

    Шикарно ♥️

  68. Hynek Malíček

    I have better day with this song :)

  69. L O G A N

    This music is one of those that never fail in my daily Playlist, I love it when I listen to it in Tomorrowland 2015 and I still love it, no doubt this duo is wonderful with its lyric 😍💓🎉

  70. dvsxavier


  71. Sarah Ejaz


  72. Allison Gutierrez

    Hey Axwell !! Fue hermoso escuchar esta canción en el RTU Perú !!!!!

  73. Chiigui Nogos

    Good music but, I don't see the same girl 😂

  74. Juan Ramon

    Dude wtf?!?!? How this video was posted 3 years ago??? I thought this song didn't have a music video damn...

  75. Juan Jose Gracia Gress

    Belgium September 2018

  76. Andy Rizky Zulthony


  77. Deborah Landeo

    Me dan ganas de saltar y llorar pero de felicidad escucharla con audifonos a full.volumen es lo mejor 💞 no hay comparación ya quiero verlos en el ROAD TO ULTRA: Perú 😍

  78. maark68

    i love this vid

  79. Heyder

    AMAZING ! 1000 comment :D

  80. Petit Jr

    qporqra é essa

  81. Petit Jr



    this year they comes to peru and I very excited for that

  83. norhan elyan

    First time I hear this song but I feel something I don't know what is felling 🤔😀🙄👌

  84. t oxic

    2018 something new

  85. Axalate

    favorite part 2:02

  86. Nio Antonio

    top song , like it !

  87. Renato Rogel


  88. Rizky Papap

    2018 guys.?