AxeWound - Vultures Lyrics

Did you think this would break me?
This fucking scratch won't slow me down
You are not the first
Far from the last

This betrayal you will pay

Did you think this would kill me?
You're ignorance just fucking fuels this fire
Your time will come
Just like the rest

Death To Traitors
Off with their heads
Death to traitors
They will pay

Kill every Vulture
Tear off their heads
Kill every Vulture
Kill them all

I will crush you
Leave you in ruin
I will crush you
Leave you destroyed
Leave your fucking corpse in the road
There to rot
I will crush you
And carry on

Death To Traitors
Off with their heads
Death to traitors
They will pay

Kill every Vulture
Tear off their heads
Kill every Vulture
Kill them all

Your wings will now be mine

Kill every Vulture
I want them fucking dead
Kill every Vulture
Bring me their fucking heads

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AxeWound Vultures Comments
  1. dylan parrott

    this song is all ready good and then gates came 2 make it better

  2. Joseph Denver 2.0

    Am I on LSD because my face just melted.

  3. Daniel Grobbelaar

    Another album please. In 2018 we need shit like this

    Mike Faller

    I wouldn't count on it anytime soon, mate.

  4. Jeff Newsome

    The Laney amp that Matt uses for this album just sounds sick af. I want one. One of the greatest metal guitar tones my ears have ever heard. Deep, nasty, crisp and gritty. Fucking fantastic.

  5. dust2

    that riff is bitchin

  6. kiss_of_death

    That solo 🤘🏻

  7. Charles Marshall

    i seen a live video. i think the only solo is the harmony lead guitars. The shredding i think is done by the original guitarist. Unless syn taught him it.

    Matt LeMasters

    Charles Marshall II Matt could shred fine without Synester...

    John Pacheco

    @Matt LeMasters false.

    John Pacheco

    You can tell its syn by the notes he plays and how his feel is

  8. The Salt Supplier

    seen these guys at my first ever gig

  9. Magmoormaster

    Man it's like BFMV and Lamb of God had a baby. A real angry baby.

    Chris Ridgeway

    Magmoormaster lol nice way to put it!


    I smell Slipknot either

    NetLoves OrangeJuice

    Brightest Black So, who cheated who?

    Bloody Oneiric

    This doesn't even sound like log and it's not even that aggressive.If you want angry sounding songs listen to braindrill, traitors or infant annihilator idk.

  10. Matheus Menezes

    Que solo, Syn como sempre arrebentando...

  11. Aaron Diaz De Leon

    this is a fuking album !!! great axewound great!

  12. Taylor Mc

    This is actually a great heavy song. Not the greatest recording quality but I love the style. Could really tell the guitar solo was Syn too

    Yuri Silvestri

    plus the lead singer of BFMV being a guitarist gives this band a healthy respect :)


    I know this is a late reply, but I honestly think the recording quality is what makes it feel more authentic and heavy.

    João Pedro Cardoso

    Wtf the recording is flawless to me

  13. Masaqa_23

    The guitarsound Sounds like slipknot

    Chris Ridgeway

    Masaqa_23 agreed

    Teddy Bear

    ofc not

  14. Johnny Balvuena

    I dig the drumming. And the solo. But let's be real, the riffs suck donkey cock! Y'all are just saying it's good because gates is featured here. The distortion is to tremble and the riffs are shit. Singer has more.of a thrash sound.

    João Pedro Cardoso

    Wtf the distortion is very great and the riffs too

    João Pedro Cardoso

    Btw the solo is shit

  15. TPike777

    awesome tunee.

  16. merna killar

    im syns number one fan and i love axewound and this is the first time i know hes the one who done the solo for vultures

  17. LoredanaMatarrese

    Brian's solo *-*

  18. Kowarete Iku Sekai

    Ikr, 1 second is enough to notice his style :D

  19. dmene5

    jesus christ syn killed that is pretty sick too! Def gonna check em out on itunes

  20. Johnny Fist

    Oh no, I know he's A7X but I just love that he's in the song

  21. iDeKz

    Only 1800 views, im sad.

  22. BulletForSyukriA7X

    Shit!This song is Awesome!!now that sound like Syn

  23. Jay Synyster

    he's not in the band if thats what youre tryna say

  24. Renee Carl

    The whole song I was thinking 'this does not sound like something Brian would play' then I heard the solo. Yupp, that sounds like Brian! C:

  25. EricSynyster Gates

    Synyster Gates epic solo!

  26. Johnny Fist

    This band is AWESOME! and the fact that Synyster Gates is in it makes it that much cooler! \m/

    Mimis Loupeidis

    Johnny Fist it's just a song bro. syn wouldn't leave a7x