Axel Rudi Pell - Tales Of The Crown Lyrics

Red sky, there's a moon on the new horizon
We're dreaming on the world of broken dreams
Escaping from the Elian inquisition
But the howling in the night goes on and on

Searching for a shelter
Out of cool from the rain
Break the chains of tragedy
Feeling the pain

Unbroken bowmen
Tell the tales of the crown
Even the strong lay
Leave the tears on the ground
Unbroken bowmen
Tell the tales of the crown
Even the strong lay
Leave the tears on the ground

Keep moving on to the edge of the turn
Protect us from the realm of the other side

In a world of dreams, sins and fear
The fools held up the crown to disappear
They tried to get hold of his soul
Like they came on the other world beyond control
The torches are shining in the dark
The shadows of the sword toting a spar

They kept breathing
Our souls kept on bleeding

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Axel Rudi Pell Tales Of The Crown Comments
  1. Savvas Adamou

    This band is too underrated

  2. Paulo Rogério

    Primeiro album que ouvi do ARP, e uma das minhas musicas preferidas

  3. Melissa Perusset

    Merci !

  4. Tom Smith

    Love this stuff...Thanks to those who made it possible!

  5. József Kemény


  6. gigipurcescu

    As promised full studio discography and time line insertion

  7. gigipurcescu

    As promised full studio discography and time line insertion

  8. gigipurcescu

    F..k you ARP you are so GOOD you make my ears cry of joy

  9. gigipurcescu

    Does anybody have a playlist with the full discography ?

  10. gigipurcescu

    God save ARP

  11. MusicIsEqualToArt

    Absolutely brilliant. They deserve so many more views.

  12. Glyvenator

    @rino03b I agree with everything except Gioeli being a better vocalist. Soto is a very underrated singer and I really like his voice. But everything else you said I agree with :)

  13. RadicalSonicOtaku

    This is a epic masterpiece! But what else do you expect from Axel Rudi Pell.

  14. MusicIsEqualToArt

    Such a beautiful, underrated song.

  15. Sause HH


  16. thodoris ikonomou

    Axel Rudi Pell is the best coz of songs like this!

  17. Loe151

    This is one of my favorites by Axel Rudi Pell. Going to their concert and hearing them perform this life was amazing. The same goes for Glory Night and The Masquerade Ball.

  18. Gpro

    @Worthog117 DAMN YOU MAINSTREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Radio stations should play what's good, not what's popular.

  19. Marcus Awoolius

    @gamepro011 and it's such a bitch to find in shops, i had to acually order it

  20. Gpro

    How can such an awesome band not be on any of my radio stations? Great song.

  21. Rolandd

    It is so fucking great ;D

  22. Martin Kerek

    ARP ROCKS!!!

  23. GlyntTheCat

    This song get my whole bloody attention!!!

    god it's a DREAM TEAM!

  24. Raptros Pt

    i've been looking everywhere too since it came out and nothing, i don't know what happened to our portugese release but i'm slowly finding most albums on fnac, great to see another ARP fan in portugal. CUMPRIMENTOS

  25. lottalava

    I cannot stop to thinking, the main riff reminds me of a RunningWild song!

  26. Marcial Atienza

    Aweonao, qliao, no sabes nada de música.

  27. Young MatiCC

    damn johnny gioeli can sing nethin i still think hes at his best in Crush 40 but dis song goes hard

  28. CenturionRyan

    I plan to get it for Christmas.

    I remember not liking Mystica much until I bought it either.

    The only two songs I've listened two at the minute are this one, and Buried Alive.

  29. CenturionRyan

    Speaking as someone who considers ARP his favourite band:

    I don't really like Tales of the Crown. It's not original, we've all heard the lyrics and riffs and song structure before, and nobody in the band's really contributing much except Axel. (Although that last point is valid since the Soto years ended)

    Maybe my opinion of the album will change when I actually buy it, and listen to all the songs.

  30. 8bal19

    great song, i got the new album and i love it, once again axel and johnny(and of course the other band members) do a great job

  31. tmdkshaft

    No word on a U.S tour? Hmm, if they're in Germany in February of 2009, then chances are they'll hit the rest of EU within the next six months. Once they're done in EU, maybe they'll come to America! Axel Rudi Pell, 2009 September Tour! Oh yeah!!!

  32. tmdkshaft

    =OOOO I'm getting this album!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if ARP are touring in America to promote this album? It'd be awesome to see them live.

  33. trashsynchros

    genius as always!

    Axel 4 World Domination! ^^

  34. Gerri D

    Hey =D
    Thx Again :D
    Great songs


  35. Gerri D

    I send you a personal message^^

  36. Gerri D

    And where did you get that?^^

  37. Gerri D

    Where did you get this song?^^
    The album is not released yet!! =/
    Greetz =)