Axel Rudi Pell - Rock The Nation Lyrics

The show is over
still hear the ringing in your ears
another day on the road and no to time for fears
The lights turned off
the stage is cleared and empty
the energy level you had turned down completely

Hot nights of thunder
all fists up in the air

We are a wild creation
and we will rock this town
we gonna rock the nation
so shout it out loud

A thousand miles away from home
you're locked inside this circus
Stage fright, you try to stay cool and not getting nervous
the countdown starts, a few seconds to go, all hell breaks loose
and you're giving all that you can and sometimes even more

We are a wild creation
and we will rock this town
we gonna rock the nation
and there is no doubt

we are no strange sensation
but wanna teach you loud
we gonna rock the nation
and there is no doubt

This is your life and it means all to you
This is your time for braking the rules

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Axel Rudi Pell Rock The Nation Comments
  1. leo leterte

    We have the CD the hole CD rocks

  2. gaetan landry

    Woohoo, yaaa

  3. Jamila Andersson


  4. sebastian Martin

    that bass at 3:40... got cought into the magic of rock

  5. Ben boom

    der Sänger sollte mal solo was aus sich wieder machen ist der besser dran

  6. Sabine Günnel

    Von dieser Band kann ich einfach nicht genug kriegen!!!

    Ben boom

    Da waren die noch gut mittlerweile zu langweilig mit dem neuen schlechten drumer intressiert mich die Gruppe nicht mehr

  7. Òscar Mohe

    They really rock the nation!!!! 2016🤘🤘

  8. karldon mccarter

    Awesome band ...\m/

  9. hillclimbracingfan

    They rock the nation.

  10. hpd15

    yaaah we gonna do it

  11. Griever Squall

    Canta muito esse Johnny Gioeli !

  12. extreme1505

    johnny gioeli best voice in the world
    axel rudi pell best band ever
    thumbs up if you are listening this on 2013 ;) ^^

  13. Guilherme Campos

    Sou um deles! Fui ver a banda só na Alemanha ano passado, mas um turnê por aqui ia ser maravilhoso

  14. norma batista

    Adoro esta banda e creio que vários outros no Brasil adoram vocês façam uma turne no Brasil pease beijos

  15. fernand destailleur

    tres bon

  16. s0undchaser

    Really weak performance.... they can do far far better!!!


    prophet of the metal=axel rudi pell!!

  18. Oliver Lujan

    Great voice, great guitar, great drums, GREAT BAND!!!



  20. MrKarsken


  21. 333nightwish

    einfach geilll :)

  22. pfprush

    Awesome Video and Sound !!

  23. katrin bittu

    nächstes jahr sind wir wieder dabei!!!!!

  24. BeckyLMC

    Rock the world!

  25. Kathuhn

    und wie geil das war :D

  26. Markus Rossmadl

    Das rockt