Axel Rudi Pell - Ain't Gonna Win Lyrics

One night out of nowhere came a shivering light
Flowers were fading needy as cold, let alone in the night

Dark cloud and the storm kept on turning with the final sun
Invisible mist burning bridges were falling. Will it only be heard?

Whispers from forgotten tale
When the wind cries out to me

How long will it take to remember?
Are we surprise to see?
Hold on to the dream of surrender
We ain't gonna win in this gamble of sin

Hold it on the walls keep on breaking resolving to dust
The course of the chains causing evil and pain, how long will it last?

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Axel Rudi Pell Ain't Gonna Win Comments
  1. Tschunasun

    Super Sound, is always the same.. yes, but A.R. P. is the very BEST Hard-Rocker on our planet

  2. Sin Tame

    this is HIT, man is sooo god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. RadicalSonicOtaku

    This song is so boss!

  4. TheKevkev999

    geil geil geil ich liebe dich der das rein gemacht hat ;) :****** :[

  5. pegelstrnd

    awseome song!! :D