Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over Lyrics

I ain't playing no games
'Cause I've got nothing left to lose
I'm so tired of circular motions
They leave me dizzy and confused
My heart, oh no, is not your revolving door
I get stuck spinning and spinning and spinning
Oh, 'til I collapse on the floor

But every time that you touch me
I forget what we're fighting about
Oh, you come and you leave
Shame on me for believing every word out of your mouth

Tell me it's over if it's really over
'Cause it don't feel like it's over
Whenever you're closing the door, no
So tell me it's over

Darling, you
Oh, you taste so bittersweet
Can't get you off of my lips
You're dangerous
Wanna take me like a thief

Oh, and I
I should let this go
I try and I try, I try
But why, why won't you leave me alone?

Tell me it's over if it's really over
'Cause it don't feel like it's over
Whenever you're closing the door, no
So tell me it's over if it's really over
'Cause every time you come over
It doesn't feel over no more
So tell me it's over

I keep on leaving the light on
Hoping to find something else, oh
I've played the fool for the last time
I just can't do this myself

Tell me it's over if it's really over
'Cause it don't feel like it's over
Whenever you're closing the door, no
Tell me it's over if it's really over
'Cause every time you come over
It doesn't feel over no more
So tell me it's over

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Avril Lavigne Tell Me It's Over Comments
  1. Taye Blessed

    I think she was with a narcissist

  2. Robert Brown

    Is it possible that this song is about Avril Lavigne's break up with Chad Kroeger?

  3. Mj10

    She didnt aged. I can even still hear her teenager voice.

  4. Franz Cognocellingtone

    Doctora avril lavigne

  5. GreenTea Addict

    0:28, 1:06, 1:09, 1:28, Blackpink Rosé vibes. I want Rosé to cover this song.

  6. Kyle Laddaran

    My new favorite sooong of Avril 💕

  7. Marcelo Luiz

    Uma das melhores do álbum Head Above Water ❤️

  8. José Carbo Muñoz

    Amo esta canción 😍😍😍

  9. Aleister Amadeus Sonne

    Very good song...
    Avril always rocks!!!

  10. Bunga Official

    Her voice😍

  11. EucliffeFT

    Why does it gives me nostalgia feelings even though it doesn’t sounds like her old songs?

  12. Dazzle194

    I actually think she sounds and is singling the same because both her and I have evolved the same over the years... so am relating to her music. Good on you arvil♡♡

  13. Lady kawaii

    Like si eres de enero del 2020

  14. starxsirius

    Raisa Bruner says: " With big band orchestration and a retro sound down to the Supremes-style girl group backup singers, it's a twist that might raise eyebrows, but will definitely win over new fans. It's technically a heartbreak song -- "Tell me it's over / If it's really over," she frets about a relationship in limbo -- but Lavigne has never sounded stronger, or more confident that nothing about her is over at all. "

  15. Miriee Misa

    omg avril your voice are amazing in whatever type of music, I love that

  16. jealybean_


  17. Alma B.

    I'm not sure... but tell me if I am wrong 🤨 I think from Taylor Swift it's kinda copy from this song and video.

  18. lorencja05

    I'm so happy that she can show us her amazing voice! Her old stuff was great but a lot of people said that she can't sing :( :( She can and i'ts great! ❤❤


    Its not that she changed her musix...its because she is not the real avril...

    It's Patsy Hellcat

    Gosh, go buy a brain asshole

  20. Russell Ray Lewis

    I like this change another side like when you sang Faith Hill so cute Always.

  21. Daniel

    This is the kind of song that doesn’t get you at the first listen, but the more you listen to it the more you like it and get addicted to...

  22. cielo hermoso

    She is a unique and perfect woman with a unique and beautiful personality 💜

  23. ShonColle

    Lover sounds just like this

  24. Arise 0_0


  25. H A L L O M A N N

    Te amo mi Avril!!!!!❤😍

  26. hi goodbye

    Radiates “North Sea Texas” vibes🥰

  27. #MissKingdomVII

    I've always been a fan of hers from back then. Though I never viewed her as a SINGER per say. But she really does have good ass vocals on this song. I honestly haven't paid attention to her in years. So this surprised me that she can SANG 😆 like this. 😍 People calling her a "sell out." She was a TEEN when she first came out. Do you people really enjoy ALL the same music from when you were young? Listen to ONE genre? Why is change so bad for an artist? Evolving with music is great especially when an artist can do more than one genre. ❤❤❤❤


    Avril could always belt notes if you watch her old performances

  28. lib illeniah

    She is queen

  29. Mẫn Lê

    Anvil Lavigne drop music on my head and get head lumps.

  30. Leandro Diaz

    faltan mas temas así de Avrill!!!!

  31. Amirouche LOUAIDI

    its really avril lavigne ? show me your response

    Milena Liva

    Yes is the real Avril

  32. Ryan Porter

    People complain about her music style changing but as a artist is it not a good thing that shes giving new styles a try showing off her talent

  33. gagitho are

    I love this

  34. smarts

    I heard this playing in Morrisons while I was looking at the prices of bacon 🥓😂

  35. Abbie Riley

    0:45. I low key thought she was holding an egg 😂😂

  36. Naranja Molesta

    December 2019?

  37. Music Lover


  38. Music Lover

    This song deserves more views guys! Lets make it atleast 10 million!

  39. Vinicius Dupz


  40. Enrique Parra

    I love Avril Lavigne!!

  41. Wulan Sari

    Deserve more viewers 😔

  42. menindream littlelady

    أ ب ت ث ج ح خ ص ض

  43. Fernando.

    Nossa, já passou um ano.🇧🇷


    315 Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over (Official Video)

  45. Neto Mendes

    19/12/2019. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷👊👍🎧🕪😍😙

  46. Murda Block

    No matter her style you cant deny her talent

  47. Martin Jørgensen

    It is perfect!

  48. Tristan Mendoza

    How the F this is so underrated?!

  49. Natan Skorput

    No matter the genre, Avril is Avril, and I'm happy her music has matured, so has she. That means she has variety, and that's a good thing, isn't it. I love all her music, old and new. A very talented artist indeed. Keep it up April!


    Nice comment!

  50. Kavya

    Why this album is not on Spotify 🥺🥺 ??

  51. Birdie VLOG

    I ain’t playin no games ‘cause I got nothing left to lose
    I’m so tired of circular motions, they leave me dizzy and confused
    My heart, oh no it’s not your revolving door
    I get stuck spinnin’ and spinnin’ and spinnin’
    Oh till I collapse on the floor
    But every time that you touch me I forget what we’re fighting about
    (I forget, I forget, what we’re fightin’)
    Oh you come and you leave shame on me for believing every word out of your mouth

  52. Tainara Souza

    Avril Lavigne, suas músicas são a trilha sonora da minha vida 😍😘

  53. onelove for music

    Vocal quality 💯 !

  54. Michel hood

    So cute ....still so cute like 18

  55. Joel Lalia

    This is My Happy Ending 2018

  56. Jhon Elves Fernandes


  57. Isaac V.

    Been a year and it's so great

  58. Gabih LBS

    one year... 💕

  59. Alfredo Castro

    #1YearOfTellMeItsOver 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  60. g a e l

    *a year* 🎉♥

  61. Diego Torres Alvis

    Today, one year ago

  62. mad_ mag_

    1st Birthday

  63. Alexandra Barrels

    Happy 1st anniversary 😘😘 my favorite song of Head above water album

  64. Luis Briz

    First anniversary 💕💪

  65. Rafael Lima

    Um ano 💖

  66. Juuh Barboza

    Essa bicha não envelheceee <3

  67. Charles Castle

    This deserve more views 😢


    Avril is avril no matter what she sings what she wants i still love her....everything she do♥

  69. Meh -_-

    Under rated period

  70. Pisces Moon35

    Avril has a feline femininity like Kirsten Dunst.

  71. Music Lover



    I kinda miss punk Avril but all things change and she’s doing her thing 😊

  73. Amy McGowan


  74. Ngọc Ngọc

    Xuất bản 14 thg 12, 2018

  75. Jill durham

    Lover by Taylor Swift sounds just like Tell Me It's Over by Avril Lavigne.

  76. Music Lover

    NO ONE: this is my christmas soundtrack🎄💔😭 #heartbreak💔

    Bảo Giang Công

    I'm with you =))))

  77. Music Lover

    avril never disappoints her fanss shes amazing!! Her music is so meaningfull

  78. Music Lover

    i love avril lavigne's music i don't care about fucking views!💕 i still stan this QUEEN!

  79. Jimasun

    She can suit any music, Rock, Pop, Punk, Bubblegum pop, Pop Rock, Pop Punk, Soul, Alternative, Grunge. Love it

  80. Ashley Hall

    My girl spoke to me when I was younger.... helped keep me together as my world was falling apart, little by little, a lot by a lot, now here I am.... finding a new album and I feel like it was made for me.... 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💯💯💯💯

  81. Music Lover

    I love you avril💕

  82. Otávio Rodrigues

    Puts...quase um ano já!

  83. National Anthem

    "this love" by Camila cabello looks like this song

  84. Alvin Tôn

    Why would he broke Avril Lavigne’s iPhone like that?

  85. Martin Jørgensen

    First time I heard it today. Nice... :-)

  86. john sumalan

    She's still the rock princess I've known 😍

  87. Uriel Ortiz

    This song is so amazing. it deserves so much more :c

  88. Marcelo Luiz

    Love ❤️

  89. I Cardi

    Com esse vai e volta e mais fácil colocar uma porta giratória em casa. Kkkk

  90. World's Netizen

    i feel you don't want it's over, and me neither.
    I'm ready to crush you into pieces time and time again.😆😆😆

  91. Muhareza Chanel

    song is style for avril..she is grow up

  92. Red Bean

    avril lavigne : Like
    tylorswift : comment

  93. Raiza Rodrigues

    Falta tão pouco para fazer um ano, mas parece que foi ontem❣️

  94. TearsOf Glitter

    Me encantooooooo 💖💖💖💖💖

  95. Jose Carlos Nascimento

    Música linda show 🤘

  96. Jessica D.

    Our lady god is older, like me grew as a adult now.