Avril Lavigne - It Was In Me Lyrics

I've been to all the parties and it wasn't there
I followed where my heart leads, it wasn't there
Screamed at the top of my lungs and no one cared
Oh, oh, oh
I've searched up on the mountaintops, it wasn't there
I drove a Maserati, no fulfillment there
I've run around the whole damn world to get back here
Oh, oh, oh

Now let me feel high when I'm sober
Let me feel young when I'm older
Let me feel proud when it's over
I finally realized, all of this time
It was in me
All along, it was in me

I took the time to listen and I found it here (Ahh)
I stopped to see the vision and it was clear (Ahh)
Everyone's got an opinion but I don't care
Oh, oh, oh

Now let me feel high when I'm sober
Let me feel young when I'm older
Let me feel proud when it's over
I finally realized, all of this time
It was in me
All along, it was in me

Oh, and I
All I needed was a little faith in my life
All I needed was a little trust in myself
All I needed was to find the truth in my heart
Ah, ah, ah

So let me feel high when I'm sober
Let me feel young when I'm older
Let me feel proud when it's over
Yeah, it was in me (Let me feel high when I'm sober)
It was in me (Let me feel young when I'm older)
Let me feel proud when it's over
I finally realized, all of this time
It was in me
All along, it was in me

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Avril Lavigne It Was In Me Comments
  1. Jayson Cabansag

    Can’t to wait see this “ It Was In Me Official Video

  2. Dani Arnau

    This song has a damn therapy for me everytime I listen to it... It’s like it gives me strenght when I have a bad day and I feel like I’m lost... I cant wait to see you in Milan Avril! ♥️

  3. Cissilene Silva


  4. Jay Fish

    Beautiful 💙💚

  5. Tilot Tama

    I feel love when I listened I will embrace the past with understand and move on

  6. Parameswari Primadita

    Avril really grown up. I became her fans since her first album, we have same age. And now, I feel like I grew up with her.... 💓

  7. Ayesha Hussain

    Just goes to show, we're all stronger than we think

  8. H. Rose

    1:03 This part 😭💗

  9. Alejandro aragon cañadillas

    Second part of I'm with you. That's so great!!!

  10. Adele. Bricknell

    This song was for me today, thanks Avril!


    I dont know why this song touching my heart

  12. World's Netizen

    good morning...😘😘😘😘😋😋😋😋 slept 5 hours...
    well, it looks like I have to say some other thing...
    for a random person, it isn't too hard to know what "was in me".
    but for myself, I don't know it at all, I often totally no clue when you post this one. For me, it was very simple, I recognized you, and then you married, then I forgot you or walked my own way like anybody else, just like you were somebody else's story.
    But it's different when you let me know it was my "story". lol, too many stupid derived nonsense stories out there, hahaha.
    40 years or more, then what? when you were married, everybody else would think you have your own life.
    yeah, I am "mean", as I said, I won't step in any relationship easily just b/c I'm alone. Isn't mean/unfair to me by judging me always awfully? Emma could self partnered, I just did but said nothing all these years.

  13. Kad Lawon

    did anybody else try to sing along but with "It's a damn cold night....🎶 " at the last chorus? Haha I cant wait for the MV!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. sarah Santos


  15. Insel Nallin

    This song is so good.

  16. World's Netizen

    "you keep hurting me"(that's a joke, didn't you prove to me time and time again by showing off your "pose"?)😆😆😆😆
    really? I would like to do an exchange with you, one or two meals a day, look at you, that's why I ask you what good food have you ate recently. 😂😂😂😂

  17. World's Netizen

    i'll see how long you will fight...hold on a second, you fight for what this time?

  18. World's Netizen

    you hurt my feet heavily, I crushed your heart irreversibly, fair enough. keep whining.😑😑😑😑

  19. World's Netizen

    my suggestion: keep things simple, don't try to be my lover(private) and superior(public) at the same time, you will destroy/ruin both.

  20. Ngọc Ngọc

    Xuất bản 29 thg 9, 2018

  21. Lalremruati

    When you lost something and you had searched every corner of your house.
    But It was in your pocket all along.

  22. Youssef Sahi

    It s my song woow is dope🔥🔥🔥please return a guitar song

  23. xFallingSnowx

    "Déjame sentirme joven cuando sea adulta. Déjame sentirme orgullosa cuando termine. Finalmente me di cuenta de que todo este tiempo estaba en mi. Todo el tiempo estuvo en en mi"

    Esa parte me hizo llorar, te amo Avril Lavigne💖💖💖💖💖💙💙💙💙💙👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😭😭😭😭😭😭🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😘😘😘😘😘🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  24. World's Netizen

    as i said, that's not complicated but stupid. one won, one group won, the nation/country lost/divided, side effects.

  25. World's Netizen

    how is it related to me?

  26. World's Netizen

    and? i saw, then what?

  27. Ezequiel Rodri

    Nossa...que música mais linda

  28. Andrew Jordan

    What I wouldn't give to just hang with her for a day. She influences me more then any other artist!

  29. Tim Ahyar

    I used to listen avril's music with ma sis' on that day' the first song I heard was skater boy and I'm with u'we sing along together enjoying the moment and from that day where I fall into world of avril lavigne' now avril back with her new album and I found this song it's really bring me back to those nostalgic days' now ma sis has been having two kids' and I'm 22 already... both of us are rarely met just bz minding own business now.. Wish I can turn back the time.. I'd just miss everyone and everything ..🙏 #pardonformaenglish

  30. Vanesa Vivaldi

    i love soooo much this album. every album of avril always love from the first song to the last one, but this is beautifull!

  31. Sean Kanoog

    Is this just me? I always thought that was a birthmark on her leg, I had no idea it was a tiny star. Maybe its a Star Birthmark? Born a Star. Haha.

  32. Iván Hoffstetter

    we need the music video

  33. Nuran Karabay

    İlk defa dinliyorum güzel sevdim bunu ✌❤

  34. Samantha Sherers

    She deserves so much credit. I have loved her from the beginning and she still relates to me.

  35. World's Netizen

    I'm not sure the point or have no clue yet. it's being a long time.i'll walk like E since my feet back online and I'll take a free tour by myself, the last time I was walking around almost decade ago, so I literally don't know where I'm living right now. Needless to say, we play together day by day, and I didn't clean my apartment a long time, lol

  36. Jacob Zian

    It fucking better,this album is very inspirational and motivational!

  37. Ticiane Rodrigues

    Melhor do álbum ❤️, Brasil aqui 🇧🇷

  38. Kelly Harvey

    Wow 😮 self love 💕 I love it 🥰 finding my strength after so much chaos this reasonates so much I’ve always doubted me but I actually am beginning to love who iam

  39. D0NNA

    1:33 - 1:38 she definitely meant on that how some people believe she died and how she doesn't care about it. So deep Avril 😔.


    Kids: Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift
    Legends: Avril Lavigne, Billie Eilish

  41. Stevan frank Koy

    I need MV !

  42. Zane Ramos

    this is “i’m with you” part 2

  43. Jaklyn Saylors

    Hi avril its baby Jaki. Emo tiffany is gonna treat me like a baby

  44. danieltmedeiros

    I love you AVRIL!!!!! Come to Brazil

  45. ESC Omar

    This song is amazing
    Wow Avril!

  46. Eloh leal

    suas musicas tocam muio o meu heart

  47. Sanjib Chakraborty

    But was unable to come along ...

  48. Ceeydee Ceeydee

    All along it was in me

  49. San P:3



    She should do a music video for this song :). You can check out that Avril will do a music video for this song, "Birdie" and "Warrior".

  50. Edd Misael Francisco

    Love you Avrillll!

  51. Sanborn Olsen

    Absolutely brilliant song, well written & beautiful melody. Avril is love

  52. Chicky Peep

    ad: watch me shop, I got things to do
    avril: I've been to all the party's it wasn't there
    me: did you see that ad? better go shopping

  53. Nelson de Almeida

    Esta é a minha música preferida do álbum Head Above Water :)

  54. Víctor Torres

    I love all her albums❤️

  55. Mimi Snowy

    Hit the like button if you love this song, and then comment if it's relatable!

    Mimi Snowy


  56. H S

    20million for MV
    can we make it when Avril release its MV

  57. chun nu

    Masterpiece forever.

  58. Ralph Santiago

    next single pls


    It will be the next single ;)


    Avril's next music videos will be for this song, "Birdie" and "Warrior".

    Antho Rew

    @D0NNA really?


    @Antho Rew yup.

  59. Maria Rinta-Rahko

    This song is so beautiful, powerfull, emotional and relatable.

    She has such a beautiful, cute, powerfull, emotional and unique voice. Part Two of I'm With You.

    She's so talented, creative, strong, kind, confident, cool and friendly.

  60. Mr dudle

    Almost 10 mil subs

  61. silvia megan mazzantini

    THANK YOU FOR EXISTING😭❤💘✨ you're unique. #littleblackstarforever

  62. Golden Star

    1:01 THIS PART JUST KILLED IT 😍😍😍 love you my queen so much 💖👑

  63. May Juntado

    I live you please follow me back @zapjuntado i love love love you more

  64. Kwan Sun

    Now i Know, that all the long it was in me, Thank You Avril !!! S2

  65. Erbin Haeril

    I love the intro

  66. Christal ene

    wow so powerful song, i love you Avril Lavigne

  67. Kim Esparto

    I love it this song 🙏

  68. Tairon Lemon

    This is talent

  69. Better off Without him


  70. H S

    Avril dont need a grammy award
    because she already win

  71. roniere fernandes


  72. Joao Paulo moemamg

    Avril #brasil

  73. rionka

    gosh this is so darkly bouncy beautiful

  74. Valerie Betancourt

    Music video for this one please!!! This is my favorite one!

  75. Joao Paulo moemamg

    Esse grito dela mostra q é a mesma Avril lavigne 👏👏👏👏 povo inventa cada coisa🤦‍♂️

  76. Mr dudle

    Let me feel proud when it's over

  77. Frosted Ice Pharoah

    Happy Birthday Avril 2019.💘💝 her voice is so powerful and angelic

  78. MadSnake123

    I definitely thinks this is her weakest album yet ... i feel it doesn't have a distinctive sound, most songs kind of sound the same. I do get this is probably her most personal album and honestly that's ok. There are some really good songs (like this one for example). But maybe she was still recovering or feeling rusty in the studio. Not saying the album is bad, is just not as good as i would hope. However, one thing is for sure, i'm so glad she is back, the music world needs a true artist like Avril Lavigne. Hopefully the next one will be even better with a fully recovered and an even more inspired Avril.

    Dimitris K.

    She said that her next album will be more fun, upbeat and aggresive.


    @Dimitris K. I hope, because that's when she truly shines ...


    Avril said her next album will be like "The Best Damn Thing 2". It will be cool :P.

  79. sinan bahçe

    Video clip ? 😥😭☹😔🙁

  80. Glam Boy


  81. All About Anime Otaku Senpai

    Taena everytime I listen to this song tumitindig balahibo ko.. 😤😤😍😍Avril the queen

  82. Juan Del Nero

    You make me feel young again <3

  83. Nabila Dou

    Push your self away from hell i m in my way douwn

  84. Thomas Minder

    great song

  85. Luzia Ferreira de Matos Lopes

    muito linda!

  86. Art Taylor Keno

    I hate your curly and yellow hair. Please Avril back your original hair this video. The videos I fell in love with the devil. Curly hair. Super hates 😈😈😈

  87. Pablo Bazaes

    You are so special and amazing, I'm speechless. Great work. Just beautiful voice and music, very inspiring.

  88. propilot sk

    How anyone can dislikes this beautiful song?

  89. Glauber Banhara

    Essa música tem que ter clipe 😗😗😗

  90. 0623kaboom

    what a beautiful song ... it would pair so perfectly with Im with you as a duet round of both songs at once .... Never stop fighting for what you care about Avril

  91. Frosted Ice Pharoah

    Her voice is so powerfully angelic... this song breathes life into me

  92. Giselly Batista Alves

    Essa música é um hino!!!

  93. alejandro jose flores

    [[Å[email protected]]]!$©¬§Г🎒™🔷🔶🔷✔🔱⭐🔱🌠🌠💠💠🌠®⭐💑👯®💝™📷📷😌😒⛺🌆🚛🚛🚕🏮🚲🇺🇸⛺🚣🚤📶🎦🆖ℹ♿🚻🚮🚰🉑🛃🛄ⓜ💠🆚📴✅🏆❕™♑♐🔯🕑((🕧🔛🔚)➖◽▪〽🔗➰〰🔶⬜12(887)''..")🐯⚡⚡🌁📷🎑🎑🎊🎊🚬💵📧📦🏂🏄📦📘📒📗📒📗)()_&📗📐📙🏀🎬(🃏🎻🎮🎻🏁🏂

  94. Augusto Decena


  95. Augusto Decena

    One of the best single!

  96. Augusto Decena

    This song deserves lot of views and recognition!

  97. ir vita

    🤔 well...
    Really, even , new style music ...
    She still sing it , very perfect , so unique 👍👏👍👏👍👏
    Wow, wow, ...👍👍👍👍👍🎶🎼🎶
    I ll buy her new album.. 👏👍
    Really , very proud of her , to be her fan until this time since i am teenage..

    Time 2:17 and after... wow... 👍👏🎼🎶 , especially around the time 3: ...

  98. abcdefg hijklmno

    she put her heart and soul to her music i'm moved. ❤❤❤