Avril Lavigne - Hot Lyrics

Ah, ah ah
You're so good to me baby, baby

I wanna lock you up in my closet when no one's around
I wanna put your hand in my pocket because you're allowed
I wanna drive you into the corner and kiss you without a sound
I wanna stay this way forever I'll say it loud

Now you're in, and you can't get out

You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It's so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream
You're so fabulous
You're so good to me baby, baby
You're so good to me baby, baby

I can make you feel all better, just take it in
And I can show you all the places you've never been
And I can make you say everything that you've never said
And I will let you do anything again and again

Now you're in, and you can't get out


Kiss me gently
Always I know
Hold me, love me
Don't ever go
Ooh, yeah yeah

[Chorus X2]

You're so good

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Avril Lavigne Hot Comments
  1. cns180784

    Babeeeh sparkling blue eyes with mega jugs....urrrrrrrrrr get in there son urrrrrr lol

  2. Jade Bartholdson

    This was playing off of my playlist after my bf cheated on me, thank you Avril, I love how you always help me through my depression

  3. Mia Criscitello

    She posted this on Mean Girls Day.

  4. Antonette Dela cruz

    she look like taylor swift when she has that bangs on her head

  5. Marcus Biggs

    Awe I love this song! :) ♡

  6. Żurecki Mistrz

    Im so happy i could listen her and Katy Perry when i was 13 yo <3

  7. World's Netizen

    so hot that my little self wants more...😁😁😁😁and her practice for the hot dancing here is laughable😅😅😅😅

  8. tmia music channel

    Avril is a queen

  9. Fallen But Saved

    Dude we DID NOT know how good we had it with Avril, Paramore, Evanescence back in the day. We just didn't. Now we have Coldplay. Halsey. Lana Del Rey.


    excuse me, Coldplay have been in the radar since 1996 & were huge (as I remembered) in 2004 (until now) which means they were around the corner along with these artists; avril, evanescene etc

    sorry, im a big fan of Coldplay so im quite offended

  10. عبدالله

    From 2020 like ❤️

  11. Im Bored

    This song describes the way we all feel about avril


    Avril I LOVE YOU💖🔥💖

  13. Richie rich

    Hottest music video ever★★★♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Nicolas Cespedes

    She is so beautiful . I would like to know more about her !!

  15. Kingsol Vlogs

    2020 everyone?

  16. Kingsol Vlogs

    2020 everyone?

  17. Андрей Маскаев

    Hot, Hot, Hot!

  18. yusrina hamat

    Still love this song 2020 😍😍

  19. Rochelle Samson

    Still listening 2020❤

  20. Betsy Babu

    God I miss listening to her.

  21. Sprints William

    Γ(n) = (n-1)!

  22. marcos felipe


  23. youknowmeGP

    This is my killer track when im on my motorcycle
    Too girly eh?

    Aniya Berry

    nothing wrong with that keep rocking your music

  24. C T

    I miss this bitch



  26. Klea Kormaku

    Will always love you... ❤️

  27. Chris Harris

    I Would Comment But I'm Pitching A Tent To #AvrilLavigne

  28. Juan Zubi

    HI. Avril is alive 100%. I made the best and most clear video wich show without any doubt that Avril is alive and all the conspiracy theory is false. If everybody watch it that stupid theory ends. To watch it just click in my Gandalf icon. To all Avril's fans, please help me to make the video more visible by watching it and giving it like. if everyone sees it we end up whis this stupid conspiracy that has done so much damage to Avril. Bye!!

  29. sading rome

    I love you Avril let's get married Am Rich I'll buy you Ferrari and Louis Vuitton everything you like.

  30. cc360

    I hope she comes out with more music. It's 2020 people!!

  31. Amir Asadi

    i remember she performed this for an MTV music award or something in that green dress

  32. Renato Britto

    sinto a mesma sensação d como se estivesse vendo pela primeira vez <3


    cantora ruim

    Renato Britto

    @DESTRUIDOR DE YANKES SATÃ 2 poderia te dar um milhao de respostas, mas to com preguiça entao vc q lute, hater fracassado

  33. Klaudia Łysiak

    2020 ANYBODY? Love Avril

  34. Natasa Jemelianovova


  35. Natasa Jemelianovova


  36. Natasa Jemelianovova


  37. Natasa Jemelianovova


  38. Natasa Jemelianovova


  39. Natasa Jemelianovova


  40. Natasa Jemelianovova


  41. Natasa Jemelianovova


  42. Natasa Jemelianovova


  43. Natasa Jemelianovova


  44. Natasa Jemelianovova

    Happy birthday.2020.

  45. Lady kawaii

    Soy la unica de enero del 2020?

  46. Asad Ali

    It was 2007 and i was in love with her .... and now its 2020..and i still love her.. Amazing Artist ... My heartbeat ...

  47. sophie

    she is literally perfect bye

  48. Christopher Jenkins

    How'd she get my crop!

  49. Seasides Lilo

    I remember that when she had this change in her style everyone were saying she wasn’t the same anymore.

  50. Cavalinho de Tróia

    2020??? 😂❤

  51. Ferenc Puskás Biró

    Alguém em Janeiro de 2020 ?

  52. cns180784

    "Now you're in you cant get out" blimey think i like the sound of that...for whoever its aimed at lol

  53. Monty

    That Smokey eye shadow makes me weak

  54. hi lol

    Entering 2020 channeling Avril vibes. 🔥

    Aniya Berry

    Same girl

    Aniya Berry

    Happy 2020

  55. Lara Lima

    2019 prá 2020

  56. Isnaldo Lima

    Minha princesa 💕

  57. cns180784

    Avril, whats with the still image to this video, half of your jugs showing to the camera. I know why, you just want all the men drooling over that image to empower yourself....well guess what i find it disgusting! how rude....you should cover yourself up, show some decency. Lol.


    They are nice jugs you have...but dont expect people to just grope them! lol

  58. Daniel Arkangel


  59. Czathryllaniii

    She'd be perfect for Harley Quin or A Bad Girl Barbie.

  60. Czathryllaniii

    She'd be perfect for Harley Quin or A Bad Girl Barbie.

  61. Sprints William

    Cameron Monaghan and Sloan Rooney and Harvey and Luther and Martin and Leonard

  62. Jenna22 winning!!

    #me2 #seeher #truth #mohavecountysheriffcorupptionends #me2voter #recallgavinnewsom #mohavecountysheriffcorupptionends

  63. _unknownartist91

    Bitch this is still iconic in 2019. 2020 is a day away and I’m so bringing this into the new decade. Slay my queen slay

  64. Log Bustos

    Qué recuerdos.. 😢

  65. Vince Vic

    do you think i believe you are the virgin mary

  66. OfMine

    This song taught me to love the good guys.

  67. Carlos Peniche

    Where was I when this was released?
    Oh yeah
    I had just turned 10 that same day

  68. cns180784

    It seems as tho ive come across a lot of ppl that i have a connection with...woof woof lol

  69. Liz9926

    Desember 2019?

  70. Japril Rodis

    Still the best 😊

  71. Felipe Montes

    ¿2019/20? :3

  72. Archana Das

    This was being played on the car while I was sleeping and I legit woke up to dis beautiful song! ❤💞 so I did my thing, listening to the song carefully and searching it up on yt XD and I found it! I'm so glad I found this song, I just love it! ❤💞💘💘❤💞

  73. Rajim Wakefield

    You know i thought she was gonna have kid after this song🤷🏾‍♂️😭.... Avril what happened?

  74. Alejandro Mineros

    All we need is this video in HD 🤩

  75. P G

    So nostalgic :) seems I heard this just yesterday

  76. Ferenc Puskás Biró

    Alguém em Dezembro de 2019 ?

  77. Mahudhee Mohamed

    DECEMBER 2019! :)

  78. Tommy Solera

    Avril will always be an icon FOREVER.

  79. niler türkcan

    Year 2020... 😪😭

  80. いれいざー。


  81. いれいざー。


  82. Natasa Jemelianovova


  83. Luis Diego

    I love the parts where she was wearing the striped shirt... I feel butterflies 🦋 😍 🔥

  84. Caris LBiplane

    Queen 👸🏼

  85. Dyenefer Jfhfjfjgzghc

    Minha infância todinha essa música

  86. Peni Yuliastuti

    Assalammualaika2" Este" princess" Resti anggraeni" ceritakan2" lah akan sesungguhnya kamu n kekehormatan2" kekeluargaan2" kamu" akan baik2" dikala2" kamu2" n beranekaragam keluarga ksmu yg selalu saya akan ingin meraneka2" mengensl akan sehari2" kamu berkesibukan berjenis2" lingkungam berkeadaan seperti apa akan th lalu2" akan ketika2" alam semesta ini bertampakan warna warni pelangi2" yg tampak berupa hillal2" bulan yg berbentuk mekungnya2" diantara lekungan planet bumi semesta ini" akan daratan2" bercahaya sinar berpancaran cerminsn air" yg berkelembabpan2" beranekaragam2" tenang serestarinya udara berhembusan2" selalu berkeadaan2" bernekaragam2"nya akan umat manusia berjenis masyarakat berkesibukan2" berdengkian2" akan berjenis kendaraan2" berlalu lalang2" nya berkegaduhan akan baik musim hujan n baik2" musim panas" beranekaragsm saya" Angga rach beranekaragam2" nya begitu2" akan meranekaragam" berjenisnya2" akan sedih senang bahagia2" berkelapangan jiwa" raga"saya Angga rachmadi " akan pria berkeutuhsn jiwa"raga" wanita berkelembutan perhatian cinta berkesunyian2" berkesendirian2" nya saya terpisah berjenis2" alam2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" beranekaragam2" berjumpa n berbincang2" berkesendirian2" akan secara berkeadaan berjenis2" restarinya2" tuhan seluruh alam ibadah2" n kehidupan2" berkeluasan kemegahan sinar2" cahays yg meranekaragam berkesegala2" arah berjenis2" luas megahnya alam2" jagad bumi planet ini beranekaragam2" th lslu n hingga beranekaragam2" pesan2" berupa berkpribadian2" fenomena2" luas megah restari tanah planet bumi semesta ini beranekaragam th berganti kedepan2" beranekaragam2" selalu" berlangkulan berjenis2" akan selalu berkesegaran bermain berkerelaxsasian2" berkesendirian2" berkunjungan2" n berkerendahan2" tanah planet bumi ini selamanya2" aksn beranekaragam2" berpuluhan rumah ibadah2" berjenis teduh segar2" nya beranekaragam2" nya wilayah2" berjenis2" beranekaragam nya n akan serta2" berkerendahan segar2" memerhatikan memuliakan berjenis2" selalu berkeadaan2" orang yg dikucilkan n dipandang2" sebelah hati n akan2" berjenis2" kaum2" dhuafa2" beranekaragam2" akan kekurangan2" cinta segar2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" bersedih2" n bersenang" berkeluh kesah2" nya beranekaragam jiwa" raga" saya"Akan saya2" akan ibadah2" n kehidupan2" sendiri2" berpenyebdirian2"nya akan cinta berkerekaxsasian2" merendahkan jiwa" raga" selalu2" nya akan beranekaragam2" selalu berkehormatan2" berhubungan energy2" cinta berkasih berkerendahan sendiri akan2" beranekaragam2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" selalu" everey day" everey years"

  87. Hayabusa Hanabi

    2:20 i love her so much

  88. Arturo Ortega

    Dic 2019

  89. jose villao

    Who listen Hot in 2020?

  90. A. Degollado Messier

    Damn I was like 20 when this song came out😱

  91. wutheringheights01

    This is the song I listen to when I have a crush lol

  92. Nuraini Az-Zahra

    I very like you Avril😘😘