Avriel & The Sequoias - The Summit Lyrics

Keep walking, keep talking, keep climbing to the summit
Keep shaming, keep taming those voices in my mind

Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh
Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh

Straight face same game I can't shake what I'm becoming
No pain and no gain, yeah, I've fallen out of line

Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh
Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh

Settling down, settling down to the summit
Looking around over the clouds all alone
Waiting around, waiting around all I wanted was my home
Was my home

Ooh... I know it won't be long
Ooh... and I'll keep walking on

Air's thin, I can't win but I still keep running
Can't breath, can't see but I'm headed for that light

Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh
Oh, oh, oh-whoa-oh

Settling down, settling down to the summit
Looking around over the clouds all alone
Waiting around, waiting around all I wanted was my home
Was my home

Ooh... I know it won't be long
Ooh... and I'll keep walking on
Ooh... I know it won't be long
Ooh... and I'll keep walking on
Ooh... I know it won't be long
Ooh... and I'll keep walking on

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Avriel & The Sequoias The Summit Comments
  1. Yvonne Rousseau

    I just.........WOW!!! <3

  2. Zen

    Pure, warm, elevating.... NIce of You to share it... TY :)

  3. Brian Backup

    What if Peter Hollens and Tim Foust sang this with Avi?

  4. James Heinrich

    Hell yeah I'd follow him to the mountain too but i wish he had more faster songs!

    alma petry

    I'm hoping he gets to compose movie scores. He seems like an absolute natural for that and I would love to hear it.
    Of course, I can't create any kind of music myself so all I can do is keep listening in amazement to people who can. 👍👍

  5. João F.

    MAN! WHAT!? WHY AM I CRYING BRO? JEEZ LOUISE... You're freaking awesome, God dang it!

  6. Kitty Meow

    XXXXXOOO ♡♡♡

  7. ghostzarro

    some of the guitar work reminded me of days of the new. good song, happy avi is doing well and obviously found his fans

  8. Patricia Maguire

    Another Awesome Song from Avi...unique and Empowering Yet Calming...Love it 💞

  9. Radhika Singh

    I hope he gets the fame he deserves.
    Love his deep voice .😍

  10. Muscat Sim

    Am i reading Bible or listening to a music

  11. Anonymous Vapes

    I’d love to hear Abi sing Close The Door and Turn The Lights Down Low

    bryce courtney

    Your man* by josh turner

  12. Andreys Nicco

    Im sad you left ptx im miss yoy and i could tell ptx misses you

  13. Dina Crow

    IDK who routes/dispatched, plans your tour schedule, as a efficiently mined and organizing person..
    I have to applaud the schedule...it's in line,.
    In terms of financial soundness and utilization of time and energy, it's something I like, and NOTICED!!
    Ok I'm a virgo, are we like this!!
    O, and Avi inspires me, in my delayed creative awakeness!! TY

    Livu S

    (sentence to sentence you sound more and more like me omg hi fellow virgo 😂)

  14. BarylkaSnK

    God damn. That outro stole my heart...

  15. Gayle Ash

    Sure, he may be a good bass. ...but this song reminds me of Frozen, (when they're gathering the ice).

    alma petry

    They are both chants. It's a style used to convey a rhythmic forceful forward motion. That's what this song is all about. Plodding on against your will.
    The use in Frozen is as a workers rhythmic chant, sort of like the rhythm scullers use when racing.
    Very effective use in both songs.

  16. I'mNotASnacc

    Why is Avi like, my, idk, FAVORITE PERSON?

  17. Michael Thompson

    I find him a very calming individual, and I like his music!

  18. M.O.S Young

    How come his music isn't in Red Dead man?

  19. Grace Carson

    Seriously one of the most talented singers and artists of this time. Thank you, God, for blessing this earth with Avi Kaplan.

  20. David Vonch

    Love this

  21. DJWONTONho

    Can you PLEASE collaborate with Teddy Swims!!!!???

    alma petry

    That would be awesome!!



  22. Nivedit Seth

    The WONDERFUL and DREADFUL day is soon to come brother.... WAIT WILL BE OVER SOON.

  23. Beverly Severin

    There are no words! His music is deeper than mere words.

  24. maria older

    He has such a powerful and emotion filled voice. You feel his music rather than just listening to it.

  25. Immanuel

    1,25 speed. :D

  26. Stevie Wonder

    0:56 This be some of that Crosby, Stills, and Nash/Bon Iver shit and I am living for it

  27. Carol Manson

    Muito bom,sua voz arrepia *-*

  28. Béatrice


  29. stfuplz


  30. Nakita

    ❤️ sigh

  31. Patricia Biron

    Je n'ai absolument aucunes idées de ce que je serais devenue sans ta musique, en solo. Je te remercie TELLEMENT, pour ton talent, et ton intelligence.. Merci.

  32. raydeene 7

    My all male acapella group is making this into a piece and we will be performing it in the spring! I'm so excited! I'm the bass so I will have Avi's part! I'll be sure to post it if we record it!

    Vanclaudel Ko


    Livu S

    Good luck :)

    (but you know that all part here is Avi right? 😁)

    raydeene 7

    @Livu S Yes and I can hit all of the parts but I'm glad that there is so much diversity in his voice that there is a part for T1&2s Baritones and Basses!

  33. Stevie Wonder

    Somebody needs to use this in some kinda bad ass western type game ad

  34. Zach Nason

    Love the solo work. Really get to show off your full range. Love the mix and song composure.

  35. Starmaker Videos

    I can feel ur artistry its spiritual, i used to think this is how art should be expressed. Thanks for this.

    Livu S

    Art is the tool not the very thing to express & there is a thousand way to express sg, this is one of them.
    However, one of my favourite as well 😁

  36. soimboredandtesting

    This is my favorite of the new songs!

  37. Marta O.

    If mountains could sing this is the voice we’d hear... 😌😍

  38. Stan Hawkes

    The world needed a bass lead.

  39. Grace García

    This song makes me feel so powerful. Like nothing can keep me from reaching my own personal summit.

  40. fra_ Mtv

    0:19.... I'm dead...too deep❤️
    "Those voices in MY MIND"

  41. Connor Robison

    It's great work music

  42. Jet Florentino

    Avi sir, if thou hast released ye's first album. Let ye say for thy must know that ye's piece is gold and ye's message is eternal and that us may buy and lavish the joy of thy art in our thine heart.

  43. M1KE Nba

    Why does his songs sonds like they could all be in a series ?

  44. Sheresse Gorman

    I like this one.

  45. Lindy Vaughn

    a v i !!!!!

  46. Tasha Cleveland

    God gave Avi the best voice ever

  47. Hữu Phúc Võ

    this is good for homework

  48. Denell Bennett

    Love this. Reminds me of old Viking or Celtic music.

  49. nicklas2311

    just one more of deep amazing songs , go one this Way dear Avi from Germany ;-)

  50. Dalexa Mess

    Diferente pero hermoso

  51. Ege Günsür


  52. Gaëlle Étémé

    he makes you love folk again

  53. Kristi Enigl

    who got top see him in concert????

    alma petry

    I have to tell you, I have seen a lot of really good artists in concert but this show topped them all.
    I saw them in St.Louis. Tyler Ramsey opened, Avi' band is Jeremy Lister, Jonathon Lister, Kaleb Thomas Jones and Daniel Ellsworth. Every single one of them is amazing and you put them with Avi it's just unbelievable. So sorry I didn t go to more shows

    Kristi Enigl

    @alma petry Damn I wished I had seen him.. He played the Troubadour on July 10...I only discovered him last week cuz I stumbled onto a Peter Hollens video (and he is AMAZING).. I did know PTX but didn't tune into them until recently..BUT AVI holy mother of gawd...next level

    alma petry

    @Kristi Enigl yes, I listened to PTX to hear his voice. Then waited two years after he left just hoping he would come out with music. Then BAMM!!
    His show is all original Avi except for one awesome cover. I forget how many songs but it's a good long show. It just doesn't seem possible that each piece is so good but they ARE! Here's a pretty good clip from NY. https://youtu.be/Eu8EvHg9LVw

    Kristi Enigl

    @alma petry Thanks so much! I loved the music he did with the Sequoias, too.. all really beautiful. Made me want to visit the Sequoias for the first time in a loooong time, already booking a trip. I think his music is actually initiating a change for the better in me ... he is very special

  54. Dalexa Mess


  55. Jennifer Piper

    So loving what your doing with your solo career. You have such a lovely voice and what you choose to sing about is usually rather inspiring. Thanks for all the great tunes!!

  56. 板垣未智


  57. Beth (Bee)

    Omg cant get over the sound, love it and the guitar ❤❤❤

  58. Pamela Cassise

    You are absolutely the best singer ever. Your voice is addicting. I could listen to you every day all day long. I feel sorry for all my past singers because since I heard you they never get my time. So, 8 hrs. later from my former comment I have been listening to you all day. See what you do to me. That voice, a gift from God.

  59. Елена Ключникова

    Avi ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Jepe Roma


  61. Kosheen Wolf

    lol imma be honest.. im a screaming lil bi*ch over this song !

  62. Charlie Viars

    Grabs you by your soul to let you know this is real !!!!!!!

  63. SayVen

    Nate Dogg?

  64. raystrife234

    I want more of this... Feels so baddass but at the same time so calm

  65. Cissa Gomes

    You was the one I most like in pentatonix, now you made this masterpiece , I love you even more man

  66. Евгения Белкина

    this voice makes me goosebumps! Thank you for your work and this magical velvet voice!

  67. Thea QUEEN

    Wow Avi youre the greatest for the location you read voice wonderful
    I ve a question
    Why you leave pentatonix ? Maybe for the different style ? I can feel you're soul in this song greatest Avi

  68. Adeel Sumar

    Does anyone else hear that *SUPER* low note at 0:10?

    no? just me?

    Kathy Washburn Bunn

    Yeah. I hear a bass guitar playing a note there.

  69. Hailfire97

    Three Sisters, Cascade Range, Oregon in the background? I swear I can see those mountains from the hill above my house....at a VERY similar angle....

    EDIT: Taken from the top of Mary's Peak, no?


    alma petry

    Wherever it was taken is absolutely gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a magnificent view!!

  70. Corviniana


  71. Swimming Mermaid

    Yes, yes, and yes, Avi letting his hair down!!!!!
    About time you did what you wanted to do, go the path you were made to go!!!
    Love it!!!!!

  72. Nish Nish


  73. Ella B Cool

    Stunning and beautiful, another amazing song xxx

  74. M I Z R A H I

    This shit is good! What a fucking groove man!

  75. Homeskillet

    So nice to hear your bass front and center again!

  76. caty cudd

    "sighing" yes i need this...i need some Avi all the time

  77. X Headliner

    I thought I was a base, after listening to you solo I feel like a soprano...

  78. Marti Dawson

    Avi, are these songs available in a cd format, or just online ? I still prefer cd's !! If there's ever a tour stop in San Diego, please let us know !! I just found all this awesomeness, and Visalia and LA are too far, and now finished.. :(

    alma petry

    I sure hope he creates one and offers it through his merch store!

  79. Sharon's Place

    Your voice and songs like this seem to resonate from a haunting of the wide open ranges, deep woods and ghosts of the past. It makes a chill tingle down the spine but leaves you feeling like you’ve been touched by something clean and powerful

  80. Brownpixles

    All avid songs sound like they could be on movies their just so cinematic ugh I love this guy ❤️😭

  81. Emily Jane Lee


  82. elizabethtailor111

    Thanks! I was thinking the summit was his home, but you are saying it's the peak of success??? And he got sidetracked into striving for that, when all he really wanted was something he already had, his home? Makes a big more sense now.

    If all that is true, his experience with Pentatonix was probably very valuable in that it clarified what is truly valuable to him, something I think a lot of people don't realize until they're much older, and have wasted a lot of time. When I was VERY young (a loooong time ago!) I had a similar experience. People in the New York entertainment scene had observed I had some talent, and we're kind of grooming me to have success in that, but after living the lifestyle that goes with it, I knew I didn't want that kind of life. Like Avi, my family and friends were more important to me, I saw an awful lot of entertainers on that summit all alone.

    Besides, what he's doing now is way better than being a base line.

    Livu S

    This 👆🙌
    My thoughts too about the song :)

    And same experience. Of course on a muuuch smaller scale, but similar feelings :)

  83. elizabethtailor111

    What a jewel of a song. I wish Avi had some interviews where a person could gain insight on what he was writing about. Having to guess about this song, I'd say it was about an uncomfortable period, adjusting to change, and striving for the discipline needed to overcome getting in your own way (which every last one of us does to varying degrees!) There also seems to be an element of, well, might I say, whining! All he wanted was his home, but dadgummitt! He has to go through all this other stuff too, to get to the beautiful summit.

    Avi, it's worth it. We love what you are doing. Now, I'm going to Amazon to buy some of your work. I'm older, and can't make treks to live venues anymore, but I want to support you. And I urge everyone else to do the same.

    alma petry

    He talks a great deal about his new music in his live shows.
    In essence he says that the lifestyle PTX has to lead nearly took him down. He has a solitary side and needs to get out into the open to hike and camp. He also does a lot of nature photography now and spends much of his time writing. None of this was possible with the heavy schedule, workload, and city life they were all living.
    As the stress was building his mother's long time battle with cancer began again. He would fly home after a concert overseas to be with her during surgeries and then go straight back to do the next concert.
    He talks how those last years he felt like he carried a weight on his shoulders and it didn't go away until he could get to go home.
    His lifestyle now is busy and immersed in music as well as his academy and the honors choirs he teaches but he makes his own schedule.
    Yes the music is about escaping misery but it has a powerful and hopeful element to it also.

  84. Ass Ton

    His voice sounds so much different wether it's high or low.

  85. Piggy Vlogs

    That voice pierced through my neck hahaha

  86. david aarón vargas villanueva

    A Tour in LAm Please.

  87. Rill Dill

    Love Avis voice, not so much the other singers When you have a voice like you do. You do NOT need backup singers.

    alma petry

    There are no other singers. It's all Avi. In his solo work he uses his complete range and harmonizes with himself.
    If you listen carefully with earphones you can hear all the layers and his very wide vocal range especially in his last 4 releases and in Fields and Pier.

  88. Wheeled salmon

    1:11 the knocks only in the right ear and my door is to the right, I got really confused

  89. Carlos Mariel

    Is he sing the guitar's solo in a lower octave? 1:36

    Livu S

    Yes there is a very low humm :) his new songs are full of
    layering of course using his signature bass, but veeery subtle way :)

  90. Rosa Valderrama

    This song makes you wanna do all the things you thought you can't!

  91. Bogumił Bernardon

    Keep walking keep talking keep climbing to the summit
    Keep shaming keep taming those voices in my mind
    Straight face same game I can't shake what I'm becoming
    No pain and no gain yeah I've fallen out of line
    Settling down settling down to the summit
    Looking around over the clouds all alone
    Waiting around waiting around all I wanted was my home
    Oo I know it won't be long
    Oo and I'll keep walking on
    Air's thin I can't win but I still keep runnin
    Can't breath can't see but I'm headed for that light
    Settling down settling down to the summit
    Looking around over the clouds all alone
    Waiting around waiting around all I wanted was my home
    Oo I know it won't be long
    Oo and I'll keep walking on

  92. john smithson

    Tim Foust and Avi Kaplan collab please

  93. GrumpetteJV

    The best thing this man did was leave Pentatonix.

    Pentatonix fans... Give Matt a chance, he's awesome. But Avi on his own is pure magic. LOVE his music. Eargasms all the way.

    alma petry

    Truth! What an amazing talent!

  94. Lady CL

    We need more on that style!

  95. Cynthia Johnson

    MR AVI YOU ARE TRULY a blessing from God and I love your song's and the way you sing them with such beautiful heart

  96. PiCo

    From about 0:56 there is a very Fleet Foxes feel to this part.

  97. Lin Shannon

    I'm so thankful YouTube exists for me to find remarkable, talented people to brighten my days.