Avriel & The Sequoias - Song For The Seeker Lyrics

It ain't in my hand
It ain't in my feet
It ain't in no treasure chest swallowed right by the sea

It ain't in my mind (it ain't in my mind)
It ain't in my dreams (it ain't in my dreams)
It ain't with the birds who are always singing with the deers

It ain't in my eyes (it ain't in my eyes)
It ain't in my ears (it ain't in my ears)
It ain't in the statues that were built on sweat and tears

It ain't in my heart (it ain't in my heart)
It ain't in my soul (it ain't in my soul)
It ain't on the mountain we heard was filled with gold

It ain't in the ground
It ain't in the trees
It ain't in the castle on the hill
It ain't in the leaves

Woah, it ain't in the fire
It ain't in the rain
It ain't in the summer greens you feel on your face

It ain't the sun
It ain't in the moon
It ain't in the silver linings made for me and you

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Avriel & The Sequoias Song For The Seeker Comments
  1. MiMi Joys1963

    Your music makes my mind softly swing and my heart slows the beat till everything is in perfect rhythm.
    I could never repay you, but I Thank You!

  2. Adam Degrace

    this is such a beautiful song


    Love you always Avi beautiful song

  4. Brumby Bailey

    I can feel my frown disappearing...

  5. L G

    Wow, it's a beautifull song, i love it 😍

  6. MomMom from PA

    I really love this song but can't figure out what "IT" is in the song. "IT" ain't in my hands, "IT" ain't in my feet etc. Anyone have any ideas??

  7. Lia 007

    I think this is one of the most relaxing songs ever. It puts a spell on me and makes everything okay :)

  8. Regina Pendleton

    Baby, it's you.

  9. Spoof Nox

    how is this not a globally popular song? I never thought I could actually be addicted to the feeling a song gives you, but here we are.

  10. Jon Terry

    I cut my beard I'm naked

  11. paula donadio

    ¡ Cantá con Peter Hollens! - ¡Es excelente lo que hacen! - Esto es de la Edad Media -¡ Aquí de Argentina!

  12. Bryson Schultz

    how come I don't see this on his channel? Mabey cause its a song for a seeker.

  13. Spoof Nox

    This song has actually brought me so much joy, I feel the need to tell someone. Avi I hope you see this because I want you to know I very much appreciate you.

  14. Jan

    So Happy you are doing and loving the gifts that God has given you! Blessings on your upcoming tour.

  15. April Dianna Burge/maiden name

    Thank you for your time and Words and beautiful voice. I needed to hear them

  16. Richard Blackmore

    Your face is far more relaxed these days, your notes rich, your spirit strong.

  17. AdelirisM

    Me escanta este grupo y sus arreglos. Les deseo mucho exito. Love your music guys

  18. 恋死

    Hey there! Hope you are doing fine!? How come most of your videos don't allow comments anymore? o.O Just found some guys today that I'd love to see in a Coop with you. Have you ever heard of "The Dead South"? Stay healthy and happy! <3

  19. Misty McEntire

    I miss your face, Avi! And I miss hearing the rich, warm tones of your beautiful voice! I hope you're in a good place both mentally and physically. ❤❤❤

  20. Matthew Baer

    everyone has to dress like me in my band and you will all play along while I sing and no one's allowed to have a bigger beard than me because IM A RACIST

  21. Sive Sibahle Goniwe

    Song for a road trip.

  22. Julia Salomatina

    Sir, it sounds like you have found what you were seeking for. I absolutely love the atmosphere of your music. May the peace be with you always. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us. Greetings from Russia :)

  23. McLaren

    Please keep sharing your music! This is so stunningly beautiful and I'm so happy to have you back and with a new and wonderful group at your back! All of your new songs have been added to my playlist already!!

  24. McLaren

    Please keep sharing your music! This is so stunningly beautiful and I'm so happy to have you back and with a new and wonderful group at your back! All of your new songs have been added to my playlist already!!

  25. Roberta Lorena

    AVIIIIIIIII ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  26. Karianne Newton

    Wish i could hear more of Avi's rich deep voice. Beautiful music. Great strings... but I need Avi

  27. Christion Velazquez

    Love this song

  28. Kyle Simpson

    Listened to this song one time during the summer and felt a warm breeze on my face exactly when he mentions it in the song.

  29. Lilli Hatzenböller

    Hello, Mr, Kaplan, Do you have meet and greets in 2021? We are from Germany, we re coming to USA in 2021. my daughter is a huge fan of yours. greetings from Germany

  30. Cait Siân

    This song is one of them songs where you can just go sit somewhere in nature, close your eyes and feel free, like you have no worries or problems.

  31. cam dow

    Where are you? Come out and say hi

  32. some middle schooler with a phone

    I can respect your wish to leave division to Leave Pan atonics just hope You don't got bad blood

  33. Bass Lover

    Simplemente me encanta tu talento, tu voz tan hermosa, la magnitud de tus sentimientos. Enhorabuena por sus 500 mil suscriptores, estoy segura de que esta cifra crecerá enormemente, Tu lo vales, eso y muchísimo más...


    Really amazing... with intelligent advices.

  35. Kristine Kellogg

    I love the curiosity in the story of the song but my favorite part of this song is the rich harmonizing hummmms and cord changes that give me chills.

  36. Carol Zillman

    One great voice and your backing group are very good also, I also like the plucking of those strings!
    Keep doing what you are doing because it is lovely to listen too.

  37. Zaki Humayun

    Now Avi is honestly the best, but this music is a bit to slow. Still great tho.

  38. Anonymous

    I love you Avi <3

  39. 강신하

    그립다면서 왜안찾아오는거니

  40. Annika Dahl

    Come back to Pentatonix

  41. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Nicole

    Avi, if u r reading this, plz make more vids I am a new subscriber and I came here from PTXofficial and I grew to love this channel

  42. Theatre Geek

    Why am I picturing Harry Potter playing quidditch?

  43. Aam World

    Put lyrics..we Indians too need to understand..please

  44. Aam World

    Great fan of yours

  45. Aam World

    Love u so much...

  46. jonna igcalinos

    What genre of music is this?

    Maria Moumtzi

    It's folk.

  47. Kaitlin Biermann

    The only true soul satisfaction we will find in this life in our Maker, I think Avi knows that. A great talented man.


    Desde Chile toda mi admiración y bendiciones para ti Avi. Seguía mucho a PTX pero ahora no tanto porque no estás. Eres increíble, tienes un talento maravilloso y amo la música que haces ahora. Todos mis buenos deseos para ti y tu nueva banda. ❤😍

  49. AmazinglyBeautifulahjanae

    avi.whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyydo you not like ptx or something??

  50. christianne rookie

    I thank the heavens that I found this song when I did. I've had a good, solid 46min and 6 seconds cry as my heart and soul mended while listening to this song 11 times on loop. PLEASE MAKE MORE HEALING MUSIC LIKE THIS.

    Nina Marie

    Listen to Avi's new song Otherside, you cannot find more healing and peace that that.

  51. Spencer Williams

    Avi I love you teach me your ways sir

  52. Summer Pendley

    No hate I am really sad you left PTX and you were so good and that.I understand but why for this. I thought it was for family and like I said no hate just my thought on,it. I really wished you never lefted PTX your voice is so good with there’s with your low notes and Mitch’s high notes. It was meant to be but sadly you left. 😢😢

    Leánan Sídhe

    He left for family and friends and nature, but he still wanted to put out music. This is a slower pace for him and gives him time to take a breather.

    Tesh N

    There's a time for everything. It was meant to be but it just wasn't meant to continue. Maybe one day he'll reunite with them. I do wish I could have seen them all in concert together. But there's still all their videos on YouTube :)

    Leánan Sídhe

    Same. I actually found Pentatonix through Avi's solo music so they gotta thank him for them gaining another fan. LOL Love them and him (but I love him more just so you know ;)


    I miss him being in PTX. They should have slowed down and stayed together. A loss for both I think.

  53. Sarah Visser

    I know I'm late to the game but I'm obsessed with this song, so beautifully deep

  54. Jamie Antonelle

    Avi, you pour your amazing energy through everyone you touch, every song you create.. This is was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  55. Just a Playlist Guy

    2:07 Ed Sheeran reference?

  56. Joice Granado

    My favorite!💚
    I made a video with this song and pictures of your Avi, I hope you do not mind ...
    I love you, I hope you like it!🤗

  57. Penta Tonya

    Beyond this World 🌎
    Thanks for the Reminder Avi! 💚
    Can't wait to hear what you have in store for us next. 🎤🎧 😎🤘💪

  58. Factory Reject

    I hope Avi has a happy birthday today <3

  59. Adrian Ghandtchi

    I didn’t know Avi did other work

    Kathy Washburn Bunn

    Yes. This is one of 5 songs on Sage & Stone, Avriel & the Sequoias' debut EP, released June 2017. All 5 songs are originals written by Avi. Avi is starting to tease another EP...

  60. IPinhalves

    Man you've got a beautiful voice and your songs are so nice, relaxing. Just another thing, it's one of the most beautiful art that I seen on a album, really great work, hope you grow up more and more!

    PS.: Sorry if I made any mistakes on the writing, I'm a Brazilian and still learning...

    Kathy Washburn Bunn

    I love the album art, too! It's the work of Annie Stoll (@aniistoll on Twitter and Instagram).

  61. Johana neyla

    Me encanta tu música pero te agradeceria mucho si pudieras poner subtítulos en español

  62. Julie W

    Absolutely gorgeous, but I’m having trouble accepting someone else singing bass with you, Avi. The harmonies are beautiful. Thank you for singing for us.

  63. Shady Canadians

    Banjo? Banjo. Banjo! Yes, Banjo, and Bass. I didn't know they held hands so nicely.... i should've known.. Banjo.

  64. Anna Lombarte

    A very good song which shows who Avi is.He is now himself when he sings.If you read this,keep up with the good music and the lovely photos you publish.You´ve got such a talent.

  65. Mercy Me

    Sage and stone has been on replay ever since Love the Album

  66. daniela aburto

    cancion qlo buena avi qlooooooooo dios wn weno weno pa la diuca conchetumareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  67. PaulaFi

    I love how every comment here is positive. I guess that is the force if Avi...

    Leánan Sídhe

    Not all there is one I've found that was talking about the Drama from the end of last year. Hopefully, YouTube adminstrators will take it down.

  68. Emilio Mendoza

    You better sing Avi..you better sing..

  69. Iréne Mari

    This makes my heart turn to complete mush!

  70. SAXINxo

    Trisha exposed Avi Kaplan for having herpes 😐

  71. Linda Bergstrom

    Not a bad song in the bunch, but this is my fave

  72. CptLit

    Been listening but just did with headphones. O.M.G.

  73. AvatarPrimus

    Love this lyrics!

  74. Finfilms

    Great job Avi proud of you!

  75. janetranslates

    Love Avi's solo voice, but every time I listen to this song I realize how much I've missed those rich, warm bass notes.


    Same here, sis.

  76. janetranslates

    This would have been such a rich addition to the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou"!

    I am a parson not a UwU 1355

    Oh that's what I was just thinking

  77. Yuu Sousa

    COME BACK AVI :'(((((
    With this beautiful angel voice <3

  78. Mary Sisson

    For the first time in a long time I close my eyes and am taken somewhere soothing. Thank you

  79. Charmed Jthree

    I was sad when I heard that you left PTX...yet..if this is what you left them for... Their loss is our gain!! Some mighty fine pickin and a singin!

    Emily Beato

    Avi left due to not being able to keep up with the band and not being able to cope with not being able to see his family when he needed to and vise versa.

  80. Isabella Valencia

    Avi’s music is a great inspiration ❤️

  81. Papillon Cosmique

    But...where is it then?

    Naomi Ekberg

    I found it!

    Tesh N

    I don't know for sure what he is referring to. But I interpret it as possibly referring to God, as I think he's a Christian.


    Tesh N He’s Jewish. But I seem to recall seeing some interview or something somewhere about one of PTX’s Christmas albums where everyone in the band was sharing a few of their childhood memories of Christmas, and he mentioned that his family celebrated both Hanukkah and Christmas.

    Tesh N

    BlazeBardGames Yeah I have heard he's Jewish. I was thinking of Ptx's Imagine video where they are holding up signs.

  82. Cursed Satan

    Avi i follow the pentatonix, you are my prefer,this is you first song?

  83. Cecilia Hahn

    My absolutely favourite, it´s so smooth and melancholic and also epic, I can´t stop listening to it. 2nd close is Quarter past four.

  84. James Denton

    Their music is just so peaceful and serene. ! I love it

  85. Rada Slater

    I really love this song. I have listened to it about 20 times or more and it gives me such a good feeling. I think Avi is doing exactly what he should be doing.



    Leánan Sídhe

    Sage and Stone/Quarter Past Four are tied for 1st place. His bass in Sage and Stone makes me melt.

  87. Donna Stoneback

    Donna Stoneback
    The harmonies are so beautiful!! You just take me to another place when I listen to this song. Probably my most favorite on the EP.

  88. Laura Gittins

    Love, love , love this! Thank you Avi! 😇

    sylvia scott

    A seekers anthem and beautifully expressed! Emotionally stirring and comforting! Thank you, keep on bringing these soul grabbing tunes!!!

  89. Rose Rizatto

    What a beautiful song, it seems like a prayer..

  90. Mysterious Mori

    I think i can sleep now because of this music. It is pretty calm. 😄

  91. Pearified

    This song would be number three with Hey Ya as number 1 and Sweet adeline as number 2

  92. Pamela Bravo

    This is by far my favorite on the EP. It had such a happy feeling, and the harmonies are just gorgeous. It also reminds me of something, somewhere I have never been to, and that makes my heart ache a little.

  93. Mariette Erwee

    I've only just discovered Pentatonix and Avi Kaplan (in July 2017, can you believe it). I've been binge-watching their music for the past few days - I'm totally obsessed. I love Avi, he is my absolute favourite, and after hearing that he's left Pentatonix, I've been putting off listening to his new music. I wanted to soak up everything that is Pentatonix first! I was a bit nervous about listening to this, because I adore him as a person, what if I don't like his music? But this is amazing!! I would be able to listen to this anywhere! Oh Avi, your voice can truly do anything and you poured your soul into this album! Thank you very much for this!

    Janet Johns

    February 2017 for me. It has been so exciting catching up with PTX, but Avi and his music is my life now.

    Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl

    I knew about them before I became a Pentaholic, and the only reason why was becuase I was VERY creeped out from their Daft Punk medley.

  94. Becca Wion

    loved it

  95. Delaney Ratleff

    You sing this song so "beautiful" Avi! Wishing you a brighter future than you could ever have imagined!! I was sad you were leaving PTX but now I understand why. I never realized how much talent you & Kevin had, until I see you guys doing your own thing. (Always thought Scott hogged the spotlight) Now I'm excited to watch you both blossom. And I would love to see you & Kevin do a little something together. God Bless You Avi!!!


    I agree with everything you said (especially "God bless you, Avi!") EXCEPT for the part about Scott's "hogging the spotlight." You're entitled to your way of thinking, but here's mine: Scott is a natural leader and spokesman, and the rest are quite happy to let him do his thing. He is the most generous "band frontman" I've ever seen. Have you ever noticed the smile of delight on his face when he's watching one of the others shine? In concerts, at least the last two tours before he left, Avi had the spotlight, with "Standing By" and then "Light in the Hallway" as the final highlight, the emotional climax of the show.


    It's not that Scott TRIES to hog the spotlight; he's the baritone and will get melody parts more often than anyone else.

  96. Philippa Pay

    This is magnificent, but who is Avi Kaplan - Topic. Does Avi get credit for our hits on this or is it to the profit of some other entity? I really am pleased to hear these works. Thanks.

    Vanessa Smith - The Ultimate Fangirl

    Philippa Pay These are auto-uploaded.

  97. Rada Slater

    WOW. Lovely music, words, and voices.