Avriel & The Sequoias - Sage And Stone Lyrics

It's a place where we used to go
With arrowheads and an eagle
Winter sky painted indigo
Where we all go roamin' the sage and stone

And I
Will take you in time
And I
Will take you in time

You feel in your knees
You were never meant to leave
Like the autumn breeze
You will blow to the sea
You feel the light
Your body's never old
You are alive
When the mountains soothe your soul

And I
Will take you in time
And I
Will take you in time

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Avriel & The Sequoias Sage And Stone Comments
  1. Standing in the Wind


  2. Deb Houck's Crafty Cottage

    This is Soooo beautiful. Not sure why I just found this one. Have to listen again, and again. Thank you, Avi! See you in Philly April 3rd!

  3. Kate Kaul

    He looks he like he and the forest are one. And the song is enchanting

  4. blackstarr5

    This is just. Ethereal. Breathtaking.

  5. Sai Kanji

    This is so beautiful. I really needed this calm in my life right now. Thanks Avi

  6. Konstantin Shmarin

    that is unforgettable ...

  7. Eyan

    This was beautiful!

  8. Esther Michela

    I can't help it. The first time he says, "and I---------", I think it will follow with "will always love you!" Awesome song! Beautiful voice.

  9. Kristi Enigl

    Are you real? Your music is magical and I am so happy I found you via Peter Hollens ...love what you're doing xo

  10. Lady CL

    That's so sweet, my heart is warm ohhhhh <3333333

  11. Mendy Sheyrif

    Colab with Levi Robin

  12. Wilhelmina Sol

    Are you secretly a coven ? Because this song only makes me wanna cast some spells and draw tarot cards

  13. pam long

    Love him and I need to hear his music right now

  14. Ulrich Von Lichtenstein

    music for the soul

  15. no subs

    I'm using my headset while travelling and listening to this, I'm so calmed and i feel like I'm floating in the sky, this song takes me to other places, i feel so satisfied and happy while I'm listening to this. It's takes all my stress and sadness in life away, i feel like I'm in paradise.

  16. Mirka

    :-) ... am alive ... mountains soothe my soul

  17. Luna Centrum

    Sacred Temple
    where the soul is free ...
    Sacred Temple
    where do you become a bird ...
    Never ending resonance ...
    Sacred Temple.
    Sacred Temple
    that fills the heart to the edge ...
    Spread wings and fly ...
    You are everything ... And everything is you ...
    Everything is one ...
    Sacred Temple ... Peace ... Harmony ... Pure Mind ...pure soul...
    Thank you so much for your purity, for you light, for your love...

    I wish you much inner strength
    you are a dragon warrior, one who spreads light, one who sows peace and humility.
    I appreciate your journey ...
    Terry.roz from Czech Republic.

  18. erza scarlet

    Omg AVI this song is so good and you're such a beautiful person!!!

  19. Coconut Cookiii

    Ohhhhhhhh this nurishes my soul 🍃🌼🔮

  20. Ana Flávia Ramos

    Hey you there, you have a nice taste of music : )

  21. Alie Nichole

    Love this❤❤❤

  22. Amanda Pyle

    I'm struggling to find the words to express the feelings pulled from me listening to this song. What few words that I can use to describe it are gorgeous, soothing, moving, melodious, harmonious, heartfelt, peaceful and ethereal. I honestly didn't even really hear the lyrics when listening to this so much as close my eyes and just feel the song in its entirety. Hope to someday get to see an official video of this song to see what visuals Avi would choose for this beautiful song.

  23. Factory Reject

    I was just watching the Sweet Adeline video for the millionth time & found out my cat is as big a fan of Avi as I am lol :)

  24. Anastasia Ioannou

    i just adore this! this is pure magic made by music <3 THANK YOU AVI God bless you!!!

  25. Victoria R K

    So calming I love it, the ending was awesome 🙂 # happy 😸😸

  26. FlickGamer12

    It's a place where we used to go
    Winter sky painted indigo
    Where we all go roamin' the sage and stone

    And I
    Will take you in time
    And I
    Will take you in time

    Feel it underneath
    You were never meant to leave
    Like the autumn breeze
    You will blow to the sea
    You feel the light
    Your body's never old
    You are alive
    When the mountains soothe your soul

    And I
    Will take you in time
    And I
    Will take you in time

    Maria Moumtzi

    (unknown): with arrowheads and an eagle

  27. Kaycee Case

    Quarter past 4 comments are disabled, but I’ll comment here, it’s amazing, so is this. It’s all amazingly beautiful! Thank you for creating this magic EP and sharing it with the world!

  28. Mrs. Waters

    I really hope you're still making music to share. You have such a beautiful voice.

  29. ij ij

    Yes got some fucking range

  30. Flor Silvestre

    I am still waiting your new album..... Hope to see you soon....

  31. EliaKay1

    You are a beautiful musician, but please stop the drama and let everyone release new music.

  32. israelsgyrl

    I'm glad Avi is following where ever his heart needs to go to feel at peace. We love him in PTX, but we love healthy in mind, body and spirit even better, even if that means it's without PTX.

  33. 1UpJumpman

    Beautiful EP, man. Happy to see more of your own stuff

  34. Janaina Nigro Mastrangeli

    Sério, eu passo mal... PERFEIÇÃO! Todas as músicas, amo demais.

  35. Wingedwolf

    This was probably the most beautiful song I've heard, brought me to tears ♥

  36. Bruna Fagundes

    Avi, how I would like to hear The Matador from The White Buffalo in his voice.

  37. Adi Shavit

    Hi avi, You are my favorite singer, well done all the way you did ....if we Speaking, this song just amazing, do not ever treat your haters only to those who love you ... Just listen to your heart ..... and that's all about. Good for everything. Hadar, from israel
    PS Sorry if there are errors in writing I just use Google translation because I am 11 years old, and I am not the best in English

  38. ze cat person

    Avi, don't feel bad about your choise. It was for your own good. We would rather have you to be happy than be forced to walk away from family.

  39. Chez Shez

    This song haunts me. I think I can see why he left PTX. He grew into his own.

  40. Linda Nakamoto

    Mr. Avriel Kaplan, thank you so much from an old timer Alan Lomax-Pete Seeger-Woody Guthrie true folk music as it should be : from the heart and soul. Young man, you have made this old heart sing again, and I thank you. You were good with Pentatonix, but you're even better with your family and with the beautiful land you come from. I have no money, but you have my undying devotion. Don't stop now!

  41. James Ramirez

    This is a beauty...

  42. Lucas Hogeboom

    I see that comments have been disabled on your other videos, so I will leave this right here. I come to your channel often to sort of unwind from the stressors of life. Your music has helped myself and many others through some tough times, and I just want you to know that we all appreciate it. I hope you're doing well!

  43. Don't Touch Me I'm Emotional

    This song helps me to sleep early 🎶❤

  44. kate khorol

    I would like to listen to yours bass voice like in "Black is the color of my true love's hair" more because your voice is so soft, calming and light despite the baseness. I hope you read this)

  45. Natalie


    It’s a place where we used to go
    With arrowheads and an eagle
    Winter sky painted indigo
    Where we all go roamin the saga and the stone

    And I
    Will take you in time
    And I
    Will take you in time

    You feel in your knees
    You were never meant to leave
    Like the autumn breeze
    You will blow out to the sea
    You will feel the light
    Your bodys never old
    You are alive
    When the mountains soothe your soul

    And I
    Will take you in time
    And I
    Will take you in time


    Natalie thank-you :)
    And ohmygod your profile pic xD

  46. Анна Кэт

    Your music is the best thing that has happened to this world.✨

  47. I went to see the sequoias, and i know me and avi share a similair feeling about being there. It feels incredible for some reason to just be in the presence amongst these giant life forms that have absolutely dominated that land for ages. Its not something i can fully explain, it can only be felt when you are alone walking alongside these absolutely breath taking giants. It feels damn good, and listening to this has those feelings rushing back into my soul.

  48. Randy Barber

    This guy made pentatonix

  49. Via Likes to sing

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t realize how much i love Avi until now

  50. Rafael Mota Pacheco

    Eu amei essa música, escuto ela todos os dias, o dia todo, é como se ela fosse o caminho que me conecta com o que há de melhor e mais profundo dentro de mim. Sou um fã do Brasil.

  51. Carol Zillman

    Amazing sounds from an AMAZING GROUP!!!

  52. Katie Stanton

    I haven't been this moved by a song in years.

  53. Bezalelea Buison

    I've always love ptx, and me and my dad really likes your voice avi.. its really so cool to hear your voice and doing more solo..
    love your music

  54. Annika Dahl

    Come back to pentatonix

    Factory Reject

    Nooooooooo! 😨 Don't get me wrong, PTX is awesome.. But Avi was put on this earth for bigger things. Don't misunderstand.. I don't mean he's better than them or I think he'll be more successful than them.. it's bigger than all that too.. Plus now he gets to see his family & go out into nature whenever he wants. I think PTX is just fine with Matt as their new bass. We should be happy for Avi & support his choice.

  55. Julie W

    Avi, honey, this is beautiful, but the strings overbear the vocals.

  56. Johnna Liggett

    Thank you so much for sharing your incredible voice, gifts and yourself with everyone! You deserve all the happiness, love and peace that nature and family provide. Bless you for sharing and providing us with your joy and love of music. Your songs bring a feeling of peace and joy.. You truly are a very special, wonderful and generous person. Thank You

  57. Manxon Kobin

    Wow I really love your Song Avi

  58. Roberta Lorena

    amooooo demais !!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡

  59. zona situmorang

    i want you to come back in pentatonix plisss )':

  60. Sarah M

    Beautiful :)

  61. Dimev

    This is the real music!!!!!

  62. Afita Mehulina

    This song is so relaxing💜💜

  63. JT Burchett

    This sucks! Go back to PTX.. or at least write better songs!

    Jake_ Dude_23

    JT Burchett But why would you say something like that? This is by far the best song I’ve ever heard, so relaxing and calming, and here you are saying that it sucks and that you want him to go back to PTX, a group that he left because he was too stressed and wanted time in nature, to return to his roots. He does this because it’s what makes him happy and what lets him be with the people he loves more. You need to think about why he’s making the music before judging the music. You can hear the soul that went into this song, especially if you let yourself listen to it in a collected manner. Sorry for answering to a 5 month old comment, I just wanted to say these things because these (unpopular) hate comments really annoy me as Avi is my favourite living artist by far, and though I’m sad that he left Pentatonix, this was the best decision for him. If you read this to the end, then thank you for “listening”!

  64. Janet Johns

    This needs to be at one million views...now.

  65. Merjorie Ann Mulhall

    My favorite meditation MUSIC!!! By AVI!!! OMG I’m so obsessed with him 😭😭 how many girls who’s obsessed with him like me? I have an AVI SYNDROME NOW 😭😭😭 I always dream about Aviii 😭😭😭 he is so gorgeous and talented also he is soooooo. Amazing!!! Oh Jesus you live in Avi’s Soul!!

  66. Gabriela Ivanova

    Avi, your voice melting my heart ❤️ I love your music, thank you so much for this amazing work that you do

  67. Céline Benhaïm

    Oh I love this music so much.

  68. Phyllis Fallaw

    Tumbleweed, sweet Adeline, and sage and stone my favorites, ah yes, helplessly hoping!

  69. Rawr_Kitten

    Closes my eyes and lets my mind drift with the songs - finally starts to relax after a long stressful week- long sigh- thank you avriel we all need your music it heals us more than you know

  70. norah Kalunda

    avi you are one in a million. The moment i learnt you left ptx, my heart broke but I love your music so much. Keep winning. I love you

  71. TraetinLerae Cromarty

    We miss him but he made the righ choice leaving PTX

  72. Dominique W

    Avi's solo music speaks to my fragile soul! This type of meaningful, heartfelt, and soulful music is painfully lacking in the world today. I need more of this!! Does anyone know if he's planning on releasing a full solo album?

  73. King Mango


  74. Spyridoula Tsetsou

    An aetherial masterpiece!!

  75. Kid Wilhite

    don't tell pentatonix but you where my favorite person in the group I know you left to spend time with your family I hope I cancan meet you one day


    Kid Wilhite I hope I can too :)

    Janna Balthaser

    Yes you can can can.

  76. Kid Wilhite

    don't tell pentatonix but you where my favorite person in the group I know you left to spend time with your family I hope I cancan meet you one day

  77. Maria Moumtzi

    My fav in the EP! The build up is breathtaking, seductive, mesmerising!

  78. Denna Stinson

    I LUV U AVI I wish u were on ptx, but I understand what u wanted...... u were great in concert. Have a great day!

  79. F i g u r a t i v e l y

    It's all amazing, but I've gotta say my favorite part is from 0:00 to 5:24

  80. Athena Yang

    long live the hipster jesus

  81. Jahnae Johnson

    His timing...omfg. It's like he makes you float in the chorus. Goodness Avi!!!

  82. Ledgendary immortality

    While I was walking through the beautiful woods with the sun setting I played this aloud I felt so at peace with no stress this man brings me what nobody else can. Assurance and comfort.

  83. Caroline McArthur

    i love this album. every song is so touching. 😍 can't wait for more. 😁

  84. Shady Canadians

    This is really great stuff and i do enjoy. Its great to have the melodies stacked, making the whole compsition so impactful. Though i was looking for a powerful rhythm from a drum or something consistent which wasn't there, i realize it's not nessesary because of how equally powerful the bass is in this song and others you guys have made so far. I love it, and I cant wait to hear more!

  85. Nicky Gray-check

    This is just fantastic, we love you Avi 💚🖤

  86. Anna Lombarte

    Nice song,maybe one of my favourite of your solo work.Congratulations on your solo career, completely different, but this is more YOU.Keep up with the good work,and never stop composing :)

  87. diana72805

    How is it that i get so memorized by Avi's voice that I forget to listen to the actual words??! I seriously can't think of another artist that this happened with for me...

  88. maddie pulliam

    i LOVE the build-up in this song. it feels as if there was 1 long crescendo written on the music (:

  89. Dilara Gencer

    You don't need even a guitar in the background tho, your voice is so beautiful by its own *-*

  90. Dragon King

    I feel like Avi is a gift from God because he brings happiness to those around, watched him sing, and just being himself he has an extreme love for nature just like I do he's like a message from God saying that we should appreciate the beautiful things God has given us he's given us nature, friends, family and important of all his love saying that we shouldn't take things for granted that we should appreciate the things and love we have. Avi if you are reading this then on behalf of everyone who knew and loves you I wanna Thank You for bringing happiness to the world, Thank You for being yourself. May God protect you and your family and may God bring you happiness for God is with you and your family for you are the greatest person that God has created your family are so proud of you, may God bless you and your family and I hope you have a great life and Thank You

    Phong Huynh

    He's one of the few people that makes songs that I can actually sing, since everything is so high-pitched, and I love his songs! They're amazing and filled with such calming, yet, passionate sounds!

  91. Gabrielle VanSant

    Absolutely lovely, I'm really captivated by this. Thank you so much for creating this song :)

  92. Iréne Mari

    I was lost in it before he said 'sage and stone' the first time. I admire Avi and his abilities so much. Hoping to meet him some day (probably won't happen given that I live in Africa)

  93. Jay

    I miss him in pentatonix😪😪😪

  94. SAXINxo

    Dudeeeeeeeee herpes tho 😐 I feel bad for Trisha

    Iréne Mari

    SAXINxo tbh I understand how Trisha feels but ,whether this is real or not, she could've handled it differently. Just like I feel that you could be handling it differently. You're probably going to come at me for saying all this but I really think Trisha could've handled it personally thus not affecting his career... You get what I'm saying?


    Iréne Mari you're totally right. I hope Avi moves on and figures out what he needs to... far from toxic people.

  95. Makayla Long

    Oh wowowow. So, I was really sad when I found out Avi left PTX. But, if you want me to be completely honest, I always enjoyed hearing HIS voice the most out of the group and loved when had a solo and wished he had more solos. So now that I've listened to what he can do without being in PTX, I'm actually glad he left. His music is stunning.


    Oh fuck you're so right, I also used to love his voice more than the others, so it's maybe not as bad as it seems

    Fabiola Maldonado

    OMG, completely right! HE'S EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kristi Enigl

    “Stunning” is the word I keep using to describe Avi and his music. It might be magical, too.

  96. Maui Chan

    This is more than music. It's a mystical journey for the soul.

  97. Alexandra Colaneri

    This is so beautiful! It sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it! SO happy that Avi's happy again!

  98. Cameron Courtney

    Everything accomplished by this group has been nothing less than amazing!  I am entranced by the soul stirring sounds, that bring about my pinned emotions.  Thank you Avriel & The Sequoias for freeing my hidden feelings :)

  99. oliviavideos00

    this came out on my birthday :)