Avriel & The Sequoias - Otherside Lyrics

Emerald ivy, wrapped around my skin
Pulls me deeper, drags me back again
Tangle me up in your vines
Take my spirit, take my mind
Take me over to that other side

Ruby river, glowing in the sun
Wash me over, show me where you run
Roll me deeper in your tide
Take my spirit, take my mind
Take me over to that other side

Silver moonlight, come show me the way
Hold me over 'til the break of day
Lead me closer to your light
Take my spirit, take my mind
Take me over to that other side

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Avriel & The Sequoias Otherside Comments
  1. Katie Stiver

    No words..💜

  2. Richard van Toorenburg

    Really great, mesmerizing! Just imagine what it would be like to have Avi do a song together wit Shaw James! would be absolutely epic!

  3. levi Omer Talal.


  4. Neko Misaka

    Avi 😍😍😍😍

  5. Katamaran -

    new fan....just wonderful to listen to your music

  6. David Music Man

    this kinda has a remorseful celtic vibe. i like it.

  7. Alicia He

    one question for avi,
    how do you eat with that enormous beard (it looks great tho)

  8. Venice Jean

    I miss you on ptx😭♥️ congratulations avi!!

  9. Gomes Alex

    I can't believe I just found this. What I've been missing out.... this is beautiful.... just... wow....

  10. Sherry Bagley

    Avi has the type of voice that draws you in... haunting.

  11. Hi just me

    with songs like this...you could do a "Rasputin/Broadway" musical.

  12. Stellar Steph

    Him and hozier have similar sounding music. I want them to collab some day.

  13. Gail Parker


  14. HeavenlyDismay

    Is dude surrounded by poison ivy in the beginning? Not the stuff he's holding or the flower, but the other stuff.

    alma petry

    No, he said it wasn't. He isn't allergic to it but they were careful because of the rest of the crew.

  15. Laureen Slater

    Rich and sincere seems like words that match this soul music. Well done sir.

  16. Julie W

    I love the tone of your voice, Avi, regardless of which octave you sing, but your basso profundo gives me goosebumps and makes me wish I were younger and nearer your age. Your voice is heavenly and a gift from God.

  17. Vivian Carbajal

    Me encantaaaa! Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  18. Marie


  19. Gary Dicker

    Love it

  20. Carlos Erick Garduño Ruelas

    My favorite song ever! :3 💓

  21. Anna Cherednik

    Браво! Невероятно красивое видео.

  22. Shrub 1975

    I can't find one of his albums! Only Panatonix comes up!!!

    alma petry

    Here is a link to his official site. You can also get his music on itunes, spotify, etc. https://www.avikaplanofficial.com/

  23. rudi barron

    There's an artist called Shawn James.
    This song reminds me so much of the type of music he makes

  24. syra

    Ok, your vocal range is nuts

  25. Churchill 117

    I don't see why people would dislike this. The logic people need to adopt is if you don't like it then don't do anything with it.

  26. Emma Tillison

    I swear this man has 1000 different voices in different registers

  27. Will Jones

    I love this

  28. Lorenzø TheLight

    Wait... is Keanu Reeves sitting in the middle of the forest?

  29. lana carolina santos de sousa

    Avi Forever 😍

  30. Lisset Alvarado

    When you think Pentatonix allowed Avi to show his full range but then you see this and he’s two completely different people!! Amazing versatile voice!! I died every time he says otherside

  31. Beata Czyzykowska


  32. hinata delia

    Listen to this song makes me feel like I'm in another world

  33. DanDan Plays Music

    I'm so happy that you make you music

  34. Kate G

    You’re sitting on a rock next to a lake, glassy and serene as the golden sun slowly rises from behind the vast forest which surrounds you. Sunlight spills over the mountains and trees, reflecting off the water and streaming through the billowing leaves of the giants around you. Warmth kisses the side of your face as a light breeze carries the subtle scent of coffee grinds and twindles of a morning campfire. There is no sound other than the soft rustle of leaves, and a ghost of this song drifting along with the wind, singing to the forest and all its inhabitants.

  35. Ruby Red

    Im not normally a fan of slower songs but this popped into my recommended during a really stressful week and I just gotta say I feel like I’m listening to a fae or siren casting some magic cause this sent chills down my spine and really helped me calm down. Gotta live magic forrest men, awesome masterpiece!

  36. Andrea Gallego

    Listening to this with headphones in a dark room is a whole other world.

    max schwartz

    Try going hiking with it

  37. Dan the Man

    Avi, I've always been a fan of yours but this is fucking groundbreaking and just incredible in my opinion.

    alma petry

    I agree

  38. KBOB

    [Verse 1]
    Emerald ivy, wrapped around my skin
    Pulls me deeper, drags me back again
    Tangle me up in your vines
    Take my spirit, take my mind
    Take me over to that other side

    [Verse 2]
    Ruby river, glowing in the sun
    Wash me over, show me where you run
    Roll me deeper in your tide
    Take my spirit, take my mind
    Take me over to that other side

    [Verse 3]
    Silver moonlight, come show me the way
    Hold me over 'til the break of day
    Lead me closer to your light
    Take my spirit, take my mind
    Take me over to that other side

  39. Erik Tobin

    Damn, son.

  40. Joy Smith

    A meditation song for any time of day

  41. Neinfuß Bokaj

    This sounds a little bit like "Scarborough Fair" from Simon and Garfunkel"
    Beautiful Voice is speaking for mother nature, very pretty

  42. Cabana dos Parodiantes Salvaterra de Magos

    Um HELLO from Portugal, love you !

  43. Julie Ana Martinez

    Love all the chakra colored smoke💜, nature, and of course all the bass in Avi's voice💜💜💜

  44. Damien Aetos

    Hail, Mountain Lord, soul of songs

  45. Alyson Henderson

    OMG! a friend of mine sent me a link to your song and all I gotta say is holy fucken shit! you are seriously INCREDIBLE! I could listen to you all day everyday and never get tired of your voice! THANK YOU for sharing your voice with the world

  46. Nikolas Fernandez

    I just know his YouTube channel and found this song.. Just realise that it uploaded at my birthday.. What a beautiful song!

  47. penny st pierre

    What a POWERFUL BEAUTIFUL VOICE, I found you by mistake now I am hooked on YOU.
    Thank You for sharing.

    alma petry

    I agree. One of the most beautiful voices ever.

  48. Вікторія Тинкалюк


  49. Tiffany Johnson

    I felt this. Wonderfully produced and edited.

  50. Freedom Fighter

    Although this is a great song, many people don't seem to notice the depressed undertone and lyrics to it... I hope you're doing better now.

    alma petry

    Freedom Fighter this whole album he is releasing a single at a time is telling a story. He talked about it in his concerts this summer.
    The PTX lifestyle nearly took him down.
    I know one of the guys who toured with him this past summer and followed their journey on IG.

    They all swam in rivers, jet skied in a national park, hiked up in the Sequoias, roller skated on his birthday, ran and exercised together everytime they stopped to fuel the vehicles. There were sunsets on boat docks and quiet times of meditation, pizza and ribs and general good times in the environment they all love.... nature.

    He said before he left PTX he could rarely do anything like this and when he could escape to nature long enough to relax he called it going to the Otherside.

    All this music just came boiling out of him about a year after he left the group. It's sad because those were sad times and this is his story.

    I can tell you he is in his element now. He is teaching honors workshops and is deeply involved in his academy again.

    He is absolutely riveting in his live shows. The audiences are crazy about him, the energy is through the roof and people walk out feeling like they can conquer the world.

    Catch a show if you can. You won't be sorry.

    Freedom Fighter

    @alma petry I never really kept up with personal lives of the people in PTX so I didnt know the details - thank you for filling me in.

    I'm glad to hear he's doing better! I did notice the story being told yet did not make the connections to his time leaving PTX until now.

    Suzanne Todaro

    @alma petry. Hear hear. I am going to his gig in Glasgow in January 2020 so thanks for the description of how it feels as I am going alone. Looking forward to it now.

    alma petry

    @Suzanne Todaro You will have a ball and there will be a lot of fans there. Lol!! Many of them will be lined up early at the front of the line.
    I don't know what the first act will be, but this summer he had Tyler Ramsey. Tyler is a 6'8" long haired flannel dude playing the guitar and singing his original music like Avi He was so good the whole audience just got quiet as mice. If he comes back on his own Im going to see him again.

    When Avi came out the place just exploded. Honestly, it's just so great to see him and listen to his music and stories.

    I imagine this tour will be even better just because he has some experience now.

    Go and give him some cheers from me!!!!

  51. David Christie

    Now i know why he left Pentatonix...and i love pentatonix !

  52. Donald Haynes


  53. Carol McCallum

    love this, so calming thank you avi

  54. Lee Anna Gilliam

    This has a very zen feel to it, I can sit in the dark with my Skull candy ear buds and just let the world pass away. It transports me to another place and time. Thank you!!!!

  55. Laura Harris

    I feel like i am a raccoon being drawn to the sound of the flute in that video... except instead of being a raccoon i am a human and i just get up and start walking into the mountains to find avi

    Suzanne Todaro

    Lol. I think you mean rats, as in the Pied Piper of London.

  56. Kiru Mondi

    Yes ladies. That feeling you get hearing him is something called masculinity. Try to find it nowadays in a man- it's becoming a rarity.

  57. Tommy Hevrøy

    can someone please cover the intro on this on a hang drum/rav drum? pleeease?

  58. Sanny Santos

    This guy is just phenomenal <3 #jesusvibez

  59. Tesha Gosman

    I’m moving to Tn in 3 months!! My fam is from there!!! This song is my peace I can’t wait to be back home in the woods ty for this song, ty for following your heart , pre ordering the cd n shirt with sweatshirt !

  60. Tesha Gosman

    Love it!!!! Pure beauty going to back to his roots 👏👏👏👏👏

  61. yadhel lopez

    Mi corazón late solo para escuchar las melodias que eres capaz de hacer ♥️

  62. Shadyfox

    I hope he's not inhaling

  63. Patricia Moore

    One of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I have ever heard!

  64. jamil ashy

    Red dead redemption 2 when arther dead😢 #avikaplan

  65. j s s

    I love how his videos are in the woods. so beautiful

  66. Steph Marie Pimentel

    Incredible what this man can do with his voice!! I love it!

  67. Erika Cronje

    Reminds me so much of Shaun Philips' "Balad for Casey Deiss"


    This production is incredible

  69. Trinity Lee

    I was casually listening to his song when I look down to see what's new... and all of a sudden Avi is just chilling on a horse. Way to go Avi, but I was confused for a second. 😂 Where did the horse come from, where did he go? Where did he come from. Cotton Eyed joe

  70. Vicodyn

    This song is like an ayahuasca adventure.

  71. Hello i’m useless

    He even let us to download his beautiful pile of music...Wow

  72. Lotte

    I love you.....sweet God !

  73. James Hoopes

    Wolf calls! Chillingly beautiful.

  74. inzanefu

    Since having heard your tumbleweed I felt and knew you'd be finding your dream better without them Pentatonix, however brilliant some of the stuff you did there indeed was. Great you're back on track, sure learned a lot also. Hope to see more like this. All the best of luck to you, sir. Great admirer, you're an absolute prodigy.

  75. inzanefu

    Pleeeease come to Europe, too!

    Livu S

    He comes in January!!! Check his official website! London 2x, Glasgow, Cologne, Amsterdam & Leoven!

  76. Daniel H

    metal cover when?

  77. nadel0219

    My ears and soul are very happy right now. What an angelic voice!

  78. precious1of3

    Wonder why it is that people feel they have to trash one to beautify another? Stop, for Pete's sake! Avi wanted to take things slower than what being part of the group that wanted to take the world by storm was allowing him to do. It all became too much for him/

  79. vorkvoyd

    When you want to take levels in druid yet get levels in bard

  80. Sini Keinänen

    this sounds gorgeous! I got chills all over

  81. Shenoemeh Lyngdoh

    I hated you for leaving Pentatonix...
    That was before I saw the true You..
    Now there's just no words to describe how grateful I am...

    For you left the busy, hectic, trendy world...

  82. anamjiify

    ... mi piace moltissimo la tua voce... bellissima canzone e l´ambiente nell video, fantastico, grazie, posso sognare ...

  83. Jamie Antonelle

    This is simply amazing. This is my zen Avi. There is ONLY one you. This is stunning. My spirit rests when I listen to this. Thank you for such beautiful music, for sharing your gift with us all.

  84. Maugirl2


  85. Marie


  86. Isis van Haren

    This song hit me so so so deep I can't even explain in words how beautiful this is

  87. Yousef Alnady

    I really want to see avi and laura marling collab, it would be beyond amazing

  88. Paul Borden

    Awakening Gaia with the music of his soul.

  89. Mauro Boe

    This is the perfect song for the new The Witcher's tv series.

  90. partybecky5

    Was having a break down full tears and music helps. however jesus lord this was instant my tears stopped and I legit feel so clear now.. I don't know if it's the frequency or what but I am saving this song for future use. Thank you Avi you created peace for me.

  91. JapanEyedPinoy

    Holy crap. This is the problem of YouTube constantly changing. I didn't know this was ever out until now and I've been subscribed for a looooooong time.

  92. Sky Haven

    I'm so very happy to have found him again, missed him greatly after he left ptx!!! A wonderful heart and soul, thank you for sharing yourself your beautiful voice with the world!!!! 💚

  93. Rachel Lucas

    You sir are amazing!!! You have a true gift!!!❤❤🎉🎉🎉

  94. Cynthia Cantrell

    Chills. Thank you, Avi.

  95. moses10811

    Ok question anyone else listened this a week straight like went to sleep with it playing

  96. Rayan Agarm

    What spirit.. His name is

  97. Nyx Valentine

    כלב בוגד