Avriel & The Sequoias - Change On The Rise Lyrics

Without the light
Oh, the darkness comes
Hold through the night
Mmm, the shadows will run

Mmm, fend off the enemy
Sing out the jubilee
With all the fire we can breathe

We're singing all day
And you can't tame it
High tide, low tide, you know
Night time, morning time, and
We're going strong
Headed up, down the river
Oh, Lord, I feel the reveling
I feel a change on the rise

What good's a man
Who's lost his soul
Can't take a stand
Mmm, when his flame's gone cold

Mmm, fend off the enemy
Sing out the jubilee
With all the fire we can breathe

We're singing all day
And you can't tame it
High tide, low tide, you know
Night time, morning time, and
We're going strong
Headed up, down the river
Oh, Lord, I feel the reveling
I feel a change on the rise

I feel a change on the...
I feel a change on the rise
I feel a change on the...
I feel a change on the rise

We're singing all day
And you can't tame it
High tide, low tide, you know
Night time, morning time, and
We're going strong
Headed up, down the river
Oh, Lord, I feel the reveling
I feel a change on the rise

We're singing all day
And you can't tame it
High tide, low tide, you know
Night time, morning time, and
We're going strong
Headed up, down the river
Oh, Lord, I feel the reveling
I feel a change on the rise
I feel a change on the rise

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Avriel & The Sequoias Change On The Rise Comments
  1. exotic sprinkle

    Collab with hozier

  2. Piotr Wala

    I like it.

  3. Amy Sho

    Dude, just "go country" and make them dollahs... Otherwise, you're just gonna be angry, disgruntled, and overlooked. Just saying. This other worldly talent you have but you gotta find your niche... Your peeps... Your following. You haven't found it yet. Good luck, I'm pulling for you, but this? This ain't it, sir.... Keep looking. I wish you nothing but continued fame, a fortune, a following, and the flow.

  4. Http.Alida_

    Wait this is so good omfg 💖

  5. MiMi Joys1963

    Your music is so unique and reaches my soul!
    Thank You!

  6. Shilla Stacy

    OMG, Avi!! This rocks!

  7. Christopher Britton

    Good old fashion spiritual gospel music. The man has an old soul and a voice that can sing almost any style he chooses. I could only dream to have this much soul in my voice.

  8. Tre so cool 1

    Sing misty mountains

  9. eria5F

    Omg.... I am in a caribou watching this and I am loving it. I cant keep but attempt to move to the beats

  10. Alyssa clynick

    He finnaly shows us his real voice with his own music

  11. Aaron Casteel

    Dude,.. Right ON!! East Tennessee feelin' the soul brother. Keep on keepin' on!

  12. Lalpekliana Pektea

    Mr Kaplan your voice is so smooth an nise We Love you. From India Northest Mizoram

  13. Timmy Turner

    Gonna tell my kids this was Jesus

  14. Cameron Myers

    Anyone else feel like pillaging a village now?

  15. JANET ✨ ORTA

    Geez !!!

  16. Ricky Feltner

    He's channeling the spirit o jhonny cash

  17. Sir. Jean Horsey Face

    i cant decide if he reminds me of a viking or jesus



  18. W.Monroe.C

    This needs to be the soundtrack for a new pickup truck commercial. LOL

  19. Kathy GARBEŔ

    Omgosh ...I love this !

  20. Kitty Meow

    He is so extremely talanted, Gorgeous, and a great sense humor, what a combination sounds like a Trifecta, Thanks for sharing your Gift and always working so diligently to keep on continually improving and changing and growing in diversity ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ whoever U serenade to sleep @ night zzz is super LUCKY☆☆☆

  21. Lord Beerus - Gaming

    I didn’t know Jesus wrote music

  22. GentleGiantDan

    If Thor had a half-blood son...

  23. Tamara Smith


  24. Penta with Tibbers!

    My cow heard this song and jumped over the moon


    Holy cow that's outta this world

    Penta with Tibbers!

    @Ashwitha 🤣

  25. Rex Dog

    Que graves! Muito bom!

  26. OfficialBlueLemon

    This song: Has autotune
    GENIUS: Let's dissect it shall we?

    the leaking shotgun

    OfficialBlueLemon does it?

  27. Steve clynick

    He'd be probably a actor for Vikings......or not an actor because he already is one

  28. lewinda jotari

    Oooooohhhh this is lit, Avi🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Bianca C

    Dayummm.. I wanna mount my horse and prepare for battle 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Wyatt Waters

    Why did a glass of whiskey and a double-barrel shotgun just pop into my hands.

  31. Vanessa Faith

    immediately goes to add to spotify playlist

  32. Vanessa Faith

    I came here to see what his solo music is like and I was not disappointed WOW

    Dee R

    literally same omg

  33. Wolf Dreamer

    Love this song Avi. It's a good song, and has some good spiritual meaning to it.

  34. Keadon Boze

    Soooooooooo... what is this song about? I like to believe it’s about a small town in the eighteen hundreds that is being besieged by outsiders who want to burn the church, so the townsfolk hold it up as a fort and (judging by the final shot of the video) are all killed off and ultimately fail, but they go down swinging.

  35. shotwickdye

    Say hello to the new Johnny Cash

  36. Tuzntun

    Thats one way to make millions change their preferred music genre.

  37. Tyler J

    I thought Avi died when he left Pentatonix, it turns out he actually just ascended and has now taken on the form of an ancient mountain king

  38. Superfly Samoan

    This song was playing in John Snows head before the great battle at Winterfell against the Night King

  39. Jacob Clynick

    He was good with pentatonic but himself is really and he makes his own music

    -stef- -corpuz-

    Jacob Clynick yeh ikr

    Jacob Clynick

    @-stef- -corpuz- good job today

    -stef- -corpuz-

    Jacob Clynick thx you too

  40. Super NinjaX1

    GOT DAMN! Brother, we listen to your song as we're rounding up cattle out here in Texas. You are feeding souls with the good work you are doing.

  41. Young Ruff

    I didnt know Rollo from vikings was a beast singer!!

  42. Marion Meyer

    Ich liebe diese Stimme, sensationell.
    Wünsche allen frohe Weihnachten

  43. banana nesa

    This was amazing! I can’t deliver the right words for it. Avi is just pure talent and his amazing!!!

  44. Jeff Carder

    Avi was the only reason I listened to Pentatonix, prefer Home Free and Voice Play. Hope for great things for him as he moves forward on his journey.

  45. Sylas viper

    can see this one in John wick.

  46. Rise_Dest

    Oh my goodness! Chills running down my arms!💫😱🔊🙌🏼❤

  47. bloodsling

    just bought new headphones...had to come and put the bass through the paces...holy cripes

  48. Disco Moonlight

    Is it coincidence that Pentatonix sang "Come Along" on the same day as this song

    alma petry

    I follow a lot of musicians and the truth is they all release songs at the same time. I kind of doubt it had any significance.

  49. dimreaper 888

    what genre of music is this

    alma petry

    It's classified as folk/roots but Avi's work is pretty eclectic so it crosses genre borders. He is gaining a fan base in the heavy metal world and northern european music as well as folk, so...honestly...people are saying he is creating a new genre.
    Time will tell I guess.

    dimreaper 888

    @alma petry ok thanks

  50. Daniel Barrios

    If this song was around a decade earlier it would have been my Myspace page theme song. Shout out to those who know what im talking about. You guys would have been chosen as top friends lol.

  51. ace

    im missing LOTR because of this. omg this is so cool!! happy to run to pentatonix to see you again doing great music.

  52. Katamaran -

    Lovin' the soul.

  53. Gail Parker


  54. Excellentfilms

    It's time to collaborate with Tarantino ;)

  55. Alex Trapp

    If this is what he left pentatonic for then good god I need more. Amazing

  56. Muana Pachuau

    My inspiration

    I love bass

  57. Cheyenne Spires

    very impressed Avi !!

  58. Duck Butt

    Jesus has huge balls

  59. Mason Ellis Vlogs

    He is so good

  60. Becca Wold

    Very cool!

  61. Carol Krazier

    AVI-I feel the change on the rise....
    ME- he can be my husband. Dear God thank you for an amazing man. And voice.

  62. Alicia He

    please please please let this go on lucifer!

  63. Muscat Sim

    My phone is vibrating so hard cuz of his deep voice

  64. Susan Saad

    Reminds me of 'Cobi' Prophet Story...and 'Don't you cry for me'...

  65. Prepperjon

    For everyone that keeps comparing him to Jesus and whatnot how about you change it to he reminds you of a Prophet instead. Same concept without bothering Avi who doesn’t like being called Jesus.

  66. Katherine Frear

    Goosebumps over my entire body - literally.

  67. Keadon Boze

    Well, I now believe in the Norse gods.

  68. Louise White

    Wow who is this guy and why have I never heard of him before? He's amazing!

    Jeff Carder

    He has been hidden and overshadowed by Pentatonix. They are good but only because Avi is GREAT.

  69. Growlers Garage

    I was driving my car... Now I'm riding a horse. About to rob the town that done me wrong.

    Crystal Gibson

    I'm now outside at 12:18 am thinking of climbing a tree and staying at the top like Tarzan.
    Yep I'm at peace

  70. Alexandra Doupi

    Definitely my favourite💙

  71. Alexandra Doupi


  72. Hi just me

    so...when do they do the "Rasputin" musical on Broadway with Avi cast as the lead?

  73. Kennedy Weaver

    Where the hell did this waterfall in my pants come from

  74. Sarah Jackson

    Am I the only one who actually thinks this would be good for Harriet?

  75. Patricia Roggy

    Every time I play this, it speaks to my soul

  76. Lydia Lee


  77. Ohh Hey

    This is what you hear when mountain gods and goddesses marches towards a mountain top and perform a ritual.

  78. Anny Keungsavath

    The Hobbit vibes


    *john wick*

  80. Classic rock Lover

    Thank you God, for testosterone!

  81. Cleflouvern

    Never thought John weak can sing😂

  82. angel of darkness

    pour talent avi at his best yes he helped make pentatonix but his own stuff is better nice one avi love it <3

  83. Teresa Laing

    A voice as smooth as velvet...soothing to my soul.

  84. Pepox

    His voice is lower than my self esteem

    Our Fidei

    Pepox this is sad..

  85. Anonymous Vapes

    Love his voice

  86. Lee Jihoon's inner bitch

    i didn't know keanu reeves can sing😍

  87. Blaq Z

    I liked it then realized i already liked it before😂

  88. char west

    what a treasure

  89. Matt G

    Thought it was Reggie Watts...

  90. Quirt Manly

    His voice has so much power in it, didn't come through like this when he sang with the Pentatonix.

  91. Gogo Anotshe Akhotshe

    Is it wrong for me to want to stalk his music? 🤔

  92. M L

    "AVI!" ::faints::

  93. Alexa Ray

    Love the song! I could literally get drunk on those whiskey vocals 🥴

    Genuine question: Where are the Sequoias? In Apple Music this song is listed as just Avi Kaplan. Does anyone know if he’s done making music with that group?

    alma petry

    Those folks are long time friends of his but they really weren't the Sequoias. He created that EP while he was still with PTX and was trying to come up with a name to identify the folk kind of music he was offering.
    They sang on a couple of songs with him on that EP and. Kevin played cello on a couple of those songs as well.
    After he went completely solo he simply started using his name.
    Marissa Esposito teaches at Avi's academy and owns Endeavor Studio in partnership with Noah Hunt. Not sure what else Frank Hobbs does but they have all sung together and been friends for years.
    There's a good chance you will hear them together at some point but I wouldn't begin to guess when or how.


    alma petry Avi has an academy? What kind? And where?
    I might need to send my son there lol

    alma petry

    A Cappella Academy http://acappellacademy.org/


    Who'd know that Rollo can sing

  95. Marie


  96. 유준상

    fuck go to pentatonix

  97. honeytea

    well i’m officially in love with avi. yep.