Aviators - Wake Me When It's Over Lyrics

Think I need to bleed to heal it
Think I wanna start by feeling
To keep on moving
In it for the absolution
Safety from the persecution
Out there
Beneath the nightmare

So wake me when it's over
When high above
The morning sun arrives unbroken
No more final words are spoken
Don't listen to the screaming
The night is long, and
Fire won't scare the monsters sober
Promise me
You will wake me when it's over

Tempt me with the purest fire
Kill me with the blood's desire
To break the seal
So nothing's real
Take me where the blood runs colder
Wake me when the dream is over
Or let me go
Into the depths below

So wake me when it's over
When high above
The morning sun arrives unbroken
No more final words are spoken anymore
Don't listen to the screaming
The night is long and
Fire won't scare the monsters sober
Promise me
You will wake me when it's over

(You will wake me when it's over)

Fear the blood
Fear the beast
For the hunt
They will feast, and they're feasting
On whatever's left after sinners confess
And the kindling ignites on the darkest of nights
To the moon
To redeem
It's the stench
It's the screams, and I'm fighting
A rush and a torrent of blood and abhorrence
When I can't wake up from this dream

So wake me when it's over
When high above
The morning sun arrives unbroken
No more final words are spoken anymore
Don't listen to the screaming
The night is long and
Fire won't scare the monsters sober
Promise me you will wake me when it's over

(You will wake me when it's over)
(You will wake me when it's over)

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Aviators Wake Me When It's Over Comments
  1. Trijosh

    WAKE ME UP!!!

  2. Ankyri

    It's a fan-song about a video game, why do I find it so relatable? T_T

  3. BroddaKnuckles

    First night in Minecraft be like

  4. FreeVoic3

    It was a long night and a longer dream <3

  5. Cade Mosser

    The night, and the dream, were long...

  6. Yang Mizuhi

    This is hauntingly beautiful

  7. jose martinez

    Have you played God of war?

  8. Erianna-3

    So, one thing has been bugging me...

    How did you get achievements in a PS exclusive?

    R Rockets

    On PSN they're called trophies but theyre the same thing.

  9. Riseman

    Would have made a good credits song.

  10. Erika Schröder

    Wow just wow.

  11. Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main

    Over 2 years later and it’s still one of my favorite songs

  12. Amelia Davidson

    Looking up all your Bloodborne songs now that I've listened to "No One Will Save You". Another great job! <3

  13. bazett von einzbern

    божественная песня!!

  14. Никита Филиппов

    Это лучшая песня Aviators. До мурашек по коже!
    I like it!

  15. Winter Star

    Your voice is like honey for my ears

  16. Trainer101

    I played bloodborne for a hour with this on loop. Made the game much more impactful.

  17. Spaced_Out

    wake me up before you go go!

  18. Crowned Pleb

    Fear the blunt

  19. lucas scarlett

    Put this song when richtoffen dies in blood if the dead and it works perfectly

  20. D r a m a Q u e e n


  21. ChopsandToots

    This is one of the coolest things I've ever heard, honestly.

  22. Meme God

    As a sun bro \[T]/ good song!

  23. Krzysztof Suswał

    So wake me when it's over
    When high above the morning sun arrives unbroken

    So good, so beautifull

  24. Shad3rEVO

    If a Bloodborne movie is actually being made, this NEEDS to be in it.


    This would work wonderfully as a credits theme

    Moa the Wolfcub

    I'd love to see it :O :D

    Ironically Vague

    I agree

  25. Forestar

    All right

  26. Scar Bros BlackSmoke2014 Scar Bros BlackSmoke2014

    Hey Aviators, can I ask you something

    I'm gonna make a bloodborne animation movie in the future, I'd like to use this song for the credits, do you allow me?

    P. S. If you allow me I'll put your name in the credits and have the link for your channel in the description

  27. yevgen 123

    what is that fashion at the start i need to know what pieces of attire that is.

  28. Julian Markus


  29. Mars Farnham

    Your songs always help inspire me when I'm writing, and this one is no exception. Thank you!

  30. Hellsing

    New favorite song forever


    The hunt never ends....

  32. SweetLittleVampire1

    I know this song already has an insane amount of comments, so you probably ewon't even see this one, but I just wanted to let you know that this was the first of your songs I've ever heard (talk about being late to the party). And I instantly fell in love with it.

  33. Sir. Blinci

    *Fear the blood*
    *Fear the beast*
    *For the hunt*
    *They will feast*
    *And they're feasting*
    *On whatever's left*
    *After sinners confess*
    *And the kindling ignites*
    *On the darkest of nights*
    *To the moon*
    *To redeem*
    *It's the stench*
    *It's the screams*
    *And I'm fighting*
    *A rush and a torrent*
    *Of blood and abhorrence*
    *When I can't wake up from this dream*

    Lucky Inky

    Best part of the song

    KELLER GMBH nahui

    Best part this is a legend

  34. Rin

    in your description you say you got all the achievements for this game... isnt this game only for the ps4.. so trophys?

  35. Sir. Blinci

    3:01-3:30 can I just have a ten hour loop of that I keep looping it because idk

  36. Zexion Ibrahabra

    Great song. Different from what I usually listen to but I love it!

  37. Korvanon

    Has a Shurk vibe to it, awesome


    After 5 seconds I realize a shurk/ aviators collab needs occur within my lifetime

  38. YourƊЄƛƬӇ 311

    Wake me when the game will stop killing me instantly...

    LOL i can already buy a grave 👻💀

  39. Mikko Tonichi

    I can't find an album for this song. Like its not official.


    It's Track 2 of my album "Dystopian Fiction", on Spotify and just about every music site. https://open.spotify.com/album/1g5zcbrQ0W7frlJ5Ah8sda?si=eL7EO_QrTJCsRukcjfnRUQ

  40. Inigo

    Am I the only one who thinks he should do an acoustic version of this one?

  41. Trooper _6526

    49 dislikes! what the f**k !?

  42. Randeni's Art

    I swear to god, for the amount of work you put into your music, and how good the results are, you do NOT have enough subscribers. I have subscribed, and will be listening to your music a lot!

  43. William Bawdon

    I’ve just got back into bloodborne and just killed cleric beast and then I found this song and I’m in love 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️, make me like these. Plzzz

  44. Wind dat Sigilyph

    Yo I would love to have that as my wallpaper

  45. Plus ou Moins

    Depeche mode.... Why "gothic rock"?????

  46. Michael Dzzon

    This is real music

  47. Meks

    An absolute blast!

  48. David Ludwig

    For a pale blood this is fantastic.

  49. Lucius Faust

    I would love a song about the madness and the desperation of Micolash, who absolutly want to be more than a human and by doing it finaly put and end to humanity
    (Sorry for my bad english, I'am French)

  50. Rat


  51. Kushala Daora

    As much as I LOVE Bloodborne, I still have to say that my favorite song by you is Fading Light.

  52. AJ The Cat

    Great song I was listening while playing bloodborne and yeah it fits soooo well I just love it.

  53. Carl Jonh

    wow excellent song, thanks for the lyrics on screen

  54. Comically Correct

    I still now in December of 2017 think that this is Aviator's best song, it FEELS like they poured out their souls to fuel their passion for this, and it's perfect. I've never played Bloodborne, but I have watched it a few times on different YouTube channels and this is just...
    It's a wonderful depiction of the pleading silence after every boss battle, the desperation that every hunter feels and the desire to just see life without it being such a nightmare.

  55. Greg Diller

    Though it's been about two years since I have this game, I still find myself playing Bloodborne, and I'm still finding secrets. I consider to be one of my all time favorites, and the game never gets old. Thanks for this inspired tone. It fits quite well.

  56. Mr pinkwood

    can u do a Dying Light music vid PS u Rock

  57. Kayleigh richardson

    How have I just found this band now. There so good.

    Liam Cahill

    Kayleigh richardson Aviators isn't really a band, it's just one guy😅

    Kayleigh richardson

    Ow ok thank you for telling me. 😊

  58. Null

    This fits so well with one scp.
    S. D. Propossal

  59. Something Cat

    You guys have given me a new addiction! First I heard Fading light then started to listening you guys but this song...this song...its so addictive!

  60. Miles Parker

    I feel like this song, with both lyrics and melody, perfectly captures how hunters become after the Hunt breaks them. Almost like a pleading child, beckoning for their parents to comfort them after a nightmare. Well done Aviators! Well fecking done.

  61. Einarr Riddari


  62. pos vale

    I need This sing in mi spotify

  63. Blake chandler

    I always liked to think Bloodborne is what happens after the extinguished flame/kill the firekeeper ending and you are just trying to survive even though there is no magic it's just a cool thought

  64. Mr. Nobody

    If this were just an instrumental, what kind of music would that be called? The electric melodic rock in the background is nice to get baked to lol. But I can never find anything good.

  65. ilouze236

    I cried a little

  66. BrightPlaysGames


  67. Kmn483

    Is it over when September ends?

  68. AceisBeast1

    I love the creativity people can bring when making game inspired music. I especially love ones for games as beautiful and dark as The Souls Series and Bloodborne. This is no exception is without a doubt the most fitting in terms of lyrics and musical choice. Definitely want to buy this and Fading Light to show my support. Keep up the good work.

  69. AlexanderDarkheart

    Your music it amazing. I love the fact that you made a song for Bloodborne when I saw it I got so excited I almost cried

  70. Knightly Madman

    "Tempt me with the purest fire,
    Kill me with the blood's desire"
    I feel like the endings of those sentences were switched...

    Himanshu Rohela

    See no one cares, we are the only ones caring about the lyrics of songs. :|

    Andrea Colacicchi

    We are in 3


    not really fire is a thing of purification in the hunt as far as bloodborne's concerned and the hunt is often thought of as euphoric and intoxicating. The fire here is used as a symbol of the hunt the hunt being tempting. The blood on the other hand was used with the desire to ascend kill me with the blood's desire could allude to the great one ascendancy ending, or several other things to be honest such as the toxic nature of blood.

  71. Winter Knight

    You do Bloodborne justice with this song.

  72. Nightmares Hunter

    most bloodborne songs aren't that greet but this this is amazing thanks aviators

  73. Alexander Sulbaran

    The night is long and its full of horrors

  74. Heedfulconch3

    This has such a surreal and lovecraftian feel...

    I love it

  75. Juan Palomo

    I wonder how would this sound transformed to prog extreme metal... maybe i go ahed and do it, i can see the potential definetly. Also, great song!

  76. Ben Glaser


  77. Daniel Nodland

    My grandfather got cancer a few days ago. They managed to remove it, but they discovered that he had cancer in another place too.
    Right now I just want to sleep and get away from it, but I can't sleep. The chorus really hits home right now.

  78. Alvin Lin

    I don't get the story of the song

  79. Meagan the Marionette

    The atmosphere of this song is really pretty, I hope there are more songs on the album with this type of feel.

  80. Casey something

    Bought this and Fading Light. Fantastic.

  81. Inductor back EMF

    I have never seen such love for songs you really can feel it amazing job!

  82. Jernah Blunt

    Thanks VaatiVidya for introducting me. These songs are awesome!

  83. Meta Cooler

    Perhaps you could do Steampunk Rock for Bloodborne

  84. Soulezum

    good job

  85. Some How

    maybe will wake any star to exist the fair and not to hurt any

    screaming was always for any to feel the be much by beautyfull and from fair

    Some How

    how ever , any did could create stars from thingk , and ways of breath by felt self scream of be much feel from enviroment

  86. Logan Shepherd

    When I hear this I just think of a Hunter (the player) who just had this colossal duty thrust upon them and he's having a nervous breakdown in yahrnam freaking out because he can't handle the horrors of the night

  87. WolfieBlitz

    Sweet song

  88. MsJennaWolf

    WAKE ME WHEN IT'S OOOVEEEER!! * _________________________ *

  89. bookadookamw

    wake me up wake me up inside okay wake up


    i cat spell i cant wake up

  90. diana willowsong

    Totally wanna play bloodborne cause it looks awesome but I owned dark souls 3 for less 24 hours before I returned it. so I'll just stick to watching other people play it


    You need to have the patience to learn it for sure, but it is insanely rewarding.

    diana willowsong

    Im gonna make my sisters boyfriend let me try it and if I dont cry in the first 15 minutes then ill go from there. Also werewolf type things are my weakness so that might also help sell it.

  91. Anh Tú Phan

    you need more subs, actually, you deserve more of everything. Except dislikes ofcourse

  92. twistedhazards

    If you really spend time to look at all the subtle details and touches throughout the game's atmosphere, the whole game is pure genius. From the melted bodies moving when you hit them in the Hunter's nightmare to the growls heard throughout the Loran chalices, from the music box heard by Gascoigne's daughter's window, to the immersive scenery in the Upper Cathedral. The subtle physics on the blobs attached to infested rats, the smoky effect on the Boom Hammer, the mystical light surrounding A Call From Beyond and so much more are all little bits that make the game such a masterpiece.


    The details are what get me, and in The Old Hunters they even tie all the lore together and it gets so much better. What an experience...

  93. Josh Cudworth

    Wait you got ALL of the achievements?!?!?! Well done, both on the game and the song.

  94. Lemon Tree Hee hee

    yejfjfikfndjekwkdke!!! *-* love this song!! I love your voice!!

  95. diana willowsong

    Any idea when this will be on iTunes? I need it, for things...

  96. Panic!AtTheFiendClub666

    I love this song so much, never played bloodborne but this song is majestic <3

  97. Thatguyonyoutube

    I need the album. i'm dying.


    aviators eu sou brasileiro e eu curti sua musica (aviators i'm brazilian, and i really liked your music)